When you fight you get hurt, it's normal. Then you fight again while you're a little banged up, and you get more hurt, part of it due to you still being injured. Later on you get even more hurt, and it just keeps adding up. As a martial artist you must concentrate on achieving maximum healing results in the shortest amount of time. There are numerous things to speed healing time. Some are physical and some metaphysical, the metaphysical ones involve chi manipulation, meditation, and maybe, for some people, praying. These techniques take some time to figure out and lots more time to get any kind of drastic results. Therefore we're going to concentrate on just some basic things you can do to speed along the healing process.


This is the basic thing you can do for most injuries. It is an acronym standing for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. For example, if you sprained your ankle you would sit down (Rest), then put some ice on it (Ice), wrap it in an elastic bandage (Compression), and finally elevate it above normal. Not necessarily in this order. These are just some basic things you can do, guidelines, but there are other things.


Tiger balm, as the name suggests it a balm. It is kind of like a soft wax with a methanol smell that's kind of strong, it comes in three strengths, the mild one is red and feels kind of hot when applied, it increases superficial circulation and the extra blood will aid in healing, also the heat will make the injury feel better. Tiger balm should be applied whenever you feel like you're getting sore to wherever its sore, just don't get it in your eyes. The strongest is the white balm, it feels cold when used in large amounts and has a slight numbing effect. All balms can be used with an elastic bandage to compress the injury when you feel its necessary.

Fire & Ice

Hot water bottles should be used on sprains and pulled muscles. Ice should be used on bruises and joint pain. Both of these things will make the injury feel better and help to heal it on the cellular level.


A liniment is almost like a lotion in consistency, just a little thinner. Dit da jow is our liniment of choice for dealing with bruises. Western medicine recommends leaving a bruise alone or icing it, Eastern medicine recommends rubbing it. When you notice a bruise beginning to form apply a little dit da jow and begin massaging it from the middle out. This will break up the clots of dead blood cells present and sometimes a bruise will disappear before your eyes.

Finger Sprains

Sprained fingers are common in full contact fighting, therefore most everyone has suffered from one once in a while. The best treatment that we've run across to deal with a finger sprain is simply to affix something to act as a splint to it and be careful not to move it too much for a couple days. We've used real finger splints, pencils, silver ware, whatever is straight can work.