The ninja, cultural opposites of the samurai in fudel Japan. Never great at anything but good at everything. Ninjutsu is not only a stand alone art but it can drastically improve your fighting abilities no matter what you study. Here is a small collection of strange and effective training techniques, some from elsewhere, but most that we made up with maximum benefit in mind. Some are kind of unorthodox but they sometimes those kind of exercises are the best. For now there is just a list of them. There will be a title in bold, underneath will be a list of things that the exercise is designed to help followed by the actual 'how to' for the exercise. Suggestions are very welcome.

Run of Fun

This exercise will help with coordination, thinking on your feet, dealing with new situations, and dodging/evasion.

Drive around for a bit or keep an eye out for a forested area on the outskirts of your city. It should not have any buildings on it, just forest. The main thing is to find this section of forest between two straight roads. The distance between these roads, and therefore though the forest should be about a mile or so. you and a partner dress up in semi tight fitting clothes so that you do not snag on anything in the forest. Each person should wear a stopwatch and be standing roughly 50 to 100 feet away from each other on the road on the edge of the forest. Someone says go and you start your stop watch and run, both of you. Your goal is to make it to the road on the other side of the woods and to beat the other person. Go fast but not too fast, avoid the trees, thorns, bushes, marshes, don't swim though any lakes because you don't know what's at the bottom. Also be careful that you're not trespassing. This is such a crazy exercise because I've come across ditches, lakes, junkyards, anything you can think of. And its fun, just the 100 feet or so makes all the difference though, I had to cross what I thought was a river but the hundred feet away my opponent was there was just a deep stream to jump across. Keep track of your times in certain areas so you have something to go against when your alone and always try to find different areas to run across so you can try different terrain's. Good luck and don't give up, it can get a little crazy out there.

Neighborhood Hijynks

Same as above for things this helps, although it's kind of illegal

Blocks of houses in a suburb are generally straight with fences and backyards right in a row. Start off at the end of one of these such blocks right at the fence line, you can do this with a partner but its only been a solo exercise for most and it should be done at night. Get our your trusty watch with stopwatch function and hit start on it. Immediately start jumping fences, try to be quiet about it because you don't want to wake must people up. Jump fence after fence, find ways over privacy fences, use picnic tables for height, avoid rabid dogs, there are just so many variables, just keep moving, don't stop for anything. You'll be so worn out by the end of a block it'll feel like you've been running miles. Oh, and let me stress once more, beware of dogs, and this is usually illegal so be careful not to break anything.