Speed and coordination go hand in hand in my book so many of the techniques here will focus on both of these assets.  In order to properly increase your speed you must understand a little bit about the muscular system.  You have two kinds of muscles, fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers.  Your fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for quick movements and sudden strength, your slow twitch muscle fibers deal with your endurance.  Your exact ratio of slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibers is mostly due to genetics but you can still get faster.  Although you should figure out if you have more fast twitch or more slow twitch first.  Its easy, just answer this: Are you a better sprinter or long distance runner? Simple enough question but if you're better at sprinter that usually means more fast twitch muscle fibers, more of these fibers mean that it will require less work to get much faster.   If you're a better marathon runner, well then you can get faster but it will take a lot more work.  Also know that diet is important, you need B vitamins and complex carbohydrates to be at your best, so maybe take a vitamin supplement and start eating more pasta.  That concludes your lecture, on to the training.

Katchu Tenshin Amagurikan

It means something to the extent of "Sweet Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Fist" It came from an anime(cartoon) but the premise is good and it does help develop speed.

To do this training exercise create a small fire. When it starts really getting going throw some chestnuts into it. The goal is to pull the chestnuts from the fire without being burned. The best bet would be to attempt this maneuver while wearing gloves before doing this bare handed. The shorter time you spend in the fire the less it hurts and therefore if you can almost instantaneously pull back the heat will not have a chance to transfer to your hand and you will not be burned.

(Note: Some martial arts demonstrations that you see use a technique similar to this in order to impress people, the dip their fingers into molten lead and pull back quickly and people are often amazed that they are not burned, the same principle applies here but the molten lead is much more dangerous, one additional thing, most frauds that are just trying to impress people will dip their hand in water prior to putting it in the lead, the water upon entering the lead will vaporize creating a pocket for the fingers making it even easier to avoid burning.)

Jiu Shing Dorsien Chung

Information from "The original martial arts encyclopedia" although this in not totally a speed technique and more of a dodging technique speed and coordination go hand in hand.

A kung fu training device used to train in the techniques of shunning. The device consists of about 9 logs about one inch in diameter, which are stuck in the ground so that about 6 feet protrude. They are placed in different patterns fairly close to each other, and the practitioner must slip through the spaces among the logs swiftly, but without touching any of them.

(Note: In order to make this more practical and effective I use thin bamboo rods I get from K-Mart during the summer to put in the ground.  Plus it makes it better if someone besides yourself places the rods in the ground so that their placement is unknown to you forcing you to quickly think and plot your own course.)


In addition if you are using free weights to train movements made fast will do more for the Fast Twitch muscle fibers, with the power lift being particularly effective, also pushups with clapping in between is a time proven way to increase speed.