There are lots of ways to be tough. Mentally tough, physically tough, well, that's two ways and there might be more. Anyway this page will be concentrating more on the physical aspect however if we come across something good for the mental aspect it'll go up here. There will be the name of the technique followed by a short description of the training involved. Toughness is one of the key elements to be a good fighter, you can have all the strength in the world but if one punch can fell you, it's not really any good. No matter how tough you get don't get overconfident, still try to avoid and block hits and be wary of hitting thing too hard, and be careful to take care of yourself during these exercises otherwise permanate damage may result. One final thing of importance, a liniment such as Dit Da Jow should be applied prior to practice and after practice to prevent the formation of blood clots and harmful complications, this liniment is available in many places if you look for it online.

Chi Shing Chung

This information was taken from "The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia"

The Chi Shing Chung is a kung fu training device used for hardening the legs. Consisting of seven logs two and a half inches in diameter and three feet long, they are inserted into the ground so that one and a half feet stick out. The practitioner wraps his legs with some cloth to insulate his legs then commences in kicking the logs with various kicking techniques. After a few months the cloth is removed and the logs are wrapped with rope to cushion the impact. Later the ropes are removed and the practitioner should be able to break the logs with any kick.


This information was taken from "The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia"

Karate training device, used chiefly by Uechi-ryu practitioners, a pail into which the karateka thrusts his/her fist or fingers to toughen them. The progression is usually from damp sand, through dried peas or beans, to gravel.

(Note: this is basically the same procedure used for the Iron Palm and Hand, with the exception that you use the palm or the knife hand to strike training for 60 minutes or so a day increasing the strikes daily, a good version of the Iron hand/palm should be achieved in about 100 days but training must be continued to see long lasting results. This information was taken from "Ultimate Training for the Martial Arts".)

False Iron Vest

This information was taken from "Iron body ninja" it is quite dangerous and is presented for informational pourposes only, there are safer and more effective ways to train in the Iron Vest.

Training method involves beating the body with progressively more solid objects and eventually flailing oneself with an "iron broom." This latter device is constructed by binding a series of short metal rods, much like straightened out coat hangers, to a stick so it looks like a broom.

Bakusai Tenketsu

This one is really a gag, I put it up because it sounds neat, it would make you tougher but it would be stupid to commence with this training, I seen it in a cartoon once...

In the anime Ranma 1/2 a person who completes this training can shatter solid objects with just a touch. While this does not hold up in real life the training also serves the dual purpose of making the trainee tougher and more immune to attack. To do the training tie a large boulder/rock up in a tree, I have no idea how to get it up there so don't ask me. Then tie yourself up hanging sitting Indian style with one hand tied behind your back beside the rock. Push off the rock with your free hand and when you fly foreword you strike the rock with your free hand. By doing this repeatedly you would increase your toughness several times, I mean not many people can hit as hard as a several ton boulder, right? If you were set on doing this you could probably tie yourself to the top of a brick wall/building and propel yourself away from the building.

Neko Te

The cat's claws, I heard about this training from someone and modified it so I could do it, here is the modified form.

Find a solid wall with a uneven surface, concrete, brick, etc. It should not be too abrasive, a cinderblock wall with a coat of paint is ideal. Get in close to the wall and hook your fingers so they will stay in place even with pressure applied, like a set of claws. Start at the top of your range or movement, press your fingers into the wall and drag your hand down with pressure applied. Continue doing this alternating hands with varying amounts of pressure until you figure out what you can stand. It should only take a few minutes for your hands to get red and tender. Daily increase the amount of time and pressure and eventually you'll be able to perform the Neko Te technique, traditionally preformed with razors between the fingers your unarmed handiwork should be similar, easily cutting flesh. In addition you will be able to climb buildings with only tiny cracks such as some brick buildings.