There is no awesome technique that we know of that will automatically work for any weapon.  Best we can say is "Practice, practice, practice!" You need to practice in the dark, in the cold, with your eyes closed, in broad day light, and pick a weapon and stick with it for a while.  Once you've practiced a lot you should be able to tell where every part of the weapon is and where it is going to go, plus you'll start to figure out new stuff just when you're practicing.  Once you've achieved this level of mastery there are specific things you can do from this page.  Please at least practice with your weapon for a while, don't just go, "Well I wanna learn the three-section staff!" and start doing the techniques on this page, you will learn if you do but you might get hurt pretty bad in the process.

Coordination/Speed exercise

This works well with swords and but it can be done with almost any weapon. 

For the beginner Get a nice bag of fruit, potatoes, something cheap, better yet, if you live by someplace where there is a fruit stand you can pick up something that's going to go bad for a fraction of the cost.  The trainee stands at a distance with the weapon at ready while his/her partner throws the fruit at them, not at their weapon.  They shouldn't be so close as to miss almost every throw but not so far away as to hit nearly all of them.  Speed and targets on the body should be varied as well as the trainees striking methods, attacks, and stances.  Say that you get better, you hit almost all the produce all the time, now what.  Well you can decrease your range of movement, find a wall or tall object to stand on, now prepare to defend yourself, without the ability to move freely your technique can go to hell but it will get better once again, just give it time.  There are only a few ways this gets any harder.  Get back on the ground and off your log and prepare.  Your partner replaces the fruit with marbles, smaller and harder to see a marble is a real challenge.  They should start tossing them slowly but when you get better, make a game of it, if they hit you, you lose a point, you hit one you gain a point, it misses, no effect.  No one in Page-O-Violence has successfully completed this step and therefore the next step is merely a guess as to what to do next.  The marbles come quicker now because they are launched with a slingshot, this will be very dangerous and we will not recommend you do this, but to us this is a logical extension to this training program.

Coordination Exercise

This is best used with a staff but you can use it for anything.

Get some roofing nails from a hardware store. (The one's with the big heads) Take one and lightly tap it into a tree, wall, etc.  Now take your staff and hit the nail, don't let it turn, just hit it into the wall.  You have to hit it dead on and hitting something this small is actually hard when you first start.  When you get better you can put multiple nails in and hit them in patterns.

Even More Coordination

Tie a pop bottle or a stick up in a tree so that it hangs down to eye level.  Just toss it over a high branch and finagle the knot so that it wont move.  Take a step or two back and take a swing at the bottle/stick.  If it is a bottle and it moves a little to far you may need to add water, it shouldn't move really far away.   When it comes back around hit it, try not to miss, even if you only catch a glancing blow.  After some practice start moving after it, when you hit it move in the same direction and try to get it again before it reaches the apex of its swing.   Once you start to get noticeably better try to add another bottle/stick four or five feet away from the one already in the tree.  Keeping two of these going at once is more challenging and will keep you on your toes.  You can always add another if you feel up to it.

(Note: We've done this same exercise using just our fists, you don't necessarily need a weapon.  Your hands may get a little red but nothing major, just make sure that you're using a bottle and that it has a little give, it shouldn't be completely full of water and maybe you should apply a little pressure to it before capping it up.)


There is probably something that you could gain from this exercise but we just like the way that it looks.  Go to your local Wal-Mart, Meijers, some kind of store that sells fishing gear.  What your looking for is something that you can tie to a fishing line that will light up in the dark to let you see where your line is.  What we buy are just light up bobbers, you turn the bottom and a little red light comes on inside of the bobber.  Fasten this to the end of your weapon in the dark, preferably outside and turn it on.  Now if it is sufficiently dark, which it rarely is, you should see only the end of your weapon.  Now practice, swing the sword, chain whip, whatever and watch where it goes.  People who watch will be fascinated because you can really put on a light show with your weapon.