Attacks and Techniques

Destructve the Unstapable

We're all unique in some way, all of us have our own special moves, which may or may not be totally unique to us.  Some of us totally made them up and some are imitations of other moves.  And some of us have even made our own systems of fighting (Destructve, VyRiZ, Shep).  Regardless, our special moves are some of our best and therefore most powerful, so here they are, a listing of them along with who does them, and if you're lucky a link to a more in depth explanation, enjoy!


Hard/Hard Soft/Soft Attacking (Destructve)

King of Pop (VyRiZ)

Scholastic Arts (Destructve)

Shep Fu (Shep)


Cement Shoes (The Goon)

Chinese Squat (VyRiZ)

Descending Phoenix Strike of Death (Destructve)

Elaborate Kick (Destructve)

German Suplex (VyRiZ)

Gimp Punch (Gimp)

Grand Destruction (Shep)

King of Pop Kick (VyRiZ)

Look at That! (Gimp)

Meet Paulie (The Goon)

Mind over Matter (Mage)

Run By (The Goon)

Spinning Back Fist (Destructve)

Somoan Drop (VyRiZ)

Sit Down (Shep)

Sit On (Shep)

Take Out the Trash (The Goon)

The Misleading Kick (Gimp)

Time Void (Shep)