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Slaps his hand to the side

        During our time fighting we each developed our own fighting techniques.  As can be seen from the previous page there were a number of styles developed as well, especially by Destructve.  The advantage of having a number of complete or nearly complete styles to choose from comes from both the unpredictability of it and additionally the options it leaves open to the fighter.  Changing from one fighting style to another mid-fight is a good way to throw anyone off, and if how you're fighting at the moment isn't working out for you, drastically changing most everything about the way you fight gives you a whole different world of options to choose from, even on reflex.

         A style is more then just a new flashy move, it's even more then just two flashy moves.  A style is based on something.  Famous in martial arts are the styles based on animals.  The Monkey Style, Crane Style, Dragon Styles and many others.  There are also styles based on the movements of humans, such as the infamous Drunken Boxing.  Once a person has picked out a person, animal, or anything else they want to imitate, to develop a style from it is relatively simple.  Key moves are developed that relate specifically to the genre of choice.  From there the style is built, small nuances in movements are altered to make the movements of the fighters more like what is being imitated.  The style is further refined, the strength of different moves changes and at the culmination of a new style, even the thinking of the fighter that uses it becomes altered to go along with it.

        Styles that we developed pale in comparison to formal styles taught in martial arts schools.  To properly develop a style can take several life times of refinement.  Instead, these styles are shells.  Not every system has its own punches even.  Most have no formal stances and furthermore each style has severe flaws that would no doubt be exposed upon extended use.

        Despite these things, the styles presented here cannot be conveyed in their entirety as they are too extensive to be covered through mere words and pictures or even video.  To properly learn these styles you would have to seek us out and train with us, despite their simplicity compared to formal styles.

        Here though is a listing of many of the styles developed by the Page O Violence group and some pertinent information on each:

Hard/Hard Soft/Soft Attacking (Destructve)

King of Pop (VyRiZ)

Nazi Style (Destructve)

Scholastic Arts (Destructve)

Shep Fu (Shep)


        This was the culmination of Destructve's fighting style and usurpered  his traditional fighting style at times as it proved to be more effective.  The premise is that there are soft parts of the body used for striking.  Such as finger jabs, palm strikes, open handed strikes, and a few others.  Additionally there are hard parts used for striking, such as  some other specific finger jabs, the standard punch, the elbow, and some parts of the foot.  In this style, soft striking parts are used to attack soft targets, the nose, throat, stomach, kidneys, and many others.  The hard striking surfaces are used to strike hard parts, shins, face, collar bone, etc.  [Because of the specificity of this style, a hard surface is defined as something that you can tap with a spoon and get a hollow sound, all other surfaces, save one specific finger jab, are considered soft surfaces.)

        The trick is that for Hard/Hard a significant amount of injury can result from improper strikes as you are pitting your weapons against something that they may use as a weapon (For example a fist to fist strike), but with practice one can perform a fist on fist attack without damaging oneself and inflicting significant injury to another.  The damage in Hard/Hard comes from the incredible pain as the nerves and blood vessels that lie in a thin membrane of skin that is soon to be smashed between two immobile pieces of bone.  Additionally strikes to some areas, such as the collar bone are usually done with the intention of fracturing it.

        On the other side of things, Soft/Soft works with the intention of striking with significant force.  The forces involved are more destructively sent into the body.  Damage is done to internal components of the body.  Striking with a soft surface inherently absorbs some of the impact, at least to a greater extent then a hard surface does.   This is a major component of this style, for example, a fist to the nose might easily shatter it, but think about the actual process.  The fist has to hit it just right otherwise it might go off to either side.  There are also certain areas of the fist more suited toward the actual attack.  Whereas a palm strike to the nose is an all encompassing strike where the follow-through is more intuitive and more comprehensive.

        Developed by VyRiZ, this style uses the movements of Michael Jackson in a strange and somewhat disorientating fighting style.  The most intimidating move in the bunch is the 'King of Pop Kick' which is a fairly flashy attack that is used in tandem with showy foot movements and odd sounds.  The whole style is meant to be flashy, and most definitely confuses a novice fighter taking on VyRiZ as this style goes counter intuitive to how you would ever in a million years expect him to fight after previously seeing him in action.

        Another one of Destructve's styles.  This one was based off the movements of Adolf Hitler.  [Note:  Destructve does not consider the aspects of the Nazi movement positive, this style simply developed due to the over exaggerated moments of Adolf Hitler, watch him really get into his speeches and you will know exactly how it was developed.]  The key moves to the style include a stiff legged goose step that is meant to unnerve opponents.  This is combined with a salute of sorts which translates to a knife strike aimed at the head or neck of an opponent.  There is also a variation of the salute done downward dubbed 'The Nazi Descending Falling Phoenix Strike of Death' whose name is meant to be long and redundant as a nod to anime attacks.  One of the blocks to the styles is meant to emulate Hitler in a frenzy where he would bring his fists up to just beneath his chin, forearms together and shake them wildly.  This block is meant to stop foreword strikes to the chest and neck.  The style as a whole is more of a joke then anything, in line with VyRiZ's 'King of Pop' style.

        The Scholastic Arts style was developed by Destructve in his youth, primarily as a weapons style.  The weapons for the style include, The metal yard stick, the wooden ruler, folded paper, and pencils of all types along with pocket change.  Aside from the yard stick which has a straight foreword attack pattern emulating that of a sword, the other weapons are used in unique ways as well as prepared in unique ways in the instance of the folded paper.   The actual guts of the style aside from weapons consists of a few weak attacks involving a 'clobbering' move where the attacker folds their hands together and smashes the attackee from the front.  The style itself also involves a number of defensive techniques including the use of a steel plated trapper keeper and a kata involving a backpack full of books. 

        This was Shep's main style of attack and defense.  To some extent it relied on his bulk (Sit Down, Sit On), however the moves in the style are lighting quick and also involve a number of precise pin-point strikes similar to and learned from Dim-Mak books from Paladin Press.  Fighting Shep was another matter all together.  Everything done against him feels slower not only because of his pace but because the fighter against him feels smaller and therefore their movements fell slower.  Therefore Shep Fu not only involves a pattern of attacks but also a certain requirement in physicality.