As has been said before, the POV group has disbanded entirely to the four corners of the USA and to some extent the globe.  Our founding members are in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, England, Iowa, and other places in and around the states.  Because of this there has been no new material for the site and chances are that there will be no new material for the site in the foreseeable future.  Be that as it may, I decided to update the look of the site and tie up some of the loose ends.  Remove references on individual pages that would leave hope for an update and give as much information as I could on other pages.  Make things as complete as I can since I seem to update this site less than once a year at the moment.  It's been a long run, up until I changed by AIM name I was still getting occasional messages from people across the country wondering when they could get together for a sparring match.  I thank all of our fans out there that we have ever had and I hope that others who are new to this site will find a few things worth mentioning to others.

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Old News:


Here you go, check out this link for a bloopers reel from the POV movie we tried to film a few years ago, some of it was crappy acting between the scenes and some of it was just plain old fun, enjoy!

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