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DestructveName: Robert

D.O.B.: February

Weight : 75.28 Kg

Height : 178.3 cm

Style : Muay Thai Kick boxing, pin point striking

Special moves : Descending Phoenix Strike of Death, Spinning Back fist, Elaborate Kick, Dim Mak

Weapon(s) of Choice : Staff with Chains, Sais



Destructve Cliff

I've trained all across the United States, the Grand Canyon, Badlands, Utah, the Rockies, Arizona, and even (gasp) Michigan. Training in different areas helps to hone my martial arts skills and gives me the confidence to succeed on the battle field. As the old saying goes "You must cry in the dojo so you can laugh on the battle field" I guess I consider the world my dojo, so I guess I must always cry? Training helps me to become a better person, people were ment to be fit and fight, no one in this world was meant to sit around at a computer all day and become obese, everyone must work to make their bodies perform at near peak condition, anything else would be a waste of life.

Now that rant is over, I started my training at a nearby martial arts dojo that taught Tae Kwan Do, I took that for slightly over a year and worked out on my own on the side, I eventually gave up the training at the dojo in favor of solo training due to me getting better results on my own. Training on my own was rewarding to say the least but I only had a sparring partner rarely, so back to the dojo I went, this time I took a kickboxing class. The complete course ran only three months and when it was done I upgraded my style by reading up on the most vicious form of kickboxing in the world, Muay Thai. By this time I had several consistent martial arts sparring partners and it was around this time that the Page O Violence was formed. You know the rest from there, just read the history, it's history is my history.


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