The Goon

Name : Don Cross " a.k.a The Goon"

DOB: May 7, 1630 b.c

Weight: 89.91 kg

Height: 162.5 cm

Style: Gang fighting, street hits, drive by's, But mostly Mafia Style

Specialty Moves: Run By; Meet Paulie; Take out the Trash; Cement Shoes

Interests: Stealing and Killing

Weapon of Choice: Paulie (Sawed off baseball bat)

Strenghts: Weapons and many friends to beat people down

Dislikes: Cop, People I don't like, orange shoes




Born in to a all Italian mafia family he was raised to run the family business of extorting stealing killing and just doing what he wants. He never spend much time in one place, but is often seen around a lot. But ones things for sure, for right amount of money The Goon can be your best friend.