The history of the Page O Violence and therefore of our entire group is not considered by many of us to be that entertaining.  Maybe because whenever something interesting did happen we would talk about it again and again until it was completely boring.  However, in order to present this site in its entirety I am putting up a history of our group.  This is a work in progress, things will be added and changed as time goes on and as we remember things.  To make things easier though most of this will be from Destructve's point of view simply because he is the one writing this.  Still, what follows is the most complete history of the Page O Violence in print. 

        As a guess, I would say that the foundations for the Page O Violence and the group that it's about started in roughly 1993.  And to give things a location we were in an approximate area surrounding Detroit, Michigan.  Being that this is from Destructve's point of view things got kicking when he started hanging around Dr. Kil and Gimp.  Prior to that his friends had their little scuffles, but they were minor in comparison to what he was about to embark on.  

        Gimp and Dr. Kil were violent people to start out with and soon Destructve was acting just as violent as the two of them.  Fights were common.  Scuffles at first but as the trio started to learn that more often then not punches only resulted in temporary damage, things continued to escalate.  Nevertheless, at this time most everything was just an imitation of television.  No one had any formal training with respect to martial arts or fighting in general, no street experience to speak of, that is to be expected to some extent though because the time we are speaking of occurred between elementary and middle school. 

        This time really is prior to the Page O Violence by a significant degree.  Still, there was no marked beginning to the Page O Violence.  We were friends and we had other friends.  They would come over to play video games, or to hang out and once in a while a fight would break out.  One day we realized however that instead of the fights being coincidental, they were in fact the reason people were coming over, and the reason they were brining their friends.

      These early denizens of the Page O Violence have no place here.  They were gone before the web was a common thing and even the first page here, though it featured people not currently here, still was considerably lacking in terms of everything, mind you that was back when a 'cheap' digital camera still priced over $400.  Things continued to escalate though.  Still, to some it may be something that they had taken part of as kids.  Sleepovers where the floors would be covered in mattresses and knock-out drag-out fights were setup between the different attendants of the sleep over. They would beat the crap out of one another and we would fight late into the night, 10 - 15 people was usually the maximum in attendance but it would last all night.

        The mattresses and blankets provided some protection against excessive injury, but a blanket covering a concrete floor is still a long way from safe.  At every sleep over someone would suffer some sort of semi-severe injury.  These light night fights were somewhat routine by the time High School rolled around.  But they were no longer sleepovers.  They happened in different places, bets were made, tournaments were held.  The fighting had gone well away from what it started out as, now it was the reason we hung out, not a consequence of it.

    It was 1997 when we first started holding daylight general attendance tournaments at parks and such.  A new face had entered the fray, one that stayed for some time, The Spoon Master, he was actually on the first couple version's of the page although I'm pretty sure no one looked at it then.   Fights were of course getting more like fights, no one or two punch fights, no one giving up after a minor injury.  We were learning more and more. Destructve had taken Tae Kwan Do and some kick boxing, Gimp was doing strength training, Dr. Kil was learning a formalized Kung Fu system and The Spoon Master was practicing throwing spoons.  Even outside of when we were together fighting was becoming the focus of our lives. We were all practicing outside of the environment where we had previously been accustomed to and we were all getting better.

    Prior to 98' Shep and another person who was on earlier versions of the page, Iori, were into the fray.  Shep was a strong, stout fighter and was able to quickly take down most people he fought, although he never really seen any fight as a real fight and would seem like he wasn't even paying attention when he was fighting.  Iori was Destructve's cousin and he lived far away from the battle grounds but he managed to visit once in a while.  He was a good fighter who always managed to surprise us with new techniques he learned while he was away.  Mind you, these fighters mentioned above were just the frequent fighters, the house regulars, and even amongst those, these were just the fighters that allowed their names and likenesses to appear on the Page O Violence.  The actual attendance of some of our matches was surprising each and every time.  And just like in years before the violence just kept escalating.  One instance that readily shows the situation of things was an encounter between Destructve and a newbie.  The newcomer had never fought before, he threw a punch, Destructve dodged and grabbed his fist then with a quick hip-toss the newcomer was embedded in the wall upside down.  Everyone had to always be on their toes.

    1999 was chaotic to say the least.   For one, on 9/30/99 the very first Page O Violence web page was put up although at that time it was titled 'RVincent's Page O Violence"  It had three posted fighters Destructve, Shep, Spoon Master, and one dog, Shaft, their profiles where listed next to their names.  There was two pictures, one of Spoon Master's student ID from high school and one of a nuclear bomb.  Definitely bad by comparison with today's page. But those humble beginning were going to change soon. 

        Also noteworthy from this year would have to be the appearance of two new regular fighters.  VyRiZ and Mage (who was, at the time, know as lion heart) had hit the scene as best they could.   Mage was bent on becoming a master swordsman overnight and VyRiZ wanted to beat everyone up the first day.  There was some internal struggles in the group though.  As the end of the year approached the Spoon Master was exiled from the group.  

    If I had to say exactly when the Page O Violence became what it is now I would have to say that it happened on 2/28/00 that's when the page got the black background, and the famous opening picture of Destructve being kicked in the face by VyRiZ (Now emblazoned at the top of this page).  The weapons pages, profiles, everything was added at this time.  Still though, the actual people that consented to show up on this site was limited and as such we were limited to only a few pictures that left out the people who chose to remain anonymous.  Incredibly, a large number of the people fighting at the time believed that backyard fighting and holding tournaments would somehow get them in trouble with the law when it was, after all, their choice to do these things in the first place.

        At the peak of this year, sometime in the summer, we were staging fights at least four times a week.  This was also the time when we started our monthly tournament.  From April to October each month we would have a tournament on the day of the new moon.  We called it "The No Moon Tournament" because it was on these days that the moon would be absent from the sky.  Our first tournament had the core attendees, roughly 12 people.  We got together at dusk and faugh, ate, and practiced our fighting until sunrise, then we wandered to school, black eyes, bloody lips, torn/stretched clothes, and all.  The teachers were notably mute on this point.  

        This was the height of the Page O Violence.  The tournaments continued to grow and by the final No Moon Tournament in 2000 there were roughly 75 people fighting in the darkness (Light was something that we tried to keep out of the tournaments, but eventually 5 Tiki Torches were permitted into the sparring area).  There were set matches, there were challenges, and at midnight there was a 30 minute free for all.  Everyone was there, but the darkness allowed from some anonymity.  Not everyone there had to fight.  Some people stood off to the side in the darkness the whole time so no one could get a look at their faces.  Some only participated in the free for all when the torches went out and they could fight completely free from the majority of the repercussions that had been drilled into their head that fighting would bring.  Most of the people that showed up for the first time heard about the fighting from a friend of theirs and felt like they needed to blow off some steam, felt like they would feel better to just throw a punch, there were all kinds of people there and surprising to most people boys and girls did in fact fight one another at times (Though the attendance of girls at these events was expectedly low).  For the most part though the people attending fell into the 14 - 19 age bracket, there may have been some older attendees, but not anything significant, it stayed within our school.

        Some of the time we usually fought in a big sand pit where we could be thrown around a bit.  But it wasn't limited to that, we fought everywhere.   This year also had its share of internal Page O Violence conflict.  Destructve and Iori went off speaking terms and because of the sheer amount of fighting that was going on and training (It was my major obsession during the year) we only got an update or two in for the web page all year.  The main update came in may when the miscelaneous weapons section was added and some pictures were changed.

    The year 2001 was a dry spell for updates on this page, just one noteworthy one in March and it wasn't even that good.  We were still fighting though and taking pictures.  However the main reason for the lack of updates as topcities.com this was the place where the Page O Violence was moving, they offered massive amounts of web space and a nice uploading format.  Too good to be true, they got a couple complaints when the site was almost totally up and redone and wham!  No warning and the account was deleted.  After that Destructve didn't feel like updating.  So the site sat in stasis waiting for something to happen, the hits were low and therefore updating seemed fruitless.

        The fighting itself took a major downswing as well.  The senior class of 2000 graduated and it made up a large part of the fighting components of the tournaments.  The new freshman class also didn't quite 'fit in' after all of the tournaments we held with everyone else.  They just seemed like outcasts, so we lost a large percentage of our regular fighters, and to boot we didn't get any new blood.  Attendance dropped throughout the year despite some of the members of the senior class still attending matches.  The Full Moon Tournaments stopped before the middle of 2001.  They didn't carry though the summer when most of the other members graduated.  

        What had been something that had continued to grow unabated for years fell swiftly in the 2000-2001 school year and never again came back to its former glory.

    We still got together from time to time me and my graduate friends and they would occasionally bring someone new to fight over.  But most people know how friends tend to drift apart after high school.  People left the city and the state.  They got on with their lives.  And despite Destructve's attempts to coordinate everyone again the most that happened was some random weapons practice sessions and such (Note that at the actual tournaments there were no weapons, in the dark they would have been too dangerous so during the day time when the regular members would get together it was a treat to do weapons practice and weapons matches, therefore a lot of the pictures on this site happen to show weapons because a) It's what we did during the day time and b) The night time pictures showing just the people that would allow their face on the web page just didn't turn out well due to the quality of the digital camera.

2002 did show some residual action though.  We tried for a re-birth.   After basically hibernating all winter we all geared up for spring. We got some fights done and we planned on going for lots more. There were a couple new fighters however.  People who had heard about the Page O Violence in School after we left and wanted to be a part of it, of people who came in search of us thinking that the Page O Violence never happened.  The only named fighter on the page joining after 2001 however was The Goon, a few others showed up but they, like so many others, didn't want to appear fighting on a public forum like this for fear of teachers finding the page (I believe many teachers found this page but no one ever called me on it).

        E-mails were the lifeblood of this site.  If it were not for all the encouraging e-mails I received I would have never updated this site and its limited content.  People from Canada, across America and other countries contacted me and the other people here and set up their own sparring matches.  Inspired by us.  At a time we were going to setup a world map with dots on it and associate all of the 'Fight Club' type places.  We even had a form to join all setup, but taking that step may have been one too far with legal ramifications if someone ever died or the like so the idea was eventually abandoned.  

        To this day I still get random e-mail about this site.  People telling me that it is an unnatural site and it offended them.  People praising me.  And some people looking for a fight, even in my area (Which is actually getting to be little frightening, I am now 4 years out of shape, way out of my prime in terms of ability though still in my prime in terms of age, though those things are quite different).

        Still, I thank you for reading/skimming this.  This little page is all that remains of a movement in my relative youth that affected so many people but has likely been forgotten by all but the most involved of them.  It is my hope that this inspires people to their own actions and to not be afraid of taking things as far as they can, not strictly in terms of fighting or starting your own Page O Violence, but just by the fact that without even planning it we were the driving force in a large scale secret gathering at my school, something larger then myself or anyone involved would have ever imagined could have happened.