(AKA Dr Kil elsewhere on the site)

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Name: Marc Michalski

Height: 175.26 cm

Weight: 99.79 Kg

Specialty Moves: Hammer Lock; D.D.T; Crescent Crane Kick

Fighting Style: Basic jujitsu, Kali, Escrima, Jeet Kune Do, Pro Wrestling

Role Models: Joe Peak, Dan Ino Santo, Ralo (The Canadian Destroyer), Wally Jay, (Mary Jane, Bud Ice, Yukon Jack), Snoop and the Dog Pound



    The beauty in a song resides not only in the melody but in the meaning of the words as well.  More truely is an agent of fate.  (Everyone takes orders from someone else, even fate) It would seem that Marc has made friends with whatever force or presence there is that controls karma.  Fate takes care of Marc a little to often to just be luck.  It's a weird and most often interesting day whenever it's spent with a man who acts on behalf of destiny.  His presence creates a somewhat rhythmic aura of Ying and Yang.

    "I really enjoy working for fate, the pay sucks but the benefits are outrageous."  Marc is gifted with wisdom beyond his youth and often seems to know the outcome of a situation without realizing that he's created the situation to have the ideal outcome.  He knows the taste of madness and the smell of fear.  He can see into people and read the feelings within.  He spends a lot of time studying human emotion, apparently he was devoid of human emotion thought his adolescent years all he ever felt is what he thought himself to feel. 

    Look for him to use rhythmic patterns of attack in waves and combinations.  He's always trying to sucker you into a submission hold or suplex or something.  He has a way of programming your attack and drawing your guard away.  His fights with sparring partners usually end in a choke out or anything that he can use to subdue his opponent without letting himself or his opponent get injured.  In this respect he is easily the coolest person you are going to run into on this page.  Just his presence means that the powers of destiny are focused and hard at work to accomplish some task though him.  He is both chaos and order, good and bad, he walks with shadows  and will walk in light.  He maintains no balance it maintains itself and to claim chaos and cause chaos will not affect the balance at all.

    "This world exists on opposites, their can be no good without evil, no death without life, and so I exist for fate to use as it sees fit."

    Marc is multi versatile with a multitude of talent and and versatile attacks.   It's nearly impossible to out guess him because he reacts on instinct but still relies on calculated counter moves.  In other words it's hard to find a trick he doesn't have up his sleeve already.  An all around good fighter and a asset to Jeet Kune Do.

    But Marc's presence is also cause for sadness.  No matter how much he studies people and no matter how much he champions Ying and Yang in harmony he will never find peace and harmony within himself and will forever struggle to overcome his own existence.   So he is a cause for sadness in his gentle suffering.