Bring the violence
It's significant
To the life
If you've ever known anyone
Bring the violence
It's significant
To the life
Can you feel it?

Disturbed , Violence Fetish, 2000 Giant Records

Statement of Purpose

   This is it, the serious normal page.  Black text on a white background, can you get any more lifeless?  Well, this page is not like the rest, it is here to explain some pressing things and some people just would not take them seriously if they were in green on a black background.

     If this is your first time reading this page then you may wonder about the quote at the top of the page, well I just thought that it was something good to branch off of.  Building on that I would like to call to your attention one area of significance: "It's Significant to the life" this sentence is not the most proper way to put it, but violence is significant, and in my opinion necessary.  You might want some quite in depth reasoning for this opinion, if you do leave, you either came here to send me hate mail or try to unleash some virus of horrible doom.

    You're most likely still here, I doubt that anyone will ever leave from that above statement.  As I was saying, violence is necessary.   There is a chance that you do not believe me, fine, it is not my job to convince you of the necessity of violence.  The purpose of this page is my statement of purpose, not some feeble attempt at technological brainwashing or some text battle over who's right or wrong.

    We need violence, some of us crave it while others simply repress that need for it.  There are many ways to deal with this need, some people will actually go out with the intention of getting in a fight, some people will work out, listen to heavy metal, watch an action movie, actually there is no way I'll be able to make a complete listing so I will stop here.  Regardless of how you satisfy the need or repress it our way of dealing with it is the most straight foreword, to just fight.

    Our group will get together on a regular basis and take out our aggressions on one another.  Believe me when I say that anyone who suffers from stress would vastly benefit from a nice beat em' up fight with someone.  It was hard the first couple times to fight for most of us, we were brought up with the impression that if we got in a fight we would get the crap beat out of us and wind up in the hospital, we believed that fights we had gotten into in school we managed to avoid massive injury out of luck.  True, you can get injured in a fight pretty badly, but by holding back just a little by not hitting to the head too hard or neck you can avoid a whole host of injuries.

    Once we got over our initial fear of hurting or killing one another we actually started to learn a lot, for example I taught myself anatomy for accurate knowledge of vital points.  Many of us have enriched ourselves in one way or another though fighting.  Aside from the area of knowledge the most obvious advancements come in the area of physical conditioning.  Face it, you only get one body, your body is YOU!  Most people do not get this, especially in today's society, most people even get winded going up a flight of stairs.  That is not the way it is supposed to be, we were designed to cope with the wild but we are slowly domesticating ourselves.  This is of course highly reversible, and it feels good to be able to just get up and run and spin and be free!

    While we do not encourage people to go out into their backyards and fight one another we do encourage physical conditioning.  We encourage you to go out and run, take a karate class even if you only do it for a month, push yourself to your fullest.  Punch a tree when you're mad, scream, yell, whatever makes you feel good about it.  Don't conform yourself to what others expect of you.   Be your own person, always expect yourself to do better the next time but be happy with what you do at the time!

    We like fighting, the rush that it brings and the confidence that it bestows upon us, look at the pictures, we're violent people, but don't go out and beat up strangers otherwise you might experience legal difficulties.  But if you do practice marital arts, street fighting, whatever just be confident that you could wipe the floor with most anyone that you get upset with.  When you're climbing stairs think about how winded the person in front of you is and how you could run these steps up and down twenty times, as a matter of fact when you reach the top go ahead and do it, don't care what others think about how you act but always respect them, after all "The stupider people think you are, the more surprised they are when you kill them" remember that works both ways.

    Well that's about it for the mission statement, thank you for reading and try to take what I say to heart, oh yeah, and here is a quick synapses of points in no specific order in case I missed one or my explanation doesn't make sense: