ShepName: Shep

D.O.B: Unknown

Weight: 145.9 Kg

Height: 189 Cm

Weapon(s) of choice: Naginata

Specialty Moves: Time void; Grand Destruction; Sit down; Sit on; Dopplepuncher





Studying the way of the sloth, shep has mastered both time and space.
Good in all around combat, mind blocking, punching holes in celings, and
pocketing various items. Created his own martial art: Shep-Fu, a mixture
of dim mak and the iron body which has 5 major points. Absorbsion of
blows, speed when in battle, manipulation of time, pin point striking,
and rest. Trained for years in seclusion, and now, rests and is rarely
seen. Also has a lot of healing abilities, such as healing deep cuts by
giving himself stitches and pouring pepsi on it. "Pepsi has nutrients,
and caffiene" says Shep, truly some sort of medical expert.

Inspirations: Homer, Thomas Chong, Darwin, King Kong Bundy

Strenghts: Super strength and ability to absorb some fatal/ severely
damaging blows.

Weakness: an ingrown toenail, easily covered with steel toed boots