VyrizName : VyRiZ

D.O.D. : July 26, 1983

Weight : 60.03 kg

Height : 167.64 cm

Style : Ninjutsu/Pro Wrestling

Special Moves : German Suplex, Somoan Drop, Chinese Squat, King of Pop Kick

Interests/Hobbies :   Bloodbaths, dead bitches, Chicken Huntin'

Weapon(s) of choice : Freddy Glove

Strengths : Speed, Stamina, Endurance to Pain

Dislikes : Playa Hating, Beating Women, Rednecks,

Rich Bitches, and that one FEminem faggot named Slim Anus.



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Born from the netherworld of the Dark Lotus, VyRiZ is a dark angel of Khaos magic.  As an agent of Khaos VyRiZ joins the Mortal Kombat/Fight Club competition called Page-O-Violence.  Here, the vamperic demon seeks for the lord of Shangri-La while enjoying the blood, pain, and sweat of combat.





E-Mail VyRiZ at VyRiZBloodLord@aol.com