Mage (Bokken) VS Destructve (Hook Staff)

Begin fighting, the first pictures didn't turn out so we'll start off here. Destructve comes in low with the pummel of the hook staff. An efficient attacking tool, the slenderness of it makes blocking nearly impossible and therefore Mage does the next best thing. Slapping it out of the way before it even gets close [Click] it ends up hitting the ground from the force of the deflection. Destructve rotates the staff with the hook at the attacking end just as Mage goes for the follow up attack.

The competitors work their way across the yard, the fight is in its early stages and therefore more like a chess match, it lacks ferocity, one attack is methodically followed by a counter attack or a defensive maneuver and there have been a couple of periods where fighting has slowed. But things are picking up.

Attacks are much more frequent now, Destructve making the last three consecutively, although two were successfully parried by Mage. The hook seems to be effective against the bokken, Destructve uses the hook to catch the bokken [Click] and pulls it down to the ground, then while Mage's weapon is immobile for a moment Destructve pulls his weapon upward and tags Mage in the side with tremendous force, Mage stumbles and takes a step back, Destructve takes a little break as well....

Mage must have realized the advantage that the hook had and formed a plan to take it away. One moment the hook is in Destructve's hand and the next Mage spins it out of his grasp. Which, in retrospect seems quite easy to do, face it, if you put a sword in that hook right and spin it the effect is just like putting that key in a can of tuna and turning open the lid. Just look at Mages' face, [Click] he's quite proud of himself, the fight is over.

Well this fight kind of ended on a low note, but you gotta face it, some fights do, Destructve admitted defeat and, both fighters were tired, it was over...