VyRiZ (Ta-Shao-Dz) VS Destructve (Chain Staff)

Look at Destructve as he starts out, that's not an attack, what's he gonna hit with, the middle? Regardless, VyRiZ looks ready to defend. [Click] The Ta-Shao-Dz is a interesting weapon with lots of different offensive and defensive maneuvers, it will be interesting to see how he uses it during this match.

Its not really far at all into the fight and their weapons are already getting tangled, no wait, VyRiZ is just blocking the attack that Destructve just sent his way by using the Ta-Shao-Dz, attempting to get something in Destructve tries a kick, but he is out of range, [Click] maybe more luck next time.

Maybe there won't be a next time. All of the sudden Destructve's trying a spinning maneuver which doesn't seem to be all planned out, aside from it causing his back to be to VyRiZ, it also make him off balance, the perfect time to strike. VyRiZ drops his weapon and grabs Destructve by the back of his shirt, he uses Destructve's current centrifugal force to spin around while he holds on. [Click] Before he knows it, Destructve is stripped of his weapon and VyRiZ forces him back.

Destructve is on the major defensive. VyRiZ is brining in multiple low kicks, strong and fast, these kicks seem to be relentless. [Click] But this very kick shown is VyRiZ's downfall, as you can see Destructve is bringing a hand around to the back of VyRiZ's knee and his own knee up to meet it.

Bamm! It's over, Destructve grabs VyRiZ by the foot and the knee, spinning him around. Then he drops down on it, VyRiZ's knee is under Destructve's as he hits the ground and VyRiZ feels the pain. Destructve is instantly on his feet, ready to kick or punch at VyRiZ. [Click] Is Destructve holding his knee? We cannot agree on exactly what he's doing but one thing is certain, it took less then 25 seconds for this thing to go from something anyone could win to a total victory for Destructve.