Vyriz vs Gimp

        VyRiZ makes a run at the Gimp in the opening move of battle.  A dramatic moment indeed!

Vyriz vs Mage

        VyRiZ attempts to outmaneuver Mage but he is having none of that and is quickly turning around to counter the threat.

Vyriz Vs Mage

        Most of us know how bad a kick to the nuts hurts but couple that with being stabbed at the same time.

Vyriz Vs Mage Kick to Crotch

        Of course in retaliation for the aforementioned kick to the nuts VyRiZ retaliates later on in the fight with the same.

Vyriz vs Mage Block kick with Sword

        This picture may be up elsewhere on the site but to actually see someone pull off a block using a bokken like this, amazing!

Vyriz vs Mage Deflect Sword

        Look at this picture carefully.  Mage is completely committed to the attack, his left foot is lifted all the way off the ground as he leaps into the thrust.  He hasn't even realized yet that VyRiZ has dropped down and used a gentle push to divert the attack and is quickly moving in.

Vyriz stumbles back from kick

        A few years after the above images VyRiZ and Mage are at it again and a kick from mage sends VyRiZ reeling backwards during one of our midnight matches.

Knock down drag out fight

        You know it's a good fight when the combatants get dirt on the camera lens.

Old-Fashioned Throw-Down

        NOTHING beats a good ol-fashioned knock down, drag out, bare footed fight, nothing....

Destructve vs Iori

        Destructve goads Iori on during one of their early battles, actually both Destructve and Iori are mid fight however both of them have very dissimilar stances and styles.

Destructve vs Iori

        Later on in the same fight shown above there are several pictures in the archive showing Iori's distinctive fighting style.  His left arm in the above picture has just completed an upward arc directed toward Destructve and he is stepping in to start the same attack with his right hand.  The style is relentless and very fast, should such a blow strike it is either followed through and directed toward the chin or turned into a grappling maneuver whereby the opponent is temporarily immobilized and bludgeoned with the other hand.  Destructve is being justifiably cautious in his backpedaling in this case.

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