Misc. Stuff

magdef.jpg (35249 bytes)

In this picture VyRiZ is attempting to apply an arm bar to Mage.  In the first picture Mage looks confused, VyRiZ's elbow is moving in to lock Mage in place when... [Click] Wham, Mage spins around and attempts to backhand VyRiZ in the face.  He blocks [Click], but Mage did manage to slip out in order to face his oppenent again.  The fight continued but the person operating the camera found something better to take pictures of.  [If you look in the background of the first picture you can see Destructve standing, looking smug, with his arms crossed.]

headbutt.jpg (22194 bytes)

Destructve goes to head butt VyRiZ in the face.  The attack is actually part of a dual manouver, look at Destructve's leg [Click], his attack did miss, VyRiZ moved his head back, however Destructve pulled his foot foreward, hooking VyRiZ's leg and tripping him to the ground, frome here things turned into a braw... [Note: The picture used at the top of the Unarmed Fighting page was taken shortly after this one in the same fight.]

armbar.jpg (31373 bytes)

Destructve managed the arm bar on VyRiZ, congradulations Destructve, VyRiZ is now immoblie. [Click] The next move?   Just like above, Destuctve uses his foot like a hook and pulls VyRiZ's foot out from under him.  The arm bar remains applied and VyRiZ conceeds.