Odd Pictures......

These pictures don't really fit in other places but they do deserve to be somewhere...... I guess...... anyway, here they are, some of the pictures that don't really belong....... anywhere.....


VyRiZ kicks Destructve in the back, but wait, does he have a smile on his face...... why yes he does, and so does VyRiZ..... this picture was taken at an odd moment and it just doesn't look right, but is it funny, maybe a little.






Destructve's swinging the chain staff, or is he dancing with it? It could be either, like some demented version of the Lord of the Dance or something.






VyRiZ is trapped, so what does he do? He hits Mage in the back of the head with a twig he finds on the ground. The assult doesn't faze Mage at all much to VyRiZ's dismay.






VyRiZ was on the losing end this battle, his sword was knocked from his hand early on in the fight. The battle went on pretty one sided for a while until a moment of insight sent VyRiZ to the far side of the yard where he attained a punching board with which to attack, Mage looks on with the words "What the hell..." on his lips.





They're break dancing, just look at those two go, the camera catches some funny things in the split seconds of life that it shows.