VyRiZtorch.jpg (20664 bytes)

Yup, that's VyRiZ, and he's messing with a torch in between matches.  We try not to touch them because they were like $3.00 so they're pretty cheap and might break, but VyRiZ is probably just messing with it because it's distracting.  He just keeps poking at it and it makes this hollow empty sound.  You came here to see pictures of VyRiZ, and there he is.

VyRiZspin.jpg (25548 bytes)

Its obvious to see what these two pictures diplict, a round house.  Look at his hair, its like a propeller, maybe it does help him spin around like that.  This is a nice example of this maneuver, perfectly executed by VyRiZ against the air.

VyRiZflip.jpg (21606 bytes)

There goes VyRiZ with another one of his wacky flips, or maybe he was walking around on his hands, kind of hard to tell.   Anyways, this shows VyRiZ's ability to balance and his acrobatic side.

VyRiZgi.jpg (21086 bytes)

Calm and serene, VyRiZ poses for the camera, showing off his most recent kata.  The sun is in the background, I am running out of things to say.

VyRiZred.jpg (10334 bytes)

The red eye shot, no editing was done here.  Looks pretty neat so up it goes on the site.  Kinda dark but it just adds to the atmosphere in this semi-creepy picture.