Unarmed Combat

Yes, we have a lot of pictures of us fighting with weapons, and yes, we do like fighting with weapons. You can practice with a weapon without the help of another person, and learning a weapon is like learning a new style of fighting. So we do like to fight with weapons, but we like to fight with just our bare hands the most. For example, we like to start out and usually continue to fight like marital artists, our moves controlled and purposeful. The picture above is from one such incidence where our fighting degraded into just plain brawling. Throwing each other around, screaming like mad men. Regardless of how we fight, every fight is fun, even if you get hurt, it's so funny to watch someone trying to laugh while badly injured, or to be in those same shoes yourself. In this section you will find pictures of us beating the tar out of each other without the aid of weapons. Enjoy!


Currently we have no fights to post here, give us time, good pictures are sure to come.


For some reason these fights didn't get their own fight pages. Some don't have many pictures, others were inconclusive, regardless, the best pictures will be put here so you can see them.

Misc. Pictures #1