Unorthodox Weapons

Destructve with Sais

Destructve pictured above prepares to launch an attack with a strange weapon, the sais. We use lots of strange or 'unorthodox' weapons here, a little diversity is a good thing, just look at Jackie Chan he uses lots of strange things in his moves, so here for your viewing pleasure is a list of the miscellaneous weapons that we use.


Saw Blade Club

Sawblades make excellent weapons in any fight. They're sharp and cleave into flesh like no other and the serrated edges give it that extra zing you need to intimidate opponents. It can be put on most anything, but this sawblade axe pictured above is a prime example of what something made out of sawblades should look like, as with most bladed weapons we will not use it in battle much but don't count it out, we do use it from time to time.



The sais are a great weapon and highly underrated by most because of the way that they look. But the methods of attack are many and varied. You can hook things with them, stab, parry, block, they are just great, and as with most of the better weapons we use here, we have a two pairs of them so that we can have sai vs. sai matches. You would be surprised at how easy it is to get the basics of this weapon but the intricacies of this weapon will keep you enthralled for years to come. It does well against most weapons you could think of and they only weigh a little bit more then three and a half pounds and they measure between nineteen and twenty inches total. Any aspiring martial artist owes it to themselves to try a pair of these out.

 'The Club'

Well this is 'The Club' its a sturdy weapon and its construction makes it great for bashing the little things around the house that are giving you trouble. On one side it has an alternating pattern of spikes and it is held firmly by three bands of metal clearly seen in the picture. Very strong and can strike metal and puncture thin armor with no wear or tear to the club. Opposite side can be used for bludgeoning an opponent. We try not to hurt each other to bad here so this club usually takes the roll of being a showcase piece but you can be certain its hurt each and every one of us before. It only weighs about three and a half pounds and is a little over two feet but its a great weapon to use if you really want to put someone in the hospital.

 Chain Whip 

Chain Whip

Chains are concealable and deadly fun to fight with. They spin around wildly in eccentric patterns but are completely controllable in the hands of anyone with experience. This chain is ten feet long and ends in a hook weighing a little over a pound. It breaks though cinder blocks and bricks with no problems and could easily break a bone. Its weakness is that all of its power is in the striking tip and if someone gets inside your defense, unless your good at had to hand its all over. It can also help you master the fundamentals of many other weapons as it give you a better grasp of how a chain behaves, great for fighting in or against crowds.

 Extendable Baton

Extendable Baton

The strength of this weapon rests in its concelability and its relatively small required space to carry. In the snap of your wrist a six inch handle turns into a twenty-four inch stick of death. You whip this out in the middle of a fight and an unarmed opponent might flee if they are not experienced with such a thing. It doesn't take much skill and its good for protection and it doesn't weigh much.....what more could you want?

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