More Crazy Stuff

Mage blocks kick with sword

One page just wasn't enough, new weapons to the arsenal make it difficult for pages to load. Thus saying so here they are some more weapons.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe

Big and heavy, this bad boy tops the scales at thirty pounds! Most of its weight (well over half) is in the blade, which is a solid piece of heat tempered steel over a quarter of an inch thick! The handle itself is a hollow piece of four cornered metal and the two pieces are fused together with precision welding. Its slightly over five feet long including the axe head and handle. Besides looking cool its also great exercise and weight training, which is what we mainly use it for, lets face it, no one in their right mind is going to face someone wielding a thirty pound battle axe (unless they have a better weapon, but it'll shatter anything we got).



Sharp Blades

There blades......what more do you want to know? Not very sharp but easy to wield. You can use air currents to your advantage and they slice really well for not being very sharp. They are highly reflective and can be throw fairly well. Blocking is difficult but manageable and we already have several cuts to prove that even when your just joking around or practicing with it accidents must happen.