Ninja Dodging Sword

What the hell?  What is VyRiZ doing?  Well, he dodged the sword and that's all that matters, this picture was taken while they were just joking around, who knows if he could ever do that in actual combat.   Anyways, this is the page of weapons, more specifically swords, there may be some things on here that you would not consider a 'sword' in the truest sense, but we used the term loosely to describe basically any kind of long blade with a shorter handle.   Enjoy the pics and e-mail if you have questions. (By the way, if you were actually wondering what sword that is in the picture above it is the Flaming Sword of Death V2.0 a 40 lb monster, that enjoyed a limited stint in our arsenal before we disbanded)



One of the swords that we use most only qualifies as a sword by its shape. It is a basic bokken as pictured above. Some are padded but some are not, the one at the bottom of the picture is 'retired' and is broken several times over. Bokkens are great because you get the skills that you would acquire when practicing with a real sword but you can spar without a care because of their inability to cut. They usually measure forty or so inches and weigh between two and three pounds. They are also fairly cheap to buy so if one breaks its not a catastrophe.  Still they leave their share of welts, bruises, dislocated joints and have the potential to break bones so they shouldn't be taken too lightly.

Modern Katana


Geeze, this is one nice sword, it's light but it's high carbon steel and thus extra tough.  It's totally a functional sword, full tang and without a wrap around the handle, in a way it looks more like a big knife, and with good reason, the nice people that bring you the Ginsu Knife brought this out, it has a tempered edge and an aluminum scarab along with accents in copper, a great sword especially for the price I snagged this one for on eBay.  It's 33 and a half inches total with 24 inches or so of blade, I would recommend this sword to anyone.  Oh yeah, this one is mostly for practice and as a showpiece, no one wants to fight someone using this as it would be most likely lethal combat.  Over the years the blade took on a slightly curved shape from wear and tear as it was often used for cutting practice.



Hey you can't top the basics. This is the Scottish claymore that you see in movies like Brave Heart. I used to think that it was quite heavy. (thirteen pounds) Its length is seventy-four inches, it is kind of hard to wield. We hardly ever use this in battle and if we do the movements are deliberately slow to avoid serious injury.

Chain Saw Blade

Chainsaw Blade

Yes, this is a chainsaw blade welded to the edge of the sword.   It's a nice weapon, custom made at a 'Parts Fabrication' shop this thing is tough with ideal balance.  It doesn't cut though, it tears, leaving huge gash marks on whatever it lands up against, the handle is hexagonal and the whole thing is about 26 inches long and weighs about 3 lbs, this was one of the very last additions to the arsenal.

Chinese War Swords

Chinese War Sword

The one on top is the actual war sword, it is made out of 100% stainless steal and has a cord wrapped handle. It is quite heavy for its size, in upwards of three pounds and it measures only two feet coming to and end remarkably like a meat cleaver. The dual blood groves give it a menacing appearance and the hole on the end makes for easy hanging when not in use. The sword on the bottom is a copy we made, it is made out of an aluminum alloy and is significantly lighter (about a pound) both swords are fun to use, but the good war sword is falling apart so we're taking it easy on it and avoiding using it.



The same as the one's you can purchase from nearly any hardware store/outdoors shop, they have plastic handles and a sharp blade, everyone should have a pair of these!


amputor.jpg (10690 bytes)

The wooden part that you can see in the top of the picture is actually a part of another weapon. The handle of this beast is wrapped in foam but the rest is left bare.  It has been electro coated with black pigment and the words Amputor have been written on with gold marker.  This thing is heavy but it's short (less then 2 feet) definitely a malicious weapon and something to be wary of in battle.

Flaming Sword of Death

Flaming Sword of Death

This is one of the big guns at this site, great for fighting (unsharpened) with the weight necessary for true training.  It's almost 17 lbs and is painted with gold and black paint just for looks.  It has a length of over 44 inches and is a true sight to behold, but one wrong move and you can crush a skull, fracture a thigh, or sprain your wrist, but this weapon is usually wielded with abandon, it's just too fun to hold back! (The brother sword is the one pictured in the picture at the top of this page).