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In July 2006, I downloaded a backup archive of the hentai fanfiction section of  In 2008 there was a server crash and that section appears to have been lost forever.  More recently I started watching Sailor Moon Crystal.  That made me long to read some of those old Sailor Moon fanfics that I had read in my youth.  Alas, I was unable to find some of my favorites online... anywhere.  That being the case I dug up these old files and put them together in zip format.  There are 1356 fanfics in this archive.  They are archived in a way as to be browseable, just unzip and open the index.html file and you should be able to click through the website as if it were still accessable (there may be some goodies hidden in the indicies, but most should be accessable through browsing).  Below is a list of the file contents (fanfic titles and authors were available).  If you have a fanfic in this archive and you need me to remove it please ask.  I don't normally host without permission but this is one lump archive.

All of these fanfics are adult in nature!  Do not download this file if you are under 18 years of age!

Link to the zip file [10.9 MB]

Note:  Many of these fanfics were written by American fans.  New fans to the series may not understand this, but when the series was origionally broadcast in America the names of the characters were Americanized.  I.e., Usagi was named Serena.  Since the series is being re-dubbed into English and the Japanese is subbed with the origional names you may have to educate yourself on the DIC name (dubbing company) for your favorite character.  Believe me, it is worth your effort.

File Content:

Haruka and Michiru: Second Honeymoon by Aaron
Chibi Usa and Hotaru: One Moment in Time by Aaron
Ami Mizuno's Class of Self-Loving by Aaron
Makoto's Friends with a Lesbian by Aaron
Makoto's Friends with a Lesbian II by Aaron
Rei Hino: I Dream of Usagi by Aaron
Umino and Naru: Peep Show by Aaron
Yuuichiru and Rei: Dream a Little Dream of Me by Aaron
Queen Serenity and Neo Queen Serenity: Man In My Life by Aaron
Queen Serenity: Spiritual Love by Aaron
The Readwolf Affair by A Bunch of Bakas ^_^
Cocoon of Love by Ai wo Seiya
A Stars Night In Heaven by AngelWolf
Savage Nights by Animelill
Underground Lovers: Haruka and Michiru by Animelill
Haruka's Lesson by Lady Setsuna Aino
Setsuna's Seduction by Lady Setsuna Aino
Choices by Amazoness Duo and Aimee
Amazoness Duo Story List by Amazoness Quartet
Killing Me Softly by Amazoness Quartet
Tears and Rain by Amazoness Quartet
Readme-explanation by Amazoness Quartet
Lover's and Dreamers by Amazoness Quartet
Farewell by Amazoness Quartet
Family Ties by Amazoness Quartet
Revelations by Amazoness Quartet
Behind the Scenes by Amazoness Quartet
Illusions by Amazoness Quartet
Sudden Glimpse by Amazoness Quartet
A Beach Story by Amazoness Quartet
Trapeze Act by Amazoness Quartet
Moonlit Nights by Amazoness Quartet
Mystery Science Theater: Learning to Love by Amazoness Quartet
'Twas The Night Before Christmas by Amazoness Quartet
Missed Chances by Amazoness Quartet
Nagaroboshi No Ai (A Shooting Stars Love) by Amazoness Quartet
Aishiteru, ChibiUsa a> by Amazoness Quartet
Loyalty by Amazoness Quartet
I Love You, Hotaru (revised) by Amazoness Quartet
Kakyuu's Secrets by Amazoness Quartet
Surprises by Amazoness Quartet
Working Late by Amazoness Quartet
Finding it in Herself by AngelFlame
A Time To Say Goodbye by AngelFlame
Always a First Time by AngelFlame
Zoisite's Birthday Surprise by Angelzoisite
Sailor Moon: Fantasy by Anime Fantasy Knight
Generations by AP Scout
Rini's Change of Fortune by AP Scout
Princess Kaguya by Ivana B. Anonymous
Alive by Ivana B. Anonymous
First Night by Ivana B. Anonymous
Lost at Sea by Ivana B. Anonymous
It's Two, Two, Two MSTS in One by Ivana B. Anonymous
The Teen Bunny, The Winged Horse by Aqua
At the Office by aquaMelody
...And Nothing Else Matters by Ari
Frame-Narrative Hentai by Ari
Chance Encounters by Aria
Games by Artemis
Weekend by Artemis
First Encounter by Asynca
Mercury Mage Chronicles: Hentai by Robert Owen Bailey
From Across the Bedroom by Bastion
A Summer's Edge by Violet Bealer
Mystery Sailor Theater 3000: Evening at Lita's by Mark Berger and Sailor Mac
Cold Body Warm Heart by Mark Berger
Deep in My Soul by Mark Berger
First Dance by Mark Berger
Good Touch Bad Touch by Mark Berger
A Magical Night by Mark Berger
MST: Mercury Mage Chronicles - Part 1 by Mark Berger
A Winter's Evening by Mark Berger
Track Day by Mark Berger
Serena to Darien wa Love Song by Mark Berger
Big Dave's read me by Big Dave
Final Lunar Sailor V by Big Dave
The Hard Life of A Pair of Working Girls by Big Dave
Mina Aino: My Life as An Idol by Big Dave
The Venus Twins by Big Dave
Lunar Sailor V by Big Dave
A Sailor Scout Orgy by Big Dave
Mina and Rei Visit a Porn Shop by Big Dave
Ami and Lita Entertain a Friend by Big Dave
Rei and Serena Seduce Mina by Big Dave
Rei Treats Serena Right by Big Dave
Venus Love Shower by Big Dave
Ami Visits Mina by Big Dave
Rei Makes Up with Mina by Big Dave
Say Goodbye by Bilbi
Food For Thought, Love, and Lust by Black Shadow
What a Night - Part One by Black Shadow
Soli by BlueGrey
Dawning On Me Now by Blue Moon
Dawning Of A New Day by Blue Moon
Sailor Orion 4 - episode 11 by LeVar Bouyer
Past Prologue by Matt Burns
Changing Relationship by Matt Burns
Of Demons and Love by Byakko Rei
Master of Bate by Carlos V
Comfort of Flames by Caroline
Shape Of My Heart by Usagi Carter
Triangle Tangle by CATS
Combustive Properties by The Cerebral Hentai
Time's Love by Cayen
Renewed Hope by ChibiRyuu
Anime Science Theater 40K by Bloodcat
Passion by Ezekiel Chiba
Paper Kisses by ChocoMoon
Menacing Ideas by Debbie Crabtree
Bio-Beast Saga by Crpl. Punishment
The Violin Affair by CrushedVelvet
Makoto Finds Her Former Lover by Daimon
Chibi and the Councilor by Daimon
Hotaru and Me by Daimon
First Time for Everything by Larry Drews
Mystery Crimson Theater 3000: Sailor Gay! by Crimson Blaze
Shiro Daimon's read me by Shiro Daimon
Public Indecence by Shiro Daimon
The Sex Machine by Shiro Daimon
Minako Aino by Shiro Daimon
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer by Shiro Daimon
Umino's Fantasies by Shiro Daimon
My best friend taught me to touch myself by Shiro Daimon
Minako's Adventure with an Alien by Shiro Daimon
Rei Hino by Shiro Daimon
Yuuichiru's Greatest Adventure by Shiro Daimon
Frey n' Makoto by Shiro Daimon
Ami's Secret by Shiro Daimon
Umino and Naru by Shiro Daimon
Setsuna and Chronus by Shiro Daimon
The White Moon Love Stories by Shiro Daimon
Dear Usagi: by Shiro Daimon and Nimrod-san
The Devil's Mistress by DannigirlSOS
When Anything Can Happen by DannigirlSOS
When Destiny Calls: A Love at First Sight by DannigirlSOS
Face the Truth by Dark Amethyst
Without You by Dark Amethyst
A Dark Dalliance by Dark Amethyst
A Devoted Warrior by Dark Amethyst
Parachute by Dark Ferret
A Furry Tale by Dikie
A Birthday Surprise by Stefanie Del Rincon
A Night to Remember by Stefanie Del Rincon
Come to My Window by Chris Davies
Love Me for What I Am by DemonKlaw Shiranui
Magic by Yohann DeSabrais
Lullaby by Yohann DeSabrais
Serenity's Secret by Yohann DeSabrais
The Devil Made Me Do It by Yohann DeSabrais
A Dragon's Reward by Yohann DeSabrais
Shingo and Laurella: Scars of My Soul by Yohann DeSabrais
Scars of My Soul 2: Love Heals Once More by Yohann DeSabrais
Scars of My Soul 3: Past Sufferings Unyielding by Yohann DeSabrais
Molly and Him by Dikie
The Tree of Passion by Dracodrg
Heavy Genesis by Dr. Allosaurus
Sailors Enslaved by Dr. Allosaurus
Before the Beginning: An Apocryphal Tale of the Silver Millenium by E.L.F.
Red Senshi Diaries by E.L.F.
Slowly Dawning by E.L.F.
Never Imagined by E.L.F.
Inner Crisis, Outer Conflict by E.L.F.
Muse by E.L.F.
Dance for Him by Ellis
Walk With Me by Ellis
Familiar Fairy Tales: Robin Hood and Merian by Eternal Treasure
Beauty and Kitsume by Eternal Treasure
Raging Beauty by Eternal Treasure
The Frog Prince by Eternal Treasure
Sir Kurama and the Green Knight by Eternal Treasure
Pleasure Party by Fantasy Soldier
Mystery Science Theature 1/2 by Filthy Whore Inc.
Fault by Flashman
CALF MST: Ami-chan by Flashman
Alternate Universes by FloridaOrange
Fantasies by FloridaOrange
Chiba-Usa's Lover by FloridaOrange
Chiba-Usa's Lover II by FloridaOrange
State of Love and Trust by Sean Gaffney
The Unfinished Painting by Erin Gayle
Of Cats and Mice by The Ghost of 'lectricity
Letters from Desolation Row by The Ghost of 'lectricity
Hotaru's Pain by The Ghost of 'lectricity
A Story of Friendship and Curiosity by The Ghost of 'lectricity
Long Waited Love by Goddess
Untitled by Gorecki
Don't Leave Me by Guardian of Jupiter
Love Me by Guardian of Jupiter
Promise by Guardian of Jupiter
Amy?? by "Happy" From Miami
Free Time by HentaiKeops
12 Hours With A Senshi by The Hentai Man
Birthday Present by The Hentai Man
Dark Kingdom Discipline by The Hentai Man
The Demon With the Ten Tenticles by The Hentai Man
In the Name of Love by The Hentai Man
Paying the Price by The Hentai Man
The Reward by The Hentai Man
The Teacher Student Relationship by The Hentai Man
When All Else Fails.... by The Hentai Man
Love Touch by The Hentai Man
Beach on the Serenity Sea by Hentai Moon
Callisto by Hentai Moon
Drained and Used by Hentai Otaku
The Switch by Hentai Otaku
The Senshi Interrogation Series by Hentai Otaku
Shopping by Hentai Otaku
Dark Welcome by Hentai Otaku
Jadeite's New Servants by Hentai Otaku
Gift Certificates by Hentai Otaku
Prince Endymion's Captive by Hentai Otaku
Beryl's Lovers? by Hentai Otaku
Of Generals and Redheads... by Hentai Otaku
Prince Endymion?! by Hentai Otaku
Beryl's Needs by Hentai Otaku
The Costume Party by Hentai Otaku
Nights of Passion: Naru and Nephrite by Hentai Otaku
Panty Shot by Hentai Otaku
Why am I Dressed Like This?! by Hentai Otaku
Voyeur by Hentai Otaku
Red Velvet Series by Hentai Otaku
Beryl Captured? by Hentai Otaku
I Love it When You Call Me... by Hentai Otaku
Capture by Hentai Otaku
Consequences of the Zing-Ty Invasion by Hentai Otaku
Dual Seduction by Hentai Otaku
Earning the Grade by Hentai Otaku
Extreme by Hentai Otaku
Lace Covered Love by Hentai Otaku
It's Not Okayby Hentai Otaku
Mistaken Gender by Hentai Otaku
A little suprise by Hentai Otaku
Love and Other Strange People by Hentai Otaku
Love and Other Strange People - Alternate Universe by Hentai Otaku
Not quite what it seems by Hentai Otaku
Past Lovers by Hentai Otaku
When Mom's Away... by Hentai Otaku
Zoicite and All the Senshi by Hentai Otaku
Fullfilled Dreams by HentaiVenus
My Time With Lita by Saiyan Heretic
Violins and Singers by Hika-chan
Reunited by Hopeless Romantic
A Special Birthday by Hopeless Romantic
Uh, Oh Tokyo We Have A Problem by Hopeless Romantic
The Beach Encounter by Hopeless Romantic
A Treasured Weekend by Hopeless Romantic
The Ultimate Gift by Hopeless Romantic
A Dream Come True by Hopeless Romantic
Apassionata by Andrea Hui
Last Dance by Andrea Hui
The End of Innocence by Andrea Hui
The Return by Ilinala
Our Little Secret by Illusion
Duty and Love Collide by Immortal Senshi
To Be Or Not To Be A Princess; A World Reborn by Jade_Max
Secret Garden 2 : The Honeymoon by Jade_Max
Lovers Embrace by James
Trapped by Mr. Jazz
9-Ball Dreams by Mr. Jazz
Red Senshi Diaries by Adam Jones
Desperately Wanting by Adam Jones
The Parable of the Hawk and the Carp by J. Random Fanboy
Conditions of Devotion by J. Random Fanboy
Proof by Kate B and Moogle
Inspiration by Lita Kino
Yoku by kintoun101
A Wild Party by KittyMoon057
Sailor Moon Meets The Venus 5 by Komodo Kyhdinserric
Nemesis by Kuchy
A Love for Yaten by Lady Diamond
Yatens Night of Passion by Lady Diamond
Last Night by Lady Dreamer
Attraction by Lady Dreamer
Heart that glitters like a diamond by Lady Dreamer
A long time ago, there were two lovers by Lady Dreamer
Goddess of Love by Lady Dreamer
Together Forever by Lady Dreamer
Dreaming of You by Lady Dreamer
A Night to Remember by Lady Elisabeth
Lady M. Harris's Announcement by Lady M. Harris
Cherry Blossoms on Water by Lady M. Harris
Moonlight Horizon by Lady M. Harris
Behind Closed Doors by Lady M. Harris
Chasing the Moon by Lady M. Harris
Forbidden by Lady M. Harris
Moonlight Mirage by Lady M. Harris
On a Moonswept Moor by Lady M. Harris
Fire on a Rampart Rise by Lady M. Harris
Beloved by Lady Koishii
The Awakening of a Goddess by Lady Phoenix
Hotaru's Secret by Lanis15
Sailor Earth Revealed by Tara Inscore
Bed of Roses by Leloi
Our Story by Leloi
Callings by Leloi
To Protect by Leloi
Umino's Secret by Leloi
Secrets of the Sexy Slippers by Lemon Tree and Friends
Countess Chronicles by LinLin
Moon Park X by LinLin
Meeting at Lita and Rei's by Lithium Sunrise
Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) - Obligatory First Part by Lord Chaos and friends
Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) - Obligatory Second Part by Lord Chaos and friends
Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) - Obligatory Third Part by Lord Chaos and friends
Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) - Omake #1 by Lord Chaos and friends
Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) - Omake #2 by Lord Chaos and friends
Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) by Lord Chaos and friends
Awakening by Lord Falcon
Ashley Brown Version Readmes by Lord Falcon
Yaten and Ashley: Wild Night in Paris by Lord Falcon and Lady Diamond
A Sated Need by Lord Falcon
Yaten and Ashley: Love Without Boundaries by Lord Falcon
Yaten and Ashley: Reunited by Lord Falcon
Yaten and Ashley: Second Chance Romance by Lord Falcon
My Story by Lord Falcon
Serena's Visit by Lord Falcon
Moonlight Illusion by Lord Falcon
Scouts Torment Io's rescue (zipped) by Lord Falcon
Morning Together by Lord Falcon
First Night Together by Lord Falcon
Whispered Dreams by Lord Jedeite
ASFS-M Group FanFic by Lovely1045 and Sailor Mac
The Dreams Of Candlelight by L'Phantom
Acedemic Advances by Lunakitty
Moonlight Strangers by Luna Moon
Dilemma by Luna Moon
Red Moon by Luna Sail
The Beach of Love by Lunar Dragon
Dance of Death by Lunar Rose
She (zipped) by Lunar Rose
Artist and Model by Lunar Rose
The Beginning of the End by Lunar Rose
The Discovery of the hentai "Chibi-Usa's Lover" by FloridaOrange by Jodie Lynn
Hentai by Instant Message by Jodie Lynn and Sailor Moonstone
The Valentine Day Surprise by Jodie Lynn
The Light of Your Smile by Adam Jones
Revelation by J.P. Jones
Mars and Moon by Elvair Ka Virrion
La Blue Scoutby Elvair Ka Virrion
Power of Loveby Kou-Yaten
Two Against Oneby Justin MacInnis
Precious Enemiesby Justin MacInnis and O'Callahan
Nightmares by Mars & Pluto
Lita and Ami by Maxx
Rei and Minako by Maxx
Inspiration by MercuryMoon
Tenticle Romance (zipped) by Nikolai Mirovich
Definitions of Life by Mishi Kawaii
Juuban by Mishi Kawaii
Angel by Mishi Kawaii
In the Garden of The Forgotten Moon by Mishi Kawaii
Silver Memories by Mishi Kawaii
Buddies? by Joan McDougall
[MSTed] '9-Ball Dreams' by Megane 6.7 Mystery Science Theator 6.7: Triangle Tangleby Megane 6.7
Artemis's Lover 6.7by Megane 6.7
Games 6.7 by Megane 6.7
Mystery Science Theater 6.7: Oscar Tale by Megane 6.7
Mystery Science Theater 6.7: That Girl by Megane 6.7
Mystery Science Theater 6.7: Virgin Warrior Sailor Moon by Megane 6.7
Mystery Science Theater 6.7: Trapped by Megane 6.7
Mystery Science Theater 6.7: California Dreaming by Megane 6.7
When Wind Meets the Sea by Menagi-Chan
The Fire in Your Eyes by MercuryMoon
Changes   by Eric Metcalf
Close Enough by Eric Metcalf
Lord of Crystal by Eric Metcalf
Love, Dreams and Freedom - chapter 3 My Water Nymph...Kaiou Michuru by Lady Tokimi
A Dangerous Pairing by Millenium Guard
Game of Seduction by Millenium Guard
Classic Love: The First by Millenium Guard
Dark Eclipse by mimac
Tomoe & Kaolinite Get It On by Miss ParaPara
Diana's Little Adventure by Miss ParaPara
Diamonds Are A Guys Best Friend by Miss ParaPara
The New Moon's Decision by Miss ParaPara
Enemies Become Lovers by Miss ParaPara
Nephrite & Naru's First Night Together by Miss ParaPara
Tuxedo Hentai by Miss ParaPara
The Shower by Miss ParaPara
MST3K:Unexplored Fantasies by missy dominguez
Cycles of Our Souls - Part 5 by M is for Mars
Together Now by Eric Montoya
The Moon Shines for Love by Moonstar998
In A Fit Of Passion by Moon Lily
Royal Wedding Nightby Ian Motter
Dragonlance: Gathering of Five By Mr_Jazz
Sailor Venus - Goddess of Love by Mullet
Pretty Hentai Fighter Sailor Moon by Mysterious Senshi
MST of "Haruka's Lesson by Lady Setsuna Aino" by The Narrator and The Quality Controller
MST of "Rei and Darien by Roxy" by The Narrator and The Quality Controller
MST of "I Want to Tell You by Angel Eternal" by The Narrator and The Quality Controller
Project Mako By Neko-Chan
Our Love Is Eternal By neo sailor pluto
Darien's change By neo sailor pluto
Sailor Moon: The Death of the Sailor Senshi By NightShade
Anniversary  By Tim Nolan
Passion Heart Chain by Khoi Ngo
Strength of Love by Khoi Ngo
Amy's First Love by Khoi Ngo
Trial by Fire by Nox (No email address)
Burning Heart by Khoi Ngo
Coronation by O'Callahan
Demonic Encounter by Blas Padrino
Waves by Papillon
Sailor Moon WarSaga: WarStories by Aaron Peet
Aquamarines and Diamonds by Dala Phan
Amy's Science Report by Pokemon Hentai
The Heart Always Wins by Preadhead
Dominance by Pretty Kitty
Flame Sniper by Princess
Dreams That Won't Disappear When I Open My Eyes by Princess
Flame Sniper by Princess
The Touch of the Wind by Princess
All Because of a Magizine by Princess Firefly & Princess Shy
Kiss My Fears Away by Princess Firefly
Endymion's Mistake by Princess Firefly
MST of "Our Little Secret by Illusion" by The Quality Controller
Haruka and Michiru: Restored Pieces by Amaya Raine
Malhentai by The Raven
And So It Goes... by Sun Raye
The New and the Nudeby RevoGirl and Mina69
Sailor Wolf A Lesbian?by Richard
One Hot Summer Day by Mark Robillos
In My Mind's Eyeby Robyn
Their General Ambitionsby Romansu
Rei and Darienby Roxy
The Seduction by Sabi-san
Good Morning by Sabi-san
Omocha by Sabi-san
Red Silk by Sabi-san
Yaten's Journal by Sabi-san
Sable's Readme by Sable
A Chance Encounter by Sailor Avalon
The Crush - chapter 11 (hentai version) by Sailor Chibi-Jupiter
Reflections at a Tori Amos Concert by Sailor Chibi Kamen
Destiny Takes A Hand - Chapter 3B (Hentai Version) by Sailor Chibi Kamen
The Gift by Sailor Chibi Kamen
Something I Can Never Have by Sailor Chibi Kamen
Time Spent, Time Shared by Sailor DKC
The Pain of Repression by Sailor Earth
Minako's Day of Discovery by Sailor Earth
Once in a life by Sailor Europa
Abusing the Wind by Sailor Gotland
Calming the Wind by Sailor Gotland
Star Gentle Sensitive Uterus Inferno by Sailor Gotland
Naru - Part One by Sailor Pleasure
Sleepover by SenRab
Interlude by Sexylyon
Sailor Moon Unseen Bizzare Love Triangle by siranime
Sailor Moon Unseen: Curiosities by  siranime
Real Love by Awestruck (no emails please!)
Release Part One by Bill Smith
Usagi by Sailor Butterfly
Sailor Moon SuperS: War of Dreams by Sailor Mac
The Hidden Truth by Sailor Mac
Wild Ride by Sailor Mac
Hot Controversy by Sailor Mac
Saturday Afternoon, Around 2 P.M. by Sailor Mac
Reenie's Real 7th Birthday...amd Serena's Sweet 16th by Sailor Mac
Window Shopping by Sailor Mac
Hot Fudge by Sailor Mac
Pluto's Secret by Sailor Mac
Substitute for Love by Sailor Mac
Make Love, Not War by Sailor Mac
Revelations by Sailor Mac
Pure Heart, Loving Heart by Sailor Mac
Let's Do the Time Warp Againby Sailor Mac
Something Wildby Sailor Mac
Power of Loveby Sailor Mac
Prelude to a Trip Into the Futureby Sailor Mac
Bad Dreams in the Nightby Sailor Mac
Reckoningsby Sailor Mac
Liquid Silkby Sailor Mac
Heart Movingby Sailor Mac
Image of Loveby Sailor Mac
Stroke of Midnightby Sailor Mac
'Tis the Seasonby Sailor Mac
Cherishby Sailor Mac
Seiya, Mamoru, and Usagiby Sailor E (No address known)
Circles of Time: Only One Nightby Sailor Mac
Divine Interventionby Sailor Mac
Emotional Rescueby Sailor Mac
From the Moon to the Earthby Sailor Mac
Love Energyby Sailor Mac
Love Returningby Sailor Mac
Mercury Risingby Sailor Mac
Mystery Sailor Theater 3000: 'Sailor Moon: Fantasy!'by Sailor Mac and Mark Berger
Nega Naganoby Sailor Mac
Out of the Pastby Sailor Mac
Picture-Perfectby Sailor Mac
Rainy Sundayby Sailor Mac
Rescue Meby Sailor Mac
Sailors at Seaby Sailor Mac
See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Meby Sailor Mac
Sometimes a Fantasyby Sailor Mac
Soul of Fireby Sailor Mac and Sailor Earth
Tender Loving Careby Sailor Mac
You're Here, There's Nothing I Fearby Sailor Mac
Victory of Loveby Sailor Mac
Happy Birthday, Sailor Moonby Sailor Mac
Picture Paints a Thousand Words by Sailor Mac
Mystery Sailor Theater 3000: 'Trouble in Paradise' by Sailor Mac
Hearts and Mind by Sailor Mac
Happy Birthday Muffin by Sailor Mac
Brush Strokes by Sailor Mac
Fire Soul Bird in Love by Sailor Mac
Picture Paints a Thousand Words by Sailor Mac
That Other Serenity - Part 8 (hentai) by Sailor Phoenix
Just a Little Dream About You by Sailor Ranger
Thank You, Ami by Sailor S
Open apology and official goodbye by Sailor Scorpio
Readme by Sailor Scorpio
Paris my love by Sailor Scorpio
Transeamus by Sailor Scorpio
Last Christmas by Sailor Scorpio
Eien no Ai by Sailor Scorpio
A little Christmas miracle... by Sailor Scorpio
Readme #2 by Sailor Scorpio
Hard to say I'm sorry by Sailor Scorpio
A Sweet Surprise by Sailor Scorpio
Encounter by Sailor Scorpio
Entrapment by Sailor Scorpio
Starlit Dreams by Sailor Scorpio
Evolutions- My Only Love by Sailor Skuld
The Back Room by Sailor Spark
Sailor Star Love's Read Me by Sailor Star Love
Dream Weaver by Sailor Star Love
Aftermath by Sailor Star Love
Nothing at All... by Sailor Star Love
Pastime in Good Company by Sailor Star Love
The Love Shower by Sailor Star Love
Tattoo Me, Tattoo You... by Sailor Star Love
Easy as Cherry Pieby Sailor Star Love
Kampai!by Sailor Star Love
Happy Birthday Yat-chan!!!by Sailor Star Love
Smooth Operatorby Sailor Star Love
I Dream of Christmasby Sailor Star Love
MSTing of Green eyed Monster and Callistoby Sailor Star Love
Let it snow, let it snow, let it Sailor Star Love
Ai no Escudoby Sailor Star Love
Ai no Escudo IIby Sailor Star Love
Deck the Halls!by Sailor Star Love
Fiery Tempestby Sailor Star Love
Towards Eden by Sailor Star Love
Yaten to Scandal by Sailor Star Love
MST'ing of "Real Love" by Sailor Star Love
In Sickness and In Health... by Sailor Star Love
True Colors by Sailor Star Love
Mirror, Mirror by Sailor Star Love
Cravings by Sailor Star Love
A Lover Like No Otherby Sailor Swiftheart
Gentle Fireby Sailor Swiftheart
Viennaby Saun
Consummationby Saun
Sayonaraby Saun
Decloration of Love - Part 5 (Parts 1-4 are non-hentai and are in the P-T section. by Sailor Swiftheart
Exotic Venus by Sailor Swiftheart
Rini's Special Moment With Serenaby Darren Schivo
Pluto's Love - part 5 by Sailor Senshi Siren
The New Moon's Decision MST by Sailortenshi
Slut by Day, Slut by Night by Saint Tail
AQ and Sailor Slut too! by Saint Tail
More Adventures of Sailor Slut by Saint Tail
The Mysterious Senshi by Saint Tail
The Night Before by Saint Tail
Dark Nights by Kyoko Saki
Spontaneous by Kyoko Saki
Culmination by Saun
Midnight Snack by Scandiadream
Queen of my Heart by Scandiadream
Queen of my Heart by Scandiadream
Heart of Gold- Passion by Scandiadream
Kitty Love by Scandiadream
As long as you're by my side by Scandiadream
Lita and Ken- Starlight Magic by Scandiadream
Raye and Chad- Casablancas Forever by Scandiadream
Faithfulness Forever by Scandiadream
Pluto-Timeless Honeymoon by Scandiadream
One Fantasy Evening by Scandiadream
Dia Embassy Aftermath by Seiko
A Stormy Night by ShadowWeaver
Tuxedo Kamen No More! Sailor Earth Makes the Scene!! by Shell Presto
Luna Pen Transformations by Shell Presto
Happy Birthday, Usako by Shell Presto
Forbidden Love by Shell Presto
Sleepless nights by Bunny Shields
Evil Cannot Take a Heart by Shell Presto
The Akira-Shiro Readme by Akira Shiro
The Sacrifice by Akira Shiro
The Video Camera by Akira Shiro
A vowed Fulfill a thousand years later by Silver Goddess
The Book by Simon the Duck
Coloured Pleasures by Silver Goddess
Art by Silver Star
Lita's Adventureby Sofie The Cat Grrl
Snowstorm by Solar Star
Open Door by Solar Star
Diaries by Spicy City
The Outer Senshi's Crazy Nights by Madame Splendoura
Forbidden Passion of a Saiya-jin/a> by SSJ Son Alexander
Sailor Moon V: Tales of the Nightby Troy Stanton and Jen Burns
The Future is Now   by Starburst560
Coming of Age Part One by Daniel Stephenson
Study Session   by Storm Blade
Artemis   by Strike Fiss
Richter Scaleby Strike Fiss
Senshi on ICE!! - chapter 2 by Terra Sumer
College by Terra Sumer
Hearts Unbound by Mina Summers
Kaze no Unmei by Ilana Tavan
For the Love of Raye by TeenBride
Blush by Kawaii Tenshi
You Can't Always Get What You Want by Tid-Bitz
Calm Before the Storm by Tid-Bitz
Try Again by Chloe Tipton
Follow the Pink Rabbit by Chloe Tipton
Tokyo Sunset by Chloe Tipton
Coming of Munihausen by The Great Red Serpent
Sailor Moon in America by The Great Red Dragon
Foreplay with Rei by The Great White Serpent
Ashley and The Lights by True Sailor Io
Mystery Science Theater 3333 1/3: Rini's Change of Fortune by Tuxedo Alex
Mystery Science Theater 3333 1/3: Molly and Him by Tuxedo Alex
Adventures of Sailor Z by Tuxedo Zero
Learning to Love by Adrian Tymes
Unexpected Love Affair by Usa-Wusa
Serena and Darien Become One by Minako Usagi
The Silver Ring by Minako Usagi
Serena Teaches Reenie by Minako Usagi
Not Just Sailors...Pirates! (part 1) by Usagirl
Old Friends, New Loveby Venus Pink
Evening at Lita'sby Vermilion
Nemesis by Veronica
Love Denied by Veronica
Sailor Moon Hentai0 by Carlos Vincent
Troubled by Carlos Vincent
Lust by Jackson Wan
Clones of Our Lives by Jason Wells
Usagi's Usual Morning by Jeffery "One Shot" Wong
Lita's Wish by Wicked Lady
Starlight, Starbright by Wicked Lady
Shingo's Unusual Morning by Jeffery "One Shot" Wong
Pool Side by Wizard J and Sailor Sister Sally
Echo Sonata by Theresa Wymer
Nobody is Too Young to Love by Tsuki no Miko
Manners by Wizard Z and Sailor Mac
Horny Relax by xChan_SD
First Times by xChan_SD
Theater Riffs of KOF: Umino's Fantasies by Physco Yamazaki
Theater Riffs of KOF: Nights of Passion: Naru and Nephrite The First Night by Physco Yamazaki
That Special Magic by the Yarnspinner
A Novel Experience by the Yarnspinner
Afternoon for Love by the Yarnspinner
Mamoru's Turn by the Yarnspinner
Usagi's Surprise by the Yarnspinner
Of Love and Duty by the Yarnspinner
The Empty Room by the Yarnspinner
Between Light and Dark by the Yarnspinner
A Day in the Sun by the Yarnspinner
The Nightmare Season by the Yarnspinner
A Moment of Happiness by the Yarnspinner
End of the Day by the Yarnspinner
Worst Fear by the Yarnspinner
The Mamoru Sundae by the Yarnspinner
Something Special by the Yarnspinner
A Quiet Moment by the Yarnspinner
Absence....Sucks! by the Yarnspinner
Moonlight on the Water by the Yarnspinner
Just a Matter of Chance by the Yarnspinner
Circles of Time: A Time to Heal by the Yarnspinner
First Steps by the Yarnspinner and Hopeless Romantic
A Soft Touch by the Yarnspinner
Morning's Joy by the Yarnspinner
Surprise Visit by the Yarnspinner
Don't Close Your Eyes by the Yarnspinner
Fantasy and Reality by the Yarnspinner
A New Song by the Yarnspinner
Like a Bolt from the Blue by the Yarnspinner
Enough! by the Yarnspinner
The Love of a Princess by the Yarnspinner
There's More to Life... by the Yarnspinner
Honeymoon Heart Attack by Allyn Yonge
Sailor Gay
Virgin Warrior

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