RVincent stomped his foot.  “Damn!  Why do I always do this to myself!”  He cried out, raging around his small room a moment before turning his attention back to his computer monitor.  On it stood the tail end of his most recent work of incomplete fanfiction.  The cursor blinking mockingly, he decided to mock it back, pulling down his eyelid and giving it the finger for good measure.

“Jeeze…” He groaned, “Why do I always end up spending so much time writing fanfiction that never gets finished….” Pulling out his chair he sat down heavily, letting his hands drop to the keyboard typing out several gibberish characters from the impact.  Quickly backspacing over them he decided to try again.  “Hummm… now let’s see…”  He began, stretching his arms in preparation for an intense writing session, putting his fingers on the home keys.

He sat there very still for a moment, thinking…. “Why can’t I make this easier on myself!”  He whined, rubbing his hands over his face.  “It’s like the plot gets too big for the fanfic, then suddenly I hear Lina’s voice in my head.”

“Hey, you can’t have my sex scene with Amelia yet, I’m not ready!”

“But… Lina, you were supposed to have it ten pages ago!  We just keep putting it off!”

“Nuh uh!  You haven’t justified it enough to the readers, twenty more pages to go writer boy!”

RVincent grumbled, once again showing great disregard for his mentality by letting the scenario play out a little longer then it should have.  And not just that, actually paying heed to Lina’s voice for fear of retribution, whatever it may be.  “If only there was a way…. To just get straight to the sex, and avoid the plot all together!”  RVincent’s eyes widened as this divine inspiration hit him, throwing up his arms in glorious celebration.

“You’re not just going to pair me off with Amelia again are you!?”

Looking around cautiously RVincent once again cursed the voices in his head, the meticulously in character voices in his head that took every effort to delay his oh so carefully planned sex scenes.  “So… what if I am?”  He asked cautiously aloud, despite the fact he knew his thoughts didn’t need to be vocalized to be heard within his skull, where it mattered.

“Now you listen here!  I only let you get away with that crap because you put some effort into it, but I refuse to perform like that on command!”

Giving a little grimace at the voice, and the misery it promised, RVincent ventured a compromise, “So, what do you suggest?”  There was a bit of silence at first, something unusual.

“I…”  She started, “I… oh, I can’t say it!”

Her embarrassment brought a smile to RVincent’s face, but he had known what her demands were all along.  “You want something cannon this time, don’t you?” 

“Yeah…”  She replied meekly.

Nodding, RVincent seemed satisfied with himself, “Okay then, you get cannon, and in exchange, I don’t have to come up with a plot, deal?”  Her fuming reply though didn’t come as a surprise.

“No plot?  At all!?  You can’t just stick me in bed and expect me to….  I need some kind of motivation!”

Sighing he had to reiterate the whole reason behind this ‘cannon’ compromise, “Come on Lina’s voice in my head, I just don’t feel like making up a whole plot, then sticking to it, I mean, you could drag it out for weeks with your ‘I’m not ready yet, your writing skills need to be better then that to get me in the mood.’ Routine, and I just need a break away from that…”  RVincent paused, taking a breath.  “I figured we’d go for something simple this time, come on, you…. Gourry…. Together.”  RVincent added a bit of slyness to the last line, making his ulterior motives apparent.

“One page then, just one page of plot, that’s all I ask.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that, but….”

“But what?”  She asked, sounding a little perturbed.

“How about we get Zel in there too?”  He asked, trying to make it sound like something simple.  A matter so insignificant that it shouldn’t have even needed voiced.

“Zel!?  But you don’t even have his character down!”

RVincent nodded, “True, but imagine it, you…. Gourry…. Zelgadiss… together…”  He grinned at the prospect, hoping for the best.

“Fine!  Fine!  See if I care…. At least I get someone with a penis this time, right!”  She laughed out the last bit, sounding more then a touch disturbed, likely from her constant courtships with Amelia that this author had forced on her again and again and again…..

“That’s the spirit!  You ready?”

“Ready as I ever am…”  She grumbled

“Okay then, let’s go!  And this time I’m writing it first-person from your perspective, okay!”  RVincent shouted as he started in on the fanfic.

“No way!  You’re not going to get in my head like that!”  She shouted helplessly as she realized it was too late.

“But you’re already in my hea…..”  Quickly though, RVincent’s voice faded away, as the world around her began to re-shape itself to his will.


And thus begins what was supposed to be a two page Lemon.  Compromises compromises.


Lina tries to Sleep

A Lemon Fanfic by RVincent



I guess after all of that I owe my audience a disclaimer at least.  I do not own Slayers.  And in that respect I do not mean any insidious copyright infringement with this work of mine.  Fanfiction is to me like an aftermarket addition to an already great product, in the long run all it does is extend the life of that initial product and increase its overall sales by leading to more exposure, right?  This fanfic is also a lemon fanfic, meaning it contains sexual content of some sort, don’t know yet, haven’t written it, but after my little mental battle it will likely end up as straight sex.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy, but if you don’t think you will enjoy it, or if you are under 18 years of age, please hit the back button on your browser now.  Slayers is a wonderful series and there is no excuse for minors to read this material and corrupt their outlook on Lina and the Gang.  Finally to those who stay around and are over 18, I hope you enjoy everything!


Okay then!  Let’s set this fanfiction right a gap in the first season of Slayers!  How’s about… right after the defeat of Shabranigdo and just before they finally reach Atlas, before Zelgadiss breaks off from the group, sound good?


************ (Us fanfiction old-timers love our snowflake openings!)************


            “uhhh…”  I heard myself before anything.  Ahhh… damn, my head is killing me.  Trying to open my eyes I decided to take my time as voices started to filter in.

            “… you think she’s okay…”  Gourry, that was definitely Gourry. 

Did I pass out again?  Jeeze, that damn Giga Slave took everything I had.  It wasn’t this bad the last time, but then again last time was just practice. 

Okay, so maybe waking up after falling into a magically induced coma wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but with this being my third time in the last two days, you could almost say I was getting used to it.  Yeah, my dead ass I’m getting used to it!  I decided to give my vocal cords a try, as my eyes were seemingly on the fritz again. 

“It’s okay…” Ha!  See, I had it in me all along.

            “See, she’s already getting better.” 


Zelgadiss for his part wasn’t showing as much concern as I expected.  As feeling started to come back to my extremities I could feel my hands on something… soft.  If only… I tired to open my eyes again, managing a crack of an opening and just barely enough to begin to make out the shapes of those around me. 

            I felt movement and focused my eyes downward, suddenly noticing that Gourry had gotten quite a bit taller.  It was about then that I realized I’d been moved onto a bed, somewhere.  Wow, was I really that out of it?  I experimentally moved my fingers against the sheets, already feeling the control of my limbs rapidly returning.  Taking advantage of it I started to stretch, managing to get my arm behind my head and eliciting a groan of my own in response.  I opened my eyes fully now, feeling my vigor return.

            “Wow, I’m glad you’re okay Lina, I was getting a little worried there.”  Worry of course translating in my mind to the fact that I had likely been unconscious for some time.

            “How long was I out?” I ventured, a little afraid, but my curiosity overrode any fear.

            “A couple hours.”  Zelgadiss replied simply, eliciting a nod from Gourry as a confirmation.  Well, that’s not too bad… I guess.  I nodded my head in response.  Happy to have regained my motor skills I also kicked my feet a few times, no problems yet.  Okay, maybe I was quick to panic, but they had been just standing there for a few minutes, didn’t they have something better to do then stand at my bedside?  I mean, they were just standing there watching me…

            Still, I guess it was kind of sweet of them.  They do seem genuinely worried about me, and not the kind of worry usually expressed over my young, beautiful body.  I grinned a little at my little internal compliment.  What?  You don’t grin at your own compliments?  Well, I was grinning at my own, oops…. Gourry and Zelgadiss started looking at me funny while I wasn’t paying attention, see what you did?

            “Can’t you two give a girl a little privacy?”  I asked trying to sound sincerely upset rather then just covering for my own embarrassment.  Gourry and Zelgadiss immediately perked up at my assertiveness, naturally. 

            “I don’t think we should leave you alone just yet.”

            “Lina, do you need anything?”  Gourry’s question being the more sensitive of the two got the first answer, to hell with first come first served. 

            “Could you get me some water… my throat is kind of dry.”  I gave my voice that extra raspy-ness in order to make him get a move on.  As Gourry left the room, the net effect was me being alone with Zelgadiss for a moment. 

            “Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”

            “When did I say I was feeling okay?”  I feel like crap!

            Zelgadiss shook his head, “Anyway, Gourry should be right back with some water, then I guess we’ll turn in for the night so you can get some more rest, and maybe get your hair back to normal.”

            Why did my white hair bother everyone but me? 

            I let my head drop back down on the bed, settling back in.  I mean, I know I need the rest, but I’d hate to go down without a fight and disappoint these two.  Meanwhile Gourry had come back in, that was fast.

            “Here you go.”  He carefully handed a full cup of water to me.  Nice.  There was a little dampness on the outside that felt good against my hot skin. 

Humm… hope I’m not running a fever… Casually I put my had against my forehead, careful not to draw any extra attention.  Maybe a little bit of one, but not much in the way of fevers.  Satisfied I turned my attention back to the duo.  For a moment I figured on just kicking them out of the room, after all I need my beauty sleep.  But… I felt like being cute first.  It would have been too embarrassing to give them honest thanks for saving me, so I decided to ham it up a bit.

“Oh…”  I nearly cried out, immediately toning down the drama realizing I was going waaayyy overboard, “Thank you Zel and thank you Gourry for saving me..”  I gave a sincere, yet quirky smile, the one that really gets guys going.  “If there’s anything I can do to repay my debt to you… just ask… and it will be yours…”

Immediately after I finished though.  I knew I really stuck my foot in my mouth.  Heh… I laughed to myself nervously.  It just kind of slipped out.  That little bit of sexual connotation…  What the hell was I thinking?!  I guess maybe I’m just not used to traveling with two big guys as opposed to one very annoying girl.  Two guys that could actually take me up on that offer… even if I didn’t want them to.  Why, I wouldn’t stand a chance against them, their brute strength in my weakened condition.  They could do anything to me and there was no way I could stop them.  Oh innocent me, what have I done!?

“Well, I guess we’ll see you tomorrow morning Lina.”

“Eh?”  I managed out, “You’re leaving?”  And not taking advantage of me? Zelgadiss was already at the door and going down the hall.  And Gourry had already turned away from me but stopped to give a little response to my question,

“Yup, you sleep well!”  And he was gone, the door closing behind them.  I took a deep breath, how had I managed to get away so lucky?  I looked down at my own body, and shivered a little, imagining what could have happened if those two had decided to take advantage of my destabilized state.  But I had been lucky. 

Swinging my legs over the side of the bed had been more difficult then I thought it would be at first.  And lifting up into a sitting position wasn’t much easier. 

One step at a time… take it easy… My mantra running through my head as I started to get ready for bed.  Sneak attacks be damned, tonight seemed like it would be a good night for sleep and I was bound and determined to take advantage of it.  Pulling off my gloves and kicking off my boots had become a simultaneous habit and I usually did both with great dexterity, but…

“Geh.”  My foot slipped and kicked the floor and my glove pulled out of my grasp, not off my hand.  So much for my dexterity.  More carefully now I took the time, for once, to take my gloves and boots off properly.  Dropping them on the floor.  After a moments debate I also removed my little chest wrap and after just a bit more delay the drawstring of my pants was undone and they were on the floor as well.  Finally I was pretty much naked except my underwear, I bet you’re wishing this was anime about now, ne?

It took a lot out of me though, guess I’d overdid it a little.  Using my superior force of will I pushed myself to my feet and padded over to the door, locking it from the inside and took another few steps to put out some candles on the vanity near the bed.  Jeeze, it’s getting late.  The sun was just barely below the horizon; in the night sky only the furthest point from the human eye still carried any of the luminescence of the rays.  So, basically I was stuck in the dark.  Not really stuck, more like getting ready to sleep, and if you’re normal you sleep in the dark too, right, so there’s nothing wrong with this scene.

I settled into the bed readily.  Very readily.  It was great.  The comforter was a huge down-filled blanket.  Under it there was this nice and secure feeling.  I think I’ll take it with me when I leave, heh heh…  I snuggled in some more before finding an especially cushy spot in the mattress where I could be dead to the world for a few hours.

So, I laid there for awhile, feeling like I would doze off any minute… Honestly, it wasn’t intentional.  Just… poof!  My mind started thinking about what just happened with Gourry and Zelgadiss in the room.  And, well… damn it, yes, it was hentai!

Hajime Kanzaka, can you just leave me alone for a minute while I get this out of my system and come back later, okay?  Thanks.  He’s so great about that.

No, I’m not normally like this!  And why are you still here.  This is… umm… private time!  A girl can’t always be in the spotlight!

I just couldn’t stop thinking about the situation that I’d put myself in.  If Gourry and Zelgadiss were any less gentlemanly… that offer.  Just being around the two of them, so strong!  I mean, I’m strong too, but it’s different.  Completely different then when I was with Naga, sure, we’d joked about things, but that undertone that something could actually happen between us was never there.  Something that slipped my mind until a few minutes ago. 

“They could have taken advantage of me, stripped me bare, and ravaged me!”  I cried out to myself in my best frightened voice.  Trying to scare myself into a different train of thought.  Nope, didn’t work, still horny. 

Didn’t I tell you to leave!  Jeeze!

I would have definitely been in trouble if they’d taken me up on my offer.  My body is in no condition to fight after all.  Thinking about it I ran my hand over my sides, feeling the soft flanks there, the slightest quiver to my muscles showing just how weak my muscles were as I struggled to keep my caress constant across my skin.  If they had taken my clothes away while I was unconscious.  I would have woken up completely naked.  Tied, bound, gagged, they could have done anything to me.  I continued to move my hands over my body, settling on my breasts.

“Ohhh…”  I moaned out pinching my nipples.  I used my hands to cup my breasts and push them together, it always felt sexy when I did that, kind of like I had a bigger chest.  They could have done this to me.  Gourry could have gotten right on top of me as I was waking up, pinching my nipples just like this.  “Gourry, what are you doing!”  I would have cried, and he would have given me a deep seductive look, “I’m taking my reward, for saving your life.” 

Oh, that’s exactly how it would have played out!  He couldn’t resist if I’d been naked.  He would have been right on top of me, pinching, and… I dipped my hand lower, trailing it down my flat stomach, giving myself goose bumps before settling it at my crotch.  And he would have touched me here… I used my index finger along the opening, running it up and down and spreading out my slickness.  Caressing the little nub of flesh there rapidly growing in firmness. 

“He would have touched me like this…”  I moaned out loud to myself, really getting into it.  Of course I couldn’t forget about Zelgadiss in all of this, he would have been turned on beyond belief at the site of this beauty being taken against her will by such a strong… but stupid… man.  For a moment I pondered the reality of it.  Could he be stone all over?  Quickly though I pulled myself from those thoughts, the details of it would have rapidly killed anyone’s arousal, and I was onto a good fantasy here!

“Oh Zelgadiss…”  I groaned, imagining him dropping his pants next to me and unleashing his member.  Ummm… let’s say… medium.  It was neither huge, nor small, just perfect.  Jutting out away from his body I noticed that it lacked the stony texture of the rest of his hide, submissively I reached out, putting my hand over its shaft. Then he’d say something to me like, “You’re such a naughty girl Lina…” and I’d blush.  Just thinking about it though brought a real blush to my cheeks, warming them slightly.  Without further prompting, and being the naughty girl that I am, I started to move my hand along its length.

My fingers between my legs were getting wet now.  It felt good.  I pulled them from my pussy and brought them up to my face.  Running them against my lips and licking them seductively, putting on a show for myself.   I let out some more pleased sounds, realizing I was ready for more.  Of course Gourry would have realized this, being the attentive lover that he would be, and he would have pulled down his pants somewhere along the way, his petite member ready to penetrate me. 

Yes, I said petite, I’m a virgin!  What, you think I’d want my first time to be with some HUGE guy that’d tear me apart?  Where I’d look down and scream “Oh my god!” but not in a good way as someone ‘unsheathed their manhood’?  A girl can dream can’t they… and to be honest I’m a little scared of the whole aspect of my first time to come, and what the hell are you still doing here!?

So Gourry took his small, yet powerful member and set it right at my entrance.  Moving it up and down over my folds, my fingers mimicking the moment that my mind was making for him.  And while I continued to massage Zelgadiss’ organ Gourry entered me.  Prompting me to push a finger in myself.  “Ahhhh…” I groaned out at the penetration, working the finger in and out a few times as I became accustomed to it before carefully working another in alongside it.  Dreamily thinking of Gourry pushing the remainder of his girth into my slick opening.

“Gourry!”  I called out, trying to keep my voice down, but deeply in tune with my fantasy.  With him so buried inside me, I gave Zelgadiss’ cock a little tug toward my open mouth, “I heard guys really like this…”  I imagined myself saying in my most irresistibly sexy voice, and Zelgadiss falling to my words.  As Gourry started to get a rhythm going I finally got Zelgadiss low enough where I could take his member into my mouth.  Just the head, then a little more of the shaft as he continued to bend over.  Maybe it would be like a mushroom, kind of smooth all over…

With the two players in place and my fantasy going full tilt I could go all out on myself.  My left hand tweaking nipples, my right hand buried firmly between my legs, the fingers going in and out of me, and Zelgadiss’ and Gourry’s names constantly on my lips and in my mind as I worked myself over.  Breathing heavily I could feel the sweat starting to form, dripping off my forehead and, from where my arm was pressed against my body.  Gods, I’m burning up.  I could hardly exhale any more, and my heart felt like it was going crazy in my chest.  Gourry pounding into me, my lips around Zelgadiss’ cock….

God!  My back started to arch, I could feel all of my muscles start to pull at each other at once, the bed creaking like mad.  It felt fantastic, my little body writhing around beneath my own touch.

“Gourry, Zel!”  I called out their names one after another as I pushed myself over the edge.  My already worn body taken to the limit.  I let out my gasps in short puffs as I tried to regain my sanity.  And regain the movement of my fingers, which still were, against my will, slowly working their way in and out of my wet tunnel. 

“Holy crap…” I muttered, completely spent.  Damn, I’m pretty good if I don’t say so myself.  After I finally regained some vague sense of composure I pulled my damp body beneath the covers.  Gourry and Zelgadiss gone from my mind.  I turned onto my side, again trying to find my comfortable spot for the night.

After my fantasy played itself out I was left wondering, What if?  I’m sure that’s normal.  Everyone has fantasies like that, right?  I’m not the only one that has a fantasy like that and wonders if maybe the real thing would be better, not the only one who gets tempted to take a short walk next door and maybe try to make that fantasy real, am I?  Didn’t think so. Still, that’s not to say there wasn’t temptation. 

Screw temptation, I’m tired.  I bunched up a bundle of covers in my arms and held them tightly against me, settling in.  My thinking becoming cloudier as sleep started to fall on my young body. 

Wait?  You still don’t believe I’m a virgin?  I’m just… well traveled…I’ve seen a lot of things in my lifetime, I just haven’t necessarily experienced them, I mean- wait, I don’t have to explain this to you,  Grrrrr…..


Authors Notes:

Huh… where did that come from?  The author here, RVincent.  I hope you enjoyed that.  I was trying to go for the feel of the novels.  Hopefully it was there, and if you haven’t read them, yes, Lina often breaks that fourth wall and rambles on to the audience about what’s happening, it’s part of her personality.  Honestly, it was a little strange to write this fanfic though.  So it had better have been worth it.  The whole beginning part, yes, that was in my head, when I really get into writing fanfiction if I start to force the characters I always get this little kind of conscious, except it revolves around the Slayers characters defending their persons.  Yeah, I haven’t had a psychiatric evaluation since I was nine.  Nonetheless.  If you enjoyed it, you can find more of my works at http://www.destructve.com/rvincent and my e-mail address can be found at the top.  Thanks for reading!

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