Chemistry... what's there not to love?  For years it was just a simple hobby, then my major in college, and finally my career.  This page in particular showcases my favorite things that are encompassed in the whole of chemistry! My favorite elements, compounds, and the extensive list of experiments I've preformed, complete with pictures!  Shudder in fear at my failure of a book project.  A short background in chemistry will make this page all the more enjoyable! For all you people out there with no background in chemistry and therefore no reason to make any of these things DON'T MAKE ANYTHING on any of these pages, you don't want to!


Updated the book project page (AGAIN!) with some new information for the interim custodian Brendon.

          Bromic 9/02/12



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Additional Interesting Links

I am not alone in my chemistry crusade.  There are many out there like me who join me in spirit, in particular I would like to recognize the following fellow amateur experimenters (Names used are those from the Sciencemadness Discussion Forum):

12AX7 Upstart :P
Home Chemistry Society A Wiki page for chemistry.
I am a Fish Maintains a database of readily available chemicals
Woelen Excellent experimenter with a beautiful collection of photographs of experiments