Butterflies, Dominoes, and Causality

Conclusion - Chapter 12 of 12

A Hentai Slayers Fanfic by RVincent


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Six Months Later


Shielding her eyes Lina glanced upward. The sun was just coming down its apex in the sky, approaching the peak of the mountain they were fast approaching. If they hurried they would make it by nightfall. “Come on princess, pick up the pace.” Lina called out playfully, putting a little jump in her step and causing the girl behind her to do the same.

“You think we’ll make it there before dark.” Amelia asked echoing Lina’s thoughts.

“If we hurry.” Lina replied back. The apprehension Lina was feeling was nowhere near enough to wipe the smile from her face. Despite everything that happened, she was looking forward to seeing Gourry and Zelgadiss again. She looked back at Amelia, wondering how things had changed for them. Things had changed plenty for her. The outfit she was wearing was the most superficial of the changes. But it was a consequence of her new occupation, Court Sorcerer and Body Guard of the Princess of Saillune.

It wasn’t exactly Man and Wife but it did give her and Amelia an excuse to be around each other day and night. Phil for his part seemed to be doing his best to ignore any impure aspects of their relationship and still somehow seem happy whenever he saw the two of them together. As always he doted on his daughter incessantly.

Lina remembered the funny feeling she’d had when she realized she was essentially filling Gourry’s role in her relationship with Amelia. She was the protector, the guardian. She wondered if Gourry would find the same bit of humor or if he would only see sadness in the comparison. She would find out soon enough.


The area was completely changed. What were once overgrown ruins were now uncovered, restored. There were other people too, milling around, some working on the restoration apparently, others moving to and from the ruins to houses that had been erected nearby. Lina and Amelia exchanged puzzled looks.

“What do you think’s going on?” Amelia asked looking at a few children wading in a nearby fountain.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should try to find Zelgadiss first.” Lina nodded, walking up to the first man she saw heading her way, “Hey Mister, do you know where we could find Zelgadiss Greywords?” Lina asked smoothly.

“Hummm… Zelgadiss…” The man put his hand to his chin, Lina took a moment to look him over, the tools hanging from his belt and attire made her guess he was a mason, “He’s probably at home right now?”

“Home?” Lina asked, hiding her surprise at Zelgadiss and home being used in the same sentence, “Where’s that?”

“It’s that building right over there.” The man responded, pointing at the only house located among the ruins themselves.

“Oh, thanks.” Lina replied, giving a wave and Amelia giving a slight bow before they headed off. It looked to Lina like the camp or whatever it was, was winding down for the night. People were for the most part heading in one direction, toward assorted tents and homes nearby. She was honestly surprised that such structures were built so quickly, especially since there were so few raw materials in the area such as wood.

Zelgadiss’ house was a simple structure, one story, Lina guessed from the outside that it had one room, maybe two. A slight pitched roof, chimney, and window gave it the appearance of a full house and not just a temporary living quarters.

“What do you think?” Lina asked her traveling companion, giving her an odd look.

“Does he really live here?” Amelia tried to look through the window but the curtains were drawn.

Lina smiled and knocked twice. A moment later Zelgadiss was taking the place of the door in Lina’s field of vision.

“Look who decided to show up.” Zelgadiss said with a half-laugh. There wasn’t any bitterness to it, he was already trying to rile Lina.

“Hey-ya Zel, how are things going?” Lina responded with a smile.

Zelgadiss looked to Amelia, “Amelia.” He intoned with a nod in her direction.

“Zelgadiss.” She replied timidly, trying not to shift too much under his gaze.

Lina tried to cut back in, “So, what’s the deal with all of these people anyway.”

“Oh-” Zelgadiss turned back to Lina, “They’re helping.” He said with a smile, “Come on inside.” He moved to the side out of the doorway and motioned to the two of them.

They both stepped inside, the room itself was just as small as they had expected from the outside. “So, this is where you live.” Amelia was quick to fill in the silence.

“Yeah… lately anyway.” He added after looking around. A moment later he was sitting at the table. Lina looked him over, his clothes had changed, short sleeves, he wasn’t hiding his chimerism like he usually did.

“Spill it Zel, what’s going on here?” Lina asked directly, getting to the heart of the matter.

Zelgadiss looked to Amelia before quickly turning away. “I was coming up here every few days to uncover the ruins. Since I had some time before the stars were right I was looking to see if I could find any other useful information here.” He stood from his chair and walked over to his stove, continuing as he walked, “I started cleaning the stones, trying to read some of the glyphs.” He poured himself some tea and held up the pot eliciting a nod from Amelia and a firm ‘no’ motion from Lina. “Anyway, after I finished that I started putting the stones where they belonged.” Zelgadiss walked back to the table, sitting a cup in front of himself and Amelia.

“Soon enough I was digging out the fountains, the reflecting pools… then people started to show up.” Zelgadiss took a drink form his tea, “They wanted to help.” He shook his head, “Apparently someone had seen me up here rebuilding and… I guess at one time this place was of some great fame. I mean this was hundreds of years ago, but once I started working on it, all of these other people started coming to help.” He looked to Lina and Amelia to gauge their reactions, “Some of them are wood workers, masons, and some of them are just religious pilgrims, but they all help where they can.”

Lina was getting the strange feeling that somehow Zelgadiss was all right with the situation so she probed further, “I bet that screws up your plans with all of these people around watching.”

Zelgadiss shook his head, “No, not really, they’re all good people.”

Amelia smiled, surprised to see a reaction out of the chimera.

“Gourry and Sylphiel are here already.” Zelgadiss took in their suddenly startled looks with a bit of smug satisfaction. Lina stuttered, trying to say something but Zelgadiss cut here off, “Don’t worry, I knew something like this was going to happen.” Again his eyes found Amelia’s but this time her gaze. “Why don’t we just all meet up together tomorrow?”

Lina tried to shake off the sudden guilty feeling, “Sounds good Zel, you okay with that Amelia?”

Amelia shook her head, “Sounds good.” She repeated.

Lina stood from the table waving, “Want us to just set up our tent with the others?”

Zelgadiss nodded, “That works, see you two in the morning.”

Lina was the first to exit the doorway, Amelia held back a moment longer, “Have a good night Zelgadiss.” And with that the two of them were gone.


“Lina!” The sorceress turned abruptly at the salutation, catching sight of Gourry waving wildly at both her and Amelia.

“Hey!” Lina called back, the two of them making their way over to the swordsman’s tent.

“How are you two?” Gourry asked, the smile not faltering from his face.

“Doing pretty good.” Lina answered smoothly looking her previous guardian over, “Things are going well for us back in-” Lina stopped abruptly as Sylphiel climbed out of the tent behind Gourry, “Sylphiel!” Lina called out causing the Shrine Maiden to turn and smile before walking towards the three of them.

“How are you doing? What’s new with you?” Lina asked once Sylphiel got into earshot but directing the question to both Gourry and Sylphiel.

“Oh, lots.” Sylphiel smiled, “First…” She paused, looking to the ground, a blush coming to her features, “Well… me and Gourry-sama were wed.” Her words were intentionally light, seemingly worried about infuriating Lina.

Lina masked the flinch well. It was a jealous reflex that she had no right to keep, “That’s great!” She managed out sounding sincere despite her own feelings. She admitted to herself that it was good, that Gourry looked happy, but it was still a blow to her ego that things had turned around that fast, so it was a few steps shy of ‘great’.

“And… well…” Sylphiel looked down at the ground, a blush on her cheeks, “A little Gourry is going to be on the way soon enough.”

Lina was forced to bit her tongue to keep her expression.

“I’m going to be a daddy.” Gourry smiled, putting his hand to the back of his head.

Lina looked over Sylphiel’s body, it was visible, maybe, if she really looked for the bump it was there. For things to have happened so fast… Lina shook her head, “I’m happy for the two of you.” She smiled back at Gourry, “Congratulations.” She directed at Sylphiel.

“Thank you.” Sylphiel managed to pull her gaze from the dirt to meet Lina’s smile. Lina hoped her own smile wasn’t as transparent as it felt.

“We’ve been working to rebuild Sairaag too.” Gourry chimed in.

“Oh yes, Gourry-sama has been indispensable in the rebuilding efforts, he’s turned out to be quite the carpenter.” Sylphiel added surprising both Amelia and Lina.

“So, what’s the deal with the outfit?” Gourry asked, directing the question at Lina.

Lina looked down ready to explain as Amelia took the opportunity to drop herself in the conversation. “That’s the uniform of the personal body guard of the princess.” Amelia answered smugly, knowing how much of a fuss Lina had with regards to the outfit at times. Honestly Lina felt fairly comfortable in the attire, the color scheme had been designed for men but it still had a flare to it, with splotches of red at Lina’s request. It also helped that the fabric was woven together with enchantments and resisted most anything short of a full scale fireball. The fact that the outfit always fit its wearer snugly… even though it had been designed for a man it still clung tightly to her chest. That had taken the most getting used to.

“It looks good on you Lina-san.” Sylphiel offered, earning her another smile in response.

“Well, it’s the outfit I wear to protect my princess.” Lina responded with sidelong glance at the princess, earning a blush.

“Wait, so now you’re Amelia’s protector?” Gourry asked, needing the clarification.

Lina nodded, “Yeah, I guess so, but let’s face it, how much protection does she need?”

Gourry smiled wide, “You’d be surprised. That’s how I felt with you and you managed to prove me wrong time and time again.”

Lina stuck out her tongue, “Whatever.” The four of them shared a brief burst of laughter over the exchange. “I’m also the court sorcerer. When I’m not out with the Princess I’m helping to train the troops.”

“Sounds important.” Gourry offered.

“So how do you like living in Saillune?” Sylphiel asked, knowing from experience what the city was like.

“It’s nice…” Lina responded thinking about it deeply for the first time. Honestly she’d hardly seen much of the city itself in her last few months. She’d mostly stuck to the castle and even there she’d mostly stayed in Amelia’s bedroom.

“I’m glad you like it.” Sylphiel answered back, “The two of us will have to visit.”

Amelia answered back, “You’re both welcome at the palace any time.”

“Thank you Princess Amelia.” Sylphiel answered formally with a slight bow, earning her a curtsey in return.

“I guess we’ll see you both in the morning then?” Lina asked, conflicted at wanting to talk more with the two of them and wanting to get away before they struck a nerve somehow.

“See you then.” Gourry nodded to the both of them. With a smile both Lina and Amelia left, off to find a secluded place for the night.


It felt like forever before Lina opened her eyes again but it was still as deep and dark in the tent as it had been before. Just the faintest of moonlight granting illumination to the scenery around her. Lina sighed, she was no closer to sleep than when she had laid down, and that felt like hours ago. She rolled onto her side, Amelia seemed to be completely out of it. Steadily Lina’s eyes adjusted as she watched the princess sleep. Faint details came into perspective. Shadows along her face, the raise and fall of her naked chest, her blanket having worked its way lower on her body, resting just above her navel.

Timidly Lina slid herself over slightly, her body pressed against Amelia’s, and laid her hand across her lovers stomach. A moment later she took a nipple in her mouth. She couldn’t see in the darkness but she would have bet money on Amelia bearing a smile form the action, though not at all awakened from it. It was something she’d discovered early enough in their sexual relationship. Amelia sighed in her sleep, if anything the act of sucking Amelia’s nipple helped the princess sleep, and for her… unless she was already feeling in the mood, helped calm and sooth her nerves.

As much as she hated to admit it to herself, it was Gourry and thoughts of him with Sylphiel that were conspiring against her getting a good nights sleep. That and the fact that she was no longer used to sleeping on the ground. Still, it was Gourry on her mind at the moment. Thinking of her last tearful farewell.

She had given up on Gourry, set him free, and she was happy with Amelia. So why was it that she was bothered so much now by seeing him with Sylphiel. And that she was … pregnant. The thought had shot through Lina like ice. And to see the bulge, the physical evidence. Lina had been intimate with Amelia enough times, but never had either of them been with a man, as such there were no children in either of their near futures. At least not without some unknown spell.

Did she want children? Or did she just want a one-night stand to be able to say that she had been with a man.

… Was it Amelia that Lina wanted? The thought made her swallow the spittle in her mouth as she sucked on the princess’ nipple. Lina felt in love. At least what she felt was love, whatever it was it was powerful. But it was still so new, fragile….

Phil seemed to be ignoring for the most part the true depths of their relationship.

True conflict for the two of them was few and far between. Aside from her falling out with Gourry their relationship had not had to survive any real hardships. It could just be lust, Amelia had been her first. They had known each other long enough to know which buttons not to push and which habits were so ingrained in each other that points of contention were rare indeed.

But there had been one memorable moment, shortly after they had both arrived back in Saillune, with thoughts of Gourry still on her mind, Lina had found herself in a depressive funk, and tried hard to hide it from Amelia.

Lina’s temper had been short, or more succinctly, shorter than usual. Amelia hadn’t known, didn’t have much of a clue that anything had been amiss. She’d started talking to Lina innocently enough, trying to get a laugh out of the sorceress by asking which one of them would wear the dress at the wedding.

Lina went on the attack. She had started off slow and building. The thoughts were already there, she’d dwelt on them in her head for days. Rhetorically she’d asked if it would make a difference. If Amelia wore the dress would she still hold Lina as if she were a woman? Hold her when she was scared. Would she crush the spiders that came out from beneath the beds? Lina had firmly stated that she was a woman, and that Amelia was a woman. And that neither of them could be the man that the other needed.

It was depressing but Lina had to get it off her chest. Instead of sadness though, Amelia had met her argument with anger. Pushing Lina further away. They hadn’t talked to each other for days. It was just like after their first time, neither knew what to say, what the other wanted to hear. And… Lina thought bitterly… it was sex that once again brought them back together. When Amelia was beneath her, loving her… there was nothing else that mattered.

She cut herself short, feeling Amelia stirring under her arm. Lina wondered if she had been too rough with Amelia’s nipple. Amelia pulled away slightly and rolled onto her own side, facing face to face with Lina.

The words from Amelia were weak but no less emotional, “I love you.” The kiss made Lina smile and just like that Amelia was again asleep.

Lina struggled to find her emotional footing again. It really was that easy. Amelia loved her, and it was so easy to love her back. The jealously she had felt earlier with Gourry and Sylphiel was those same old feelings welling up again, but not the love, just… the protectiveness, the worry, the longing to have her own relationship with Amelia just as open, and just as cemented as Gourry and Sylphiel’s was. She wondered what Amelia would look like with child, that glowing look, the feeling between the two of them. Lina smiled to herself in the dark, she wanted children. It was a surprising revelation but… now that the thought had come to her head, it was true.

Lina cuddled in closer to Amelia, wondering how the princess would react if Lina woke her up and asked her to make a baby with her. The act itself would be impossible but the thought was erotic enough to put Lina in the mood. She stopped herself short. It was love. And… she needed to think about it. Needed to talk it over. But… Lina let out the breath she had been holding, it was love.


As Lina and Amelia approached the staircase leading down into the ruins, Lina noticed Amelia fidgeting with her shirt. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, my nipple feels really tender today. Just one of them…”

Lina noticed Amelia pull the fabric of her shirt slightly away from her left breast. Lina fought to hold back her smile, she’d over-done her suckling slightly but somehow Amelia didn’t think to attribute it to her sleeping companion. “That’s weird.” Lina said at last as they started descending the staircase into the ruins.

Taking a moment Lina looked over the architecture. This had been the second staircase that had been blocked with rubble previously. Now it had been cleaned out in its entirety. Blocks that had been knocked out had been replaced with freshly carved stone. As she reached the bottom Lina looked around, Zelgadiss, Gourry, Sylphiel, they were all here. She pulled her eyes away from Sylphiel’s stomach, wondering how she didn’t notice it immediately when she had met up with her the day previous.

“Glad the two of you could make it.” Zelgadiss called from across the room, causing Lina to walk over to him as Amelia found her way over to Sylphiel and Gourry.

“G’morning Zel.” Lina smiled and waved as she approached.


“Morning.” Zelgadiss replied as she Lina strode up to him. He looked her over, her new outfit, Gourry had already told him about it. Although the temptation was there to ask her again, her still felt a pang of regret over what happened with Amelia and decided that it would be for the best not to bring it up for both of them.

“So, today’s your big day.” Lina said with a grin.

“Yeah, I guess.” Indeed it was, outside everyone that had found their way to the site had gathered together. He’d let out that today something special was going to happen and although he didn’t tell anyone exactly what, the people had latched onto the idea. At first he had been bashful, as he had with all the attention they had bestowed upon him, but now… it just brought a smile to his face.

“Well-” Lina paused as if wondering what to say next, “Good luck.” She patted her hand on his shoulder before turning off to meet with Gourry and Sylphiel and Amelia.

Zelgadiss turned to look at the archway. The original runes that had adorned its surface had been re-tooled into the masonry. He doubted that they would have any effect on the gateway but it made everything look so new again. And this was a sacred site after all. He’d doubted the claim until people started to come from all corners of the kingdom to live nearby and help him rebuild.

He hadn’t the heart at first to tell the sick and injured that he didn’t need the help. Then when more able bodied people had arrived he hadn’t pushed them away either. Didn’t make his selfish motives clear, he’d just allowed them to help. And without ever wanting to, he had found himself directing the efforts. His responsibilities had grown. He’d taken on some powers of a governing body, solving problems between the people living there. Helping to build houses, he’d felt accepted. For once he felt like he belonged.

Things had turned out so much more different than he expected. He never thought he would have any of this. From his early days with Rezo he pictured himself as a man with no real future. Not able to function on his own. A follower, but somehow Lina had given him the courage to free himself. He’d never thanked her for that. Everything else they had been through. Fighting two of the dark lords, even one from another world, more experiences than most people have in a lifetime. He turned to look back at his friends, so much had changed between them as well, and between him and Amelia. But it was comforting in a way, anything could change, everything could change.

Lina chose that moment to break in, “So, what do you want us to do?” She asked a little cockily, though it was to be expected of Lina.

“You guys just wait here, if I‘m not back in ten minutes, reel me in.” He smiled, pulling at the rope tied around his waist. Lina gave him a downcast look in return, he could tell she wanted a piece of the action. “If everything goes good though, you‘re up next, okay?”

She smiled in response, “Thanks Zel, don’t hog the Claire Bible too long!”

He smiled back at all of his friends, “Okay, here goes.” He held his breath as he took a step forward, his friends yelling out behind him, whishing him good luck. No matter how things turned out form here, it had been a wild ride.

*** The End***

Authors Notes:

Holy crap! It’s done! This fanfic took approximately two years beginning to end to write. Not constant work, but still. I wrote pretty much the entire fanfic and then I read ‘Idiots guide to writing erotic romance’ and re-wrote… well, it ended up being three times as long as the original work. So long that I had to break it into chapters for writing which is something I never do. And you know what, it still feels rushed!

The premise for this fanfic is the song “Something to talk about” and that was the title for this fanfic as a work in progress. The original idea for this fanfic was about three sentences, and it grew into this. Impressive? Just that Amelia and Lina pretend to have something going on and fall for each other in the process.

To my ideology here, ‘Erotic Romances’ usually revolve around the people involved having sex before loving one another, then having to come to an understanding or falling in love after the fact. So that is the formula that I was trying to put into practice here. I also tried to put in more drama than my usual fanfic, tried to put in some more speed bumps and also tried the unusual thing of trying to give everyone some kind of closure.

Okay, this is wearing on, but 95% of this was written before Revolution was aired, thankfully nothing much from that series impacted this one, and I can’t tell you what did without making for spoilers but suffice it to say I changed a few very minor things and it all fit. I mean, what really changes at the end of a series of Slayers?

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