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        So, I've been writing for quite some time and figured that maybe it was time for a better separation of my hentai/lemon/adult fanfiction from my normal fanfiction simply due to the fact that I don't want minors to be accidentally reading it.  Hence, this section has been created.  It's not really hidden, nor is it password protected, but....

All Stories Here are for Adults Only!

        Now, hopefully everyone entering here has been warned.  Do not read if you are under 18 years of age, if not for the sake of legality but for the sake of protecting your own innocence and preventing mental scarring.  Really, this stuff at a young age can warp you, don't read if you are not old enough or even if you are uncomfortable with sex and descriptions of sex or sexual acts because all of these fanfics will have that to one degree or another, also, some (appropriately labeled) may contain violence and or non-consensual acts of sex, you have been warned and will be warned again.  The most I can hope for though is that for the people that do read this will enjoy these stories, I took quite a chunk of time to write them after all.

--->Slayers Hentai Discussion Forum: My most recent project, come here to discuss adult themed Slayers topics, fanfiction, doujinshi, fan art, and more dead for the most part but I frequent there almost daily.


Three-way Shakedown

Added 6/01/08

(341.0 Kb)

Lemon Solo Three-way
Amelia decides that the time for confession has finally arrived.  However once she reveals her feelings to Zelgadiss things don't really go as intended.  Bonus material included in the story includes alternate ending and deleted scene!   No one under 18 permitted!


A Whole Blott'a Trouble

New (11/17/07)

(234.0 Kb)

Lemon Straight
Years ago Lina made a pact with one of the key Dark Lords, little did she realize the kind of lasting impact that it would have on her life.  No one under 18 permitted!


It Could Have Gone the Other Way

New (11/4/07)

(240.0 Kb)

Lemon Straight WAFF
Taking place after the canonical novels, Lina has to head off to Zefilia for reasons of her own, but she has to find a place to leave Gourry. It seems though her only option is Sairaag.  No one under 18 permitted!


Lina x Amelia - Porn Without Plot

New (4/29/07)

(29.0 Kb)

Lemon Yuri
Just had to write some Lina x Amelia porn.  Basically Lina and Amelia are sailing back along with the rest of the group after the final battle with Dark Start and Amelia decides to take some extra privileges with a sleeping Lina.  No one under 18 permitted!


A Little Love Bite

New (3/11/07)

(55.0 Kb)

Lemon Straight
Amelia decides yet again to travel with Zelgadiss, this time without the company of Lina and Gourry.  They head off deep into the forest in search of ruins that might hold the key to his condition but so far from civilization there is no help should anything go wrong.  No one under 18 permitted!


Can Lina control the power of the Lord of Nightmares Parts 1-5 [Complete]:

 Completed 1/21/07


Rape Lemon Violence Blood Futanari Mind Control Alternate Universe Bad Writing Yuri
Finally completed after 8 years this fanfic is my worst fanfic yet!  Violent, with tons of warning that you can see above, read at your own risk. No one under 18!  

It was inspired by a picture that you can view here. Its all a matter of perception and after you read the fanfic you might see what inspired it. This picture is also lemon in nature so do not look at it if your under 18 or you think that you might be offended by it.


  Lina's Shortened Vacation (COMPLETE!):

Finished 02/04/04

(121 Kb)

Yuri Lemon WAFF
  Another Lina gets with Amelia fanfic, this one is also a lemon but its not violent like the one above, still, 18 and over only! In it Lina takes a vacation from the gang to take some time to relax but realizes something that she's not quite comfortable with. I might write an alternate ending some day...  .


Am I Evil? COMPLETE (Click Here)

Revised 11/4/06

(114 Kb)

Rape Lemon Violence Blood Self Mutilation Snuff Anal Torture Masturbation
This is definitely lemon so don't read if you're under 18, and outright a terrible to read because, I really went overboard with the darkness, it is violent and stars Lina. Note, this fanfic is recognized as 'God Awful' on the forums at so be forewarned...
SPECIAL DVD EDITION!:  Give me too much time to mess with something and this is what you get.  The same overall content as above, but made more flashy, also, authors commentary, inspiration, comments, critics, pictures, scene select, and other extra features!  NEW!  11/4/06 [Optimized for Firefox]


Lina tries to Sleep:

New (3/4/06)

(24.0 Kb)

Lemon Three Way Fellatio Straight / Solo
This story takes place after the fight with Shabranigdo in the first series of The Slayers.  Lina's feeling a little worn out still and is continuing to recover from her fight.  But despite this she ends up a distracted when she tries to take a much needed nap.  Porn without plot and a very lengthy strange opening.  


Amelia's Love Affair with Justice!

Added 1/22/07

(88.0 Kb)

Lemon Solo Minor Fetish
The setting for this story is 5 years in the past from the main Slayers series.  It focuses on Amelia and one life altering event she experiences at that time.  There is some solo action and she is considerably younger, read at your own risk!  Part of a larger series I have titled "Reality Check" however I may never get around to writing any more of it and this stands alone regardless.


... has his / her way with Lina

My series of fanfics pretty much pairing Lina up with everyone in the Slayers Universe, all are adult in nature and each is a one-shot with no sequel planned.  Enjoy!


Revised 11/29/03  (14.3 Kb)
Anal Fisting Scat Rape Unconscious Watersports Yuri
Its really short but it's just a sliver of an alternate time line, but more is explained in the fanfic. As can be implied by the title it is a lemon but it is a little graphic. Do not read if under 18, etc. etc. etc. you know the routine.


Added 03/22/05 (35.4 Kb)
Rape Unconscious Watersports Yuri Cherry Popping Bondage
Little fanfic in what is seeming to be a continuing theme, the rape of Lina that is.  Martina x Lina, no one under 18 please.  Some water sports and blood but nothing too bad.


Added 01/04/06 (43.1 Kb)
Confused Sex Unconscious Tail Play Yuri Interspecies Action
Continuing my series  here comes Filia, this fanfic is adult in nature, over 18 only please!  Somewhat non-consensual but more tame then most of my works.


Added 01/04/07 (38.9 Kb)
Forced Sex Blood Straight
And thus Gaav becomes the first guy in this series.  I mean, Gaav x Lina, what do you expect?  Porn without plot for sure and over 18 only please! 


Added 09/21/08 (41 Kb)


Yuri First Time
Set before the television series while Lina was originally traveling with Naga.  Walking past a local brothel serves as the catalyst for some unexpected events. (Well, since you know this fanfic is for adults only the events are pretty much the standard fare).   Over 18 only please! 


Added 11/08/08 24.0 Kb


Fetish BDSM Porn w/o Plot Non-Consensual
In a moment of desperation Xelloss feeds on the pain of his longtime ally. First though he has to make sure she's in pain.   Over 18 only please! 

Behind the Scenes at the Hotsprings!

Added (2/13/07)

(88.0 Kb)

Lemon Yuri
This story is set within episode 32 of Slayers NEXT!  Where Martina makes her great re-appearance and Lina and Amelia get together in the hot springs where those infamous screen caps floating around the internet come from.  The story though takes their playtime one step further with lemon conclusion! A collaborative effort, my first of the kind.  Adults only Please!

Nesting Instinct

Added 11/08/08

21.0 Kb

Lemon Yuri Preggo Beast
On the run from a dangerous Mazoku, Lina finds herself unable to fight back. Secluded in the mountains with Filia as her protector, boredom and her condition continue to weigh on her.    No one under 18 permitted!

Butterflies, Dominoes, and Causality

Added 11/08/08

440.4 Kb

Lemon Yuri Epic
An attempt at a plausible Lina x Amelia fanfic turns into an epic nightmare.  Twelve chapters in total.  No one under 18 permitted!

12 - Epilogue


Two's Company, Three's a Triangle

New 08/29/09

(125 Kb)

Straight Yuri Serious
Years down the road it's time for Lina and Gourry to tie the knot.  After everything they went through however Lina feels she owes Sylphiel an explanation in person.  Not to mention she has a pressing question only the shrine maiden can help her with.  No one under 18 permitted!


Ukyo has her way with Ranma

Revised 11/30/03 (46.8 Kb)
Yuri Straight Gender Changing Mind Control Bad Writing
Its a lemon, you probably guessed that so no one under 18. It also couples Ukyo with Ranma, you probably guessed that as well. You might want to read it anyway. Its one of my first fanfics that I ever started but I didn't do as good as I could have on it.

Ukyo has her way with Ranma, AKA Ukyo gets what she Deserves has a MSTing, it is available from , I highly recommend it as it is ridiculously hilarious!

More news about this classic fanfic of mine, there is a somewhat lengthy discussion on it at the Fanficrants livejournal community.  I love a good critique especially of my older works and it had me laughing pretty good.  Check it out.


Nothing Changes in a Week

Added 10/24/05 (156 Kb) 
Straight Masturbation Fantasy Voyeurism
My longest work in progress 7 years in the making.  Recently finished in a bout of madness I am happy to present it to you all.  Features my favorite coupling Ranma and Ukyo and has some hentai bits so no reading for minors

Don’t Waste the Instant Nannichuan

Added 11/08/08 (120 kg)
Gender Changing Straight
This fanfic is for adults only.  Do no read if you are under 18 years of age.  Ukyo finds herself with a surplus of instant Nannichuan and struggles to find a use for it.

Reparations to be Determined by the Aggrieved

New 08/29/09 (77 kg)
Post Series Straight
This fanfic is for adults only.  Do no read if you are under 18 years of age.  Ranma has been charged with the task of appeasing his remaining fiancées.  With Shampoo and Kodachi out of the way that just leaves Ukyo.


Team Rocket Messes Up Again

Revised 11/30/03 (26.3 Kb)

Poke/Human Sex

Cum Overload Choking Pain Bad Writing Script Format
Charmander gets lost and injured and is nursed back to health with the help of Misty. This is the first fanfic that I ever finished and it is definitely a lemon DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 all you kids out there, if you accidentally find this don't read it, it's nasty. I don't consider it a draft copy but I have never posted it anywhere else, although I have seen it at a number of places including pay sites, for some reason it's my most famous, the oldest version floating around is almost unbearable to read and due to content the most recent version isn't much better.

Note that there is a MSTing to this fanfic available from you just have to root around for it, it's titled "MSTWC2K- What Are These Little Bags For, The Easter Egg Hunt?" However unlike my other work that was MST'ed by a professional [I've been reading MSTings by Megane 6.7 since I started going on the internet it seems, I was honored to be MSTed by the best, too bad it didn't win in the Chicken Ball awards] this one was done with some bad formatting issues and constant, I mean constant jokes, not waiting for a punch line or anything, I couldn't even finish reading it, and they didn't have the actual characters from MST3K!  Oh well, check it out if you want, maybe you'll like it better [And they didn't ask for my blessing <errrr>...]


Saber Marionette J to X to Y

New 08/29/09 (39 kg)
Post Series Straight
This fanfic is for adults only.  Do no read if you are under 18 years of age.  Spoilers ahead for Saber Marionette J to X.  Years after the 'Marionettes' have grown up under Otaru's care they still can't deny the feelings that they were imbued with from birth.


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