Naga has her way with Lina

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This fanfic is set during the OAV period involving Naga the Serpent while she was traveling with Lina. Thank you for reading and please enjoy the story.


Taking a deep drink from her bottle, Naga inspected the fire. If the heat from it was good for anything, it was for helping keep her awake, she thought wryly. Or was it the other way around? Letting out a sigh, she swept her gaze from the fire and up along the tree-line. Night watch was a pain in the butt, and having the first shift was the worst. She could deal with only getting four or five hours of sleep, but having to stay up an extra four or more hours after some of the days she had…

Naga tilted her head back for another satisfying drink from the bottle before realizing she’d drained it. With a sour face she tossed it into the fire. The bottle struck solidly against the embers and charred wood, making a solid sound and scattering a few logs in the process. She looked over to the sorceress she’d been traveling with. Lina would be upset when she realized Naga had been drinking on watch again. It didn’t matter that Naga had held off until she had been about ready to change off, the effects of the alcohol hadn’t even hit her yet (for the most part) so she couldn‘t figure out the big deal. But she knew Lina wouldn’t see it that way.

Deliberately Naga pushed herself off a stack of firewood she’d been sitting on and walked over to her traveling companion. By the time the stiffness in her body had been worked out, she was already sitting down next to her traveling companion. She settled in by working off her long, almost knee high boots. She started a pile. The wraps on her legs were next, she unwound the thin cotton from around her legs and feet, winding it up in its own rolls as she went. Her scabbard joined the pile soon enough, then her shoulder guards, and finally her other adornments. Finally leaving her in just a brassiere and panties.

Naga slid beneath the covers carefully. After getting fully beneath them, Naga scanned her surroundings again. She had a plan. One that had worked in the past. Once she was comfortable, on the verge of falling asleep, once there was no way she could stay awake any longer, she would wake Lina. Lina would be forced to take over the watch for the night. She had no doubt that Lina would throw a fit, but that was half the fun.

Already Naga’s eyelids were drooping. She refrained from blaming the alcohol. The bottle had been over half empty when she’d started, there had just been enough left to guarantee a good nights sleep.

“Hummm…” Naga mumbled to herself. Her mind had been wandering, going over the events of the day. Much earlier in the day, the two of them had been passing through a decent sized town. Interestingly, there had been one oddity that had attracted both of their attention, a prominent brothel right on the main street. But what was even more odd was the brazenness the girls had displayed as they peddled their wares in front of the establishment.

Naga had managed to keep her ire hidden. It hadn’t always been that way, but after being mistaken for a lady of the night on more than one occasion she had developed a bitter feeling toward that type of women. It was Lina’s reaction that focused her memory so sharply. The two of them had been walking past when Naga noticed the blush that had engulfed Lina’s features. Even her ears were bright red as she kept her eyes to the front and tried to ignore the topless woman in the window rubbing her nipples unmistakably in the sorceress’ direction. Naga seized the opportunity to embarrass Lina further, “Hummmm… do you think she’s doing it for the money, or just because she likes people to watch?” Naga had asked, turning her thumb in the direction of the show.

“For the money.” Lina had answered hastily, noticeably picking up her pace.

That sort of answer just wouldn‘t do, “But what kind of a person would do that sort of thing for just a few silver?” Naga asked, acting indifferent.

Lina’s blunt response caught her off guard, “Anyone who wants some easy money.”

“Easy money?” Naga repeated, incredulous, “Selling your body is not easy.” She insisted quickly, then immediately regretted it wishing she hadn‘t sounded so heated.

But Lina continued on the defensive, “So what, some guy shows up to have his way with me and ten minutes later I’m walking away with a bulging coin purse.”

Naga couldn’t tell if Lina was just acting as if she didn’t care, just to put on a show, or if she hadn’t really thought over the consequences. Or maybe it was something else. And that’s what Naga found herself thinking about lying next to the sorceress. Although her watch was almost up, time had seemingly responded by slowing to a craw.

“Lina?” Naga intoned softly, nudging the sorceress slightly.

“Hummm?” Lina asked, not rolling over, not even putting forth the effort to open an eye.

“It’s nearly time for your shift.” Naga answered lightly, letting the sleep permeate her words.

“Wake me up when it is time for my shift.” Lina rolled fully away from Naga and pressed the pillow over her head.

With neither food nor life or death stakes on the line Naga knew waking up Lina could be a challenge. Still, Lina was awake, and Naga knew from experience that she was likely laying there wondering how much more time she had before she would be woken again.

“Lina?” Naga tried again. Her voice quivered slightly from the alcohol.

For a moment there was no reply, then, “Yeah?”

Naga could tell that Lina was only wondering if it was time for her to take over yet. “Do you remember today? In the city? When we were passing that bordello?” The thought had continued to pervade Naga‘s thoughts.


Naga tried again, “The one where you got the free show.”

She wagered that the silence was her way of saying ‘Yes‘. “I was just thinking, did you mean it.” Naga cleared her throat, “Could you do it, I mean, the brothel thing?” Then Naga added, “It kind of sounded like you thought it over.” Finally it was out in the open.

Lina was quiet for some time, leaving Naga anxious. “Yeah, I guess.” Again, the reply trivialized the subject.

“I can’t believe what you’re saying.” Naga stammered. Despite herself she could tell she slurred some of her words. Which left her wondering if Lina had known she was drunk from the beginning.

All Naga got in response was dead air. Naga waited, she no longer felt like sleeping. Finally, she dared the question, “What if someone offered you a hundred gold for your first time?”

“What makes you think it would be my first time!?” Lina suddenly rolled over, he voice carried anger but also the high-pitched tones that indicated she was embarrassed.

“Pthhhh…” Naga made a dismissive sound. Lina wasn’t fooling her.

Lina locked her gaze with Naga‘s, “And what makes you so sure?” There was an edge this time.

“Because you’re blushing right now.”

“Augh!” Lina huffed and buried her head in the pillow angrily.

“Besides, I’ve given you plenty of opportunities for privacy, and I’ve never seen you take advantage of any of those days I left you alone…” Naga finished with a naughty chuckle.

“Allll right! I’m a virgin, are you happy?” Lina growled out from the pillow, not revealing her face which Naga knew was completely flush.

“So, you’ve never…” Naga started.

“NEVER!” The reply was muffled by the pillow but still potent enough to make Naga worry. She didn’t want to drive her too far, too fast, and set off a fire ball, or Cepheid help her, a Dragon Slave.

After a cool down period Naga continued to press her luck, “What if someone really did want to pay you. Someone who wanted to make it special.” Naga paused before trying to clarify, “Usually it’s clumsy, and--” Naga paused, “…regretful. What if there was someone who wanted to make it perfect for you, plus you’d end up walking away with a boat load of money.”

“Probably not.” Lina mumbled, finally rolling on her side, away from the pillow. She had dropped the pretense that she had some kind of previous sexual encounter. “At least not with some stranger.

Naga thought for a moment, “What if I wanted to give you a thousand gold for your first time.” Even Naga hadn’t known exactly where she had been directing the conversation. But now she understand what she had wanted from the beginning. Her own face had already been flush from the alcohol but now it burned. And she could tell, even in the fire light, that Lina’s face was doing likewise.

“If…you…?” Lina asked, taken aback at exactly where her friend had been going. The air was suddenly uncomfortable. Naga lowered her head to the pillow and closed her eyes. The next day she could brush it all off, she had drank too much, Lina wouldn’t hold it against her…. long.

“N..Naga, are you serious?” Lina asked, half-scared of her response.

Naga couldn’t stop her self, “I could have it for you in the morning.” She answered against her better judgment.

Lina brought her hands to her face to feel her cheeks, they were warm to the touch from the blush she had been maintaining. A thousand gold pieces would be nice, very nice. She gulped and tried to think about it rationally.

“Five thousand.” Lina said suddenly, the thought of that much money making her head swim. If she was going to go through with it, she didn’t want to come off cheap.

Naga raised her head up from her pillow, arching her eyebrow. She would have never expected it in a million years. But it was not an opportunity she was going to pass up, “Deal.” Naga said firmly.

“Where, where are you going to get that kind of money?” Lina gasped, more taken off guard by the finances than what she agreed to.

“I’ve got it, and that’s all that matters. Having second thoughts?” Naga asked coolly, wondering if Lina would back out. Five thousand gold might have seemed like an awful lot to Lina, but even at that price it was a bargain for Naga.

“No…” Lina said unconvincingly. “I just… well…” Finally Lina sat up from under the covers, allowing them to fall into her lap, revealing the thin bed shirt she had been wearing.

“It doesn’t have to change anything unless you want it to.” Naga amended, feeling her breath catch in her throat from anticipation. It was a comfortable lie. It would only be the second time she’d ever experimented, but if it was like her first… She shivered at the thought.

“If you’re sure about it… if you’ve got the money…” Lina stared off toward the fire, staving off any real commitment from herself and lumping it onto Naga.

“Yes, I’ve got it.” Naga noticed a slight quiver as she pushed herself upright. Gently she reached out and stroked Lina’s cheek. The sorceress didn’t pull away, if anything she leaned into it, closing her eyes.

“For the money…” Lina muttered softly, too soft for Naga to hear. Then Lina reciprocated the movement, reaching out and cupping Naga’s face, then boldly moved in with a light kiss on her lips.

Naga didn’t hesitate to respond, she deepened the kiss. Slowly she included her tongue gently gliding it over and between Lina’s lips. Finally, she gave a few playful darts into Lina’s mouth. Naga shuddered slightly as Lina used her own tongue to lightly stroke and twist against Naga’s.

Lina pulled back, her face flush, “You’ve been drinking.” Her accusation didn’t carry the heat that it normally did.

“Don’t worry, it’s not the wine doing this.” Naga responded, trying to quell any fears, whatever happened she didn’t want this to stop. She knew she wouldn’t get a second chance.

“It wouldn’t matter, I’d still get my money. I just wanted to make sure you were sober enough to remember this in the morning.” Lina replied with a little sarcastic edge, but there was a playfulness there that was unexpected.

“Oh, I’ll remember this…” Naga trailed off, it was happening, but it was all so much like a dream. The shadows that the fire played against Lina’s features, the subtle wind blowing through her hair, and the gentle fragrance of the nearby brook. It couldn’t have been more perfect if she had planned it. Again Naga started out by rubbing her ungloved hand against Lina’s face.

“It’s my first time, be gentle.” Lina cooed out innocently. Naga couldn’t tell if it was just for show, or if it was an honest request but it made her feel light in the head.

Naga lifted off the covers and pushed forward, putting an arm around Lina’s back and lowering her gently to the ground. Naga’s lips found their target again quickly enough and as before Lina responded in kind. This time though her tongue was more bold, as was Lina’s, and they intertwined, playing first in Lina’s mouth, then in Naga’s own, and finally back again. The taste of the sorceress, mint. Naga remembered that Lina had eaten ice cream earlier, obviously that had been the flavor. She allowed her tongue full range of Lina’s mouth, savoring finding the aroma and taste as they mingled their saliva.

Finally Naga pulled back, bracing herself with her hands on either side of Lina’s body. She looked down at her. Her skin was golden by the firelight, her underwear were red, and between her brassiere and panties Naga’s eyes were drawn to the path of taught skin on her stomach. Gingerly Naga reached down and brushed the tips of her fingers against the exposed area.

“Naaagaaaa…” Lina groaned, a half-laugh, half-warning on her lips. Naga knew that Lina hated to be tickled but couldn’t help herself.

In response Naga lowered herself down Lina’s body. With her head over Lina’s stomach she could see the shallow breaths the sorceress was taking. Gently Naga pitched her head forward and gave Lina’s belly button a kiss. Then another further up, followed by another. She could tell from the way Lina tensed whenever her lips laid against her flesh that it tickled, but not enough to cause her another warning. So she continued until finally she was up to Lina’s brassiere.

Naga looked to Lina for confirmation but Lina looked away shyly in response. Naga reached her fingers under the bottom of the brassiere and lifted the cups up and over Lina’s breasts, exposing them. They were beautiful, but Naga didn’t want to say anything for fear that Lina would interpret it in the wrong way. Instead she took one of the nipples in her mouth and gently pinched and teased the other until they were both nice and hard.

“It doesn’t hurt does it?” Naga asked with a nipple lightly pinched between her teeth.

“…” Lina shuddered out as she drew in a shaky breath.

Switching between nipples, Naga redoubled her efforts, this time not just pinching the nipple but alternating between massaging the whole breast. She smiled to herself as Lina’s whole body began to rock in time with the movements and eventually even Lina’s hips began to buck slightly in rhythm.

“How is it?” Naga asked, moving up from the breast and hovering over Lina’s face for a kiss.

“It feels like it does when I’m using levitation…” Lina trailed off as Naga moved in and kissed her again.

With Naga busy Lina raised up her hands and brought them to Naga’s own chest. Immediately she started massaging them deeply through the material covering them and she felt the sharp intake of breath it caused for the older girl on top of her. In response, Naga pulled barely out of reach and brought her hands behind her back and unclasped her brassiere before tossing it to the side and moving back in for a kiss.

Feeling Naga still playing with one of her nipples, Lina started again on Naga’s breasts. This time though she was able to play with Naga’s nipples like Naga was with her own. It was just that her breasts were so huge that Lina couldn’t limit herself just to Naga’s nipples. She wasn’t sure if Naga was getting the satisfaction out of it that she was, but Lina found herself manipulating Naga’s breasts by the fist full. Enjoying their fullness as she never thought she would.

The older topless girl moved her hand from Lina’s nipple and maneuvered it down between her legs. Sliding her fingers over the crotch of Lina’s panties, she found them already soaked through. She crooked her index finger and pulled the crotch of the panties to the side. Once she started running her finger up and down along Lina’s entrance she felt Lina gasp into the kiss and grab her breasts even harder.

“You’re so wet…” Naga mumbled, her own hormones pulling her in a million directions at once.

“Unh huh…” Lina mumbled. She tried to bring one of her own hands down between Naga’s legs but she lacked the reach with Naga’s taller body. The best she could do was brush the edge of her fingers against the top of Naga’s panties. Lina gave a little whine and Naga relented by lowering her hips and moving them forward by arching her back and breaking the kiss. Lina quickly took advantage of the situation and pushed her fingers past the waist band of Naga’s panties.

“You’re just as wet.” Lina replied with the slightly cocky edge that Naga had grown accustomed to.

Naga laughed and pulled her hips back up, simultaneously lowering her face for a kiss. It wasn’t just the money, the way she was acting, Naga knew that Lina had to have wanted it as much as her. The thought spurred her on, she pushed the finger that she had been using to toy with Lina up against her lower entrance and circled it with light brushing strokes.

“Little Lina wants this doesn’t she?”

She got a whine in response and Lina raised her hips in an effort to commence the act.

“Nuh un, tell me you want it.”

“Yes,” Lina gasped, breaking the kiss, “I want it.” Lina’s stomach clenched and her head tilted back as Naga quickly inserted two of the digits past the second knuckle. “Ohhhh…” Lina groaned, pushing her hips up in an effort to get Naga to bury her fingers.

Lina continued to shudder, and Naga didn’t have to move at all. Lina continued to slowly buck against Naga’s hand, grinding her own clit against Naga’s palm. “Did you just get off?” Naga asked, breaking the kiss again.

“Yeah…” Lina mumbled. She figured it must have been the wetness that gave it away. A moment later she realized she was still massaging Naga’s breasts and allowed herself to stop, dropping her hands to her side.

Naga rolled onto her side and grabbed Lina by the shoulder, causing her to roll with her so they were face to face. Naga shifted herself upward, putting Lina’s head at her chest level and reached down to position Lina’s hand down her panties and put her own hand down Lina’s panties. Naga started off with long, soft strokes of her sex.

“That’s another five thousand gold…” Lina said wearily.

Naga stopped, “I was paying for your first time, we didn’t stop so it’s still your first time.” Naga said matter-of-factly.

“But I got off.” Lina still sounded out of it but was trying to make her case anyway.

“And I didn’t. It was a package deal, besides, if that was your first time, then this would be your second time, and you can’t charge as much for your second time.”

Lina thought about it for a second, Naga had moved back to running her finger along Lina’s lower lips, causing her to shudder, “Three thousand…” Lina offered.

“Fifty.” Naga said firmly, now using her other hand on one of Lina’s free nipples.

“One thousand…” Lina couldn’t help but push her mound tightly against Naga’s hand as she continued to run her fingers through her slickness.

“One hundred.” Naga offered, pushing a finger into Lina yet again.

“Sold.” Lina moved her head in. Now level with Naga’s breasts she took one of the nipples into her mouth and used her other hand to help steady the breast. Finally she remembered her other hand between Naga’s legs and started to explore the slickness there as well.

Naga was tempted to just lie there and enjoy the attention. After all, it seemed as if only Lina’s orgasms counted toward anything, but there wasn’t any fun in that. Besides, Naga figured she could get the next go out of Lina for free.

Another finger joined Naga’s first in Lina. She was tight, and Naga doubted that she could fit a third into her nubile body. Again, turnabout was fair play and Naga felt Lina penetrate her quickly with a first, then a second slender finger.

The pleasure was pounding over Naga quickly now, and she struggled to keep up her attention on the smaller sorceress. Finally, she could not longer keep up her end of things. Lina was dominating her, clenched against her tightly with an arm around her back, suckling one of her nipples in her mouth, and with three fingers exploring the space between her legs.

“La…la… Lina!” Naga felt herself seize up, she felt her pussy clenching around Lina’s small fingers, and felt Lina tighten her teeth around her nipple. But she didn’t stop. One, then another…. Lina kept going. Naga gasped for air and Lina held her closer, tighter, her chest pressed flat against Naga’s stomach. Then another orgasm took her. Never in her life, she didn’t have time to dwell on it. It was all wetness, and heat.

Lina’s fingers were cramping, but she loved Naga’s loss of control too much to stop. She was controlling her like a puppet on strings. With every movement of her fingers Naga clenched, moaned, sometimes cried out. And it was all because of her. Finally the clenching stopped, her head tilted back and she was breathing in quick bursts, her whole body was coated in a sheen of sweat. Between her breasts Lina’s face was wet from the perspiration. Between her legs Lina’s hand was soaked from other things. Reluctantly Lina pulled away, her arm sore from where she had locked it around Naga’s back.

Naga rolled to her side, her stomach clenching periodically, catching her breath in her throat. With each clenching movement she felt herself get more and more wet between her legs. Her panties were entirely soaked, but she could feel the liquid trailing down between her butt cheeks. She breathed deeply, brining her own hands up and over her body, rubbing them sensuously over her chest. “Oh…. Gods….” She breathed out, trying to swallow.

Lina was trembling, sweaty, and desperately craving the same kind of release she was watching her friend enjoy. Her hand was between her legs with hardly a conscious thought. Soon enough she no longer felt the cramping of her fingers, or heard the gasping of her friend. It was just the heat of her body, the air of the night, and the movement of her fingers.

Her panties were wet, her lips were getting raw. Lina lifted up her butt and pushed her panties to her knees and kicked them far away. At some point or another she had rolled off the blanket, and now her butt ground into the grass as she worked herself over.

Naga felt herself coming-to again. She tilted her head from her prone position on her back. In her passion she had rolled much closer to the fire and heat had dried off her sweat, leaving her skin hot to the touch. It didn’t take her long to notice Lina. The soles of her feet were pressed against the ground and she was lifting her privates into the air, arching her back into her hand. It was motivation enough for Naga.

Little by little, Naga rolled over onto her hands and knees and made her way to Lina. She smelled of sex, everything smelled of sex. It was enough to drive any person insane. Carefully Naga reached out and put her hand on Lina’s knee. The sorceress looked up, stopping her actions momentarily.

“Here...” Naga didn’t say anything more but Lina took the hint and she spread her knees and brought her hands up to her own chest. Giving herself fully to Naga. Naga reached out, carefully she slid her fingers up and down Lina’s opening. Just to get them lubricated with her juices. She slid in one finger, then another. Slowly she started pumping them in and out.

Naga could feel Lina tense. She felt Lina’s muscles grip her fingers. Watched as her hands started to move faster on her own nipples. Naga moved in even further. Bracing herself against the ground she put her face against Lina’s mound. The first lick was tentative. As experimental for Naga as it was for Lina. The taste was thick, hardly good, but Naga was too committed to stop. The texture of the hair didn’t add much either. But one lick turned to two, to three, by then it was too late to stop.

The more she licked, the better the taste. The initial overpowering flavors gave way as they were diluted. And as she pumped her fingers in and out she noticed that the best of the tastes were found if the freshest of Lina’s juices and eagerly licked around her fingers as she removed them.

“Oh… oh!!” Lina pressed her hips into the air, tight against Naga’s face forcing her to reposition herself to keep breathing. But she kept going. A flood of new flavor accompanied the movement. Again, she kept going. Lina cried out, bucking her hips with a force Naga hadn’t expected. But she managed to keep up the motion. Her tongue alternating between long strokes and settling on the hard nub of flesh near the top of her lips.

Again Lina tensed, her hands went from her nipples to the grass, pulling up pieces as she dug her nails into the turf. Suddenly Naga couldn’t move, Lina slammed her knees shut, trapping her head. “Ahhhh…hhhh!” Lina cried out, her back fully arched against the ground, her leg muscles taught, her stomach covered with sweat, reflecting back the firelight. And finally, she relaxed. Her legs dropped limp to the ground.

Naga pulled away rubbing her neck. Her ears had been clapped by Lina’s last sudden movement. She watched the smaller girl, occasionally twitch as she dropped out of cloud nine. “N…n…. no more…” Lina mumbled, rolling onto her side and closing her legs. Naga leaned back, from her position she could see Lina’s pussy from behind, the lips tightly together, glistening with her womanly juices.

It had been a long night. Naga wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but it had to have been a while. She made her way slowly back to her covers and laid down atop them. She was too hot to get beneath them. Laying there, watching her friend sleep she couldn’t help working herself once more to completion. She couldn’t bear to waste the view she was paying so much for. Finally at some time during then night it must have been enough. She passed out with her fingers still working their magic between her legs.


Naga cracked open an eye slowly. The sun could be a difficult thing to deal with, especially after a night of drinking. She laid there, she hadn’t drank that much the night before. But she felt like crap. Naga tilted her head to the side, Lina was at the fire making something in one of the skillets.

The night before filtered back in pieces. At first she doubted her sanity, then finally she just doubted reality. She pushed herself up, naked except for her still wet panties. That managed to dispel most of her doubts. For once in her life she didn’t know what to say.

Thankfully, Lina noticed her wakefulness and spoke for her, “Oh, I made some breakfast.” She said in a upbeat voice.

“Thanks…” Again, at a loss for words. It was something very unbecoming for her she felt. Acting casually, Naga reached to her side and grabbed her brassiere. Putting it on and the rest of her outfit, sans the shoulder guards and boots, she made her way over to the fire.

Sitting down, Naga again didn’t know what to say. Lina set the food in front of her and Naga started eating. It was good, and felt very nice in her empty stomach. She stole a few glances at Lina. She seemed to be in a good mood. Naga wondered what that meant. Did it mean that she wanted to take things further, that maybe she wanted to have a serious relationship.

“So, what do you want to do today?” Naga wasn’t used to taking the meek role in their conversations but she didn’t want to come on too strongly, she wanted to see what Lina was feeling without coming right out and asking.

Lina looked up from the fire, “Hummm… I was hoping you could give me my money.” She finished with a big smile.

“Oh yeah, that..” Naga smiled and put her hand to the back of her head.

Lina held out her hand in Naga’s direction, “Five thousand-eight hundred gold pieces please…”

“Wait, five thousand-eight hundred? I thought we agreed on five thousand-one hundred?” Naga replied back, wondering where the extra seven hundred gold had come from. Absently she noticed the dirt under Lina’s finger nails from where she had gouged them into the earth the night before.

“Nope, five thousand-eight hundred. Five thousand for my first time. One hundred for my next one, and one hundred for each of the ones after that.” Lina finished with a cat that ate the canary look.

“Seven more times?” Naga asked with her mouth hanging open.

“Well, it’s not like I was going to stop and haggle on your account. We were kind of in the middle of something.” Again, that smile was there in full force. “Besides, it sounds like a good bargain to me, you didn’t even have to negotiate.” Lina went on, trying to show how much of a deal Naga had gotten. She didn’t want to give Naga the leverage of saying how much she had enjoyed it too and how much she had learned along the way. Although she doubted how much of it would be useful if she ever got laid by a guy.

Naga sighed and put her hand to her head. “You are a shrew business woman, you know that?” Naga laughed, looking over the sorceress and noticing her now erect nipples. Lina’s smile started to grow.

“Don’t worry,” Lina started with a wink, “next time I’ll give you a discount.”


Authors Notes:

I have other fanfics to write, and this one just came to me and thankfully I got it all written in just a few sessions. Although this fanfic was not inspired by any particular picture, there is a good piece of adult fan art out there for Slayers by D-Land that shows Lina and Naga getting it on with Naga having a word bubble mentioning something about gold. I thought of it about half-way through this fanfic when I was wondering if someone would ever draw fan art of it. This fanfic takes place during Lina and Naga’s initial travel together. Ages are not stated but if you know the series you know them. Mostly Lina was just looking for money, somewhat for experience, and a little of it was just experimentation.

Regarding the amount of money. It’s obvious that Lina has money now, she paid big money for the talismans from Xelloss after all. But that was much later in her life. Five thousand gold would be enough for Lina not to have to worry about money for awhile and probably get some of those magical items that she would have been keeping an eye on. At least that was my logic here. I went back to the episode where Lina was bargaining with Zelgadiss about the Orihalcon statue to get an idea of the value of a gold coin, but it seemed inflated so I just kind of went with five thousand gold. Sure sounds like a lot.

Anyway, thanks for reading. More of my fan fiction can be found at or check out for my Slayers Hentai Fanfiction Archive. Or check out for my Slayers Hentai Message Board. E-mail me at with any questions, comments, flames, or praise and I will be incredibly happy to get it.

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“Hey, get back here!” Lina shouted, her feet pounding ferociously against the cobblestone street as she rushed after the woman in front of her.

“Oh, ho ho ho ho ho!” Naga laughed, half-skipping, half-running but still managing to keep a lead on Lina due to her long legs. “You’ll never catch me if you keep running so slow!”

“Naaagggaaa!” Lina growled out, redoubling her efforts, “You owe me Eight thousand-three hundred gold!!!” The earth was now literally shaking as Lina ran, a red glow surrounding the sorceress and causing the townspeople to take shelter inside their homes.

Naga looked back, fear starting to rise up in the pit of her stomach. “I told you I can get the money.” She offered back, now running more for self preservation than anything.

“You told me that two months ago!” Lina leapt into the air, “Fireball!” The spell rocketed out of her hand.


The spell impacted just a few steps behind Naga, the percussion propelling her forward slightly, causing her to miss a step or two in her run.

“I can have it for you tomorrow, it’s not a big deal!” Naga shouted back, Lina’s glow had yet to diminish. Finally they were at the outskirts of town, more places to hid, less collateral damage, and she knew she could beat Lina with a Ray-Wing.

“Not a big deal!” Lina yelled at the top of her lungs. “You took my innocence!!!!”

“I bought your innocence!” Naga retorted, trying to increase the gap.

“And skipped out on the bill!”

“Lina, be reasonable! I can get the money, I promise!” Naga was feeling the chill of desperation climb up her spine, she turned slightly, Lina had stopped following, faintly on the wind she could hear the incantation.

Heed me thou who is darker than dusk…” Lina raised her hands up above her head, already red energy was gathering there, “That which is more red than blood…”

Naga picked up the pace, “Ray Wing!” She shouted, taking to the air.

“You’re not going to get away that easy.” Lina muttered under her breath, before continuing the incantation.

Heedless of any danger a nearby Sheppard moved his attention from his flock and looked between the two sorceress’ before finding himself unable to wipe the grin off his face. He was unfortunate enough to have that same grin on his face when he got caught in the concussion wave of a nearby Dragon Slave and was never seen nor heard from again.


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