Lina x Amelia – Porn Without Plot!


A hentai fanfic by RVincent


This happens sometimes, I get in a writing mood, but I don’t feel like working on any of my current works in progress.  So, time to start something new.  But, I didn’t want to leave myself with another work in progress so; I wrote this all in one shot, which is a rarity for me.  This is a lemon, specifically yuri and it involves girl on girl action.  That being said, no one under 18 can read any further, if you are a minor, please hit the back button on your browser now.  Also, this is a Slayers fanfic and as such I feel it necessary to say that I do not own Slayers, nor any intellectual properties that are a part of it.  I am writing this for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others and I am making no profit off it.  This is not meant to maliciously infringe on any existing copyrights, this is like an aftermarket addition to an already great product, it only serves to increase the longevity of that initial product.  That being said, I hope you enjoy this fanfic, my e-mail address is available in the author’s notes that follow.  


***************** (Classic Snowflake Opening!) *****************


If it wasn’t for the light streaming through the small cabin window, facing out toward the night sky over the ocean, Amelia was certain that she would have fallen asleep hours ago.  But as it stood, even with her eyes closed, even turned away, even with a pillow over hear head, the mute blue light had the somewhat uncanny ability to keep her roused to the point where slumber seemed impossible.  It was amazing, that something so simple as unfavorably placed streams of moonlight could keep her awake, especially in spite of all the positive factors weighing on her ability to sleep. 


She forced her eyes closed yet again, feeling the gentle rock to the ship.  The feeling called her mind back to times before she could remember of being held in another’s arms.  There was also the gentle and monotonous lapping of waves at the bow of the boat as they traveled onward.  This was punctuated eloquently by the occasional splash of an opposing wave breaking against the bow.  And it wasn’t just the sound of the waves, or the rocking of the boat, the bed she found herself in was also incredibly conducive to sleep.  Soft for sure, but with just the right amount of firmness, not nearly as worn out as some of the beds she had been sleeping on as of late.  And also the captain had opted to gift her with the most luxurious sheets on the ship, soft, silken….


Then of course there was Lina next to her.  Pressing against her, but for once tranquil in her sleep, the sea somehow shifting her to a deeper level of rest, away from the normal torments that kept her shifting throughout the night.  Amelia realized, not too readily that it was Lina’s warmth that was the most comfortable aspect of all.  Penetrating her thin over-garments and spreading over her chest, beautifully contrasting the slight chill to their small cabin room.  The sounds from above on the deck had become more and more infrequent as the night wore on, leaving Amelia with an unfamiliar sense of seclusion with the sorceress.  Somehow, for the first time ever, that oppressive, worried feeling that someone might barge through their door at any time had been quelled.  Leaving Amelia in new territory. 


“Lina…” Amelia ventured, testing the waters to see how responsive Lina might be despite apparently being asleep for some time.  There was no response though, just the rhythmic rising and falling of her chest beneath the covers.  Occasionally one of her breaths was loud enough to be audible, but beyond that she was dead to the world.  Delicately, Amelia rolled in the bed slightly to face Lina, propping herself up on her elbow.  Just looking her over like she was, she felt her heart flutter in her chest.  Speeding up and causing her face to flush with what she was considering.  She softly ran her eyes over Lina’s sleeping body.  Her hair splayed out all behind her head, the mysterious play of shadows over her features, and the subtle details of her creamy neck.  Still lower, past the shapely features of her collar bone, Amelia found her eyes transfixed on Lina’s chest.  She’d just recently uncovered it in a sudden fit with her blankets while shooting an arm out above her head to rest against the head board.  Amelia blushed at the hope that Lina might some day take to sleeping without a bra, but immediately felt a sort of depression take her.


The princess knew that her time together with her traveling companions was coming to an end.  With the outer world now open for travel she could only see her duties as a royal emissary grow by leaps and bounds, and being that Lina wasn’t exactly the diplomatic type, she knew that her associations with her would be dropping sharply.  And that she would have to get over her childish crush on her.  Tentatively Amelia reached down between her own legs, realizing that her body was indeed as aroused as she thought she was.


She tried to focus on something else.  They were on their way back after the Dark Star incident, Lina to who knows where, and her… well, she knew she was heading back to Saillune.  Impulsively she brought her hand to her nose, sniffing it, leaving her wondering how Lina would smell, and after bringing her fingers to her mouth, wondering how Lina would taste as well.  Amelia tried to pull her mind from her baser instincts.


Unrequited love.  She was finding out that it was indeed bitter sweet as the poets had wrote.  There was no way she could tell Lina how she felt now when it was so obvious how she felt for Gourry.  And when they were so close to parting company for what could be forever.  Carefully Amelia reached out, draping an arm over Lina, grabbing her shoulder and snuggling against her.  Lina let out a small “Umm..”, a satisfied sound as she too nudged toward Amelia on reflex but was otherwise unresponsive.  A slight smile cracked Amelia’s somber face as she watched Lina sleep.  She could sleep through anything short of a bandit attack. 


Dropping her elbow from under her, Amelia laid back down on the pillow, clinging to Lina lightly.  Gently at first she started stroking her fingers over Lina’s shoulder.  She’d realized some time earlier that she could get away with a lot with Lina asleep; she’d even managed to bring herself to previously undiscovered levels of pleasure with the Sorceress pressed right up against her.  But there were many other things that she still wished she could do, not just to herself, but with Lina as well.


Surprised, Amelia found her hand in her underwear again.  It wasn’t intentional and for a moment she considered just satisfying herself, if only to get her mind out of the gutter.  The thought lingered there, to get things over with then try to ignore the moonlight yet again, and hopefully getting some sleep.  There was something different though, urgency she hadn’t felt before.  That soon she might never see the woman that she had idolized for so long ever again.  Already getting heady, and worried that she might try to go further with Lina than ever before and wake her, Amelia was struck by sudden inspiration.  A little trick she knew, a sleeping spell cast atop a sleeping spell.


She’d heard about it before.  Sleeping was a simple spell; most mothers knew it to help their children to sleep, especially after a scary nightmare.  But at some time it was found out, that if you cast ‘sleeping’ on someone in great pain, they would wake up again within a few minutes.   But it was discovered that if you cast ‘sleeping’, on a person already sleeping or under its effects that even the greatest pain couldn’t wake them until the spell was undone.  This allowed people with minimal magic knowledge to at least help those people in great pain until the healers could get to the location to help the person injured.  


And it was this wicked idea that was currently rattling around in Amelia’s brain.  Her better judgment told her ‘No’, that it carried with it a degree of danger that she had no right to put Lina in.  That she would be taking advantage of Lina, by putting her into this sleep so deep she would not awaken. Had Amelia been in a more clear state of mind, free from the lust that was beginning to mount the choice would have been obvious.  But as it was, the choice was still obvious, but less logical.  She justified it to herself. 


Excited and at the same time scared, she raised her hands above her sleeping friends’ forehead, “Sleeping….”  She managed out, still partially muted.  Amelia watched and felt the magical energy leap form her palms, flowing over Lina, sinking into her before completely dissipating.  Her breathing didn’t slow, Amelia kept watching her friend for some sort of reaction, but nothing seemed changed.  Despite the possibility of violent retribution, Amelia decided there was only one real test.


“Lina...”  Amelia called out lightly, only slightly confident in the effects of the spell.  Then after a moment more she called out more forcefully, still careful to keep her voice within acceptable levels to not rouse anyone sleeping in adjacent rooms, “Lina.”  She gave the sorceress a little shake to punctuate her message but there was no response.  Again she tried, “Lina!”  She shook her harder, causing her head to wobble some, but there was no effect.  “Oh no…”  Amelia started in mock anger, “Gourry is going to steal your last sausage!” 


….Nothing.  Amelia didn’t wait long.  She reached out and pulled at the edge of Lina’s bra, pulling it up and over the nipple to give her a good view.  Amelia was thankful that the moon light was good enough to see by.  She’d seen Lina’s breasts plenty of time but never found the ability to do more than sneak a glance, let alone stare like she’d wanted.  But now, with them naked before her, the hand in her underwear was picking up its pace.  She tried to slow down with herself, to spread this out because she already knew that as soon as she got off, she would probably hate herself.  The feeling though was too good for her to slow her pace.


Amelia reached out with her free hand and started rubbing Lina’s breasts, switching between them and occasionally pinching the nipples.  Still looking to Lina’s face on occasion should the Sorceress rouse from her magically induced coma.  “I-I.. Love you…”  Amelia stammered out, scaring herself.  She had to stop for a moment; she hadn’t wanted to say that.  She pulled her hand off Lina’s breast feeling just a twinge of the regret that she knew she would be feeling in spades when she was done.  She tried not to think about it.  Instead focusing on Lina, her chest exposed, bra hiked up above her breasts, carefully Amelia reached out and pulled the cover down some more, exposing Lina’s flat stomach down to her underwear.  That was all Amelia needed to see.


Timidly she pulled her slick hand from out of her pants and took one of Lina’s hands into her own, pulling it with hers past the waistband of Amelia’s underwear.  She didn’t delude herself to think that Lina might be an active partner in this, but just knowing her hand was there...  Amelia started to finger herself again, occasionally puling her slick fingers from within herself to entangle them with Lina’s own fingers. Meanwhile Amelia moved herself up slightly, giving Lina a light kiss on the cheek before forcing a kiss upon her lips.  Only slightly put off by their unresponsiveness, Amelia kissed her lips harder, sliding her tongue over them a few times before breaking the kiss.  Immediately her free hand found its way back to Lina’s breasts but it didn’t linger there long, Amelia could feel herself approaching that height of feelings that she knew would bring a stop to her explorations of the Sorceress so she moved her hand down further, between Lina’s waistband and her stomach.


She was bushier than Amelia herself was, but to her surprise, she was nearly as slick.  Enthusiastically Amelia started to finger her friend, relishing the slickness before moving in and taking one of Lina’s nipples into her mouth, using the hand in her pants to hold Lina’s unmoving hand in place while she shifted positions.  Amelia’s breaths were coming in quick short gasps now, closing in on the edge she took two of Lina’s limp digits and forced them into herself, using her hand to work them in and out as if Lina were a willing participant.  Sucking Lina’s nipples, fingering her, and being fingered by her.  Amelia felt herself going rigid; she tried to work in that last bit of pleasure, frantically pressing Lina’s palm against her sensitive clit before clenching up and pushing herself strongly against Lina’s chest kissing and sucking extra hard on her nipples.


There was a flow of wetness between Amelia’s legs as she tried to milk that last bit of pleasure form her orgasm, proclamations of love coming unbidden to her lips as she pulled her friends hand from between her legs, running her petite tongue over it before pulling up her own hands and sampling each of them, loving Lina’s heady aroma and taste more than she had ever enjoyed her own.  Amelia pushed off her panties, wanting to be even closer to the sorceress and ensnared one of Lina’s legs between her own, grinding her wet sex into it. 


And strangely enough, she still had the want and need to keep going.  Gently, as the two of them traveled across the sea and as the night passed, Amelia worked herself to orgasm again and again against Lina’s leg and with her own help.  Letting herself feel as though she had a lover at last.  Finally, the sun began to come up on the horizon, canceling out the mildly annoying moonlight and replacing it with the hellacious brightness of a different celestial body.  But Amelia was too exhausted to care.  Spent - her fingers cramped, her stomach ached, her lips felt chafed, and her throat was raw form the constant affirmations of love she had told Lina the whole night through. Not to mention the throbbing feeling coming from her groin.  Almost as an afterthought she released the sleeping spell, afraid of what complications might arise if it had remained in place too long before swiftly drifting off to slumber. 




It was a strange feeling waking up with someone pinning you down, but Amelia thought she took it well in retrospect.  She tried not to act surprised, and coyly opened her eyes. 


“What happened last night…”  There was an edge to Lina’s voice that the princess was not used to being directed at her.  Leaving her at a loss for words.


“Ummm… nothing… why?”  Amelia tried to diffuse the situation, her own memory only slowly coming back to her, the night before had been like a beautiful dream.


“Don’t pull that with me Amelia…”  Lina had officially lost any playfulness to her voice, it was downright dangerous.


“Wha-what do you think happened…?”  Amelia managed out, afraid to meet her friend’s eyes but forcing herself to, that’s what an innocent person would do she told herself.


In response Amelia got a solid glare but Lina continued on in spite of it.  “Let’s see, I wake up, you’re naked.”  Lina ticked off one of her fingers to make a point, “And somehow, my bra is up around the top of my chest, and my panties are pulled down to my knees.”  Again Lina curled another finger down.  “And, stop me if I’m wrong, I don’t have much experience in this area, but this isn’t urine everywhere, is it?”  Another of Lina’s fingers went down into her steadily forming fist, “Plus I’ve got this rash on my leg,” Another finger went down, “And if I didn’t know better, I’d think these were hickies on my breasts.”  Lina’s thumb tucked in at that moment but Amelia’s eyes were still momentarily drawn to Lina’s still naked chest. 


“I-..”  Amelia tried but failed to say anything else.  She feebly struggled slightly under Lina’s oppressive grasp, her fingers like talons in her shoulders.  All she could do was give up, turning her head to the side and closing her eyes, waiting for the final blow.


Then Amelia felt the pressure on her shoulders ease up.  “But for some reason… all I can think of is that you love me….”  Lina started out confused.  Awkwardly, Amelia turned her head slightly and caught Lina’s gaze.  Amelia’s look of complete fear being countered with a whimsical smile, “So…. Since I wasn’t awake at the time, was it good for you?  I mean, technically it was my first time with a woman.”  Lina asked with a laugh and a bit of embarrassment before taking Amelia completely off guard and moving in to steal a kiss.


“Wha-what!”  Amelia blubbered with an eloquence reserved for the truly confused and mentally challenged.


Lina met her bewildered look with that same smile, “I think maybe you would have been even more surprised if you tried to make a move on me while I was conscious, see you at breakfast Amelia-chan!”  Lina called out, vaulting off the once trapped princess before throwing a large shirt over her head and running out the door. Leaving Amelia confused and pouting on the bed.


*****************(Classic Snowflake Ending!) *****************


Authors Notes:


            5 hours, beginning to end of infrequent work, also included in there was a little reviewing by a fellow author, Phizzy-Chan!  Thanks!  Didn’t turn out too bad.  Honestly when I first started I wasn’t sure which characters were going to be in this, or even if it was going to be straight or yuri, I just started writing and told myself I couldn’t save it until I wrote the whole thing beginning to end.  So, here it is!  Really, I must be a mascot of the Lina x Amelia fandom, I think I’ve written the most hentai of the two of them together by far.  Impressive, eh?  Nevertheless, you can see more of my works at or if you would like to talk about all things Slayers and adult you can visit my Slayers Hentai Forum over at  and you’ll find some nice people to talk to.  Finally, if you would like to send me e-mail you can mail me at and I will likely get back to you rapidly.  Finally, buy Slayers stuff!  Support the fandom!  Buy the novels from Tokyopop and buy the DVD’s when they get re-released in June or July or whenever! 


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