Nesting Instinct

Yet another Hentai Slayers Fanfic by RVincent

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Characters and some other elements of this story are taken from the anime/manga/novel series “Slayers” a product of Hajime Kanzaka and numerous others. Copyrights remain with him and his respective copyright holders. I am claiming no ownership of these characters and the purpose of this work is not to turn a profit, I am making no money off it. It is just an aftermarket addition to an already great product that increases its appeal and longevity.

Second bit of this disclaimer. This fanfic is adult in nature, it depicts girl on girl sex while one of the parties is pregnant. Also technically it is interspecies sex (Sex with a Ryuzoku, is that bestiality?). Nevertheless, if you are under 18 years of age or if any of these aspects offend you, please hit the back button on your browser or close whatever text viewing application you are using to read this disclaimer. This story is for adults only!

Note: This fanfic is written first person from Lina’s perspective.

Note: This fanfic does not contain any spoilers or information from Revolution. It is written in some random post-TRY era.

Thank you for reading my disclaimer! And I hope you enjoy the fanfic!

**********Classic Snowflake Opening**********

Nights were damn cold in the mountains.

Damn cold.

Timidly, I pressed my nose against the frosty window pane, expecting the cold and feeling it sap the heat from me a moment before pulling away. At least I wasn’t outside in this kind of weather. Careful not to draw her attention, I turned to the side, cutting short my daydreaming. It had been two months since I’d been secluded to this dwelling, and I still wasn’t really sure what to call it. Cave was the first word that sprang to mind seeing as how it was carved into the mountain side, but it was lined with wooden walls, and floors as well, not to mention painstakingly crafted windows like the one I had just been peeking out.

So really it was more of a cabin, just built inside a cave. Which conferred a constant musty-damp smell of stone to the background of all other smells. Thankfully, it was never obtrusive. The dwelling was a bit on the small side though. Still, as it stood, I looked over to Filia as if to refresh my mind to her presence. I was getting a little sick of my only company for these last months. I resisted the urge to sigh in Miss Fuddy Duddy’s direction, though it took some effort. The fact remained that she was putting her life on hold for me, and that still held some sway in my hormonally imbalanced mind.

Feeling the cold of the window radiate more toward my current nest of blankets and pillows I idly realized that my nipples had hardened slightly. Brazenly I gave them a little rub before hefting myself from the cushions and making my way over to the fireplace, sitting down heavily. That drew her attention. She didn’t say anything though, we’d got most of our talking out of the way in the first month.


Filia may have only been a young golden dragon, but that didn’t stop her from getting preachy with me. Going on about black magic corrupting absolutely and constantly worried about my safety. But, I did feel safer with her around. I guess that was the point of our arrangement. I mean, when a powerful Mazoku comes after you day and night with the ability to regenerate… I guess that in and of itself wasn’t the major challenge, the Xelloss thing was also pretty annoying though. I mean, after everything I did for him, he can’t stop one Mazoku assassin, maybe say, ‘Hey, could you not kill her, she’s my number one source of entertainment.’

Sitting upright was proving to be too much of a pain so I leaned back on my arms a little, my belly jutting out in front of me. “Ahhh…” I moaned to myself lightly as the heat of the fire absorbed especially well on my stomach. Again Filia gave me an odd look, she seemed a little bit different today. Hovering would be the word. Which struck me as strange…


Maybe something was going to happen? I guess the relative peace of the mountains had dulled my danger sense, so I stretched my mind out, trying to see if anything felt different to me. Nothing. Absentmindedly I reached out and gave my stomach an affectionate rub. I miss Gourry. That’s the way it has to be though. I mean, after I couldn’t fight any more I became a definite liability on the battle field. After all, during the third month of pregnancy every sorceress’ magic becomes unreliable, sometimes incredibly strong, and other times simply dismal and it was only going to get worse from there on out. After I’d been unable to cast for a week we had to make some kind of decision.

So, I had to go somewhere to get away from our Mazoku pursuer and Gourry had to go somewhere far away in the other direction to draw its’ attention away. By the time we were forced to take that kind of action though we were at the far reaches of the new continent. My first impulse to stay with Amelia in the white magic capital was crushed by our distance challenges. That didn’t change that I needed somewhere safe to stay, and fast. I looked over to Filia again, smiling at her a bit, remembering how she helped me without any hesitation. Handing the shop over to Jillis as well as the handling of little Val. Then, we hit the road again.

By this time I was in my 4th month. And I wasn’t happy to be traveling by foot anywhere. Let alone for weeks at a time. To be fair, Filia gave me plenty of brakes. With our journey ending at our current cabin/cave. Leaving me hiding from Mazoku in the higher reaches of the mountains, and often irritated at being caged like an animal. And worried about Gourry. My eyes were again drawn to the window and the rapidly encompassing darkness outdoors. Even in the dark though this wasn’t an intimidating place, it had some kind of holy wards. The whole area did and it functioned as a null-zone for most Mazoku activity, though I did see Xelloss hanging out one time. Other than that it seemed to be working.

What was weird though, and what really stuck me as off, was that my sex drive had been through the roof. Seriously, when me and Gourry had been traveling together, after the… first time. Maybe two or three times a week tops, but now, I grinned to myself thinking what he was missing, I was pretty much ready to go any time. With no privacy. Again, I looked to Filia, there was so much I could blame on her yet so much I was thankful for at the same time, Gahhh! I can’t get my head straight. I pulled my feet back slightly away from the fire and made my way, lumbering, back over to my nest. Even Filia had taken to calling it that. Of course I had obtained the most plush and comfortable pillows and blankets to line and create it in a roughly bowl-like shape. Beyond that though, it was adorned in various spots by talismans and trinkets that I had picked up along the road.

Seriously, it was instinct all the way. And I didn’t realize it until one day Filia had mentioned that it reminded her of when one of her kind nested. Actually, I was kind of taken with the idea. But I digress. I plopped down in the nest, taking a moment to savagely arrange some blankets in a more pleasing manner. Finally settled after a moment of exaggerated scratching and fluffing I again took my position looking out the window, feeling the bite of the oncoming winter and a bit anxious.

“Lina.” Filia’s words broke the silence like a Dragon Slave.

“Yeah?” I asked weakly, my vocal cords too out of practice to reply much louder.

“Do you… need some help?” Something about the treble of her voice made me think

twice about her words and look for a deeper meaning, but I still had to ask.

“Help with what?” I asked honestly wondering what it was she was talking about, and squinting to see her face by the fires light.

“You know…” Again, there was something to the way she said it that made me feel some apprehension.

“Help protecting me from errant Mazoku? You’re doing that already.” I answered dumbly, still not sure what she was getting at but pretty confident that wasn’t what she was concerned about.

“No, no, no… I mean… do you need some help…” Again she trailed off but now I could pick up her nervousness, and embarrassment. Oh no, don’t let this be heading…

“Wha- What are you getting at?” I asked, my throat a little horse in trepidation of what I knew she was going to be asking.

“With your -- woman needs.” She answered finally. The spoken words shooting through me like cold fire, almost as if I’d been caught with my hand down my pants right in front of her.

“How did you…?” I asked, my face flush from embarrassment.

“Your scent, I’m practically swimming in it, the arousal.” To hear it put so simply kind of made it more acceptable. Still…

“And how are you supposed to help me with that?” It was seriously meant to be a rhetorical question but that’s not how it came out, actually, to my ears, it sounded like a form of submission.

Filia leaned foreword fully, planting her feet on the ground from their lax position hanging suspended in the rocking chair. As she put her book down and purposefully took off her glasses, I felt my heart flutter. I wanted this to head where it was going. But I didn’t want to act too willing. I mean, I wanted to at least get some kind of protest in before giving in fully, play hard to get, something. But all I managed to do was lean fully back onto the covers as I felt my heartbeat quicken.

“I- I’ve never done this with a girl.” I started, realizing how many women throughout time had likely said the same thing.

“What about with a golden dragon?” She asked with a bit of sarcasm causing me to smile. I was a little scared, I felt vulnerable, submissive, I wasn’t used to feeling that, at least not with Gourry. I lifted my head up a little to see her unleash her hair from its decorations, spreading out fully behind her, creating a dazzling array of shadow and color as it passed between the firelight and myself. And as she started to strip, every part of my mind found something to admire about Filia that I hadn’t noticed before.

“Is it safe?” I asked, a little quaver to my voice but it was the only reservation I found the courage to voice. She quickly picked up that I was referring to the baby.

She nodded slightly, “Don’t worry, it will be fine.” She sounded so honest as she stripped out of her outfit, likely more for my enjoyment than her own considering it was physically a part of her. As her breasts came into view I found myself wishing more and more that the lighting in the room was better, and suddenly she was naked. Naked and over me. Straddling my big belly, and just as unexpectedly, kissing me.

I mumbled something into the kiss but by the time she pulled back I’d blanked it from my mind. It was my first kiss with a girl, of all the things for my mind to settle on… I really did need this, but I was left wondering though if she was doing this entirely for me or if she wanted it just as much.

Her hands had soon enough pushed my shirt up to my neck. My breasts were more sensitive than ever, my loud gasp helped lighten her touch as she squeezed them somewhat too hard for the moment. I let out an involuntary little huff as she continued the attention, licking and sucking along my jaw line, her other hand working on my breasts, quickly the nipples became slippery just as when Gourry suckled on them, this time it must have been the milk.

My breathing had picked up somewhere along the way and I felt myself squirming deeper into my nest, my legs thrown over the edges. Oh gods my head was swimming, oh…. Then she kissed me there, small bites now right at the junction off my neck with my shoulder. I moaned out again, this was all happening so fast. But I didn’t even want to pretend to protest for fear that she might stop. I really did need this, “Ohh… ohhh….” I breathed out heavily trying to speak, “Oh… it feels so gooddd…” I groaned out as Filia responded by increasing her attentions.

Filia pulled away giving my neck a momentary break, “Thank you.” She mumbled, her lips just a fraction away from mind before moving in and taking a kiss. I felt so subdued, I couldn’t do a thing except let out little squeaks as she took kiss after kiss before working her way down my body and taking a nipple into her mouth. I wanted to warn her about the milk, but even after I was sure it was flowing she didn’t give a word of protest. She continued to suckle me, if anything even more greedy. Instinctually I reached up and cradled her head, I couldn’t imagine a more strange scenario, a human female breast feeding a golden dragon, what would the Gods say?

The attention didn’t last too much longer, her mouth replaced by her fingers as she kissed her way lower, laying a few feathery kisses on my belly before lifting herself up out of my nest and dropping down slowly onto her knees on the floor. Eventually she had settled on the floor entirely. Finally I got the motivation to lift my head slightly to look around. I felt her start to pull at my pants. They came off easily, no where near tight enough to give her any trouble. I wore no underwear, I’d been around the cave too long for that.

For a moment she just sat there, looking me over. I wondered how I looked to her, my belly jutting out away from my body, my pubic mound engorged with blood. I tried not to focus on myself, I could hardly consider it beautiful. Instead I turned my attention to Filia. The firelight was so becoming of her hair. It just lit up, “Beautiful…” I mumbled with a smile and likely a blush, then I reiterated to make it clear, “You’re beautiful Filia.”

“So are you Lina.” Now I knew I was blushing. I took in a stifled gasp as she used her hands to encircle my thighs and moved in with her face. Despite the coldness that I had complained so adamantly about in the cave it suddenly felt ten degrees warmer.

I had to check. Timidly I reached down and inserted a finger into my sex. The lips were hard, I was soaking wet, it was much more than usual. I had to wonder if it was somehow from the pregnancy or if I really was that horny. I shook my head, it really didn’t matter, pregnancy or not I really was that horny.

At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then after a moment it dawned on me, a nose? Or maybe something else… “What are you doing down there?” I managed out in a breathy voice.

Then my body shook, a tongue?

“You’ve never had someone do this for you before Lina?” Filia asked, sounding honestly surprised.

“Do what?” I asked a little startled from her last movement. My legs were draped over the edge of my nest and her position on her knees put her at exactly the right height to access my privates with her face.

“This.” And with that Filia’s head bobbed back in towards my privates. This time the actions were more intense, a tongue sliding up and down my entrance, her lips occasionally suctioning to areas.

“No..” I gasped out, “I’ve never had…ha….annnyone do that before..” She kept up the movements, making sucking sounds from my wetness, I pushed my butt up further, pushing myself against her as I dug my hands into the blankets and pillows around me. And then I just laid there and rode it out. It was intense and at times too much, but Filia seemed to be able to pick up on when she had gone too far and backed off, keeping me just at the edge of what I could stand. It felt like she was at it forever, it was bliss, but later she told me it lasted less than a minute.

Seriously, and sometimes I comment on Gourry’s lack of staying power.

I was pulling in gasps of air that I wasn’t letting out. Wanting to cry out but unable to, every muscle, fiber of my being was taught. Then I let out the noise, a high pitched keel as I felt my muscles clench, spasm, I felt Filia pick up her attentions even more, sucking on that one spot fully. Then the feeling came over me again, stronger. “Gods…. Gods!” I looked down to Filia, her golden ball of hair blocking the fire, my huge belly nearly blocking her hair. Then, another… deeper sensation of pleasure this time, rocketing through my whole being. I could hear the deep sound of Filia’s swallow to keep up.

Finally I felt her hands move slightly downward to cradle my buttocks, lowering me down slowly to the bed. I was still shaking, tremors of pleasure occasionally reoccurring through my body. Unintentionally my mind went to Gourry, she was at least… I forced my eyes open, holding my hand in front of my face, two.. No… three times better than Gourry. “Oh… Gods…” I just couldn’t stop myself from saying it again and finally my muscles were starting to relax.

I couldn’t move. I laid there feeling my muscles tremble. Feeling the pleasure fade away in bursts like a strong echo through my body. I laid there until the heat from the fire made my legs feel hot and the cold from the air around me had once again chilled my body. Slowly I’d raised my head from my nest, letting my pants drop to the ground I reeled my legs back into the nest as well, curing up, pants less. With predatory eyes I looked over the dragon Shrine Maiden sitting across from me. Already she was back in her chair, dressed, reading her book. Like nothing ever happened.

I was greedy but I wasn’t that greedy so I had to offer, “Want me to…” I was hoping that would be enough for her to catch my drift, somehow the act was still embarrassing, maybe because I only laid there and took it before.

“No, It’s okay Lina.” She dismissed the offer. I sat there in silence wondering if she found anything sexually exciting about the display at all. She was after all a dragon and me a human. Just because she looked the part didn’t amount to a hill of beans. I guessed it really must have been all for me. But, as my eyes adjusted I noticed that her tail was out, poking through the slots in the chair behind her, and her other hand, the one not holding the book, had found its way between the folds of her robe…

She gave me a little smile, “I’m sure you’re sex drive isn’t going to be leaving any time soon, and we’ve still got a month or two left… so don’t worry about it this time.” The sweet smile was accompanied by a little shudder and her tail stiffening.

I smiled back, allowing myself to fall back into my nest. Looking upwards and out the window at the night sky I was left wondering if Filia knew what she was getting herself into. Honestly, with my level of boredom lately and my current sex drive…. Can even her golden dragon heritage give her the edge she needs to keep up with me?


**********The End**********

Authors Notes:

This was just a short work (obviously). I got the idea randomly some night for this bit of porn without plot and put it into my writing folder. A few nights later I wrote up the first page or two of it. Then I forgot about it until the other day. When I found it again I got all excited, this fanfic showed promise! So, I finished it up in about a two day period. Not much to explain here, pretty straight forward in the fanfic.

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