Butterflies, Dominoes, and Causality

Chapter 10 of 12

A Hentai Slayers Fanfic by RVincent


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Chapter 10


The innkeeper had been a little shocked to see the two women enter his establishment traveling alone at such a late hour and requesting a room. He guessed from Lina’s outfit that she was a sorceress, and he also guessed from Amelia’s outfit, however accurately, that she was a dignitary of some sort. His assumption that the sorceress was the dignitaries’ bodyguard though was slightly inaccurate. Nonetheless, these lines of thought lead to some inflation of prices. Despite the price hike Lina was quick to pay the man and get on with the night. She had felt a sense of urgency that she hadn’t been able to place on the walk to the Inn and she was eager to get herself alone with Amelia.

With the transaction quickly complete, Lina rushing herself so much as to fumble the coins out of her fingers, they made their way to the room. Lina opened the door to their room slightly. Immediately she spotted a set of candles, some lined up hanging on the wall, and a few more on the bed stand. With a flourish she shut her eyes and snapped her fingers. All at once the room lit brightly for a second then dimmed as the wicks of the candles took fire. Amelia looked into the room, then back at Lina, her face sour, “Show-off.” She deadpanned, causing Lina to give a grin. Lina stepped inside as such she shucked off her cape and Amelia headed over to the large chair sitting near the bed.

Amelia plopped down in the chair letting out a deep breath. Pulling off her tight fitting boots (that of course didn’t match her outfit) with a sigh before leaning back into the chair’s cushy confines. Lina sat down on the bed across from Amelia and did likewise, removing her boots before flipping onto her stomach on the bed, her head propped up between her hands, letting her look right at Amelia. For some reason she expected it to unnerve the princess, but it had no such effect. Instead Amelia yawned exaggeratedly then reached down to her dress, between the folds where it was around her waist. “These things are so uncomfortable…” She muttered to herself as Lina could see and hear clasps being undone and strings being untied. In short order Amelia pulled off her corset, the particular style not just molding Amelia’s stomach but also her hips and even lower.

Once again comfortable, Amelia smoothed down the sides of her dress and propped one of her feet up against her butt on the chair. Lina took off her gloves in turn, taking a moment to admire their newness, it was after all the first time she had made the investment in new attire in quite some time. “So…,” Amelia started, shifting again to get comfortable, “I had a really good time tonight.”

Smiling widely she waited for Lina’s reply, “So’d.” Amelia beamed back a smile, “Too bad we can’t get used to this right?” She finished with a smile causing Amelia to pick up the conversation.

“Life on the road can be tough, that’s what you’ve always told me, so we should really take the time to enjoy this bed tonight.”

“Yeah,” Lina nodded, “I get sick of sleeping on the ground but we really don’t have a choice unless we want to bring a mattress with us…” Lina giggled at the thought of Gourry, and how irritated he would be if she asked him to carry a mattress for her. After the thought passed though, Lina had to again fight down a sickly feeling inside. Doubt began to fight and struggle again to control her but she held it inside. Again Amelia shifted. Her form was lit by the candles around her, imposing a golden cast to her features. As Lina was looking her over, Amelia slid down in the chair some more, scooting her butt more towards the edge, and causing her skirt to ride up along the edge of the chair.

“Do you think… Zelgadiss knows?” Amelia asked, her voice dropping a few decibels, Lina nodded her head.

“Yeah, he probably figured it out before we did.” Lina finished justified, causing Amelia to accept her logic.

“Lina, I..,” Amelia slid down into the chair more, her skirt riding up even more until it barely covered the tops of her legs. Lina’s vision was pulled there by the movement and instantly found something to focus on. There, in the light of the candles Lina could make out, just barely, a spot between Amelia’s legs, darker than the rest, and ever so faintly she could see Amelia’s patch of hair there, she gulped.

“…so have you really figured out what we were going to do? Lina tore her eyes away from Amelia’s crotch for a moment.

“What?” Obviously confused.

Amelia repeated herself, “Where are we going after this?” Amelia summarized.

“I-…” Lina started out, interrupting Amelia and testing her vocal cords, “Ca-can I see it…” She almost choked as her embarrassment fought to completely decimate her ability to get any point across, and she wilted upon seeing Amelia’s confused expression. Summoning her courage she tried again, “Can I..” Deciding that maybe the direct approach was the best, Lina rolled off the bed onto her feet and moved in front of Amelia, dropping down on her knees in front of her, grasping the frilly edge of her dress, “Can I…” She tried again, hoping against hope that Amelia would get the point. And judging from the embarrassed smile, and a look, which indicated she wanted to bury her face like an ostrich, Lina guessed she got the point. Amelia managed a nod though, and that was all the permission Lina needed.

Taking a deep shuddering breath Lina pushed Amelia’s skirt up to her hip, exposing her. “Hey!” Amelia started, quickly putting her hand on Lina’s, be it from second thought or reflex. After seeing Lina’s questioning look she swallowed hard, sitting more upright before leaning her head back submissively, giving Lina the access she wanted. Gently Lina reached up and put her hand on Amelia’s chest, giving a little push backward. Amelia took the command and leaned back into the chair, her breath suddenly becoming shallower as she felt herself becoming more exposed and vulnerable.

Gradually Lina raised up from her knees, bringing her face to face with the princess and ending her ascent with a deep kiss. Amelia gasped longingly into the kiss, which prompted Lina to reach up her hands to cup Amelia’s breasts through the dress. Taking small steps forward Lina set herself right in Amelia’s lap, straddling the girl in the chair and rubbing her crotch against the princess’ stomach.

Amelia’s heavy breathing was confirmation enough and Lina stepped back before reaching to the front of her pants, fiddling with them before finally pulling her hand away with her belt. She dropped it to the floor, a dull thunk as the leather struck before the buckle. She pushed her pants off from around her hips and stepped out of them.

Seeing Amelia just sitting there Lina prodded, “Do you.. need some help…” She felt the last words squeak out, her voice nearly cracking. Despite the previous two encounters, she didn’t want to be the only one naked. Something was different this time.

“What.. What do you want to do…?” Amelia managed, her voice just above a whisper. There was an innocence there that Lina hadn’t expected.

“Amelia… You’re the one that always talks about letting ‘The True Power of Love’ be your guide.” Lina started, “Why don’t we just see where the night takes us?”

Nodding with a bit of vigor Amelia reached down and unclasped the bottom of her dress, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her lower half bare. Lina had meanwhile lifted her shirt up over her head, but was still clad in her underwear despite her superior attire removing ability. Lina looked down over her body. By the candle light strange shadows were cast over her curves, she wished… hoped that Amelia found her body attractive like she was finding hers. Steeling herself Lina reached around her back and unclasped her bra, pushing the straps over her shoulders and letting it drop to the ground, covering herself with her hands. Her embarrassment built to a head as she reached down and pulled the knot on the little string holding her panties up before hooking her fingers in them ready to pull them down.

Taking the easy way out, Lina backed up to the bed and pulled back the covers, getting beneath them while simultaneously removing her panties, never revealing herself fully to her soon to be lover. Amelia though was distracted during Lina’s retreat with her own undressing; it took her a few minutes to successfully manipulate the clasping mechanism of her new outfit. There was an audible ‘click’ as it opened up, a successful sound if ever there was one. Unconsciously Lina’s mind harkened back to the opening of a treasure chest. Amelia tucked her hands beneath the edge of her outfit and pulled it up and over her head. Finally clad in just her bra.

Lina held her breath, before her in the candlelight she took in Amelia’s body. It was something she’d seen before, but never in this way, never with her perspective influenced by this kind of desire. Coyly Amelia reached behind her back, pulling off her bra with no further hesitation. Slowly Amelia covered her breasts, “Wh-what do you think…?” She stood there shyly, a blush seemingly spread from her face and over her body in the ambient glow.

“I… you’re beautiful.” Lina finished assertively, secretly hoping that Amelia would return the compliment, but believing that she wasn’t worthy of such praise.

The dark haired girl walked over to the bed and pulled up the corner of the bedspread, putting herself beneath it. It was a larger bed than they had at the other inn, however it was nothing huge, more of a double rather than a single. Plenty large enough for the both of them though when close quarters was not a problem. Amelia rolled into the bed, content for the moment on her back. Lina seized upon the opportunity, however timidly, and rolled onto her side, putting her leg and arm over Amelia’s smaller frame. “Amelia… I…care for you but…” Lina swallowed hard, trying to put her thoughts to words, “I… I don’t think I know if this is what love is…”

Her eyes widening, Amelia rolled slightly, bringing her other non-trapped arm around to pull Lina in closer to her. “Lina… don’t be ashamed. That time in the woods, back in the city…” Amelia paused, swallowing hard, “That’s why I couldn’t face you, because I wasn’t sure, because… but tonight….” Amelia trailed off, tears in her eyes.

Unexpectedly Lina let out a light laugh, but quickly explained, “Sorry, I was just so nervous you wouldn’t say anything.“ Then smiling Lina positioned herself just into the crook of Amelia’s shoulder. Her face pressed against her breast. Timidly, she inched her face foreword. Illuminated from behind, and just out of her reach, Lina could see Amelia’s nipple standout amongst the rest of the flesh there. Amelia looked down shocked as she felt the faintest brushing of Lina’s lips across her skin, then, she had taken her nipple between those same lips. The gentleness before was replaced by a more assertive feeling. But as the surprise started to fade, and Lina’s hand came up to Amelia’s other breast, stroking the nipple there.

Lina felt the small bumps and details of Amelia’s nipple with her tongue. She wondered what Amelia wanted next, hoped she wasn‘t going to move too fast like they had all the other times. This time she wanted to go on more than just instinct. Lina closed her teeth gently on Amelia’s nipple and in return her body tensed. Slowly the nipple began to harden under her attention, as did the one she was rolling between her fingers. Lina pulled back an inch, licking her lips, hearing her heart pounding in her head before moving back in. Finally Amelia’s response moved past the autonomic. Lina could feel the change in Amelia’s breathing as she started to submit herself to the attention. It was so different than before, to do this with someone she cared about.

“Hey!” Lina cried out, suddenly realizing that the princess was in the process of pleasuring herself. Lina stopped her attention on the nipple and tilted her head upward, eliciting an embarrassed smile from Amelia. Lina moved in and gave Amelia a firm kiss on the lips. Amelia forced her mouth against Lina’s and groaned deeply into the kiss. Prompting Lina to repeat her feet.

Again, Lina moved in, this time kissing Amelia even more fully. She moved her whole body in, her chest pressing against Amelia’s chest as she encircled her own arms behind Amelia’s neck. Lina pulled herself against Amelia tightly and kissed her fully on the lips. Lina caught up in the general overwhelming quality of the situation allowed her small tongue to come out between her lips, running it over Amelia’s and trailing it along her cheeks. Occasionally she would bring her tongue back in, to dot wet kisses along Amelia’s features, but the most passionate part for Amelia was when Lina brought her lips once again to her own, running her tongue along them, and tempting Amelia into letting her own tongue come out as well. Their two tongues met just outside Amelia’s lips. Gently they brushed against one another, their inexperience made up by their passion, the tips of their tongues just barely sliding past each other, their kiss closing slowly with their tongues between them, Amelia soon found Lina’s tongue inside of her own mouth.

Lina half-broke her embrace of the princess to free up one of her own hands to use on herself. She was already slick with passion and tried to catch up with her lover. She rubbed her pelvis against Amelia’s hand, spreading her juices over the back of it as she moved her own hand back in to continue building herself to pleasure.

The sensation for Amelia was incredible. Lina’s tongue in her mouth, Lina’s body against her own…. Amelia reached up with her right hand and continued pleasuring herself with her left. She grabbed Lina’s other hand, and although confused, Lina let her hand be lead down between Amelia’s legs. Lina’s hand was soon pressed up against Amelia’s hand as she rubbed herself. Lina could feel the wetness that had worked its way between Amelia’s fingers. The excitement started to reach a certain breaking point, Lina bucking her hips involuntarily as she passionately kissed the princess.

At this peak, Amelia writhing against her, grunting into her lips, Lina broke the kiss, trailing a few odd kisses from Amelia’s mouth, and pushing Amelia’s head to the side to get to her neck. The temptation had flashed through Lina’s mind, and it wasn’t in her nature to resist. With Amelia right on the edge, Lina started licking at crook of Amelia’s neck. The licks transformed into little nibbles, and finally to Lina playfully biting into the area.

Between her own attentions, and Lina’s feral actions, it was enough to overload Amelia. “Oh… Lina…. I…I!” Amelia forced out, her body going stiff for a moment, before once again slackening. After a moment, Amelia weakly tried to protest to Lina’s continued assault on her neck. “La-Lina… .stop… it… you shouldn’t…” Amelia pushed against Lina with her arms. For a moment Lina contemplated continuing her assault despite Amelia’s protest, they seemed at best half-hearted, but discontinued regardless.

Now able to focus more on herself, Lina redoubled her efforts and the princess decided to help by bringing up her slick hand from her sex and rubbing Lina’s nipples. But after driving her lover so thoroughly over the edge, Lina was not far behind. Lina tensed and issued a series of squeaks, bucking her hips strongly against Amelia while rolling off to the side gasping.

Reaching up with a limp arm, Amelia ran her hand over her wet, abused, neck. “What… made you think… to do that…” Amelia breathed out, opening her eyes and trying to catch Lina’s gaze.

Lina’s smiled, winded, “I just… I remembered something I read about Golden Dragons once…”

“Huh…?” Amelia prompted for more detail.

“It’s just… when they mate… there’s a nerve cluster there, and…” Again Amelia could tell that Lina was leaving something out so she gave her a little nudge.


Lina started reluctantly, “The males always bite the females there… to show.. uh.. dominance.” Lina finished weakly, expecting at the least, a sarcastic comment. But she wasn’t expecting the laughter.

“Oh Lina…” Amelia reached up, wiping away a mock tear, “Leave it to you to think of Golden Dragons at a time like that…”

Lina smiled, “Well, I guess we’re both kind of clueless when it comes to… I guess this is sex… I just went with my strong point.” A little bit of her confidence showing through. But her tone changed to seriousness, “So, how did it compare to the last two times?”

Amelia swallowed hard, “It.. it was great… just don’t do the biting thing again.”

Lina smiled back, “And why’s that?”

“Because…,” Amelia though couldn’t keep up her serious front, a smile peaking through, “Who said you were the dominate one?”

“No one needed to say it!” Lina quickly moved back in, playfully overpowering Amelia’s attempts to overpower her, and again got to the soft area at the nape of her neck. Her little nips were not like before, the area had gone cold and at first there wasn’t much resembling the passion before, to Lina they were still just playing, until she felt Amelia start to go limp beneath her ministrations, her initial struggles falling away entirely. “Wow…” Lina mouthed, still loosely grasping Amelia’s neck in her mouth, “It really does work..” She said in wonderment as she realized how quickly it had made Amelia subservient.

“Okay…” Amelia managed out, “Maybe you are the dominant one.” She conceeded with a smile.

Rolling onto her back, Lina looked to the ceiling for a moment. She laid her arm out to the side, inviting Amelia into her embrace, an eager Amelia willingly accepting, moving in with her head against Lina’s breast. They settled there for a moment, “Amelia, I… I care about you…” Lina tried to say the words but she was happy nonetheless, she was close enough for now. She looked down at the smaller girl who had turned her head upwards to meet her gaze.

“Are you sure?” Amelia ventured unsteadily. Lina nodded. “Oh Lina!” Amelia shifted and turned her body, so she would be entirely on top of Lina. Initially Lina was caught off guard with Amelia now laying atop her holding her tightly. But eventually Lina settled into the feeling, putting her own arms behind Amelia’s back and pulling the smaller girl against her protectively, her eyes watering.

“I don‘t know what I would do without you.” Lina got out honestly. But the emotions were becoming too much for Amelia, suddenly she pulled away from Lina, pulling up her legs and using her momentum to push her body into a standing position, however unsteadily on the bed.

With a leg on either side of Lina’s naked body, and standing over the sorceress, Amelia started one of her long held in triads. “Lina, no matter what you say, I can feel your love burning inside me… I know that nothing will be able to stop us!” Amelia motioned widely with her hands, pivoting slightly, “Any obstacle we come against will surely fall, and any difficulties we come to will surely crumble in the light of my love for you!” Amelia looked down, pointing at Lina, “And together with love, and in the name of justice, there is nothing that we will not be able to do in our life together!”

Lina gave a smirk, “You know, I think your speeches are even better when you’re naked.” She winked a bit to emphasize her point, one of her fangs just making its way over her lip in the smile. Amelia’s smile though quickly dropped away as she ‘eeped’ and took a step back. Unsteady on the soft mattress she nearly lost her balance and fell head first off the bed, but managed to recover at the last second. Instead she managed to fall butt first on the much more forgiving mattress. Lina lifted up into a sitting position and leaned foreword, outstretching her arms and pulling Amelia into her embrace. “You‘re such a goof….”


“Is it really-- do you think you might….you know-- love me?” Amelia asked, her eyes full of worry and a pillow clutched to her chest. What a thing to wake up to, Lina thought to herself, shielding her eyes from the ascending sun.

“I-- yeah… maybe.” Lina said blearily, watching the princess who was herself on the verge of tears.

“Oh, Lina!” Amelia pounced on her from across the bed, slamming into her and pinning her against the bed, a pillow between the two of them. Apparently that was enough to keep the princess fueled with emotion.

“Jeeze, come on, it’s okay.” Lina tried to ward off the affection but found herself enjoying it despite herself. “Come on, we got to get going or Gourry is going to be worrying about us.”

Amelia sat up, “Yeah.” She turned to look to the sun, it was already much higher in the sky than it usually was when they broke camp. It must have been due to them sleeping so peacefully with such a big weight off their minds.

Rolling from the bed and to her feet Lina started to get dressed, collecting her clothes from the heap near the bed. She looked them over, the new outfit looking much better in the morning light. “Good thing we kept your old clothes, you really can’t travel in that- Now can you?” Lina said, pointing toward the dress on the floor.

Amelia nodded, “But it was worth it to have that night with you.” She finished with a smile which proved contagious.

Expertly Amelia and Lina got dressed for the day and headed out. Their Inn was only a few blocks from the Inn where Gourry had spent the night. Rather than belabor the endeavor the two of them chose to enter through the Saloon style double doors into the dining area. Gourry was already there eating some breakfast.

“There you are!” Gourry shouted up from his food, “I was worried about you two, where were you at?” He asked earnestly, slowing his eating slightly and waiting for a response.

“You know, I just figured we needed some new clothes so we went out early to the shops to pick something out when they opened.” Lina covered smoothly while her and Amelia sat down to join the swordsman.

“Hummmm…” Gourry looked to the rafters then to Lina, “What about last night though? I stopped by and neither of you were there?”

“Sleeping.” Lina said succinctly.

“Oh, okay…” Gourry muttered, he didn’t feel like bringing up the fact that he had tried the door knob only to find the room empty. Gourry looked between the two sorceress’, “So, where are we off to today?”

Lina took a moment to flag down a waitress before responding, “I’m not sure…” Lina grumbled, “Saillune…. Zephilia….” She mumbled, the connotations clear.

“Sairaag?” Gourry offered unexpectedly causing Lina to stop and catch his gaze.

“If you want…” Lina answered at length.

Gourry nodded, “Just another option.”

Lina looked between Amelia and Gourry. The princess was anxious and had put her hand in Lina’s lap but was trying to hide her feelings from the swordsman. “Well, we’re not going to get anything settled just sitting here. We don’t have to make a decision today, Sairaag and Saillune are both in the same direction, we have till the paths split to figure it out. Sound like a plan?” A chill crept up her spine, it felt like she was only delaying the inevitable.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Gourry agreed with a nod.

Amelia agreed with an enthusiastic “Um hum!”

“Okay then, we head out right after breakfast.” Lina decided. Finally she felt a plan coming into shape in her mind, there was just one thing she had to act on first.

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