Butterflies, Dominoes, and Causality

Chapter 9 of 12

A Hentai Slayers Fanfic by RVincent


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*****************(Classic Snowflake Openings Rock!)*****************

Prologue 2

- Sairaag Continued-

Although Eruk moved across town at a feverish pace, he immediately slowed after entering the walls of his own compound. Ascending the staircase inside the two of them eventually came to the end of a rounded hallway, “Just a moment.” Eruk said softly, motioning toward the door with his head before striking his fist against it three times.

“What is it?” Gourry heard someone call from inside.

“It’s your father,” He began, likely keeping up formalities for Gourry’s benefit, “there’s someone out here I need you to speak with.” Eruk explained, his voice strong and firm to carry through the door.

A moment later Gourry heard the sound of a wooden latch sliding open followed by the door gliding inward. In the doorway stood a girl, even younger than himself, early teens likely. It was her hair he noticed first, dark. Almost black, but shimmering despite the coloration and rolling over both of her shoulders. Her eyes too, green. He looked over the rest of her figure discretely. She was wearing a pastel tee shirt with stitching in the front which gave a view of her already ample cleavage that matched her loose fitting pants in both color and texture.

“What is this?” She asked, startling Gourry from his inspection.

“This is Gourry Gabriev, the bearer of the Sword of Light.” He nodded in Gourry’s direction and in return Gourry gave a slight nod in the girl’s direction. Eruk continued, “And Gourry, this is Sylphiel, my daughter.”

Gourry tried to remember his manners but failed. He quickly seized upon his first impulse and grabbed the younger girls hand and shook it, “It’s a pleasure to meet you… Sylphiel.” Already he felt himself struggling to hold onto her name but he was confident that if he could keep repeating it he might be able to maintain it.

Sylphiel shook back solidly, a goofy smile on her face, “It’s a pleasure to meet you too Mr. Gabriev.” She replied back, almost cockily and smirking more at her father than Gourry. He felt he was missing something, some joke at his expense, but put off the feeling.

“Sylphiel, Gourry has traveled here to investigate the recent troubles in the Miasma Forest. I want you to take him there tomorrow and show him everything you’ve told the clergymen about.”

“Yes father.” She responded with a sigh, the words being too artificial to mean anything beyond face value.

“Mr. Gabriev, I would hope you would be willing to accept my hospitality for the duration of your stay here. We have a room made up for you already…” Eruk trailed off as he turned to his side and opened the next door in the hallway, revealing a room the size of Sylphiel’s with a freshly made bed. “Please, consider my home your own.”

Gourry held back the urge to whistle, it was better than he would have hopped for. Still, he wasn’t used to playing the role of savior so he had to ask, “What about dinner, and lunch… and breakfast?” He wondered aloud.

Eruk nodded, “You are more than welcome to eat your meals with us, or if you so desire I doubt there is an eatery in the whole city that would not feel privileged to cook for the descendant of the swordsman who saved this city from destruction.” Eruk finished confidently, causing Gourry to feel a swell of pride. However when Gourry looked to his side to see if Sylphiel was showing any revealing emotions he found her door already closed, again squirreled away in her room.

Quickly he brought himself back to the subject at hand. “I thank you for your hospitality, I just hope I live up to your expectations.” He finished honestly, hoping that the momentary dropping of character was not too informal considering the circumstances.

“Do not worry, I have great faith in you. Now, if you would please come down stairs, I believe it is nearly time for dinner.”

Gourry smiled, it was a little early, but he hadn’t eaten much all day and the thought of food served to perk up his appetite even more. He was left wondering though exactly what to make of Eruk’s daughter. He gave the door a quick glance as he walked away. It didn’t really matter he figured, she was supposed to be the one guiding him around the following day and he believed he would get a much better idea of her character during that time.


Apparently Sylphiel was much more athletic than she looked, Gourry thought as he strained to keep up. He paused for a moment, pulling himself up and over a rock before jogging off after her, trying to close the lead that she had on him. Occasionally she would look back. It was apparent she didn’t want to lose him entirely. Regardless, she had no qualms about making him struggle to keep up pace. “Come on, we don’t got all day!” She called out yet again causing him to grit his teeth and push on.

The two of them had left for the forest slightly after the sun had come out. It was a bit early by his standards, and apparently Sylphiel’s too, she made quite a fuss and her father had scolded her for it. Still, he had a legend to uphold so he said nothing in Sylphiel’s defense. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if Sylphiel was pushing him so far as punishment for keeping his mouth shut during the exchange. They were making good time though. They had already passed the city walls some time before, exiting past a remote guard station that had no traffic at the time.

Bit by bit Gourry started to notice the prickling sensation on the back of his neck. The hairs there starting to stand up. Later as they got even closer to the forest the background noises started to fade away, birds, chipmunks… even the blowing of the wind faded away. Soon enough the two of them were left with just their footfalls. Sylphiel slowed her pace allowing Gourry to catch up to her, she had cut the rebellious streak in the face of the danger he was feeling.

“This is the Miasma Forest,” She started out with her voice just above a whisper, “When the beast Zanaffar was mortally wounded he thrashed and cried out, spewing blood across the land and created a great lake of it here…”

Sylphiel’s whispers seemed inappropriately loud as they started to make their way into the forest. For once though Gourry found himself in rapt attention, “The blood that poured out of Zanaffar poisoned the land, the trees became sickly, oily, and toppled. Lesser demons rose from the muck and attacked the weakened city of Sairaag-” She paused- momentarily distracted by a sound in the distance and looked ahead expectantly, “The swordsman of Light planted the great tree Flagoon in the center of Sairaag to absorb the evil Miasma left by Zanaffar… but no such tree exists here.”

“Ohhh…” Was all he could think to say. It was a bit overwhelming, the place was creepy.

“People have always spotted Lesser Demons in the forest.” Sylphiel started again, “Lately though there have been more of them, even people experienced with traveling through the forest have gone missing.” All traces of the cocky girl he had seen the night before were missing, “A few weeks ago when I was visiting the forest I stumbled upon a pack of Lesser Demons… no one had ever seen anything like it… my father and others are worried that it is a sign of some impending disaster…” And from the way she said it, it was apparent that the thought had crossed her mind as well.

“So, we’ve got to kill these Lesser Demons?” Gourry concluded, trying to give off an air of confidence.

“It’s not that easy… even our sorcerers in the city who are skilled enough to fight the Lesser Demons are not able to take on more than one at once. The forest enhances them, they are faster and tougher here and they can sneak up on you-” Sylphiel flung out her hand, tapping Gourry on the nose, “Just like that.”

Gourry stumbled backwards and she continued, “You can’t sense them here, you can’t sense anything. That feeling you have now, like you walked into a humid room but without the heat, that is all you will feel…” She trailed off to let the thought sink in.

“Thanks for the warning.” Gourry said through a tight throat. If what she was saying was true, he knew he would have his work cut out for him. “So, how do you know when they’re coming?”

Sylphiel turned, giving him a crooked smile, “You don’t.”


The two of them had found a small alcove of trees in the forest. The oppressive feeling around them had diminished but Gourry wondered if it was only due to complacency from staying in the forest for the last couple hours. Leaning up against a tree he nibbled on a sandwich. They hadn’t seen anything too out of the ordinary yet. Some claw marks on trees, ruts in the dirt, he looked at Sylphiel sitting across from him eating some berries that she had brought along. He wondered if maybe she had over exaggerated things.

Sylphiel was sitting with one leg up against her chest and the other laid out in front of her. She too had her back to a tree, he looked her over with a smile. She seemed to be warming up to him. The front she had put on the day before seemingly disappeared more and more with the time they spent in the forest. His mind continued to wander till it was pulled into stark focus, his blood running cold he noticed an unusual reflection of something buried in the dirt.

He kept still, afraid to move as he traced the shape in his mind. Following the arch of the claw, suddenly he could picture the taloned hand just under the moss that covered the forest floor, buried. It moved. His eyes widened, “Sylphiel!” He yelled, pushing himself to his feet and darting forward. She didn’t have time to react as the forest floor erupted. A demon at least twice Gourry’s height burst from the floor. Sylphiel covered her eyes, the dirt temporarily blinding her. Gourry couldn’t afford to blink, he pushed through the sting. There was an inhuman growl, and already a claw flashing through the air, but not towards him. Gourry impacted solidly against Sylphiel, knocking her to the ground, winding them both as the claw slashed through the air overhead, the wind pressure fluttering his hair.

“Stay down!” He growled, his hand already at his sword. He withdrew the blade smoothly before the demon could press the attack, the bright new steel catching the light, signaling to the demon he wouldn’t go down without a fight. The second slash of the claw was parried, momentarily staggering the demon leaving it open for a follow up attack where Gourry slashed out at its leg.

Unfortunately, the wound to the leg was only a grazing one. Gourry looked over to Sylphiel who had finished rubbing the dirt out of her eyes and was looking on in wonder. He felt a smile come to his features but he didn’t have time to dwell on it as he was forced to defend himself again and again. The blows were incredible, each one causing his boots to dig into the soft earth just to brace himself and prevent himself from being thrown into a tree or onto his butt. His counter attacks seemed to be inferior too, he just the same could have been hitting a bag of sand. His blade was slowing, and knew he was leaving himself open for a counter attack every time. He couldn’t keep fighting that way.

“Use the sword!” He turned as Sylphiel called out to him.

“I’m trying!” He yelled back, barely managing to roll in time to save his own head.

“The Sword of Light stupid! USE THE SWORD OF LIGHT!” She yelled, her voice cracking.

Gourry’s eyes widened, he fumbled with the hilt of the sword, groping and eventually recovering a pin. He found himself thinking how much more difficult the movement was with his life on the line. Quickly the pin found its mark, the blade of the sword detached from the handle and went sailing through the air, right at the Lesser Demon, buying him a flash of time as it turned to avoid the projectile.

“Light Come Fourth!” He cried out, worried for the first time ever that the blade would not heed his call. Instead, it seemed stronger than ever, flaring up powerfully from the base. Bright. He felt his own confidence grow to new levels and without hesitation took advantage of the Lesser Demon’s sudden immobility, leaping into the air and cutting it horizontally from shoulder to hip. The demon made a gurgling sound before it slid into two separate pieces on the ground. The blood from the demon sizzled as it contacted the soil, it fumed and the body immediately began to disintegrate, leaving behind a sticky mess of tar and horror just moments later.

Gourry and Sylphiel watched mute for a moment. Sylphiel was the first to speak, “You saved me…”

“Yeah, I did.”

Sylphiel stood up from her prone position on the ground and walked to the remains of the demon, looking down at the now contracting pool of black, then back over to Gourry, “Thank you.” She murmured, still at a loss for words, her heart beating faster than it ever had before in her life.


Gourry followed Sylphiel closely, just a few steps behind as they made their way through the craggy tunnel. “What are we doing here again?” Gourry tried the question another time, hoping to get an answer despite previous failures.

“I just want to show you something.” Sylphiel answered, pressing on ahead and causing Gourry to speed up in her wake just to keep pace.

The two of them traveled through the tunnel otherwise in silence. By the light from Sylphiel’s spell he could make out the tunnel walls, they looked like roots and he wondered if the tunnel had something to do with the big tree in the middle of the city. He wished that he had a torch or something of his own though, there was just something about magic he didn’t trust, something dishonest. He shook the thoughts from his head, they seemed out of place.

“It’s right up ahead.” He heard Sylphiel announce just ahead of him. Soon enough the tunnel gave way to a much larger room. The two of them stopped, he could hear water, dripping, one drop, then another… He tried to look out ahead but the radiance of the spell did not illuminate far enough for him to see more than the edge of a puddle.

“What is it?” Gourry asked, hoping that Sylphiel might give him a better look.

He didn’t miss her boastful smile, “It’s the heart of Flagoon.” She whispered, in response the lighting spell floated out and away from her shoulder, settling just above a pond in the middle of the root covered room.

“Wow…” It was an honest shock, the room was beautiful. The wood of the tree which covered the walls, a mass of thick roots, didn’t look the part of natural wood. Instead the roots appeared polished, like a finished piece of wood. And despite the water it didn’t have a damp or humid feeling. Instead all he noticed was a relaxing sensation, and the smell of pure, clean air.

“What do you think?” Sylphiel asked with a smile.

“It’s nice.” Gourry responded to her smile with one of his own.

“Come on, sit down.” She sat against the wall near where they had come in, leaning up against it. A moment later Gourry was next to her, leaning against the wall as well. “I just thought… after spending the last few days in the Miasma Forest, this would be a welcome change…” She paused to look around the room, “This is about as different from the forest as you can get. The tree takes that same miasma that exists in the forest and makes it life giving, energy to grow. Can you feel it?”

“I think so.” Gourry answered, closing his eyes and tilting his head back to relax into the wall.

“Flagoon is right above us. Not many people know about this place though.” She tilted her own head back, relaxing against the wall, “You’re the first person I’ve brought here.”

“I’m honored.” Gourry stretched out his legs and felt Sylphiel shift next to him as well, her head eventually resting against his shoulder. For a moment he tensed but allowed himself to relax just as easily.

“How long are you planning on staying here in Sairaag?” She asked, rubbing her head lightly against his shoulder.

“I don’t know, a while longer I guess.” Honestly he wasn’t sure. He hadn’t seen any groups of Lesser Demons or anything else that was unusual since he first arrived and from what he gathered the Miasma forest was always just as foreboding and dangerous as he now knew it to be. “Why d-”

Without warning Sylphiel tilted her head up, silencing him with a kiss just as effectively as any assassin’s dagger.

Chapter 9


After six days of traveling, Lina, Amelia, and Gourry finally reached the wealthy town of Moldaris just as the sun was setting. Lina lead the way, trudging in the door of the Inn. “Hey!” She called out from the doorway, not even fully inside.

The Inn Keep turned from his spot behind the counter, “Yeah?”

“Do you got any rooms?” Lina asked, this was the third place they had tried after getting to town and the hour was getting late. After spending the last four days in tents she wanted a break.

“Hummm…” The man looked over the three travelers, “We have two rooms, if you want them it will cost you fifty gold each.”

“Fifty!” Lina shouted.

The Inn Keep shot her a snide grin, “Take it or leave it.”

Obviously the man knew the situation of accommodations in the town and knew enough to play his cards right.

“All right.” Lina huffed, making her way over to the counter, leaving Amelia and Gourry at the door.

“Pleasure doing business with you Miss.” The man responded with a false smile, wringing his hands. “Rooms are at the end of the hallway under the stairs.”

“Yeah, Yeah, come on you two.” Lina motioned for her traveling companions and headed around the staircase to the hallway. The hallways were built low and Lina had to look up at Gourry, his had close enough to the ceiling to brush his hair back ever so slightly. At least the place seemed structurally sound. A few more steps and they had reached their rooms.

Lina stopped to think. Amelia had been hardly friendly the last few days. Withdrawn, not wanting to talk, she doubted the princess even wanted to share a room. Briefly she wondered about sticking her with Gourry, or even if one of the rooms had a double. She blanched at the idea. Without Zelgadiss around it really seemed to mess with the sleeping arrangements in some ways but really it didn’t at all. She wouldn’t put Gourry in with Amelia.

Lina threw Gourry his key, he caught it deftly, “Come on Amelia.” She opened the door to her room, “See you tomorrow Gourry.”

The swordsman nodded, “Yeah, tomorrow.” And headed into his own room.

Amelia followed meekly as Lina opened the door to her room. It was a double, Lina breathed a sigh of relief. She masked it though, “Wow, finally a real bed again!” She giggled and jumped on the bed closest to the window, hoping to illicit some reaction from the princess.

“You were just in a real bed a few days ago.” Amelia lamented, moving to her own bed and setting down on it

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Lina admitted reluctantly. It hadn’t been the point, just that she wanted to make Amelia smile.

Amelia kicked off her boots before lying back on the bed. “I miss Zelgadiss…” She said to no one in particular.

“I kind of do too.” Lina responded after a moment, “But you know how he is, we’ll be seeing him again before we know it, and who knows, he might actually get cured this time.” Lina added the last bit just to see Amelia’s reaction.

The princess blew an errant piece of hair from her face, “Maybe.”

“Yeah, who knows.” Lina stared again, “I’ve seen him close to a cure before, but this time, I just get this feeling, you know?” Lina’s question was met with dead air. She sighed and fell back into the bed herself. It seemed like it could be a long night. “Do you just want to call it a night early?”

“Yeah.” Amelia muttered despondently.

Lina stood from her bed and unlaced her pants, letting them drop to her feet before taking off her shirt. Amelia laid there motionless, horizontal across the bed. Lina gave her a moment but she didn’t move. Finally, Lina turned the knob on the lamp, plunging the room into near darkness, the only light provided by some nearby business on the other side of the alleyway they were abutting.

Several minutes later Lina heard the sounds of Amelia getting ready for bed. The rustle of her clothes as she squirmed out of her pants, and the characteristic sound of a was of fabric hitting a floor. Lina looked over at her friend, the details however were masked by the darkness and anything she thought she saw could have just as easily been a trick of light.

It had been a long day but Lina didn’t feel tired. If anything, with Amelia next to her complete with the privacy she had been craving between the two of them, the words to start a conversation were on the tip of her tongue. But she was afraid to utter them. Their relationship, whatever it was, whatever it was doomed to become, seemed too fragile to test at the moment.


“Are you still awake?“ It was hours later and Amelia’s sudden words roused Lina from her half-slumber with a start.

“Yeah.” Lina responded curious. She wondered if Amelia had been laying there as she had since the light went out, just waiting for the other to make their move.

“I don’t know how all of this has turned out the way it has, but I’m sorry.” Amelia confessed at length to the darkness.

“Why would you have to be sorry?” Lina asked, again turning toward the princess’ bed despite not being able to see anything, “The plan was my idea from the beginning.”

“But I’m the one… in the bedroom.” Amelia mumbled.

“And it was me in the woods.” Lina added, “What we did, I don’t feel bad about it.”

“I know but…”


“I guess it just wasn’t the way I was expecting it.” Amelia finished at last.

“And just how were you expecting it?”

“You know…” Amelia started out, clearly embarrassed despite the cover of darkness, “A long courtship, a wedding, my friends and family there.” Amelia’s sigh echoed through the room.

Lina was silent, despite her independent front she has always expected the same, the fact that Amelia had always dreamed of it happening with Zelgadiss and Lina with Gourry went unspoken. Lina finally replied, “You could still have that though, after Zel gets a cure…”

“Don’t.” Amelia responded harshly. “Things have changed between us….” Amelia huffed, “It’s not the same any more.”

Lina tensed, “It will all work out Amelia.” It was a good general catch-all statement.

“I hope so Lina.”

Again, all was quiet save the occasional drunken blurb that echoed from the bar outside. Amelia broke that peace, “Do you mind… if I sleep with you again tonight?” Amelia asked anxiously.

Lina thought on it for a moment. She did miss the princess’ company. But things were already complicated enough, especially after the incident in the forest. She couldn’t see how it would make things worse and it was something that they both wanted. “Sure. Just no funny business.” Lina added, for the most part truthful.

Lina heard Amelia move from the bed and heard her feet move across the bare floor. A tension seemed to increase for Lina every second as the princess made her way across the room and sat down next to Lina. Finally, she felt the covers pull back and Amelia nestle herself beneath them. Slowly she felt the gap she had put between herself and Amelia shrink. Then, just as it grew to a crescendo, Amelia rested her body up against Lina’s back, spooning her. All at once, the cloud of thoughts that had been whipping through Lina’s head came to a standstill. Every outside noise, the patrons in the bar outside the door, footsteps in the room next door, it all suddenly went away. Leaving Lina with one question, “Amelia..” She started out low, taking her attention and receiving some slight movement in return, “Is… is this love?” Lina could hardly believe the question. The response though was not in the form of words, instead Amelia slowly moved one of her arms over Lina’s midsection, then pulled up against her, hugging her from behind.

“I don’t know…” Amelia began, emotions strong on her voice, “… but it would be nice…”

Lina sighed, but gave a light chuckle at the answer, “Why can’t I just get a simple answer…” Lina laughed out, some bitterness lacing her otherwise honest laughter. Amelia in turn held her tighter, and within minutes she felt Lina relax, for the first time since she started. Giving a little sigh of her own Amelia let her own body relax, and finally they drifted off to the first good night’s sleep they’d had in several days.


Blearily Amelia squinted her eyes and rolled onto her side. She attempted to burrow her head beneath a nearby pillow but only succeeded in getting partially under it as she tried to avoid the harsh light of the morning. It was Lina’s head on said pillow that was thwarting her attempts. The whole affair proved useful in waking Lina up.

Lina slowly started to come to, sprawled out across the bed, one leg draped over Amelia, the other off the opposite side of the bed, utilizing as much space as her small frame would allow. She too found the sun a harsh mistress, its invading light streaming through the window and cascading over her face in a distinctly unpleasant manner. Nevertheless, its presence could be ignored for a time. Keeping her eyes tightly closed Lina tried to roll onto her side to avoid the sunlight completely, however that is when it became apparent that she was not sleeping alone.

The fact of the matter was that Amelia’s presence didn’t surprise her. She’d been in a completely coherent frame of mind the night before and it isn’t common practice to forget whom you fall asleep with. Still, the presence of Amelia did immediately get her mind rolling in a direction she didn’t want to at the moment. It was enough to motivate her up and out of the bed. Feeling Lina’s leg come off from over her body, Amelia peeked an eye open. She watched as Lina sat upright first, and stretched. Through the thin material covering her breasts Amelia could make out more definition than. Her eyes further drifted over Lina’s flat stomach and finally down to her slender legs. Though not petite there was a definite definition to the muscles there, obviously they were the result of Lina’s main form of travel, by foot.

After a moment Amelia found her eyes being drawn back up Lina’s frame, tracing over the contours of her neck and finally settling on her face as she finished stretching. Suddenly realizing exactly how she was looking Lina over, Amelia immediately closed her eyes feigning sleep. Slyly she decided that it was time to pretend to wake up and get ready for the day ahead. Amelia took deliberate pains to show that, yes in fact she was just waking up, and no, she hadn’t been laying there ogling Lina’s body.

Occupied at the mirror Lina washed her face, her eyes catching the movement of Amelia waking up. “Amelia…” She ventured, hoping that the princess was coherent enough to respond.

“Amelia.. I…” There was a long pause, “Did I drag you into this?” Amelia shook her head ‘no’ but turned her head, keeping her emotions out of view, the sudden question surprising her.

“I’ve always…” Amelia looked up to let their faces meet before continuing, “There’s always been something between us, I just, before I couldn’t figure it out, I….” Amelia swallowed hard before continuing, “Remember after we fought Phibrizzo, and…” She paused again, trying to gather herself but instead loosing her control further than she expected, her throat threatening to close up on her, “And-- we thought you were dead after we woke up.” Lina nodded slightly, “I... Lina, even when I thought daddy was dead….” Amelia paused before adding, “You know I love daddy very much, right Lina?” A slight laugh at the end, feeling silly for even having to say it

Again Lina nodded, “You two are so close I feel like I’d need to Dragon Slave you to get you apart sometimes.” She joked despite the situation, Amelia gave a little laugh too for Lina’s benefit but tears were starting to well in the corner of her eyes.

“I was so happy to have him back, I’d missed him so much and-- and-- he was everything to me…” Amelia took a few deep breaths. Seeking to relax her friend Lina took a few steps to the bed and trailed her hand through Amelia’s hair, sitting down next to her, and from that angle she was at the light caught Amelia’s hair just right to give it an ethereal radiance.

“Amelia, I know how much he means to you. But he’s okay now.” Lina tried in a soothing voice.

“No!” Amelia shouted, “That’s not it…” Amelia’s voice again dropping to near a whisper. “When I thought you were dead… it-- it was beyond anything I’d ever felt before.” Just getting it out, the deep despair dripping from the words, and suddenly the connotations of the situation started to filter through Lina’s emotional barrier. “After that I realized that I loved two people in this world, daddy… and you…”

Although Amelia’s voice was shaking, Lina couldn’t help but feel the confidence building in Amelia’s words, and she saw a blush come to her face, suddenly realizing that this was a side to Amelia she’d only seen rarely of late. It was the same Amelia she remembered when they first met, full of confidence and enthusiasm. The same Amelia who confidently berated the Demon Dragon King in the name of justice. That untamed force of will had found an outlet yet again, but now…. “You’re what I’ve always looked for, you’re my mysterious powerful knight in shining armor, you’re my hero that’s always there for me. And… I never realized it before-- because I didn’t think-- I just never would have thought…” Amelia trailed off, letting her shoulders slump, her eyes downcast, “Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach..?”

“I… well…” Lina faltered, being put so on the spot with Amelia’s confession and its implications still hanging in the air, her mind still reeling. Amelia though pressed on, trying to mask any internal turmoil as she fired off another question. “Or do you know what love really feels like…” Impassioned Amelia continued on, leaving Lina falling behind mentally as she was assaulted by Amelia’s highs and lows, “To feel love for someone--and find that they don’t love you back?” Just as quickly Amelia’s façade was starting to teeter, she pressed on though, moving in closer to Lina, “Will you at least give me a chance… just to--”

Lina’s mind flashed back to the woods, and for a moment things slowed down, her heart beating loudly in her chest she caught her breath. Amelia right in her face she shouted, “Yes! Do I have to say it… I feel something too…” Lina whined out, walkind over to the bed and setting next to Amelia. The next words fored of their own accord despite Lina’s attempt to stop them at the source, “But how can you even know what you’re talking about…”

Shakily Lina took a breath, overwhelmed with the new perspective on things. “Amelia you goof.” Lina mumbled out through tears. It was not quite the reaction Amelia expected. Carefully putting her feet to the ground and standing Lina walked over to the washbasin again. Lina pulled out a towel and she soaked it in the water to rinse off her face, the tears removed just as easily. “You know I suck at showing how I feel. And I really hate to cry…” She chuckled out through her tenseness again taking a moment to wipe away the new tears. “And you went and made me do both.” Sniffling again Lina threw the towel to Amelia who caught it, thoroughly soaked with water, her grabbing it caused some of it to wring out on her outfit, dampening the front of it, “Sorry about that.”

She hadn’t said it directly, but Amelia got the feeling that things were looking up. Amelia laughed softly and wiped her own face, blowing her nose on the towel, “Hey! I was still going to use that!” Lina mock yelled.

Amelia pulled the towel away, looking at the mess she made, “You can still use the other side.”

Lina shook her head, “I guess I don’t need it anyway.”

Amelia smiled all the wider, “Come on, hurry up!” She said rolling out of bed and putting on her pants. There it was, Lina could tell that the fire she missed so much in Amelia had returned. The younger sorceress threw her a pair of pants from the floor and she snatched them out of the air, growling at her and put them on.

“Okay then, I guess it’s time to get going.”


“Where is Gourry?” Lina wined impatiently as she thrummed her fingers across the table. The food was already on its way and although his absence would not inhibit her from enjoying her food she still felt the need to show her concern until the moment the food arrived. She felt a tightening grip on her other hand and looked to her left at Amelia, smiling lightly and gave her own smile in return. Lina’s smile turned up a little at the corner, eventually becoming more of a grin as she pulled her hand away from Amelia. Slightly worried that she might take it the wrong way, but with a clear focus in mind she took the glove off her left hand, dropping the glove in her lap before giving the hand back to Amelia, who smiled widely at the treat, rubbing her fingers appraisingly over the supple skin.

Simultaneously, from the left entry door Gourry started walking into the room, while meanwhile, from the right of the room the waitress was making her way out of the kitchen. “Perfect timing!” Lina called out as Gourry sat down, his head still wet from an earlier bath. Gourry took the opportunity to shake his head, sending out little droplets of water near and far, causing everyone to reflexively shield themselves from the incoming wetness. Lina was too distracted to care as the waitress sat down two heaping plates of food, grunting audibly as the weight was taken from her strained arms. Lina looked it over, breakfast foodstuffs, pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, fruits, and breads. Lina moved her hand out of Amelia’s control and grabbed her fork with the other, being the first to claim some quantity of the food as her own. The delectable combination of sweet and wholesome aromas filled the table as eating commenced in earnest.

Between mouths of food, Lina planned out the day, “We’ll stock up our supplies today and maybe leave tomorrow morning early.” Lina took a few more bites of food before continuing, “Though I’m not really sure where we’re going next.“ She admitted with a laugh. She’d been reluctant over the previous days to decide on any destination but she knew she would have to pick one before they could move on.

She received affirmative grunts from around the table as everyone partook of the bounty. Lina did notice however that Gourry was paying close attention to her ungloved left hand. Seeing his gaze she held her hand up so he could see it and twiddled her fingers, giving him a playful look before focusing her attention back on eating. She could sense Gourry paying more attention to her than usual, and she found it slightly embarrassing. Hoping that in the course of the day things might return to normal, more acceptable levels.


“Finally!” Lina cried out, slamming the door behind her. “What a day!” Again, she showed her usual disregard for order and unclasped her shoulder guards, letting them drop to the ground, issuing a deep thud followed by a series of lighter clangs. Sighing she stomped over to the bed and threw herself atop it, issuing a series of creaking sounds from deep within the frame. Just as soon as she got herself in a position to settle in though there was a series of knocks at her door. A little miffed, Lina swung herself back onto her feet and walked over to the door. Worn out, she simply opened it wide; she tilted her head up, taking in Gourry’s figure. “Gourry?”

“Lina.. can I talk to you for a minute?” He seemed, purposeful, his posture upright and his words seemed well thought out, the complete opposite of Lina, who suddenly felt as if she’d been snatched up by the windpipe.

“Yeah, come on in.” She stumbled out, stepping out of his way. Gourry walked inside, walking even further into the room and stepping carefully over the bulk of Lina’s accessories which fell directly in his way. He steeled himself, remembering his conversation with Zelgadiss before he had left, he had to let Lina know how he felt. Nervously Lina made her way back into the room proper, walking around Gourry and standing in front of the bed. From outside one could hear the bar and eatery performing their duties, and the occasional shouts of patrons. But in the room it was uncomfortable. With Lina unsure what, if anything to say, Gourry spoke first.

“Lina, I just realized today that we’ve been traveling together just over 5 years….” He trailed off, his confidence waning slightly but hardly noticeable, Lina remained mute, “So, I was wondering if maybe, after this adventure, we should travel to your hometown. I know you said we would once before…” Hoping that would illicit a reaction Gourry again waited, Lina bit her lip lightly, wanting more than anything to be able to get away without saying anything, “I…”

She finally spoke up after a few moments, “Yeah, we can do that--” Nervous, she quickly cut herself off, looking down, away from Gourry.

He shifted from side to side uncomfortably. “It’s not just that… I want you to be happy.” Lina gulped but Gourry again spoke before she could formulate any kind of reply, “I want to be the one to make you happy.” The only way Gourry could have made it clearer is if he would have actually said it.

Lina swallowed hard, “Gourry. I…” Her throat though had stolen her ability to speak. Hey eyes opened wide as she realized she couldn’t talk.

Exhaling loudly, Gourry turned his vision to the floor, “When did you chose Amelia over me?”

Finally, it came down to the question that even Lina didn’t know. She shifted uncomfortably between her feet, finally glancing up and, “What do you mean…” Lina finally squeaked out, Gourry gave a bitter little chuckle.

“You know what I’m talking about Lina.”

Still being feeble Lina was finally goaded into confession, “It was just supposed to be a joke okay!” She shouted out, the pitch and treble of her voice varying greatly in just that simple sentence. For the briefest of moments Gourry felt some relief, “But it’s not a joke any more…” Lina forced out, on the verge of tears for the first time since Gourry walked in.

Gourry swallowed hard, blinking, “Yeah..” He said through his tightening throat, “I didn’t think so…” He trailed off, again a great and terrible stillness rose up in the room. He took a step foreword, then another, finally opening his arms and pulling Lina into a hug. She tentatively reached foreword, putting her arms around his back, his warmth and muscles obvious through the thin shirt. “I’ll always just want you to be happy…” Again he trailed off as he held her tighter and rubbed his face in her hair. Lina took a few deep breaths; his scent not something she was used to and after a moment more… she felt the slightest bit of dampness in her hair.

Eventually he pulled away, turning his head to the side slightly, his face unseen. Lina tried to speak again, “I- never thought it would turn out like this.”

Gourry turned to face Lina again, fresh tracks of tears apparent even in the faint light of the room, “Neither did I.” He managed back with a weak smile, giving a little laugh before continuing, “So we head out tomorrow at sunrise?”

Lina nodded “Yeah…”

Gourry nodded back, trying to absently wipe his tears away as if Lina somehow hadn’t noticed them, “Sleep well Lina…” And with that he turned away and went to the door, turning back as he opened it, glancing to Lina before heading out, closing it softly behind him.

Shivering Lina took two steps back, letting her butt drop onto the bed and falling completely onto it shortly thereafter. “What now…” She asked herself, rolling onto her side and looking to the window. Already the sun outside had set, throwing the alleyway into shadows. The weather lately had been colder, even after they had left the mountains. It took some time before Lina started to come back to herself. In her head she hadn’t been able to realize where her feelings lay. Now though, that decision had been forced on her. But it afforded a new clarity, and Gourry’s words rung unmistakably in her head, he wanted her to be happy. But, at the moment, she just wanted him to be happy. Lina shook her head clear of some particularly perverted thoughts that had seized her mind but wasn’t any closer to a plan of action. The future looked bleak. If she was going to act, she felt that she had better act sooner rather than later.


A plan had been slow to form, but once the idea had arrived in Lina’s head, she had seized on it, taking it immediately as the perfect plan. If she was going to be with Amelia she had better do it right and swoon the princess. Take her out, a date, just like Lina had always imagined her first date, and like Amelia as well. Just like Amelia deserved. Make everything right for the both of them. The more she thought about it, the more perfect it fit. Sitting upright in the bed Lina walked over to the vanity, “Lighting.” Illumination filled the little room and Lina took a moment to wash her face before heading to the door and down the hallway to the tavern of the Inn.

Lina walked over to Amelia who was sitting by the fire writing a letter, “So, are you ready for a night on the town?”

“Wha…?” Amelia started, confused.

Lina immediately answered her insinuated question, “Come on, get ready, we’re going out…” Lina paused for dramatic emphasis, “On a date.”

Amelia’s eyes went wide, “A d-d-date?” She stuttered, something that Lina found amazingly cute.

“Yeah, come on, we’ll have some fun.”

Amelia looked around the room as if it had some bearing on her next question, “But what do you want to do?”

Lina shrugged her shoulders but it didn’t deter her recent streak of enthusiasm, “I don’t know, but there has to be something, and we’re going out.”

That earned a smile in response from Amelia, “Okay, I guess, just let me change my clothes.” Amelia got up from the chair and walked back to their room and unfolded her clothes, laying them over the back of the chair. Pulling her shirt off over her head she was surprised when she saw Lina move, turning away from her. “What’s wrong?”

Lina kept facing the window, “You’re getting dressed.”

Amelia smirked, “It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before…. and more.” Amelia added with a blush of embarrassment.

Still not looking to face Amelia, Lina rebutted, “Well, it’s different now…”

Amelia giggled, “It’s just that I know you’re watching me, right?”

Immediately Lina tried to mount a denial, “No! Well, actually… yeah.” She admitted meekly, finally turning her head so she caught the slightest glimpse of Amelia’s bare shoulders.

Amelia smirked before tossing her shirt over her head, working her way into it. “Okay, dressed now!” Amelia called out simply for the benefit of further embarrassing Lina. Looking down at her own outfit, the road-worn red had bleached out of her clothes, now an off shade of pink. Her gloves showed less wear simply because their dark color hid the dirt better. She poked her toe out of the corner of one of her boots, then upon looking at Amelia she realized that her clothes were not much better, the belt she wore around her waist was wearing through, the tough denim-like fabric being no match for sleeping on the ground or falling down a rocky path.

“You know what….” Lina started, rubbing her chin in thought, “I think we need some new clothes, maybe we should go clothes shopping.”

Amelia quickly chimed in, “That doesn‘t sound like much of a date to me.” She chided smugly.

Lina stuck out her tongue, “Let’s just see if anything’s open.”

A course set, Amelia started heading toward the window, while Lina meanwhile started heading toward the door, the both of them laughing as they started to pass each other half-way, coming to a stop. “You’re going out the front door?” Amelia questioned.

In turn Lina smirked, “You’re going out the window?” Lina continued her foreword mach and Amelia turned on her heel and started following the sorceress. Seeing the slightly concerned look on Amelia’s face she simply said, “Gourry knows…”

Amelia shook her head, “I know, but…”

“No.” Lina cut her off, “Gourry really knows…”

The implications hit Amelia especially hard, more so than she thought the news would have. “But…” She started, “I thought you….”

Lina managed a little smile, “Who says I don’t?” Amelia didn’t know what to say, she bit her lip lightly, at a loss.

”Amelia, there was a time…” She started, trying to keep strong, but her emotions right on the edge of her words, giving them a bitterness she didn’t intend, “I would have done anything for Gourry… there was something incredible there…” Lina paused, staring off into space, her strong smile wilting on her face, “But… we could never make it real…” She didn’t have to fight to keep in the feelings, it all felt so hollow now, “Every time we tried… to really make something happen, something magical… it just… there were all of these signs, he was perfect, we were in love, I know I loved him…” Lina stopped for a moment, her voice dropping to a whisper, “… and I still do.” Amelia barely heard her finish the sentence She wasn’t making much sense, but when a heart as repressed as Lina’s was spilling over, it simply ran free, “But we couldn’t make it real, we loved each other, but it never made itself… real.” She finished, defeated, her shoulders slumping.

“Lina…” Amelia sat her hand on her friends shoulder.

Lina looked up slowly, a smile growing on her lips, “But I don’t need to tell you that. We’ve been together long enough… watching you and Zel play back and fourth was like looking into a mirror every day.” Amelia’s face wilted at the thought of her missing chimera crush. “Well, enough of this depressing talk, let’s get going!” Lina started heading toward the door again, Amelia keeping in step following her, out the door and through the eating area. As they passed the Innkeeper Lina purposefully grabbed Amelia’s hand, smiling to the elderly man as they walked out the door. Once outside, Lina had to wonder if her plans for the evening would lead the two anywhere but to a confusing walk through empty streets. There was however something to that as well, quality time Lina reasoned to herself before setting the two of them off on their way toward the center of town, not far from where they were they had been staying.

With the number of people on the streets diminishing readily with the sun missing, Lina and Amelia’s footsteps were distinctly audible, but that wasn’t the focus. Lina, holding Amelia’s hand tightly ran her gaze over Amelia’s delicate features, there was just a particular way that the rising moon light was illuminating her. It distinctively light up some areas and darkened others, her cheeks appearing most beautified. But not just that, her illustrious dark hair, black in the lighting, shimmering, reflecting the moon light gloriously as it came to peaks and points. “Amelia…” Lina tried.

“Hum..” Amelia turned up her head slightly to catch Lina’s vision.

“Never mind…” There were just some things you never said out loud, simply because it was too hard to get them straight in your head.

The light towards the end of the roadway became more apparent, it was faint but as they turned the corner they entered into the town square. “See, there are things open.”

Amelia looked around, “And when did I say there wouldn’t be, hmmm?”

Lina looked down to catch Amelia’s eyes, “I could have sworn you doubted me.”

In an exaggerated tone, Amelia mounted her reply, “Oh, I am so sorry. I will never doubt you again.” Amelia finished with a little curtsy, bowing to Lina.

“Humph!” Lina turned away in mock-insult, “Now let’s see what’s still open.” They walked into the rectangle that made up the center of the city, surrounded by buildings at least two stories tall. In the center stood several light poles, illumination spells cast on their peaks in a park-like setting, some trees and such finishing up the foliage. Around them though the walls of the square were lined with stores. Due to the late hour many of them seemed closed, but still, despite Lina’s worries the other half were markedly open.

Walking around the artificially lit square hand in hand Lina noticed that there were still quite a few people out. Of those people though, many looked to be in the same situation. Young couples holding hands were what they passed the most as they made their way around the center of the town. Finally they came to a clothing shop that didn’t look like it was quite ready to close, brilliantly lit from the inside by duel illumination spells, the casting of those spells being a lucrative racket in small towns to extend the hours of shops. “Welcome!” The lady at the counter shouted as Lina entered, keeping Amelia in tow with their joined hands.

Lina smiled nervously at the woman behind the counter, her weight fell on the lighter side as it came to seamstresses. She was fairly thin but just as tall as Lina, maybe into her thirties. The three of them were the only ones in the shop and despite the fact that this person had no connection to Lina or Amelia, Lina’s next sentence took considerable will power, “Me and my … frie-..girlfriend need some new clothes.” Amelia squeezed her hand and she turned, somewhat shocked by the smile on Amelia’s features. The lady running working the counter though wasn’t shocked, or at least she hid it well. Or maybe it was just a regional thing; girlfriend in some areas simply could mean a girl that is your friend. These things passed through Lina’s thought process, but she was sure the lady must have understood the meaning, she’d been too nervous for it not to have that undertone.

She walked out from behind the counter, “We’ve got some nice outfits over here-” She gestured for them to follow her as she made her way to a set of racks against a back wall. “Here are some of the dresses we got from town, they’re more expensive but they’re the latest fashion.” Looking over the duo she mussed, “I don’t think we have anything like what you’re wearing though.” The off-hand comment almost caused Lina to take offense, but the lady quickly continued on, pushing past a few dresses against one of the sides of the rack, continuing her hand motion and trailing her fingers across the top shoulders of several dresses, finally motioning toward the back of the store, “Anyway, the changing rooms are in back and if you need anything I’ll be over at the counter wrapping up my books.” And with that she bowed and excused herself to her work.

Flipping through the outfits, Lina eyed over all the styles, mostly varying by color rather then actual dress design. Amelia watched Lina with a critical eye, “You’re actually going to buy a dress?”

Lina looked up from the rack, “Well, I was thinking about it.” Amelia snickered, prompting Lina to go on the defensive, “I’ve wore dresses before!” She retorted, trying to keep her voice restrained indoors but still letting it come out louder then intended.

Amelia piped up, “Once.”

Lina shook her head, “Come on, at least three times.”

Amelia wasn’t giving in, “Tell me two times you’ve wore a dress then.”

Lina looked thoughtful for a moment, “There was that one time… in that city with all the women…” She struggled, valiantly trying to remember the name but ended up pausing, leaving a silence that just felt awkward, forcing Lina to start again, “Just give me the benefit of the doubt, you’ve seen me in a dress at least twice!”

Finally Amelia nodded, “Okay, maybe twice, but that’s it.” Satisfied Lina gave a smug smile, flipping through the dresses again and inspiring Amelia to do likewise.

All in all the experience was a fun for the two of them. After several wardrobe changes on Amelia’s part and a few false starts for Lina, the two of them finally ended up with new outfits. Lina had managed to pull a fast one on Amelia while she wasn’t looking however, ending up for the most part with basically a newer version of the same outfit she had been previously wearing. Pants, shirt, new gloves, she had somehow wandered off to the men’s area while Amelia had been busy in the changing room. “If you were just going to pick from the men’s side, why’d you try to convince me that you were going to wear a dress?” Amelia mulled over as the two of them left the store.

Lina stuck out her tongue, “Well, I got you to admit that I’ve wore dresses before, so I figured that was like me picking out a dress tonight.” Amelia wasn’t buying the cute act and the impulse to hit Lina on the shoulder came, then went. She sighed heavily looking over Lina’s outfit, it was nearly the same as always, Amelia was certain that Lina had been trying to match her usual outfit down to the exact color, the most noticeable features being that the colors were a few shades different than usual.

Looking down at her own outfit she felt tricked. It was similar to the one she normally wore as an emissary of her kingdom. The quintessential dress, billowy at the bottom, frilly, though at Lina’s insistence she’d gone with a darker color than usual and just a little less gaudy. The shades of blue and tan matched her normal outfit in many ways, but in the guise of the delicate dress, didn’t seem to convey Amelia’s personality to the same extent, at least the Amelia that Lina knew. Still, Amelia had to admit to herself that something just seemed right about her dressing up tonight, even if Lina had opted out of it. There was just something to it…. A wave of nostalgia hitting her as she felt herself settle somewhat into the role she’d been raised to play.

Turning to Lina, Amelia had to ask, “So, we’re all dressed up, where to?” Lina looked around the square, they’d already walked around once when they first got arrived and already more shops had closed, even the initially promising theater. The theater though had proved to be a disappointment, upon further inspection it showed itself to only be showing shadow puppets that night, something neither of them would have been much impressed with.

“We already ate dinner…” Lina started out, afraid that maybe her suggestion might be shot down, “But we could go to a restaurant and just get something light to eat, and then we could go back to the hotel after that…” Amelia’s smile showed that food was always a good idea with the princess and Lina again locked her hand with Amelia’s and the two of them wandered to one of the last eateries open in the square. At least the last one that didn’t look like a place where mercenaries and thugs hung out.

Despite the hour, the restaurant was nearly half full of patrons. Lina looked it over, a fairly nice establishment with a good waiter to customer ratio. Good because she didn’t like to wait. But… they weren’t that hungry anyway. Lina and Amelia were quickly shown to their seats, “So are you two ladies expecting the company of your gentlemen anytime soon?” The question had been asked innocuously enough, but it seemed there was some undertone there, for a moment Lina contemplated on giving a witty little quip, but decided on the truth.

“Nope, we just came here for a good meal.” The waiter saw no reason to pursue that line of questioning and excused himself, leaving the two of them with a menu. Without prompting Lina reached across the table, ensnaring Amelia’s hand again. For the briefest of moments their eyes met as they looked over the table at each other.


For once the food was not the center point of the dinner table and as the night wore on its importance continued to drop. It did serve a purpose though, simply to get them to sit down together. Away from the men, a comfort started to settle in. Lina’s defenses dropping, and for the first time in a long time she felt free to just… talk. She talked about everything, and Amelia, be it from past experiences, or simply because she couldn’t get enough of Lina’s stories, silently sat through every minute of it, knowing how much Lina loved to talk. But with the food gone, and the bill paid, they were again put into that uncomfortable situation outside, where their course of action would again lead them back to the inn, signaling an end to their night out together.

Tapping Lina’s shoulder, Amelia started, “You know, I’ve been thinking…” She paused, looking around at the cityscape, “Maybe we should rent a different hotel room tonight… this will be our last time in a bed for awhile, and wouldn’t you like to share a big bed with me?”

“Hum? That’s pretty direct of you Amelia…” Lina trailed off, letting her altered take on Amelia’s words come across, but instead of getting a defensive reaction Amelia blushed, adverting her gaze off to the side. There was no retaliation, and all at once Lina started to feel a bit of nervousness. She recovered quickly, “Well… You know, I was just thinking the same thing.” Lina covered with a smile. Amelia happily moved in and gave Lina a quick kiss on the cheek. “Oh!” Lina exclaimed, her eyes widening, and bringing her hand to her cheek. Quickly composed though she finished, “Yeah, let’s go to a decent inn for the night, none of this bargain basement crap for us, ne?”

The luminosity of the area dropped slightly, one of the lighting spells in the middle of the square expired. Lina snickered, “These amateurs casting these spells… pathetic.”

“Uh hum.” Amelia replied in agreement. Together they walked over to the small more natural area in the center of the square, its brightness now only half before. Lina found herself a comfortable spot on a bench, looking inward towards the trees growing there.

“It’s starting to get cold out here…” Amelia mumbled, her breath beginning to tinge with frost as she talked. Lina for her part was not uncomfortable in the cold, but she was concerned for Amelia.

Looking over at the younger girl, Lina noted that although her dress had bulk, it was open to the atmosphere beneath. Her eyes continued to trail along its edges. In the light, backlit, just the most basic form of the dress was visible, that, and Amelia’s face. Placed perfectly against the lit backdrop, her eyes had a particular gleam to them… Not realizing exactly how distracted she was, there was a sudden moment of panic as she realized Amelia was looking her over in turn, causing Lina to blush and Amelia to smirk. Something about ‘turn about’ coming to Lina’s head for a moment but quickly replaced by something else indescribable, just a feeling, nothing words were meant to convey.

Slowly Lina started to close the distance between the two of them. She leaned in, and in response Amelia brought her face in too. Their lips now touching, Lina moved in ever so slightly, putting just the right pressure into the kiss. Her muscles tense, then…. Relaxed, she let it go. Before there was an apprehension there, the feeling that what they were doing was not right, the kiss deepened. Lina pushed foreword more, pressing Amelia’s head back slightly as Lina lifted up, putting herself slightly over Amelia, into a dominant position and moving her arm behind Amelia’s back.

Lina moaned into the kiss as Amelia dropped backward along the bench, her legs hanging off the side, but Lina now laying atop her. Their kiss broke for a moment before Lina pecked a few more over Amelia’s face, causing her to giggle. Lina though was serious, “I can’t believe how right this feels….I’ve never been able to--” Lina laid out more fully atop the princess, nuzzling into the space in the crook of her neck.

Amelia giggled nervously, “You know… this bench is pretty uncomfortable…” She managed out, slightly winded from Lina’s weight pressing her down awkwardly.

Forcing herself to sit upright, Lina faked some effort so as to make Amelia realize what kind of incredible task she was asking of her. Amelia pushed herself up slowly from the bench, just as the remaining nearby light spell flickered and faded. Putting the whole area into darkness. Looking around they realized most of the shops were closed as well, and most of the illumination still present was coming from the stars and moon gathered above. “You think maybe we should get to that inn?” Lina breathed out, the coldness of the air starting to creep into her bones. Amelia’s nod was hardly visible in the darkness, but when she grabbed Lina’s hand, the sorceress followed.

/\/\||/\/\-=End of Chapter 9=-/\/\||/\/\