Sylphiel has her way with Lina

(AKA Sylphiel Rapes Lina)


        This fanfic takes place during Episode 25 of The Slayers and prior knowledge is not necessary for enjoyment of this fanfic but it does help and it does contain spoilers so if your don’t want to read about this episode do not continue. But spoilers should be the least of your worries, this fanfic may also contain non-consensual sex, coupled with obvious lemon and some of it... gets a little nasty so definitely do not read if you are under 18, this may warp you. If you still want to read this, who am I to stop you? That’s the reason that I wrote this, to be read, when you’re done you can e-mail me at to complain about everything in general.


        Sylphiel was running though the underground passages of the city of Sairaag as if her life depended on it. To be more precise it was not her life on the line but the immobile form of a sorceress known as Lina Inverse slung over her shoulder that hung in the balance. A light spell followed above her head showing the way in advance as she dodged neatly between up-rooted tiles and wreckage of all sorts. Blood, there was blood all over the sorceress and staining the shoulder of the girl on which her body resided. It was plainly obvious that Lina was definitely in trouble. Her face was pale and taut and a trickle of blood escaped her lips.

        The space ahead of the duo grew from a narrow passage to a grand gazebo room in a matter of seconds and once there Sylphiel abruptly stopped. She carefully sat down Lina’s body and put her own hands on her thighs while she caught her breath. After a second or so of relaxing she looked frantically around the room, not a moment could be wasted. Her eyes finally settled on a disheveled old blanket bunched up in the corner. Sylphiel quickly snatched it up and laid it out on the floor, then with a slight grunt hefted Lina upon it, covering it long ways.

        In her mind Sylphiel was going over the spell she was about to cast, it reached to the limit of her skills and would be tough but she was sure that she could cast it successfully, because if she didn’t Lina would die. She was bringing up her hands, in order to beseech of the gods a portion of their ultimate power when she noticed the condition to which Lina had fallen. There was no more color in her, she was pale, white, her skin all together devoid of blood. Sylphiel’s face took on a look of alarm as she gazed at Lina. Then ever so cautiously she placed her ear down over Lina’s heart. She listened intently for several seconds and was rewarded by hearing several slow, sluggish, heart beat’s, then let out a sigh of relief, hope coming to her again, renewing her resolve. One more time she brought her hands aloft and began reciting the spell. The spell was tough for Sylphiel but she put everything she had into it. All of her kindness, her honesty, everything that was Sylphiel, and when it was completed she collapsed from exhaustion.

        She awoke sometime later mere inches away from Lina’s face. She looked into Lina’s pale eyes and it shook her emotions like nothing else. Quickly she lifted her head from its resting place and put it to Lina’s chest. Nothing! There was no heart beat, Sylphiel’s heart almost died on the spot as well. She collapsed back onto her rear and sat a second in shock. She stared at Lina with unfocused eyes until she sprung up suddenly. She took both of her hands and began beating on Lina’s chest, directly over her heart. She started yelling hysterically, she then straddled Lina’s legs, put her hands over the smaller girls solar plexus, and started rhythmic pumping. It was obvious that she was trying to revive Lina. It looked like Lina’s body was okay, its just that apparently Lina didn’t live to see it.

        As a last resort the exhausted Sylphiel placed her lips over Lina’s and blew with all of her might. She did this over and over, wishing that she would get some kind of response, and finally after the fifth or sixth breath of air she was rewarded with Lina’s coughing followed by ragged breathing. Sylphiel’s face was awash with joy and she started to back up off her friend when she was suddenly assaulted by the strangest urge to kiss Lina and after a brief hesitation bent back down and planted one on her lips. Then another, and another, each kiss lingering slightly longer then the last. After pulling up from the sixth of seventh kiss a thin trail of saliva tethered the two faces and Sylphiel had a strange look on her face somewhere between lust and disgust. She shook her own head viciously back and fourth as if to somehow clear it, her face contorting a bit in pain.

        At length she bent down again, this time kissing a small trail down the smaller girls jaw bone and tracing her tongue over other parts. Her entire demeanor was changing, from timid shrine maiden to a two bit harlot who would turn tricks for quarters in the street. Her hands were moving slowly up the smaller girls sides, tickling her flanks and settling on her breasts. Even in her unconscious state Sylphiel squeezed them so hard Lina grimaced, but Sylphiel continued. Her hands roamed up underneath Lina’s shirt and began tweaking her nipples. She removed her suction cup of a mouth from Lina’s neck so that she could pull her shirt over Lina’s head before continuing, not even noticing the sizeable hickey that was already forming.

        The wild look in Sylphiel’s eyes left no doubt as to what she was going to do. Reaching down with both hands she pulled off her top as well then cupped Lina’s breast with one hand while using the other on her own neglected nipples. Both her and Lina’s face changed to almost painful expressions but Lina remained unconscious. Sylphiel continued this molestation for nearly a minute and stopped as abruptly as she began, staring at Lina’s prone form. Her face encompassed with confusion as Sylphiel sat, and for a time it was unclear what she would do next, the extreme emotions playing across her features were puzzling at best. Maybe she had some kind of hidden impulse to molest someone, to take control, or perhaps she just wanted to be bad. What ever the reason she found herself back at the task of administering pleasure to both herself and Lina’s unresponsive body.

        She had her body laying down against Lina’s and was mashing their chest’s together, a thin coating of saliva from Sylphiel lubricating the crevice between the two of them. And so the two bare chested women continued for some time. Eventually Sylphiel’s fumbling hands withdrew Lina’s belt, and that was soon followed by her pants, all the while never slowing her pace. She didn’t know what she was doing, and while attempting to pull down her own pants pushed her fingers in and out of Lina’s mouth where she obediently suckled them on some ingrained impulse.

        The both of them now were clad in basically the same thing with a couple exceptions. Lina’s expansive stomach now had a large scar covering it where she had been blasted by copy Rezo. Her and Sylphiel wore no pants but both had panties on, Sylphiel had some sort of leggings on and Lina still had one of her boots on, along with both of her gloves and her head band. Their clothes were strewn chaotically about the small space they occupied in the grand dome and they were still stripping. Sylphiel lifted her butt up in the air and pulled her panties to her knees then mashed her chest into Lina’s stomach as she slid them off her legs entirely. Taking off Lina’s panties was much easier and only took a second to do, and finally the sorceress was exposed for what she really was, just an ordinary girl just like any other cute girl. Sylphiel paused to admire Lina’s beautiful body in the artificial light before continuing.

        Sylphiel took two digets and probed Lina’s moistened opening. The said girl was responding to the attention by turning her lips into an expression that could have been either agony or ecstasy. All the while Sylphiel was slowly lowering her body downward so that her face was at the same place as Lina’s hole. When in position she licked it tentatively a couple of times but soon she wanted more. She put her hands firmly on Lina’s ass and pulled Lina’s cunt into her face. For the next couple minutes all there that could be heard was heavy slurping sounds coming from Sylphiel, inevitably she pulled her head up from its intended target with a funny half-smirk on her face. She continued looking down at Lina for a moment then flipped her on her chest with a groan. She looked at Lina’s butt cheeks and spread them apart with her hands. Taking a instant to admire Lina’s chocolate rose she prudently pushed into the tight passage with her ring finger.

        The tight fit became somewhat looser after Sylphiel applied a generous amount of her own saliva to her fingers, sampling Lina’s already present anal juices with a questionable predisposition. She somehow managed to work three fingers into Lina’s once virgin butt and was trying for a fourth when she shoved with all of her might and her entire fist went in. Sylphiel’s eyes bugged out and she tried to pull her fist out but it was a really tight fit and was insanely difficult to budge. Lina cried out in her unconsciousness and began Urinating on herself. Sylphiel yelped and pulled harder then she thought possible in desperation. Her fist came out with a plop leaving little droplets of blood in its wake.

        She quickly backed up ten or so feet and sat there breathing hard. Her heart was beating a million times per minute or so it felt. What in the nine hells would she have done if Lina woke up. She looked at her own fist in disgust almost vomiting at its appearance. It was covered in feces from her wrist up and had plenty of blood splattered thought, then she looked at Lina, the sorceress was in a puddle of her own urine, it streamed down her leg and her ass was high in the air for all to see, her anus was stretched obscenely huge, and sick concoction of blood and feces leaked from it. Sylphiel took it back, she was going to vomit, and she did.

        Surprisingly it made her feel cleansed, a strange side effect of seeing your lunch plastered all over the floor. She shakily rose to her feet and walked over to Lina. She picked up her clothes and proceeded to get dressed all the while starring at the sorceress. When she was all done she cleaned Lina up best she could, using the blanket as a cloth to wipe her down. It only took her a short time to hurriedly dress Lina. She just felt so sickened by what she had done that she had to hurry up. She gave Lina and herself one last look over before hoisting Lina up and over her shoulder, she had still not woken up but maybe that was a good thing, she definitely didn’t want anyone to know what just happened. She took one last look around the room before feeling it shake from the battle that was continuing overhead. Wearily she trudged off to find their one hope, the bless blade, but that wasn’t the main thing on her mind the only thing one her mind right now was....."Oh god Lina, I’m so sorry, I hope she doesn’t remember that!"

The end



Hey I just had to get this out of my system ok. I’m sorry if I offended anyone but there is nothing I can do if I did. As for my justification for Sylphiel’s actions, she used up all of her ‘good’ energy casting the spell, like I said she put everything she had into it, I wanted it to be subtle but I’ve got quite a few angry people that said there was not justification, well, there was some, just not good stuff, you know, she gives up her good impulses and all she’s left with is the bad. If you want to e-mail me my address is I also have several home pages. is my tribute to violence (I’m destructve). is another one of my homepages with lots of fanfiction including this one and others from Slayers, Ranma 1/2, and even some Pokémon along with some wav’s. I would like to thank you for sitting though this dribble now excuse me, the hour is getting late and I’m going to bed......god this took too long to write......

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