Xelloss has his way with Lina

An adult Slayers work by RVincent


Let’s just get straight to the disclaimer on this one and work out the niceties later.

This work of fan fiction contains characters and information from the series “Slayers”. I make no claim of ownership of these characters or their related information, copyrights remain with their respective copyright holders. I am making no money from this work, it is strictly meant as a work of fandom, an aftermarket addition to an already great product.

Secondly, this fanfic is adult in nature. Now…

This is important!

This fanfic contains rape, blood, vomiting, fecal matter, anal sex, vaginal sex, violence, and more. It also contains male (Mazoku) on female (human) action. Please, for the love of god, don’t read any further if you are under 18 years of age of if any of these things offend you. This is for your own good! So, thanks for reading through my disclaimer, if you stuck with me so far, good, enjoy the fanfic. If however you want go head away form this fanfic, that’s good too, and I’m glad you actually read my disclaimer.

Onto the fanfic!

*************Classic Snowflake Opening*************

As the two of them ran into the mouth of the cave, it’s deepening darkness and clinging musty smell seemed a fitting prelude as to what was to come. Still, as Lina turned back to the entrance, she was relieved to find that it didn’t appear they were being followed. Her breath was coming in fast little huffs but she was already rapidly on her way to recovering, Xelloss though was another story.

She turned her head slightly at the Mazoku slung over her shoulder. He was shaking, she’d never seen him do that before. Covering his back were a multitude of holes, each as wide as her thumb and brimming with darkness that tore at his physical form, growing larger by the minute. He felt light too, she’d never had the need to carry him like she was before, but still, she could tell his hold on his worldly projection was weakening.

Carefully she dropped down to her knees, letting Xelloss roll off her shoulder and onto his backside. “How are you holding up Xelloss?” Lina asked, half-afraid of the answer as she looked around the slick weeping walls of the cave.

It seemed to take a moment for the question to register, “I’m afraid I’m not doing very good at the moment Lina-chan…” He forced a cough for added emphasis.

Lina tried to focus on the situation at hand, “I can tell you’re weakening Xelloss, if you keep this up… Just head back to the Astral Plane and recover, me and Gourry will wrap this up.” Again she cast a sideways glance to the opening of the cave, hoping that her protector had found similar shelter. She knew that the chances of the two of them defeating whatever it was themselves was minimal if it could inflict such damage on Xelloss, and for that she cursed him lightly under her breath. He had lead them to face it, he’d been behind their quest the whole time and she hadn’t realized it until it was too late, lead them to take on some berserker remnant from the War of the Monsters Fall, probably because he knew it would be too much for him alone.

He interrupted her train of thought, “I can’t go back to the Astral Plane -- If I do, it will be able to find me no matter how hard I try to hide, and then it will destroy me.” He finished with such finality that the outcome was not in doubt in Lina’s mind.

“I could try the Ragna Blade.” She offered without hesitation.

“Lina!” Xelloss spat in all seriousness, “You know that won’t work,” Xelloss slumped slightly, absently fingering one of his wounds, “It’s too fast, and you know how it eats magical energy, as soon as you start casting such a spell it will find you…” He trailed off to let the implications sink in. Then watched her get that far-away look in her eyes that she did every so often when she felt true hopelessness, and despite the situation Xelloss couldn’t hide the smile as he drunk in her intoxicating drama.

The slight quirking smile on Xelloss’ face didn’t go unnoticed by the Sorceress though. Its source was clear, “You know, if you need some energy I could just think about all the times my sister picked on me.” She smiled, half-serious in her proposition.

Despite his weakened condition Xelloss forced himself to his feet, towering over Lina who was still crouched on the ground. “That’s not entirely a bad idea Lina.”

Sudden worry smothered her heart in her chest. Despite his weakened condition she had no doubt that Xelloss was stronger and faster than her, physical rules didn’t apply to him. He knew her too well and there was no way she could get off a spell in the time necessary. Immediately her mind flashed back to a fight so long ago when she had been assigned to protect the merchant Radok. She, Gourry, Zel, and Amelia had been fighting two powerful Mazoku in a great battle, but when the Mazoku known as Dugld was injured, on the verge of death, he did something unexpected. He killed a lesser demon; feeding on its anger and fear he managed to almost completely heal himself. Suddenly she saw her fate before her.

“You don’t have to worry about that Lina.” The comment so off handed was no doubt from him reading her emotions.

“So, you’re not gonna just kill me?” She tried to add a sarcastic edge to the words but it hardly dulled her fear.

“Oh no Lina. That may have worked for low ranking Mazoku over the years, but if I were to kill you, you would hardly provide a fraction of the energy I need. So… I need to stretch this out a little bit.”

Lina shivered, standing to face Xelloss face to face, taking in his clothes, small bits of them breaking from his body and floating away into the aether, disintegrating and leaving ever larger holes in their wake. If she could wait him out, he would fade away on his own shortly, or be pulled back to the Astral Plane to die. Actually, he seemed to be fading faster now.

“Sorry about this Lina, but if you’re lucky, when I’m done you might still be alive.”

Without choreographing the move to the rest of her body, Lina slid her left foot out behind her to brace for any type of impact, taking a defensive stance while mentally going over any options that might be left for her. Movement! She raised her arms up to her face as fast as she could but before they could even reach their apex she felt herself being lifted by her elbows, and Xelloss was running with her across the tunnel. Dashing with her 10 feet he rattled her into the wall grunting, she felt the air get knocked out of her, her head bouncing off the stone, leaving her dazed and gasping for breath but otherwise okay.

“Xellosssss” She growled out, her eyesight still fighting to come back to her. He didn’t say anything but she felt her clothes being torn off. And felt more helpless than she ever had. She tried to move her arms but they were pinned to her side, she kicked out solidly with her feet and struck Xelloss dead on but he didn’t even flinch. She felt her shirt rip open, in its fleeting seconds of struggle her chest wrap digging into her back as Xelloss pulled it in half. And suddenly he was chewing roughly on her nipple.

“Xelloss stop!” She cried out, squeezing her eyes shut, as she felt tears begin to sting the corners of her eyes. One of her shed tears rolled over her rosy cheeks and fell atop Xelloss’ head, and for a moment he stopped as if he had felt it, before starting again with greater fervor.

“Stop!” Lina yelled, kicking her legs and hoping Gourry couldn’t hear her struggle more than any worries about a rampaging Mazoku monster. She knew if he were to show up, Xelloss would have no problem killing him, or worse, doing to him what he was going to do to her. “Please stop Xelloss, we’ll find another way!” She pleaded with him.

Finally, he pulled away from his rough ministrations, a dabble of blood in the corner of his mouth, “Unless you want to die Lina -- this is the only way…” And with that he backed up slightly, releasing her left arm and smacking her across the face enough to rattle her brain. Immediately he moved his free hand down to the waistband of her pants and ripped it away in one great pull. Without the waistband her pants fell to her knees and despite her attempts to keep them there they quickly slid to her ankles and finally over her boots, effectively binding her feet in place.

The feeling of helplessness was almost too much. Hyperventilating, she had no doubt what was going to happen. She tried to take her mind off the why, and focused on the how. Mazoku were asexual creatures. She knew his body could contort to any dimension or shape but - that didn’t change the fact that it was happening to her. She couldn’t hold the definition of a Mazoku out to Xelloss and expect that to educate him to change his mind about raping her.

“Lina?” She was too engrossed in her mental evaluation of the situation to notice Xelloss calling to her, “Lina?”

“What is it?” She asked, bitter and full of venom.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked, trying to bring her back to the here and now.

“What?!” She shrieked, her modestly completely misplaced in the situation, but seeing his face, the seriousness she felt compelled to answer, stammering and blushing though, “Y- yes..” She answered in a weak voice.

She didn’t like the way his smile grew at the answer. Barely she felt she was being lowered after being pulled away from the rock-face. Now they were fully face to face or at least as much so as was possible with their height differences. The motion of his free hand caught her eye and she was drawn to his waist band which he had just unstrung. She couldn’t look after that, screwing her eyes shut and turning her head to the side.

Being that a penis wasn’t on the normal list of Mazoku appendages she was nearly tempted to take a peak at whatever it was he conjured up. But the mental image of a snake, or worse yet, a slug deterred her from even cracking her eyelid.

Lina felt it, cold, slimy, pulsing. Disgusting. Slowly she felt the alien sensation of something pushing against her womanhood, then slowly entering her. She clenched up, fighting it, but it only served to force Xelloss to redouble his efforts. The pressure turned more intense, it felt almost enough to lift her had he not been actively holding her in place the whole time. Even without the resistance, his massive girth would have caused for some difficulties with the whole act.

Involuntarily Lina squeaked something out as she felt him stop his descent into her womanhood. She felt her heart threaten to seize up in her chest. At long last she allowed herself to open her eyes just in time to make contact with Xelloss’ amethyst jewels. And the smile. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out as he tore past her barrier and continued to thrust into her unrelenting.

“And now you’re a virgin no longer.” She could picture the smile just as well without opening her eyes, but still her opened them wide as she felt him plunge in even further, past the point where he should be stopped. Not only filling her vaginal cavity but a part of him even rushing into her uterus, ballooning out and filling it fully. It was a self-aware entity in and of itself.

She tried to say something, it was too much but it came out as a rush of air, a squeak. And the act had given Xelloss’ member even more room inside of her body, she felt it move into the infinitesimal amount of space that had been freed up as she had expelled some air form her lungs. The thrusts were violent, painful and she had no doubt that if she were to look down at her naked stomach that it would look like a mass of writhing snakes beneath her flesh.

Lina’s back dug deeper into the wall with every thrust, pain, it all hurt so much. Tears began to openly cascade down her face, punctuated by little cries of pain, whatever she could manage with her diminished lug capacity. Suddenly his body went still against her as he pushed her violently against the wall once again. She felt it, deep with in her swelling, hot, she felt like she was wetting herself from within.

Then, he moved in again, snaking his head forward he took a firm bite into her neck, drawing blood deeply, piercing and bruising, his bite close enough to the center to cause Lina’s windpipe to crack. Then he pulsed again, and again. Lina felt the slickness spatter and drop in wet balls against her pants that were still dangling between her ankles, immobilizing her.


Finally, he pulled out. She felt and heard the liquid drop from her ruined body, splashing sounds against the cave floor. She was suddenly so much colder inside, gaped open to the inside of her uterus. Swallowing hard and steeling herself she opened her eyes at last, tears stinging at her vision as they finally found their way into her eyes. It was black, bloody bile that had fallen from her. Xelloss reached up and grabbed her head, forcing her gaze to maintain itself downward, forcing her to take in the sight as her body convulsed on its own accord and dropped out a massive clot of corruption.

She could feel the knot in her stomach press against the spot where it met with her esophagus. It wanted to come up, she needed to throw up but she held it inside. Roughly she felt Xelloss’ hands come to her shoulders, turning her about in mid-air and finally allowing her feet to touch the ground fully. Her face pressed against he wall, the stone there abrading it significantly. She didn’t have the time to take in the consequences of her situation. She only had the sudden horrible realization that something was pressing against her sphincter.

The pain before was nothing compared to the pain now. Tight, sharp, and spreading as she felt him enter her and feed himself into her colon and up into her intestines. She needed to vomit but held it in again. The crazy feeling of her intestines being backed up sending a strobe of signals to her brain. Half-crazed she yelled out, “Stop, please stop!” She finished unable to hold back the sob at the end. “You’re really hurting me!!!”

Either he didn’t care or he thoroughly enjoyed the pleading because he didn’t stop, didn’t even slow. More of him was inside her than the last time. With his strong unyielding hands he pushed her head lower, scraping her nose deeply into the rock face until she was bent fully over. Now grabbing her flanks he increased his pace, each thrust going deeper than the last. This time she couldn’t hold back the vomit.

At the moment she started convulsing Xelloss reached around with one of his gloved hands and covered her mouth, her eyes widened. Most of the vomit was forced to come painfully out of her nose, bits of it hanging up in the snot and forcing around his hand. Quickly he pulled her head upward, straightening her body as he removed his hand from her face. The large gob of vomit behind his glove gurgled out of her mouth and slid down her chest before gathering around the edges of her cavernous pussy, dripping into the puddle of disgust from her first rape.

Again that feeling, that horrible sickening feeling as Xelloss’ member pulsed even more painfully and sickening this time in the deepest parts of Lina’s body. Lina shuddered, cried out, whimpered, and finally she felt him withdrawing. Her body shaking, the only reason she found herself on her feet was Xelloss’ hold on her. Afraid of what she would find she forced herself to look between her legs, much more blood was coming from her ass than had come from her pussy.

Then Xelloss let her drop to the floor.

She felt her legs fold at a strange angle as she impacted, but she didn’t have the life force to slow herself properly. She felt lifeless, her body still twitching from ghost feelings and the ever growing pain down below. Angrily she turned her head, Xelloss was again materialized in the fully, any evidence of injury that he had sustained had evaporated.

Her words came out haltingly, choking, bitterness and sarcasm woven into ever syllable, “So, do you feel better now?”

His smile, Lina flinched. His nod, Lina flinched. “Yeah, I think I’m ready go to another round with that Mazoku.”

“Oh, good.” Lina pushed herself to a sitting position from the floor and wiped off her arms, making a disgusted face. Xelloss, eyes widened even more when he noticed the smile on her face. Her shaking had stopped entirely.

“How… how!?” Xelloss shouted out, feeling the disgust and despair suddenly disappear from Lina replaced by the same level of confidence she usually possessed.

Lina had never seen Xelloss so surprised, even when Gaav had nearly cut him in half. She smiled wider seeing his expression turn to utter shock, “I just justified it to myself that it was something that had to be done.”

Suddenly Xelloss could feel the emotions. They had been just below the surface the whole time. The rape, the pain, it was all real. But Lina knew it was going to happen, had realized it from the moment she suggested something that it was a possible outcome, and had prepared herself for it. And now, appeared to be completely over it.

“I knew that it was going to come down to something like that and I already figured it was bound to happen. In that case I would have just went through it monotone and neither of us would have gotten anything out of it.”

Xelloss still found himself at a loss for words, “But- it was real…” He shook his head soundly, “You can’t just fake that, those were real emotions, you couldn’t have...” He found himself looking at Lina through new eyes.

The smile dropped from Lina’s face as she reached down with her hand and scooped out some of the black nastiness from her rear end. Holding up her finger she shook it to get his attention, “I just have one question, what is this stuff?” She pushed her fingers together and pulled them apart to emphasize the sticky consistency of the phlegm-like liquid.

Xelloss stuck his hand to the back of his head, suddenly embarrassed to be forced to explain, “That’s the physical manifestation of the material that sloughs off my astral form about once every century. I guess it would kind of be like dead skin.” He managed with a smile and a laugh. Seeing her questioning look he added, “It was meant to add trauma to the situation.”

Again the sarcasm was there, “Well, I have to admit it was a nice touch.”

There was still a little bit of shakiness as she pushed herself to her feet. All sorts of liquids running out of her petite body as she raised up off the ground. “Next time though take it a little easier, it’s going to take a while to heal all of this and we need all of us at full strength for this fight.”

He nodded but quick as lighting he felt Lina’s arm around his head yanking him down. He hadn’t intentionally allowed it but he suddenly found himself in a headlock nonetheless. “I might forgive you for the rest, you’re a Mazoku after all…” Then Lina went deadly serious, “But I’m royally pissed about you putting your hand over my mouth while I was trying to throw up!” She gave him a solid punch to the cranium before pushing him back onto his butt.

“I thought you were just playing along.” He muttered weakly from the ground.

“What difference would it make, and besides you didn’t know I was anyway.

“Now-” She motioned to her pants that were still around her ankles, “Fix them and make them clean enough to wear.”

Being that there was no argument available to fight her tone Xelloss waved his staff and the pants were instantly clean and mended. Minutes later and after a few healing spells Lina found herself ready to fight again. She still felt strange, she’d never expected her first time to be like it was. But she forced herself to turn and meet Xelloss’ gaze, giving him an honest to goodness smile and blowing him a kiss, “I’m glad you’re feeling better Xelloss.”

“Gehh!” Xelloss reeled back as if taking a punch to the face. “I hope you were acting with that last bit of emotion too.” He mussed, worried at the strong feelings hiding there.

“Maybe I was…” She laughed, “Maybe I wasn’t.” She returned a playful smile, “Now let’s go kick some Mazoku ass.” And with that Lina ran from the cave, Xelloss following close behind, unable to keep the worried look off his face.

No human should have been able to commit the level of emotional deception that Lina had just realized. But… she had been merged with the Mother of All Things. If anything, Xelloss thought to himself, Lina was one of a kind.


The End


Authors Notes:

I wrote about half of this fanfic, forgot about it, then finished it in one night during one of my normal ‘bouts of madness’. It is violent, disgusting, dark, and a throwback to more of my early works where I was out simply to scare my reader or gross them out (See: Am I Evil?, Can Lina Control the Power of the Lord of Nightmares, Gaav has his way with Lina, and Sylphiel has her way with Lina). This is a departure from my works as of late where I am instead trying to write things that are thought provoking or break the mold in other ways more than simple gross out.

I guess this just means ‘my’ Xelloss can’t go beyond his Mazoku heritage. Nonetheless, my e-mail address is the in beginning of the fanfic, if you would like to send me comments or criticism feel free to do so.

With regards to the story itself, as soon as Lina mentions thinking about her sister torturing her in order to ‘feed’ Xelloss she has already resigned herself to that fate. Otherwise she would not have mentioned it. She was not just spit balling the idea, instead it was more along the lines of someone hinting at sex, really expecting it to happen, but not being brave enough to say it outright, instead dancing around the issue. I doubt she would have believed that it would have been as violent as it was, but she was committed. So, she allowed herself to be shocked, and violated, and then when it was all over she justified it to herself. The part about the Mazoku, Dugld, was taken from one of the Slayers novels released by Tokyopop.

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Please read more Slayers fan fiction at my somewhat comprehensive Slayers Hentai fan fiction archive at http://slayers.destructve.com and also check out my Slayers Hentai forum at http://www.destructve.com/slayersboard



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