Martina has her way with Lina

Okay, this fanfic takes place in Slayers NEXT, after Martina fell for Xelloss but before she found out he was a Mozouku [Hope I didn’t spoil that for anyone...]. I would place this one right before the episode where they find the Claire bible manuscript that was comprised of trillions of stone tablets with Auntie Aqua. This fanfic contains adults only material including non-consensual sex, bondage, water sports, and girl on girl action. If this offends you stop reading! Don’t read this then go, “Wow, I’m offended, I better complain to the author now...” Also, if you are currently under eighteen years of age stop reading now and hit the back button on your browser or close you text viewing application, whatever applies to you. Finally though, enjoy, this was written for reading after all.


Already the tension in the air was reestablished. Silence, then a series of quick attacks and withdraws, both participants occasionally stopping to re-gather their resolve. They were similarly matched, possessing identical weapons. But when the stakes were this high there really was no time to waste and the combatants would have made nearly any weapon work in this pinch. Finally though Lina swung in with a precision timed attack, aiming her fork for Gourry’s face. In desperation he pushed away from the medium circular table and lost his balance in the chair, starting to teeter and fall backwards. Seeing this Lina was immediately poised to descend on the remnants of a roast, the only thing left on the table. 

However she had underestimated Gourry. As he fell he rolled to the side and out of his chair, and in mid-air, before he struck the ground, he firmly grabbed back of the chair and continued his roll, using his momentum to strike out with the chair. The metal tipped legs rended the air as they were brought around in a tight arc in an attempt to connect with Lina’s skull. Gourry let loose the now ballistic chair just before the momentum would have brought its arc to a maximum, which caused the chair to bullet straight toward Lina’s face.

Lina may have not been paying attention to Gourry, but she was almost never off guard. She looked up and her eyes widened to unbelievable proportions as she saw the chair less then a foot from her face. Instinct was the only way to justify the speed of her reaction, bringing her hands up to block quick as possible, a spell already forming in her mind and her lungs starting to force out air to form words, “Burst...” Then the chair connected, just as Gourry hit the floor. Lina reeled back, the impact ripping at her consciousness, but her spell was already there, she let out a gargle that might have almost sounded like ‘Flare’ but in all likely hood only sounded like that because that was the logical conclusion to the spell. 

A large blast of fire exploded from Lina’s hands and followed a trajectory that brought it directly into the ceiling. Meanwhile her completely limp body was carried by her momentum back and away from the danger zone that was directly below where the debris were falling from the ceiling. She landed roughly on the polished wooden floor and tumbled into a nearby table, tossing chairs everywhere and letting out a pained cry.

Meanwhile Gourry had pushed himself to his feet and was looking between the falling ceiling and the food left on the table with a severity that made it seem his head might explode. Finally his eyes focused past the splintered wood on the table, remnants of the chair that had struck Lina, and settled on the food. With a cry of triumph he grabbed up the last of the meal, a smile coming to his face just as an exceptionally large timber at least a foot and a half in diameter struck him solidly in the head, knocking him into and through the table to the ground where he was expediently covered with the remaining roofing debris.

Two tables over Zelgadiss and Amelia just shook their heads, they got up and started walking, Zelgadiss toward Gourry, Amelia toward Lina. Just a little further away though Martina and Xelloss shared a short laugh together. Martina relaxed a bit after the laugh and reached to the side, putting her hand over Xelloss’. She smiled a bit meeting Xelloss’ eyes, “It’s so great that we find the same things amusing Master Xelloss...” Xelloss smiled back at her and waved his finger in the air back and fourth, “It appears that’s sometimes true.” Martina sighed and scooted her chair closer to her companion, letting her body lean against him, watching him as he drank his tea. Xelloss for his part did not seem to mind at all, if anything he looked to be enjoying the company.

The two of them sat there for a while watching Zelgadiss and Amelia both work to uncover Gourry, with Lina standing off to the side fuming, a huge red mark distinctly in the squared off shape of a chair leg, large on the side of her face. Martina took her eyes off the scene before her and turned her head up to look at Xelloss, “Do you ever think I’ll be better then Lina?” She asked in all sincerity, a bit of despair suddenly reverberating though her vocal cords. 

Xelloss felt it, to him like a mythical twelfth sense. He could tell at this moment. Whatever he said next. Would have a very large impact on future events. The chaos in him swirled and he concentrated, trying to figure out the best plan of action. Slowly he sat down his coffee and looked at Martina, opening his eyes fully, he understood now. Their eyes met, Martina overwhelmed at their depth, she sat silently, waiting hopefully for whatever he said next.

“I’m sorry Martina, but I doubt you’ll ever be half the sorceress Lina is....” Slowly Martina’s face contorted, her lips pulled down at the edges, trembling, and her eyes started to water. She looked away, downcast, but Xelloss grabbed her chin and pulled her head so she was looking at him again, his eyes still completely open, “...but... I know you can think of other ways to show her up...” Martina sniffled a bit but started to look more hopeful, hey eyes opening a bit wider she ventured to speak again, “...really..?” She said in a squeaky-sad voice. Xelloss smiled back, “Of course, you don’t have to be better then her, to.... humiliate her.” Xelloss finished, allowing his eyes to close back to their normal slittled level and settling into an evil grin.

Martina in turn started a slight evil smile, the tears now drying on her face as her mind went to work on what she considered her most insidious plan ever. Xelloss, now entirely content with himself, and feeling the flow of things work into a more chaotic series of events, turned back to where Gourry was now being abused by Lina. His head locked between her elbow while she yelled at him like a dog, waving the piece of chair in his face while he swore up and down it was an accident. Zelgadiss and Amelia already having left to their rooms to collect their possessions before they inevitably got kicked out of the inn.

Xelloss allowed his smile to grow even larger as he thought about how completely fake the argument that Lina and Gourry were now having was. Despite his best efforts the whole group seemed to work even better under strenuous circumstances. But... he was confident that his new wild card, would add a bit of intensity to the mix that was lacking before. Tonight was certainly going to be interesting he thought to himself.


Shortly after breakfast Martina preformed a disappearing act that everyone save Xelloss failed to notice. And it wasn’t till sunset that Xelloss noticed her reappear again. The Slayers group was just sitting down to dinner and Lina kept giving Gourry threatening looks though her half-squinted black eye that had formed due to their scuffle earlier. Amelia turned to Lina, “Just let me heal your eye already!” Lina in turn looked at Amelia, “You can’t just heal it, Gourry has to see it so he knows he’s done something wrong!” Zelgadiss took his turn to butt in, “He’s not a dog Lina.” 

Lina stood up and shook her fist threateningly at Gourry across the table, he shrinked back a bit, “Gourry, what are you!” Gourry shook his head back and fourth stammering out, “I don’t know, I don’t know Lina!” Lina leaned over the table more toward Gourry, “You’re a dog, now say it, say it!!!” Gourry put his hands in front of his face, warding off any attack, “Okay, I’m a dog!!” Lina sat back down in her seat with a satisfied look on her face, “See Zel, he really is a dog.” Zelgadiss decided to tempt fate after the display he just saw, “You know Lina, you’re acting a little strange today...” 

Lina stuck her tongue out trying to be cute before responding, “Well... I have been a wee bit drunk all day...” She said hiccupping for emphasis. Amelia stood up and pointed at Lina, “That’s not funny...” Lina stood up in response and took a few steps, moving in close to Amelia, turning her head to the side so she could whisper in her ear, “Amelia, I... I don’t know, this author just seems to be accentuating my violent side, I... I... if I kill you later you’ll forgive me right?” Amelia shivered and sat down silently and Lina followed suit. Zelgadiss’ ears twitched slightly as he listened in on Lina’s words, then he spoke up, “I hate fanfiction...” He said folding his arms, meanwhile on the other side of the table Gourry spoke up, “What’s fanfiction...” Everyone looked at Gourry, “Uhhhh yeah...” The entire scene at the table went silent and everyone seemed to be afraid to move. But the smell of the food was too great and within a few moments everyone was back to eating like nothing ever happened.

Meanwhile, at a nearby table, Xelloss sat casually watching the transpirings at the table alpha. He turned his head slowly as he felt Martina shift next to him and looked at her expectantly. “Master Xelloss, I know how I can get my revenge on Lina!” Xelloss smiled in response, “I had faith you would Martina, you have such tenacity!” Martina beamed at the comment and reached into the upper folds of her outfit, procuring two small rocks. Xelloss looked at her questioningly and Martina was all too happy to elaborate, “You see, I’ll add this one to her food..” She said gesturing to the slightly off white colored bean shaped object, “And this one is for the distraction...” Gesturing to her other hand holding an actual rock, “Then tonight when she’s passed out...” Martina started, her face taking on an evil glow, Xelloss took this as his que and moved in closer, feeding into her train of thought, “Yesss...” He said expectantly, Martina redoubled her dark aura, “I’ll sneak into her room and...” Xelloss moved in even more, their foreheads almost touching, “And...” She practically giggled hearing Xelloss’ enthusiasm, “And... I’ll draw a picture of Zoamel Gustav on her back!” She finished, her fang coming over her lower lip making her look exceptionally evil.

Xelloss maintained his composure, but on the inside he was cursing the innocence of the people around him, it made manipulating them so much harder, “But there are so many other humiliating things you could do to her Martina, things that are much... much... worse..” He finished, his voice becoming lighter and fading off with a sinister tone. Martina’s eyes widened, “Ohhh... such as...” She moved in, covering once again the distance between the two of them Xelloss had just retreated, almost overcome with anticipation, Xelloss moved in even closer, his lips only an inch or so from Martina’s ear. His breath caused her to shiver inside, and she felt his lips or tongue rub her ear a little, her heat beating fast from the contact. He held that position a few more moments, driving Martina wild, her breath coming in shorter and shorter breaths, “Sorewa Himitsudeusu...” And with that he abruptly stood up and walked away. 

She sat there shocked as Xelloss walked solemnly out of the room and up the flight of stairs leading to the second floor. Her mind was frantically trying to make sense of the situation when she saw something flash past her vision and land in her lap. She looked down, a book, grabbing it she turned around to see who threw it, but there was no one, she looked around but only herself, some staff, and Lina and the gang were in the eating area. Puzzled but nonetheless curious she looked down at the book then her face twisted into a maniacal smile as she read the title out loud, “A New Age Guide to Punishing Slaves...” Slowly she felt a laugh building in her throat, but she had the sense to cover her mouth and muffle it to prevent attention. She was sure that tonight Lina would pay.....


Xelloss watched Martina from his perch in the ceiling beams above. He really hated to take direct action like this, almost like he was cheating. But he shooed away the thought. With that book now in play he was sure that things would work out just how he wanted them to. His smile grew wider as he watched Martina throw her pebble at Amelia, striking her in the head. She turned to the side and blamed Lina for it, who took the opportunity to defend herself. Zelgadiss and Gourry tried to ignore it and Martina used the opening to throw her sleeping concoction, a little off the planned flight path, but quickly corrected by Xelloss, into the soup Lina had in front of her. Eventually the squabble between Lina and Amelia broke down and they went back to eating. Martina watched anxiously, clutching her effigy of Zoamel Gustav in her hands as Lina brought her spoon to her bowl. Then... simultaneously Martina and Xelloss smiled wider, watching as the packet of ingredients was brought up to Lina’s mouth and consumed without incidence. Suppressing an evil cackle Martina rushed out of the room and up the stairs, book in hand, set to prepare for the night ahead.


Shortly after dinner Xelloss watched Lina groggily get up from her seat and make her way to bed. Then one by one everyone else at the table went off to sleep for the night. Meanwhile, Martina had taken up a spot behind a large potted plant at the end of the hall the main hallway upstairs, where she was sitting, surprisingly comfortably with her legs laid vertically against the wall and her back tightly pressed against a chest of sorts, reading by the light from the oil lamp atop it. 

Her giddiness only grew as she looked though the pages of the thin book. Richly illustrated it showed both women and men tied and gagged in various positions and performing humiliating tasks. Martina was shaking slightly as she pressed on deeper into the book. Her effigy in one hand holding the edge of the book and her other hand occasionally being wetted by her dwindling saliva supply to keep the pages turning. Rapidly she consumed the information in the book and it wasn’t long before her plan to humiliate Lina was an entirely new creature.

With a terrible cracking sound Martina forced her way from the spot she had been in for the last three hours. She stood up and moved around a little, being careful not to wake anyone on the floor but too glad to be moving to keep still. After reading through the book she almost felt the need to gag herself to keep her giggles in check. Being extra wary of people watching her Martina made her way down the stairs and out the door. She looked around hurriedly. The hour was late and all the stores in the area had closed, and what she needed couldn’t very well be found just laying around.

It took some time but eventually she figured out an improvision. She walked up to a nearby horse that was tied near the door of a tavern and laughed to herself at how simple it was. She gingerly undid the bridle and took the gear the horse was wearing off, finally sliding the bit out of its mouth, grimacing from the saliva contact as she did. Then just as carefully she departed from the tavern and went back toward the inn. Around back she washed up the horses’ gear taking special care to clean the bit. Now more satisfied she went back into the inn and nervously waved to the inn keeper as she ascended the stairs, trying to keep the suspicious gear to her right side and out of his line of sight.

Tiptoeing slightly she made her way to Lina’s door and tried the knob. Locked. Cursing slightly she took out her effigy of Zoamel Gustav and pressed it against the knob, “Oh please great and mighty Zoamel Gustav open this door for your humble servant...” That said she moved the broach back in place and confidently grabbed the knob and opened the door, a bit surprised as knob actually turned. She cautiously peeked her head into the room just as Xelloss teleported away, it was nothing but darkness, so she stepped inside the room entirely, closing the door behind her.

Now alone with Lina, Martina made her advance slowly, her eyes gradually adjusting to the faint light coming from the fraction of the moon visible through the opened window. Martina sat down the leather horse restraints on the edge of the bed and stood over Lina, “Tonight you get yours Lina Inverse.... You’ll get yours, and then some!” Finishing up with a customary muffled evil laugh Martina once again grabbed up the makeshift restraints and started applying them. She pulled back the covers from over Lina, exposing her to be wearing just the slimmest of bras and panties. Martina chuckled a bit at her vulnerability and gently reached out and pulled down her jaw, opening her mouth a little. She forced the bit in as far as it would go then affixed the leather straps around the back of her head, using her little knife to add another hole further down to tighten over Lina’s much smaller head. The bit making grinding clicking sounds as the harness was pulled into place grinding the bit over the molars in the back of Lina’s mouth.

Looking over the assorted leather pieces like a puzzle Martina finally settled on a large strap to wrap around Lina’s ankles. Martina reached down and the first thing she noticed was the incredible amount of heat coming off Lina’s body. She laced the leather around her ankles, the warm contact where her skin touched Lina’s feeling for some reason odd. The leather strap was tied to each of her ankles, leaving about four feet of slack still there. Martina continued by picking up the slack and estimating the middle, then tying another leather strap to that, still confident in Lina’s lack of consciousness Martina attempted to roll her a little onto her side, and after a huff and puff managed to at least get Lina at an angle where she could force the strap under her back and attaching it to the buckle on the back of Lina’s head that held the bit in place. Now Lina’s ankles were drawn up to her butt and her head was pulled back into the bed.

Already quite satisfied Martina took a step back to look at Lina in the light. The new angle put a pressure on Lina that caused her to breath harder, her chest the only thing clearly visible in the dim light, moving up and down and accentuated by the position, her nipples showing most prominently of all. Martina moved back in and looked through the remaining leather pieces. Suddenly she had a dilemma, she didn’t have a piece of leather to do what she wanted to do. Thinking quickly she thought about the knots that would be required and how much material that would add. Inspiration suddenly came when she was thinking about the actual act of tying the knots, and the setup for her outfit sprung to mind. She reached around her back and grabbed at one of the knots that held the cloth on that criss-crossed her chest. With a yank it came undone and Martina held it at arms length, her smile darkening a bit at the thought of what was to come.

Tying the newly acquired cloth around one of Lina’s wrists Martina once again pushed Lina a bit onto her side and pushed the cloth underneath her and onto the other side of her body before letting her fall back into place. She finished by tying the cloth to Lina’s other wrist effectively binding her hands behind her back. Giggling a little to herself she grabbed the last piece of Lina’s outfit, the blinders for the horse. Martina took the well-worn leather in her hands and pushed it somewhat into the shape that would be required to cover Lina’s eyes, Martina’s tactile senses instantly assaulted by the clingy dampness of the leather and the overwhelming livestock smell it possessed. Eventually though she was satisfied with her progress and put this around Lina’s head, completely covering her eyes.

Now Martina was elated, Lina could not escape, or retaliate, or anything. Finally, she felt in power. She looked down at Lina who still appeared to be sleeping peacefully, “Wakey Wakey, I can’t expect to humiliate you if you’re asleep, now can I?” No response, of course Martina expected it to take more then this to wake Lina up so she swung her hand out and slapped Lina across the face, the bit in her mouth catching Martina in the palm of her hand, digging deep into the flesh there, “Owww!” Martina looked down at her hand and cradled it slightly as it welled up blood although with the lighting it took a bit for her to be sure it was blood. She stopped for a moment and looked back to Lina who still appeared to be asleep. Martina took a moment to remove the glove from her left hand and wrap it around her injury, the pressure making it feel tolerable before continuing.

Now Lina’s face was pushed off to the left, her hair tussled across the bed like a terrible spattering of blood, but Lina was unharmed. Martina scoffed in frustration and moved to Lina’s shoulders. Placing a hand on each shoulder she shook the sorceress violently and suddenly Lina was awake, “Mhhhmah hmmm...” Martina stood up straight and brought her hand to her mouth in a mocking pose the likes of which would have made Naga proud, “I see you’ve woken up Lina Inverse!” Martina gave some effort to disguise her voice as that of a forty year old man, which of course did not work, then took a moment to laugh but cut herself off as she realized that she might wake some of Lina’s compatriots in adjoining rooms. Martina looked around cautiously for a moment, as if she might see them rise from the their beds though the walls, but quickly regained her confidence and closed in on Lina.

Now speaking in a low, sinister tone, Martina continued in the same obviously Martina voice, “You’ve shown me up for the last time Lina, tonight I get revenge for you destroying my kingdom!” Lina stayed perfectly still as Martina stripped off her lower garments, placing her elongated boots and underwear in a heap by the bed. Deliberately she put her knee on the bed and straddled herself over Lina, “I know you’re gonna love this....” Sitting up on her knees Martina reached down and parted her sex then grunted a bit. A solid stream of urine sprayed from her crotch, catching the moonlight in a peculiar way. The stream struck Lina directly on the chin and in response she grunted and moved her head to the right, struggling a bit. Martina compensated, tilting her hips back and eventually landing the golden stream in Lina’s mouth, running around the bit and down into her throat. Lina turned her head harshly to evade again, coughing a little and making protesting sounds. Martina tried to once again guide her pee into Lina’s mouth but her stream ran low then it was gone.

“Oh, I bet you like the taste of my pee pee!” Martina said trying to sound evil, her voice nearly breaking over the word pee. Then she stopped and thought about it, taking on an even more evil look, a look she put so much effort to, one could only describe it as.... comical, “My Piss!” She said, spreading out the last word feeling unusually naughty yet proud of herself. Stifling a boastful laugh Martina lifted up a bit on her legs and did her part to shimmy up Lina’s damp immobile body, placing her sex right over Lina’s face and touching her clitoris to Lina’s nose. “Don’t you feel dirty Lina...” Martina started grinding her pubis against Lina’s chin, emphasizing a few moans as she pressed hard, rocking Lina’s head back and fourth. But Martina was quickly bored with the way things were going and shifted awkwardly onto the balls of her feet, and nearly falling as she attempted to stand up. 

Eventually though she made it toward the end of the bed and sat down, starring between Lina’s legs. She had noticed that Lina wasn’t moving so much now, “Oh, it looks like little Lina fell back asleep, well, not for long.” Martina hooked her fingers into the straps holding Lina’s panties on and pulled them down to her knees, exposing her slightly bushy mound, it’s color and details indiscernible in the darkness. Martina reached to the floor and fumbled around in the dark, grabbing her shoulder guard. Smiling she set the sharp tip of the bony prustation to Lina’s opening and pushed it in a little, but just as it came to the first variation in its otherwise smooth structure it ceased to go in. Martina licked her lips, feeling a little flush in the face, her heart fluttering the voice that came out of her mouth didn’t sound right even to her, there was a component to it, a lust she hadn’t expected, “Now you belong to Zoamel Gustav Lina Inverse.....” Martina swallowed hard and forced the bony tip deeper, her heart beating faster and faster, finally she felt it give a little, and it suddenly went in deeper then she expected. 

Martina let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. Watching in the dim light as the features of the bone worked Lina’s lips out and together again as it penetrated into her body. Not wanting to seriously injure Lina, Martina withdrew it a little, coming out more fluidly then it went in. It had a darker hue to it now, darker then she had expected in this light, but it glistened black, something otherworldly as she thrusted it into Lina again and again slowly, each time a little further. She couldn’t take her eyes off Lina’s pussy, she could hardly even gather the resolve to breath, and the room felt hotter then ever. Martina rested her free hand on Lina’s foot, once again feeling the heat there as she thrusted in and out.

As this went on Martina found herself loosing her balance bent over onto the bed, and when she tried to right herself again she was surprised to find that her hand was between her own legs. The moment started to overwhelm her, “Oh god... oh Zoamel Gustav, she pulled the improvised dildo from Lina and moved herself over Lina’s crotch and pressed her crotch to meet it. Pressing tightly onto Lina, Martina used Lina’s breasts for handholds and ground herself desperately together with the person she hated most in the world. “Mmmmmm... Lina..... Zoamel .... Gustav!” Martina couldn’t last long, Lina’s coarse pubic hairs caressing her clitoris from all sides, the heat, it was too much for Martina, she felt something closing in from all sides, her breath was caught in her throat, lights suddenly flickered in her field of vision, underwater, in the sky, there was some ethereal feeling to everything, it was just a feeling, an indescribable feeling that was overtaking Martina, and suddenly it broke.

Dropping her hands off Lina, Martina came down on Lina’s chest and forced her arms around Lina’s body, holding her tightly. “Liiiiiiinnnnnaaaa.....” She strained it out, holding her position tightly as the feeling consumed her, Lina’s scent, her piss, the smell, the feeling of being by her, every emotion, all her feelings at once heightened. Lina’s back cracked from the pressure and with that Martina had her release.

Martina couldn’t move, she wanted so badly just to fall asleep on top of Lina, next to her warmth, but as the afterglow died away she began to realize how utterly vile her spot was, the overwhelming stench of urine, her whole body against Lina slick with sweat, and where they met, their patches of pubic hair full of one another's juices. Eventually she dislodged herself, and as she peeled herself away she was left with a traveling sense of cold. An emptiness she hadn’t expected. Without another word she untied Lina, and was relieved when she didn’t try to immediately escape. She packed up her stuff and got dressed again, a cold feeling of repulsion striking her as she picked up her once ivory shoulder guard, looking it over critically before donning it again. Finally she removed Lina’s blinders and bit, once again disguised by the amount of urine that soaked them, and, as an afterthought took Lina’s sheets too before leaving.




Waiting a minute after the door closed for the foot steps to get a little further way, Xelloss couldn’t have hidden his smile even if he had felt so inclined. Gliding softly on a cushion of air he made his way over to Lina’s bed and bent over, straightening out Lina’s panties and her bra. “Oh Lina, you’re such a mess, and I bet you’d be mad to wake up after what Miss. Martina did and find yourself in such a state.” His eyes opened a bit as he lowered his gaze back down to her crotch, to her panties which were slowly becoming saturated with her blood and juices, and to the bed which still looked like someone had slaughtered a pig on it. He looked back up to Lina’s face, her soaked hair and her still serene look, “As much as I’d like to leave you like this, it doesn’t quite fit with my plans, so I guess you’ll just owe me one Lina, remember that next time you threaten me with a Giga Slave.” Xelloss raised his staff barely and suddenly the contents of the room winked out of and back into existence, except now Lina and her bed looked just as they had before Martina had entered the room, “There, all better.” And with that Xelloss winked away, just the slightest sound of his laughter echoing from somewhere beyond vision.


Although a little frazzled looking from sleeping outside behind some water barrels, Martina still walked into the inn confident as ever, confident in her revenge. She threw open the door, the morning sun burning brilliantly at her back and marched toward the table where Lina and the rest of the gang were eating and stopped abruptly only a few feet from Lina, putting her hands on her hips and looking smug. In her mind though Lina must have had better things to do because Martina barely got Lina’s eyes to shift in her direction. Martina had expected Lina to be humiliated, downcast, or at least miserable. Maybe even connect it to her, shout out her name in anger, suffer as she had.... but Martina was unprepared for this, Lina just sitting there, eating, carefree as usual. Her mind shouted [“How can you just pretend you didn’t get raped last night!”]

“Ahhhh... That was great!” Lina said, her voice spattered with admiration. She pushed herself from the table a little bit, her hands going to her belly to sooth it as she let the food settle. Lina turned toward Martina and their eyes locked for a moment, and not with out reason Martina felt very afraid. She stayed remarkably still as Lina looked her up and down, “Martina, you look like you slept in a barn.” Slightly relieved but put off by Lina’s comment, Martina tried to see if Lina appeared traumatically scarred in any way, “Oh yeah, well I slept like a princess Lina, can you say the same!” Ignoring the heat from the comeback Lina bit her lip, “Actually, I slept like a log, it was one of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, I wonder if the inn keeper put something in my food or something...” She finished turning away from Martina and back toward the table to pick at some bread she had deemed not edible earlier. Meanwhile Martina stormed off to a nearby table where Xelloss was sitting and plopped down.

Downcast, Martina got a half-lopsided grin on her face and said out loud to herself, “She doesn’t remember anything...” Martina paused a little and looked at her hands before burying her face in them, “She slept though it all...” Xelloss perked up and looked at Martina, “All of what?” Martina took a breath almost on the verge of explaining things to Xelloss but let it out dejectedly, “Never mind...” Xelloss gave a little encouraging smile, “Martina...” She looked up at Xelloss from where she was resting her head on the table, “What is it master Xelloss?” He smiled wide, “There’s always tomorrow...” Martina’s face started to curl back into an evil grin, and she chuckled softly between her and Xelloss, “Or even tonight....” 

Fade to black... 

****//////Some Time Later\\\\\\\****

“Hey Amelia could you wash my back?” Amelia started wading over to where Lina had just sat in the hot spring, “Sure thing Miss Lina.” Lina spread her arms out over the back of the rock she was sitting against, letting the warmth overcome her. Her eyes closed she felt the rough cloth come into contact with her skin, the slick abrasiveness as it massaged and cleaned her pores. And the near drunken state she felt from the heat, the steam. She almost feel asleep as Amelia scrubbed her shoulders and back but suddenly she stopped. Too comfy to say anything all Lina could manage was a, “Humhhh?” Amelia started scratching a spot on Lina’s back near her right shoulder blade with her fingernail, “There’s something on your back... I think it’s a birth mark.” Lina sighed, “Oh.” Amelia took the towel and held it to her face lost in thought looking at the strange mark on Lina’s back, “Actually, it kind of looks like that thing Martina always carried around... Zoamel Gustav... or something...” Lina shrugged her shoulders, “Humm, weird...” And with that Amelia went back to scrubbing.

The End

Authors Rant:

Huzzah! My first completed fanfic in a year. It’s a happy day indeed. Basically I just wrote this because I couldn’t find any lemons online with Martina in them and I figured there should at least be one, am I right? Hopefully you enjoyed things and if you didn’t, hopefully you enjoyed not enjoying them, otherwise you would have stopped reading right? Anyway, if you want to contact me you can do so at and if you want to read more of my work you can do so at and yes, I am the same RVincent that wrote a number of other Slayers and Ranma lemon works. Oh well, look foreword to my future works and I’ll talk to everyone later! 

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