Behind the scenes of the Hot spring!

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        This is a collaborative effort between myself, RVincent and Phizzy-chan. Personally this is my first attempt at such a thing and I am hopeful that it turns out okay. Okay, straight to the disclaimer.

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        Finally, the third point. The setup! This fanfic takes place in Slayers NEXT! Specifically during episode 32 [You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!]. It doesn’t take place before or after that episode but directly within it. If you own the DVD’s or VHS, feel free to cue that episode up prior to watching this to re-familiarize yourself with it. Though doing that is far from necessary as the parts from the episode relevant to the fanfic are reiterated within this work.

        Nevertheless, thank you for choosing to read our fanfic, we had some fun writing it so hopefully now you can fun reading it, enjoy!




        "Hey, wait up!"  Lina yelled down the hallway, hoping to slow Amelia's breakneck pace.  The two of them were off to the Inn's hot springs for a little soak before dinner, but obviously the Princess was looking forward to it more than she was.  At least the yelling did have the positive effect of causing Amelia to slow slightly. She turned a bit in mid-run to make sure she wasn't out pacing Lina too much before flashing a smile and sprinting off again, this time with a little spring in her step.  "Damn bubbly, exuberant... whatever..." Lina trailed off as she picked up her pace, her grumbling stomach nearly overriding her longing for a relaxing soak.

        As soon as they reached the changing area, Amelia turned abruptly, brow creased slightly. She looked all about the room, in the little cubbies and the odd brown bowels stacked in the corner. Lina watched her bemused.
        Amelia gave the other sorceress the biggest smile she had. Try as she might, Lina couldn't resist giving Amelia a little smile as well.  

        "Um, Miss Lina?" Her tone was slightly questioning and the red-haired girl knew trouble was ahead.  

        "There doesn't seem to be any shampoo or soap." The princess stood up as tall as she could and began feeling inside the top most cubby holes. Frowning, Lina watched her. The woman at the front counter had told them everything would be all set up in the changing rooms. Maybe they were in the wrong room...?  
        The shorter girl looked about the room and Lina rolled her eyes. One of them would have to venture into the fathomless halls in search of the Holy Conditioner and Loofa. And since Amelia was giving her the big-puppy dog eyes, the sorceress extraordinaire would probably be the one. Normally Lina would have just ordered the younger girl to get the supplies, but it seemed like too much work. Besides, the sooner they got down to bathing, the sooner they could eat.
        Just the thought of food began to perk Lina right up and she flashed a victory sign at Amelia. "I'll be right back, and with our much needed supplies. Just promise me Amelia," She grasped Amelia's shoulder, eyes full of overdramatic crocodile tears. "Just promise me whatever happens, you'll stay alive."

        Trying not to giggle, Amelia pretended to wipe tears from her eyes. Lina hugged her lightly before heading for the inn's entrance.

        Lina strode out the sliding door to the changing area and closed it soundly behind her, before slumping over. Mumbling out something about how Amelia’s sense of drama was starting to rub off on her before turning down the hallway toward the front desk. It wasn’t a long walk at all but she still had ample time to distract herself with some of the amenities of the Inn, particularly the lush carpeted floor. Each of her footfalls impacts cushioned… it was odd, the slight smacking sound she’d become accustomed to during her life of a foot soundly striking wood or stone as she propelled herself forward was lacking in all regards.

        The novelty of it quickly grew on her though, she wasn’t sure if the giddiness was due to the carpeting, her low blood sugar, or some combination thereof but before she could get a handle on herself she was nearly hopping down the hallway. Lucky for her modesty though she managed to reel herself in just as she approached the main desk, avoiding the embarrassment of openly acting like a little kid.

        “Hey!” Lina called out hotly as she switched gears immediately to the offensive. The lady behind the desk looked up meekly with a ‘Who, me?’ kind of look before Lina’s glare drove the point home.

        “Can I help you?” The attendant stammered out, reaching down to her uniform jacket and straightening it slightly while trying to act nonchalant.

        “I’m Lina, Lina Inverse…” She trailed off slightly, hoping to let her name precede her in a predictable manner which made her a little disappointed at the questioning look. She was also a little off-guard since the lady with green hair that had checked her in earlier was also missing, causing her to feel a little as if her anger was misplaced in some way. She continued on unfazed though. “I just checked in an hour ago with a few of my friends and I was told by the woman at the desk that there would be sponges, soap, shampoo…” Lina named off a few more items, counting them on her fingers as she went.

        “And none of that was in there?” Normally Lina would be upset to get cut off like that but the questioning look dissolved away that anger.

        “No, none of it.” Lina confessed, happy that the attendant seemed to be in an apologetic mood over the incident.

        “I’m so sorry about that, I could have sworn everything was well stocked. Well, I’ll go get you some fresh towels and such, wait here, I’ll be back in a moment.” And with that she turned around and wandered off into the room behind her and out of sight.

        After the woman was gone for thirteen seconds, Lina began to tap her foot impatiently.

        After the woman had been gone for two minutes, Lina began ringing the bell on the desk.

        After the woman had been gone for ten minutes, Lina had robbed the linen closet, raided the bath supply storage and had left a rude note on the strange woman’s desk.

        “Hell with them if they want a tip.”

        She began feeling cheerful again, the mission had been accomplished and the little act of thievery had rather cheered her up. As soon as she found a proper brush for washing, Lina headed back towards the actual hot spring.

        The lack of sound from her feet on carpet was still pleasant and Lina enjoyed the silence. It really had been a while since she’d been able to just relax and enjoy the simple things. And, the nearly giddy girl thought, giving into temptation and skipping a few steps, soon they’d be able to eat. While the food here was doubtfully as good as that All-You-Can-Eat-Place, it would still be nice to have a nice meal. Especially after a long soak. By the time she had reached the changing room, her euphoria had diminished and the sorceress was content and as calm as she ever was. Lina slid open the door with difficulty as her hands were full and the doors lacked a proper handle.

        Finally though she forced her way inside, the door catching on the worn jam unexpectedly allowing her to only open it halfway. She let the items spill out of her hands and onto the floor and looked around the small room; no Amelia was to be found. “Amelia!” She called out, realizing that she had gone ahead into the hot spring, “I’m back!” She giggled a bit in anticipation and stripped off her clothing faster than the eye could follow.

        Thoroughly stripped she bent over deeply, to grab a towel but spun back around suddenly, realizing that she had yet to fully close the door and anyone standing in the hallway would have been disturbed by the view. Her worry though was unfounded as there was no one there, just to be sure though she stuck her head outside and looked side to side, slowly, scanning in case someone realized the trouble they might be in and took pains to conceal themselves. Satisfied though at keeping her decency she wrapped the towel around her chest and hips before pulling the door shut with her free hand.

        She pranced over to the mirror, before untying her head band. Then, using its length, pulled her hair up off her neck, tying it in place with the fabric. Winking to herself in the mirror she was momentarily captivated with her somewhat exotic look. Lina gave a little pose, "Hmmm, not too bad. Have they grown a little...?" She bent forward, pushing her breasts together. The fabric bunching up between them and pulling around them running strange sensations over her dry skin.

        She squeezed them, lost momentarily in the sensation and the sight of her enticing body in the mirror until she heard Amelia yell her name.

        “Miss Lina? What are you doing?”

        Even through the walls Amelia’s voice was loud. Shocked, Lina fell over with a thud, one foot raised and the toes curled. A second later she pulled herself upright, irritated and a little unsettled at the interruption. It was like her friend had known what she was doing. Lina immediately brushed the feeling off.

        “Hurry up, hurry up!”

        The barely dressed girl pulled her towel protectively close. Resisting the urge to roll her eyes at how annoying Amelia could be, Lina yelled back to her. “Alright, alright already!” She’s just lucky she isn’t here right now.

        “Jeez, you can be so immature.” The sorceress continued, voice lowered a miniscule amount.

        Lina made sure the towel covered her (regardless of the fact that she was going to take it off in a few seconds) before sliding open the door. The strange sight that awaited her made the girl’s eyes widen.

        Amelia was waving widely while wading in the water, she called out something but the words were lost on Lina. “Big breasts….” She trailed off for a moment, shocked to see them unconfined for the first time in a while before recovering, feeling her ire rise, “A little kid with annoyingly large breasts!”

        Her words though only caused Amelia’s smile to quake the slightest bit before she forced it to return stronger than ever. “Want me to wash your back Miss Lina?” Luckily for Amelia those were just the words to dissolve away the jealousy coursing through Lina’s system.

        “Uhh… yeah, sure, that sounds great!” Happy to be pampered, at least by her standards, Lina was ready for the attention but bonked herself on the head as she realized that she had forgotten the bath supplies. She turned quickly, just as Amelia started making her way to the edge of the spring. It was only two or three strides to the dressing room and she had one of the buckets she had appropriated right near the door filled with supplies.

        Grabbing the bucket she steadied the shampoos, soaps, and other assorted bathing supplies with her hand before spinning around and heading once again outside. The spring itself may have been hot but the air certainly was not, the night air was starting to set in heavily and as she distanced herself from the Inn she felt goose bumps rise up on her arms.

        There was something else to. Amelia was out of the spring, and naked. Her breasts hung heavily on her frame, again causing Lina’s eyebrow to twitch, only this time eliciting Lina to throw her a towel in response before her eyes roamed over her body any more.

        The towel landed rudely in Amelia’s face. Under it, the princess twitched, but wrapped it around herself. Meanwhile, Lina had dumped the bucket over and turned it upside down. It would make a decent stool as long as it could support the sorceress’s thin frame. Lina sat upon it catlike and arrogant, not displaying her discomfort over how cold her ‘throne’ was. The whole hot spring seemed to have changed into a cold spring. Sure they were a little earlier than the usual bathing time, but this was ridiculous. Lina sneezed loudly and tried not to begin sniffling.

        “Hurry up, Amelia.” The red-haired girl suppressed shuddering, but it was obvious how cold she was from her shaking shoulders and when she had sneezed. The shorter girl rushed into the corner of the hot spring near the entrance to retrieve an abandoned tub she had noticed earlier. Not wanting to provoke Lina’s wrath, she hastened to fill the tub with water from the hot spring. The water would be warm enough to reduce Lina’s chills, she hoped. When Amelia reached her cold friend, she began scrubbing a sponge with soap and adding water from the tub.

        After she had worked up a good froth of bubbles, she gently began scrubbing Lina’s back with the sponge. The bubble covered sponge quickly worked its magic, soothing out the slight shaking in Lina’s frame and easing the tension lines she was developing around her jaw line from clenching her teeth. “Mmmm” Lina leaned back appreciatively, to which Amelia responded in kind by increasing the intensity of her scrubbing, nearly holding up all of Lina’s weight for a moment as she temporarily let herself drop all of her weight backward.

        With herself so off balance though she suddenly realized her precarious situation. If she were to slip now, it would be quite painful. Either she would topple backward onto a wet nearly-naked princess or, proving Amelia’s reflexes were sharp enough, straight onto the brickwork below. After taking into account Amelia’s tendency toward clumsiness, and with an eye for self preservation, Lina was quick to act. She grabbed her own knees, hoisting herself forward and settling into a less comfortable but sturdier position.

        "Even after all the camping out we do..." Amelia broke the silence, “You still have such clear skin, Miss Lina."

        Lina gave a haughty laugh, it wasn’t often she was complimented. "I'm just made differently, I guess."

        Amelia smiled at the thought, "I'll say. You're not exactly the delicate type." She let out before she even had the time to consider the repercussions.

        Suddenly Amelia was face to face with Lina. She turned so sharply on the stool that it nearly fell over, pulling sharply onto one edge for the briefest moment. "What did you say?!" Lina cried out, her temper still a little frayed from the crummy service at the counter coupled with the lingering bad mood associated with reflecting on her inadequacies.

        Raising her hands up in a defensive manner, Amelia gave herself 2 seconds to come up with an answer before resorting to spilling out whatever the next thought on her mind might be. “I mean..” Amelia started out hurried, “It’s just that…”

        “Go on…” Lina growled out, staring Amelia straight in the eye.

        “We-ell, you aren’t the delicate type Miss Lina…”Amelia meekly looked down at her hands. She had twisted the sponge in her fingers, ringing out the water and soap. Nervously, Amelia looked up. I didn’t notice how sharp and pronounced those teeth were before.

        The light from in the hot spring glinted off one fang in a way that made the short girl gulp and contemplate her personal safety. Both the bubbles and Lina’s naturally pale skin made her red eyes and hair seem more vivid and dangerous. Amelia began dunking the sponge in the warm water and adding soap before continuing washing her friend’s back

        Lina seemed to calm down a bit, but still looked rather angry and irate. Amelia smiled at her friend innocently.

        “You’re more the strong and brave type,” The princess applied the sponge with renewed vigor and enthusiasm, moving further up to clean Lina’s shoulders. With one soapy hand, Amelia pushed her taller friends red hair to the front, allowing her easier assess to were she wanted to clean.

        Quick to relax, Lina’s shoulders sagged and she leaned back slightly. The dark-haired girl behind her began cleaning the front of her shoulders, enjoying when Lina rested against her and made a small content noise in her throat. Pleased when Lina sighed in enjoyment, Amelia continued downward slightly.

        “In fact, I’ve always admired how sure you always are of yourself and how you never seem afraid of anything!” The short girl stepped away from Lina for a second, (not noticing when the older girl nearly fell backward) and posed dramatically.

        “You’re truly a great warrior of justice and an excellent upholder of truth and virtue.” Amelia happily pounced on the unbalanced sorceress and hugged her. “It’s one of the things I admire you for.” She passionately began running the sponge across Lina’s chest, barely noticing what she was doing or that the taller girl had arched her back and whose breathing had deepened.

        After a moment, Lina managed out a few words. “I… I think that’s enough Amelia…”

        It would have been a different issue entirely had Lina been clothed, but naked as she was, with the sponge being rubbed so vigorously. Lina about died from embarrassment. Struggling to get out of the situation as fast as possible she quickly moved forward and jumped into the shallow water, immediately letting her body sink with her knees fully bent and wading out into the deeper water.

        Amelia gave Lina a quizzical look, surprised by her running off and not even offering to scrub her own back. Well, honestly she hadn’t expected that, but usually there was at least a bit of hesitation on Lina’s part after her back had been scrubbed when she was at least considering offering the same to Amelia.

        Sighing and brushing off Lina’s unusually erratic behavior of the night, Amelia lowered herself slowly into the spring. She took a moment to adjust to the temperature before wading her way out to Lina. Amelia winced slightly as she passed a particularly hot spot in the spring before making her way to the more timid waters near where Lina was hovering. Amelia noticed that Lina’s eyes were already closed for the most part. Maybe just a slit open. She was obviously enjoying herself or in a hurry to tune Amelia out. Either way, Amelia felt compelled to do likewise, picking up a spot just a few feet away and letting her legs drop out from beneath her, sinking up to her neck in the pleasant water.

        Silence settled into the area. It was a still night, serene, perfect. Amelia tilted back in the water slightly, gazing up to the stars and the sliver of a moon off on the horizon. Her mind drifted away, an errant thought, she missed her father… she’d been thinking about him more and more. But with the contrasting sensations of cold on her face and warmth throughout her body her mind was able to simply unwind. Off in the distance there was a rhythmic abrasive noise filtering in, but it only served to lull Amelia deeper into her relaxation.

        "And there's you, Amelia." The suddenness of the words breaking through the silence of the spring would have surprised Amelia had her mood allowed for such emotions.

        Instead she barely managed a reply. “Hummm…” She hardly warranted it high enough priority to open her eyes at the moment, long ago having succumb to the weakening pleasures of the spring.

        “Did I ever tell you how pretty your hair is?” Eyes still closed, Lina didn’t even turn to face Amelia after complimenting her.

        Water splashed as Amelia raised her hands to her cheeks, face flushed from the heat. The towel she had wrapped around her head before joining her friend in the water made her feel even hotter and strangely light headed.

        “You really think so? It’s kinda my pride and joy.” The unexpected praise brought a warm glow to Amelia‘s face that wasn‘t caused by the hot spring. Any offhand admiration or regard was nearly unheard of as the red-haired girl usually complimented only herself. Lina was the type to point out flaws. Maybe this little trip has really helped her out. Amelia mused.

        “I guess you don’t have a lot of stress.” Lina said with a shrug of her shoulders and a flippant air. Beside her, Amelia sunk further into the water, fuming, her anger warming the water slightly. Bubbles gurgled as she mumbled a reply underwater.

        “What was that?” Suspicion added a glint to Lina’s already bright eyes as she glanced over to Amelia. She had wanted to draw a response to Amelia, but the shorter girl seemed more brooding than usual. Exposure to Zelgadiss’s angst, she surmised. Still, Amelia tended to be outspoken and occasionally argued back with Lina. Maybe this whole mess with Halcyform effected her more than I thought.

        She glanced at her still unhappy friend with half closed eyes before deciding to help uplift the mood. With a demon-like grin, the sorceress turned to Amelia. “Say, want me to wash your back for you?”

        Amelia stumbled back from how she was floating in the water, nearly inhaling a lung full of the liquid. Rising half to her feet, sputtering she managed to get out, “Wha… what?” Kindness and consideration? From Lina? It was unheard of.

        “I’m asking…” Lina hardly held back the grin, “… if you’d like me to wash your back for once.” That said she stood fully out of the water showing her commitment to the idea.

        Still caught off guard by the preposition Amelia bobbed between one foot and the other for a moment, “Yeah… I’d like that…” Throughout her upbringing Amelia had always had someone there to wash her back, that is until her life on the road had begun. And it had always felt so nice, relaxing… she’d missed it and honestly it had always been an ulterior motive to her scrubbing Lina’s back that one day the sorceress might opt for some turnabout, realizing that she might be selfish for taking and taking and taking but never giving.

        Smiling wider Lina beckoned Amelia to follow with the wave of her hand and waded over to the edge of the springs. Amelia followed, dunking her body under water once in between steps to keep her warmth. At the edge of the springs Amelia hoisted herself out of the water, putting her bottom on the bare stone trimming out the spring while Lina took a deep step out of the waters embrace.

        Dangling her feet into the waters Amelia kept her gaze forward as Lina went off the few feet to gather their supplies yet again. Kicking her feet in the water a little, Amelia paused as she felt warm breath on her neck, “Amelia…”.

        She was frozen for just an instant, but just as quickly, Amelia pulled away sharply, looking behind her, “Miss. Lina!” Her friend was bent over, hovering with her head just inches from where Amelia’s head had been, a goofy grin on her face. “You scared me…” She stuttered, her heart racing.

        “What?” Lina asked rhetorically, “Did you think that someone from the boy’s side snuck over here while your back was turned?” Lina raised her eyebrow at the last bit, Amelia could tell she was trying to get a message across with her body language but couldn’t honestly make heads or tails of it.

        “I just… nothing…” Amelia turned back away from the sorceress, ignoring her impish smile entirely. Soon enough she shrunk down a little as water was poured over her back. Then, the sponge. It was a new one, she could tell that much from the texture. It was far from broken in and still had small bits of tougher material mixed in with the softer texture. It was a great sensation, abrading her skin ever so slightly, leaving it refreshed. She sighed out content as Lina paused for a moment, adding some more soap to the sponge before continuing.

        Lina for her part was taking her time. She lifted Amelia’s short hair off the back of her neck, enjoying the way it looked while laying down for once, and massaging the sponge over the spot there. She worked her way lower, over Amelia’s shoulders and finally more toward the center of her back. Finally she was sure that Amelia was fully taken with the scrubbing, “Oh Amelia…”

        In response Amelia made a weak sound from somewhere in her throat. Lina knew the time was right, “… I can’t help but wonder…” Lina trailed off, she kept her voice in check but if Amelia had been looking at her she would have fled by now instead of sinking further into her clutches as she was doing, “…just how ticklish you are…” Amelia’s eyes snapped open but it was too late, Lina had already sprung her trap. Already Amelia could feel Lina’s hands on her sides, soapy finger tips gliding all over her sensitive flesh.

        “Lina, no!” Amelia cried out dropping into the waters, and attempting to get out of reach. Lina though was tenacious and had anticipated this and followed right along, her hands not leaving Amelia’s naked sides. “…stop! No… no…” Amelia pleaded, heading out away from the edge toward deeper water and finally breaking away from Lina.

        “Get back here!” Lina laughed out, wading through the water as Amelia sunk lower, trying to become a smaller target. It didn’t work though, Lina reached into the waters, grabbing the princess by the shoulder, attempting to haul her up.

        “Miss. Lina, please stop!” Amelia cried out, fighting but failing to keep the mounting playfulness out of her voice.

        “I think I missed a spot!.” Lina proclaimed as she struggled to keep her grip on the squirming princess. Amelia attempted to run away with her friend still attached, but only made it a few steps before Lina’s tickling undid her. She barely noticed when the taller girl’s hands moved from her shoulders to her chest. Lina on the other hand noticed immediately and let go of Amelia. To cover up the sudden change, she bent over and began splashing water at Amelia’s face. “Lemme get it for you.” Lina used both hands to toss what seemed like a few bucket of water at Amelia’s face.

        Amelia did her best to cover her face and plead for Lina to stop in an unconvincing tone. While the shorter girl was blinded, Lina pounced on her, grabbing her shoulders again and trying to drag her down into the water.

        Amelia flailed about fruitlessly, nearly loosing the towel in the struggle. For a blissful moment, the red-haired sorceress let her go, snatching the soaking wet towel from Amelia‘s head. Amelia turned and looked confused before she saw Lina ringing out the towel. It seemed like playtime was over until Lina gave the princess a ferocious, shark like grin and used the towel like a whip. The wet fabric slapped Amelia’s behind, making is sting. In a last ditch effort for survival, the dark-haired girl bent down and tried to splash Lina.

        She received a face full of towel. Amelia teetered, loosing her balance and landed on her already sore bum. Lina watched her laughing and began doing a victory dance. The sorceress had completely forgotten about how she had been trying to cheer her friend up once her victory had been imminent. She began snapping air with her towel, prancing around while Amelia stared at her.

        She’s like a wild animal, the princess noted with amusement. Amelia stood and gave her own behind a soft pat, still aching from the recent sting of the towel before an idea occurred to her. Their conflict had lured the both of them to shallower waters. Lina was closing in, stomping a circle around Amelia with an ever decreasing diameter, churning up the water and clouding it fully in the dim torch and moon light. Amelia dropped lowering into the water to fully conceal the movement of her upper body, sneakily snaking her arm out, a devious smile on her face.

        “Now I’ve got-” Amelia gripped Lina’s ankle tightly, effectively cutting Lina off as she turned her attention toward Amelia, the look she was getting in return telling her that Amelia was the one in control. “Amelia, I..” But before Lina could attempt to lull Amelia into loosening her grip she gave a mighty yank, pulling out Lina’s foot from beneath her.

        Lina fell backward suddenly, arms flailing the whole way down as if she could regain balance with her body at such an angle. The huge splash caught Amelia off guard and with her body sunk so low in the water she managed to inhale a some of the surge generated when Lina struck the water. Amelia snorted, coughed, and tried to get to her feet before Lina could retaliate.

        For her part though, Lina was still stunned at the turn of events. Her whole backside hurt from the impact of the water, like a belly-flop in reverse. She also managed to hit one of her elbows heavily on the bottom of the spring, aggravating her funny bone and nearly smashing her tail bone. Effectively keeping her on her back in the water that short time extra for Amelia to take advantage of it.

        Amelia never made it fully to her feet through, she rose to a crouch and dove forward, landing fully atop Lina. Their state of undress irreverent Amelia pinned the larger girl against the bottom of the spring, she even managed to ensnare one of Lina’s hands with her own, holding it beneath the water as well. It was already too late but the loss of control was enough to illicit a strong reaction out of Lina. She fought, and struggled, splashing water all in the princess’ face, trying to throw her off but there wasn’t any leverage. With her good hand she reached up and put her hand against Amelia’s shoulder to push her off but they were both too wet, her hand slid off when she tried to apply pressure to it.

        Sensing that she was on the winning end of things, Amelia went for the kill. She brought one of her legs in from the outside of Lina’s and fought for a position between Lina’s knees. Lina was hardly in a position to fight it but her fearsome growl threatened otherwise. She had bigger things to worry about though, she had been forced to using her good hand to keep her head above water, it may have been shallow but if she were to lay fully on her back her head would be completely submerged.

        “When I get up I am so going to kick your ass Amelia!” Lina cried out, spitting water, a playful edge still in her voice. That was enough motivation for Amelia though to drive her knee slowly forward, straddling Lina’s leg fully. With her now immobilized Amelia reached beneath the water and ran her fingers as lightly as possible over Lina’s side. Lina bit her lip defiantly, refusing to give Amelia the satisfaction of garnering a laugh from her.

        Amelia redoubled her efforts, grinning as she glided her fingers ever so gently over Lina‘s sensitive sides and expanding the range of her tickling to the sorceress‘ stomach. Normally she could have gotten a laugh easily but she reasoned it must be more difficult to tickle a person under water. Amelia slid her knee out more away from Lina, dropping fully onto her, their chests rubbing wetly over one another. Her position though allowed her to get to the most ticklish area she could think of.

        Whenever Amelia’s older sister Gracia would tickle her, she always went right for the kill spot. With Amelia, it had always been her thighs and underarms. Underarms were out of the question, the angle wasn’t right for it and Lina might try to bite her. So…without further ado, Amelia began running her fingers up and down Lina’s thighs.

        What the hell is she doing? Lina tried to squirm away, unsure of Amelia’s actions. The fingers were pleasant, ticklish, but foreign. While she had never been tickled much, Lina doubted this was normal. But, this was Amelia. She wasn’t the pervert type and had never shown any romantic interest to anyone really. The thoughts were comforting, but Lina was unable to relax for a second.

        Amelia continued to run her fingers down her friend’s legs, trying to change the pattern and draw a response out of her. Lina was completely tense and still struggling. Determined, Amelia started rubbing her fingers on the inside of her friend’s thigh. Lina drew a quick breath, completely sure Amelia was trying something completely un-Amelia.

        Gods, Amelia?! I always thought she was straight and innocent! Like a wild bronco, Lina began bucking her hips. Both girls winced when their bodies smacked together, their chests hurting. Lina grimaced. Amelia’s larger chest was resting against her and if that indignity was enough, the princess’s full weight was pushing down on her making it hard to breathe. The sorceress attempted to pull to the right, the hard bottom of the spring was painful against her back. Their chest rubbed together and coherent thought left Lina’s head.

        Amelia meanwhile, moved her hand further up the taller sorceress’s thigh. The muscles there trembled, relaxed briefly, and then became as hard as a rock. With a low groan, Lina attempted to pull away. She raised herself for a second, struggling to get her hands in the proper position to cast Diem Wing, and moved her hips. At that precise moment, Amelia moved her finger upward

        Lina froze, her eyes going wide. Amelia stopped as well. Experimentally she moved her fingers around, suddenly warmer and slicker than before she wasn’t completely sure what had happened. The look on Lina’s face… Something was wrong…. Amelia stopped; worried that she might have somehow hurt her friend. Curious, she moved her fingers around more; swishing them back and fourth, then she froze as well, her mouth nearly dropping off her face.

        Carefully, as if fast movement might attract Lina’s attention to the situation, Amelia let go of her friend’s wrist, transferring her own weight to her knee between Lina’s legs. Then again, just as carefully she pulled her hand from between Lina’s legs, out of the water, and suddenly leapt back. Unfortunately the bottom of the spring had less than stellar traction. Amelia landed on her feet but they immediately slipped out from beneath her, causing her to splash down in a heap, sending a spray of water over the prone sorceress.

        The splash managed to force Lina into action. Lina pushed herself shakily out of the water, resting fully on her elbows, still unable to still her quickened breathing, each breath catching in her throat, almost making her cough the air back up before it reached her lungs. Her friend meanwhile lay prone in the water. One of her legs was bent at the knee, and the other was up in the air, giving Lina a good view of Amelia’s goods in the shallow water, two very different tufts of hair sticking above the churning surface. Quick as she could follow though, Amelia flung herself to her feet, already seemingly over the fall.

        “Oh my god Miss. Lina! I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to… I meant to tickle you…” Amelia couldn’t talk fast enough and her words just felt so inadequate that she forced herself to keep talking as she rapidly ran out of oxygen.

        The right words for the situation just did not exist, but Lina tried anyway, “Amelia… drop it…” Lina muttered out at last. She stopped mid-sentence, her mind catching up causing her to rapidly draw in air at last. Lina swallowed hard, reaching down between her own legs, a lingering strange feeling there where her friend had inadvertently violated her. She brushed against her own folds hoping to restore the normal feel of the area but failed miserably, something felt off..

        Lina ran her hand over her face, biting her finger slightly before continuing, “Let’s just get this done with, okay…” She tried to laugh to diffuse the tension for the both of their sakes but it didn’t come out anything like she had planned. It sounded too hollow, too fake. It was enough to bring Amelia back to thinking capacity though and the priestess still seemed a little shell shocked.

        Amelia nodded, trudging through the water again to the edge of the spring to retrieve the sponge and finish up their bath for the night. The tension in the spring was palpable and the water seemed to have gone down a degree or two.

        Trying to keep from sniffling, Amelia began running the rough sponge over a spot on her arm, not looking up. Lina watched her guiltily, not sure whether or not to comfort her or at least ask for the sponge. She splashed the water around a little bit, hoping for Amelia to look up. The weak sniffling got louder and the shorter girl’s body sunk further into the water. Lina glanced at her, insides bubbling with guilt.

        Amelia had been innocent all along, just trying to tickle her and get a laugh. And, although she didn’t want to admit it, Lina could have been less brisk about it. The sudden intrusion hadn’t been the greatest thing in the world, but it had been an accident. The night had started off so well too…Turning her head, the sorceress watched her friend try to hold back tears.

        Amelia continued running the sponge over and over the same part of skin. She hadn’t meant to frighten Lina off, and if Amelia could take it back, she would’ve. This whole experience had been unpleasant and the princess wished she had just let Lina win the fight so they could go eat. A warm, wet arm wrapped itself around Amelia’s shoulder. The short girl jumped, shocked out of her reverie.

        Lina squeezed Amelia’s shoulder with her usual lack of gentleness. When the younger girl winced, Lina loosed slightly.

        “Look,” she began, feeling awkward and not quite sure what to say. “It’s not a big deal. I mean, we can just forget about all this.”

        Amelia let out a little choking noise. She began crying and threw her arms around Lina as tightly as she could.

        “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean…” Whatever else she was going to say was dissolved into sobs.

        Lina patted her on the back. The lack of oxygen was beginning to turn her face as blue as Zel’s. “It’s okay. C’mon. No big,” She let out a gasping wheeze. “Deal.”

        Amelia sniffled loudly, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. She gazed at Lina with impossibly huge, hopeful eyes.


        “Yes really.” The red-haired girl separated herself and rubbed her ribs. Amelia, pleased and relieved, patted her friend on the back and beamed at her. “I mean,” Lina went on as she grabbed the nearby floating sponge “You didn’t exactly hurt me.”

        “Oh?” Amelia cocked her head to the side in an uncanny impression of Gourry. “I thought…I mean, you looked like you were hurt.” Her cheeks started to feel warm and she looked down.

        Lina’s face began to match the color of her hair. She squeezed the sponge tightly, feeling just as embarrassed as Amelia. “It didn’t hurt or anything. In fact it-”Abruptly, Lina cut herself off and began washing herself the same way the girl beside her had done a moment ago. Amelia watched her brightly, feeling curious. She rarely ever touched herself there and only then it was for cleaning purposes.

        “It what?”

        Lina cleared her throat. “It felt okay. Now,” she said, brandishing the sponge. “Turn around and let me clean your back.”

        “But…” Amelia started again, partially avoiding giving Lina another chance to tickle her but mostly still fixated on the idea, “It was weird… like on the inside you’re more wet than water…”

        “Thanks..” Lina dead-panned, suddenly regretting telling Amelia that everything was okay. She was uncomfortable in an all new way now; it wasn’t guilt she thought to herself as she felt a blush spread across her cheeks. “Can’t we just talk about something else..!” She rushed out, hoping to change the subject yet again.

        The smile dropped from Amelia’s face but she forced it back on as quickly as it happened. Trudging over to Lina she reached out and curtly grabbed the lucky sponge from Lina’s hands with minimal effort. Lina scoffed in response, “Hey!”

        Amelia stuck out her tongue, “I’m not going to let you wash my back after what happened the last time, I can do it myself thank you.” None of her temper was there though causing Lina to nod and smile. Though that had not been her goal, the thought of tickling a vulnerable Amelia again may have been an impulse she would have been unable to resist.

        Taking a few steps backward, Lina let herself drop onto the stones surrounding the spring. Sitting lazily with her feet soaking in the water she watched Amelia try to clean herself as quickly as possible. Lina let herself watch her friend but her vision unfocused as she let herself relax fully, her body feeling warmer than ever even with the cold air around her, had it been windy it would have been a different story but as it was she was very comfortable and relaxed.

        Dipping her head forward in the water, Amelia gave her head one last wash before turning back to Lina. Squinting she wiped the water from her eyes and flipped her hair out of her field of vision. “Oh…” Amelia didn’t know what to think, at some time when she had her head underwater Lina had let her legs come apart some as she relaxed, any naughty bits that Amelia might have seen though were blocked by Lina’s own hand cupped there. And that is what forced Amelia’s mind to work the most furiously.

        “Miss. Lina….” Lina’s head shot upright, pointing her gaze straight at Amelia.

        “What is it Amelia?” She yanked her hand away from herself, trying to act like she hadn’t been up to anything.

        “I thought you said it didn’t hurt?” Amelia asked confused.

        Turning her head to avoid Amelia’s eyes she tried to cover for herself, “It didn’t…” She trailed off, unsure of how to continue, “…it just… felt odd…” Timidly Lina spread her legs again, biting her lip she couldn’t figure out what she was hoping for.

        Amelia pulled herself through the water some toward Lina until she was again in the shallows, the sorceress still had not moved. She looks so submissive… Amelia thought to herself, it was something she never saw in the fiery red head. Her hair was draped partially over her chest, hiding one of her nipples, but not the other, and Amelia could tell from watching her chest that her breathing was speeding up as well. Amelia didn’t stand though, keeping in the water as long as possible she came up to Lina almost on her hands and knees, in just a foot and a half or so of water.

        It was only when Amelia moved within a few feet of her that Lina closed her legs, some, but not all the way. “So, are you ready to get dried off and head to our rooms…?”

        Amelia swallowed, eyes fixated on Lina. “Can I see it…?” Amelia trailed off, not sure how she even managed to say what she wanted out loud.

        “You wanna see it?” Lina squeaked out, feeling a little shaky.

        “Please Miss. Lina… I’ve never seen it this close before…” Amelia trailed off, she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

        For a few moments there was just silence in the spring. Off in the distance there was a splash that disrupted the silence. Almost involuntarily Lina spread her legs slightly more, then after a pause, the rest of the way, leaving Amelia with a full view. “Wow…” Amelia breathed out, her eyes instantly drawn to the sight before her. The hair was just as red as the hair on her head, and it bordered her womanhood fully, only disrupted in the middle where the tuft was sparse enough to make out the swollen flesh there. Amelia licked her teeth, noticing that her mouth had been open.

        Lina still had not closed her legs, Amelia still had not stopped starring, and both of them had expected each of the other by now. But they sat there anyway, until Amelia broke the silence, “Can I… do you think I could wash you there…” She let the sentence trail off but Lina knew exactly what Amelia wanted, she just couldn’t figure out why. She just nodded meekly, spreading her legs further as Amelia moved in with the sponge.

        Gently, and with an almost guilty expression, Amelia ran the sponge across Lina’s thighs. Despite her bold statement, the priestess really had no idea what do. She continued rubbing the sponge against the other girl’s thighs with one hand while rubbing Lina’s knee with the other. Lina relaxed, spreading her legs a tad further. She closed her eyes and focused on where Amelia was touching her. Although she knew a bit more about sex, Lina didn’t have anymore actual experience than her young friend.

        When Amelia showed no signs of going any farther than Lina’s legs, the sorceress cracked open her eyes and glared at the princess. This had been Amelia’s idea and yet, nothing! With a growl, Lina propped herself up on her elbows. With wide eyes, Amelia backed away. The two stared at each other a moment, one a frightened as a rabbit, the other as pissed as a bear. Gradually, Lina seemed to get a hold of herself and remember that Amelia had absolutely no experience with this matter at all.

        “Why?” Lina swallowed audibly “Why aren’t you…?” Had she heard Amelia wrong? Had the other girl been referring to something else? Lina had no clue what that something else could be, but Amelia seemed hesitant to really do anything. Maybe she didn’t want to do anything after all? “Come on,” Lina squirmed and began whining. “Hurry up.” Amelia blushed and nearly fell over. Amelia was alarmed to see her friend growing slightly angry before growing whiny again. Lina squirmed and began whining. “Touch me-eee.” Amelia blushed and nearly fell over. “You started this,” The sorceress reminded her. Lina pointed downward with all the authority of a god. “You know you said that you wanted…now, continue!”

        “I know, I know.” Amelia looked away before glancing back to where Lina’s hand was pointing. “It’s just…I was just afraid to be too forward.”

        Lina leaned backward. “It’s alright.” She gave the embarrassed girl a little wink, feeling her usual bravado returning. “You were already pretty forward.” Abruptly, Lina sat up and grabbed Amelia’s hand. “Now, where were we?”

        Amelia toyed with the sponge as Lina relaxed and leaned back, any reserves or anger forgotten. She looks like a cat, the princess thought as she resumed messaging Lina’s legs and moving steadily upward. As soon as Amelia came in contact with the unfamiliar sensation of warm, wet skin and hair, she stopped.

        Unmoving, Amelia held her position. Rapidly anticipation started to rise within Lina, filling her fully, almost to the breaking point before Amelia reached out with her free hand and gently ran her finger over Lina’s lower lips. “Hey!” She shouted out, scooting back on her butt slightly. “I said you could wash there, not touch…” Lina giggled out, trying to cover for her shock at Amelia suddenly being so straight forward.

        Amelia pulled back, confused. "But, you just told me to touch you?" Lina did something indescribable "I didn't mean with your fingers." The princess nearly threw down the sponge in frustration. "How else could I have touched you?" Lina shrugged. "That's your problem."

        She immediately pressed forward with the sponge, fully soaking the area. Lina closed her eyes, unable to let herself watch. She wanted it, though she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Or if Amelia could even do anything for her in that way… still… her body felt light and she was flustered and if her body was telling her to let go, she didn’t have the ambition to fight it. Be it a combination of hunger, the heat of the water, the rigors of the day, or just being around Amelia for so long, she just wanted to let go.

        Lina rocked her hips up as she felt Amelia move the sponge around a bit. Again the sponge was moved and Lina gasped out at the contact. Amelia kept up a light scrubbing motion, cleaning the whole area, at first it was strange. Not at all what she would describe as feeling good, but not bad at all. Just rough and abrasive like a good scratch. But, as Amelia kept it up, it was as if tiny electrical pulses started to arc between the different areas between her legs. It started to feel good…

        “Amelia… that feels so good…” Lina again opened her eyes and the princess backed further out into the water.

        “Miss Lina..?” Amelia asked unsure of herself. She couldn’t look Lina in the eye, she felt like they were doing something wrong. She had just started, but still, “Could you let me see how it feels too…”

        Lina’s eye twitched at the thought. After a moments pause, Lina gave in, if only to see the Princess‘ reaction to the sponge, “Yeah, but just for a minute..” Lina reached out and Amelia handed her the sponge. Slowly Amelia rose up out of the water, moving over to the edge of the spring and effectively switching places with Lina.

        “Cold!” Amelia exclaimed, raising up from the stone she sat down on. Intelligently she then moved over half a space and sat exactly where Lina had been sitting, the spot plenty warm as a result.

        “Spread your legs a little..” Lina managed evenly despite her own anticipation.

        Amelia looked down at her own body. She’d never felt this way before. Lina looking at her the way she was… it made her feel, sexy. She cupped her breasts a little nervously before finally parting her thighs a little for Lina to access.

        Lina proved to be even more curious than Amelia had been though. With Amelia exposed she set the sponge aside on the stone edging and reached forward gingerly. Lina’s gentle touch on Amelia’s privates caused her left leg to twitch a little. “Lina… I thought you said…”

        The first thing Lina noticed was that Amelia had dropped her prefix when she addressed her. Secondly she could see the nervousness there, Amelia's breathing quickening. In response Lina flashed a devilish smile before reaching out again and running her fingers over the delicate folds of flesh amidst Amelia’s patch of pubic hair, marveling at the texture and again causing Amelia‘s knee to jump.

        Soon enough she re-focused, reaching out and picking the sponge back up and ringing it out once in the water for good measure. Lina brought the abrasive lump forward and rubbed just the edge along Amelia’s opening, causing her to shudder. Whatever Amelia felt from the touch of the sponge though she kept to herself and decided to give Lina some more time to prove her point.

        Lina pressed the sponge against Amelia fully now and started moving it up and down just as Amelia had. At first Amelia was unresponsive but after a few moments Lina could make out that she was moving along with the sponge. Watching her smooth butt raise up slightly with each stroke of the sponge. “That feels…. goood….” Amelia groaned out as Lina continued for a few moments more.

        “I knew you’d like it…” Lina trailed off as she continued moving the sponge, “I just wish we could both do this at the same time…”

        Amelia twitched and began squirming. She felt slightly guilty for Try as she might, it was hard to think with Lina moving the sponge around in the most interesting way. She arched her back as Lina began to trace her name out using the sponge. Lina stopped suddenly, ignoring Amelia’s moan of protest.

        “There should be a way for us both to er…” She trailed off, absently squeezing the water from the sponge. She flicked a little bit of water at the disappointed priestess using the cleaning instrument. “Come on, think!”

        “About what.” Slowly, Amelia managed to regroup her brain cells and sit up. She stared at her friend, noticing the frown and burrowed brows. For old times sake, Amelia bent down and splashed a little water at Lina. Lina splashed her back without bothering to look up. The younger girl sighed and tried to work her tired mind.

        “Can’t we just take turns?” “I want us both to use the sponge at the same time.” She flicked Amelia’s forehead, smiling at the site of the princess’s confusion.

        “I want us both to use the sponge at the same time.” She flicked Amelia’s forehead, smiling at the site of the princess’s confusion.


        Lina pulled herself out of the water and wrapped an arm around Amelia’s shoulder. The shorter girl smiled, leaning her head against the other girl’s shoulder. Shifting slightly, Lina began running the sponge over Amelia’s legs, and then rubbing the abrasive cloth into the other girl’s crotch. Amelia grinned and backed away, spreading her legs and resting her weight on her elbows.

        Lina returned the smile and bent down to continue cleaning Amelia. The dark-haired girl tensed, then began moaning and fell to her back, seemingly boneless. The sorceress ignored how that her hand was getting rather sore and raw from using the sponge. While Amelia had been getting rubbed, so had her hand. A thought popped into her head and she glanced at the sponge in her hand, realizing that it was big enough. Now, let’s see…

        Lina scooted closer to Amelia, looking her over. Amelia blushed unexpectedly and decided to copy her.

        “Hey, what are you doing?”

        “What are you doing?” Amelia stuck her tongue out and leaned forward to give Lina a weird look.

        “What?” Lina asked, perplexed. She really wasn’t entirely comfortable with Amelia inspecting her. What, am I not good enough for her or something. Growing angry, Lina pounced on the shorter girl, ignoring the cries of protest. The red-haired girl rested her weight on Amelia, sitting on her before laying on her fully. Amelia ‘oofed’ and struggled to breathe. Lina was much heavier than she looked. Amelia squirmed about and tried to look Lina in the face. For a brief second, their chests rubbed together and they both froze. They remained unmoving for a second before Amelia began grunting and trying to push Lina off. She shoved one of the older girl’s shoulder futilely and squirmed about.

        Did I do something wrong, the priestess wondered? Her friend hadn’t said a word and seemed to be concentrating on something.

        Lina didn’t seem at all bothered by Amelia’s struggling. The red-haired girl didn’t move any part of her except the hand holding the loofa. While Amelia struggled, Lina adjusted herself so their stomachs touched and her head was level with Amelia’s chest. The sorceress had to hold back a nose bleed at the site of Amelia’s large heaving bosom directly underneath her. Amelia’s skin was much tanner than her own and looked so soft and perfect…Lina shook her head to clear it. Right now, she had an experiment to try out.

        Carefully Lina raised herself up, putting her crotch right above Amelia’s then she gently pushed the sponge between them. Just a little at first, then all the way. Lina held that way for a moment and Amelia ceased struggling, most of the weight off her. Lina shifted from one knee to the other, repositioning her hands so that she was comfortable. Knees with both of her legs between Amelia’s and her hands braced on either side of her head she experimentally moved her hips, grinding down and forward into Amelia.

        The sponge through was being non-compliant, slipping from the spot she had intended for it to stay. Holding herself up with her left arm she reached her right hand between their chests. There was the slightest bit of trepidation about sliding her hand between their wet nude bodies but she quickly overcame it. Her hand slid right between their breasts, a strange feeling… Then between their tight stomachs and finally between their legs to grab hold of the sponge. It took a few tries to get a firm grip on it, it was slightly slippery if not properly held.

        Again Lina rocked her hips forward, holding the sponge with her right hand. She felt her stomach slide over Amelia’s, their breasts sliding together, it was unlike anything Lina had ever felt. Timidly she finally opened her eyes, looking Amelia over. But Amelia's eyes were closed submissively for the moment. She kept watching the Princess’ features as she started repetitively rocking together with her, the sponge mutually rubbing their most sensitive areas.

        After a few repetitions the spark that she had felt earlier started to truly build within her and she was earning light squeaks and gasps from Amelia as she kept up her motion. Her arm though was starting to burn from the effort required to keep her balanced upright. And her grip on the sponge was continually slipping. Still, with the feeling that was growing she felt compelled to continue on, fighting through any discomfort that she was feeling as she ground harder against her friend in their tribadistic embrace.

        Eventually, Lina stopped in order to get a better grip on the ever slipping sponge. She lowered her head to get a better view, bright hair brushing Amelia’s chest. When her fingers came in contact with their slick, warm joined bodies, Lina froze. Amelia still hadn’t opened her eyes and didn’t even seem aware anything was wrong. Forgetting momentarily about the cleaning instrument, Lina slid a finger into herself.

        It was quite different from the sponge. Her finger was much smaller and smoother than the harsh sponge. The red-haired sorceress hissed out and pulled away from the Amelia slightly. All of her attention was focused on the appendage slipping in and out of her. She moaned and slid another finger into herself, feeling the wet constricting heat…

        Amelia’s head came in contact with Lina’s and both girls saw stars. Lina nearly yelled/hit the shorter girl when she noticed that Amelia was gazing glassily at where her friend’s hand was located. With an unsteady motion, Lina started to remove her hand when she felt Amelia sliding her hand toward where they were joined. The dark-haired princess moaned loudly and began touching herself as Lina was doing.

        With an unnoticed shrug, Lina continued to explore herself. Their fingers kept touching each other and knuckles brushed. Lina’s arm began to ache and tremble so she shifted, moving her left arm to her side and resting more of her weight on the girl underneath her. Amelia shifted as well, finger sliding out of herself and eyes beginning to close. The priestess noticed Lina moving about and watched her with a smile on her face.

        The other girl sat up full, pulling a dazed sorceress into her lap. The new angle had allowed Amelia better access to Lina’s chest. For such small breast, they sure bounce a lot. Amelia watched Lina’s chest with utmost attention, drool escaping her mouth. The nipples were the most delicate shade of pink Amelia had seen. They looked as hard as Amelia’s felt, but she wasn’t sure. Nervously, the short girl touched one of Lina’s breast

        The sensation was incredible for both of them. Lina forgot completely about her still-burning arm and beginning to ache neck and stopped moving. Amelia raised her head, wrapping her arms around Lina’s back and pulling her closer. Her small mouth came in contact with the other girl’s nipple, her tongue sliding over it. Lina grabbed Amelia’s head blindly and tangled her fingers in the other girl’s short hair. Her breathe came out in unsteady bursts and her eyes drifted half shut.

        Lina arched her back at the sensation, fingers disjointedly sliding in and out of her. She moaned when Amelia switched to the other breast again. The back of Lina’s hand kept rubbing against the other girl’s patch of hair and the slick opening. Amelia grimaced and slid one of her hands downward to touch Lina’s before trying to copy whatever her friend was doing. She glanced toward where her hand was and then stared at Lina’s.

        Nervous, Amelia slid a finger into her slit, shocked at hot wet she was. She moved her finger further into herself, encountering an unfamiliar nub of flesh. Amelia prodded it with her questioning finger and gasped when a shock of enjoyment rushed through her. It reminded her of when she’d inadvertently touched Lina, only she hadn’t gone this with far with the red-haired sorceress before. Licking her lips, Amelia continued to move her finger further along her slit, feeling the coarse hair and warm liquid that began coating her finger.

        Lina watched Amelia touching herself, eyes darting upward to look at the younger girl’s face. Gently, Lina pushed on Amelia’s shoulder, pushing her downward. The other girl looked at her surprised and not understanding until the sorceress managed to locate the sponge with one searching hand. Lina re-sat on Amelia, moving the sponge in-between them again, this time sliding one of her fingers into Amelia. She was quite curious if her friend felt any different from before.

        Unlike before, Amelia moaned and grabbed Lina to pull her closer. The feeling of Lina in her in this way felt wonderful and when Lina’s face loomed directly overhead, Amelia lifted herself high enough to give the red-haired girl a light kiss on the mouth. Quick as lightening and as if she had been expecting this, Lina moved closer and began kissing Amelia back, forgetting about the finger still imbedded in the priestess. She ran her tongue across the princess’s wet lips and shuddered strongly when Amelia hesitantly opened her mouth and touched her tongue to Lina’s. They both moaned deeply and started brushing their tongues against one another.

        Amelia broke the contact when she moved the sponge so it lay between them and slid one of her fingers into Lina. The sorceress moaned and added another finger into Amelia’s opening. Amelia moved her finger into the tight warm opening and used her thumb to run it over the nub of flesh she had felt earlier. Lina tensed up completely, sparks jumping around in her stomach and making her feel light headed. Their hips began rocking against each other and Amelia felt a growing knot gathering in her.

        Lina let out a harsh shriek, body drawn up, eyes nearly rolling in their sockets before she collapsed onto Amelia. Neither said a word, until Amelia touched one of Lina’s breasts and surprising her. Lina jumped up and tried to remember how to use her legs. She winced at her sore arm and tried to help Amelia to her feet. Unlike Lina, she was both confused, happy and still unsure of what had happened. Lina bent slightly, kissing Amelia lightly on the cheek. Pleased, the princess beamed at her and then gave her a little hug.

        “Say,” Lina cleared her throat and continued. “How about we go get something to eat?”

        Amelia cocked her head and looked at her. She didn’t really understand why they had stopped or why she her stomach still had a strange knot in it. Still, Lina was happy, they were both clean and dinner awaited.

        Standing was apparently taking new reserves of effort for Lina as she wobbled between her feet unsteadily. Feeling as if she had to take a bath all over again, sweaty under her arms, between her legs, even her brow was beaded with wetness. She let out a shaky breath, looking Amelia over, “Amelia… what have we done..?” Lina asked rhetorically, the smile dropping off her face as the implications of their actions started to swim into her logical mind.

        Amelia picked up on the slight worry and dropped her own half-smirk, “I’m… not really sure…” She pushed her self up painfully, her back was sore and rubbed red from Lina bucking against her and forcing her against the harsh stone ground. She winced as she extended her right arm fully, while Lina had held it in place it had locked up. “My tummy feels weird though…”

        Finally Lina cracked a smile again, “That’s because you need some food..” She laughed out a little, reaching down and picking up one of the discarded thoroughly soaked towels, though she recanted on her initial plan to cover up with it due to its wetness. She dropped it with a wet ‘plop’ and gave Amelia one last look, “Let’s get going, I bet Gourry and Zel are waiting for us.” Before heading off into the Inn to get dressed and dry her wet head.

        Shaking her head, partially to dry it and partially to center herself, Amelia took a deep breath and rushed off to catch up to her friend inside. By the time she made it inside though Lina already had her hair up in a towel and was rushing to get her clothes on.

        Amelia blinked, Lina wasn’t usually this quick, and it wasn’t the usual way she rushed when she was in a hurry to get somewhere, it was as if she was in a hurry to get away from someone.

        Amelia reached down to another discarded towel and started to dry herself off, most of the water had dried off her while she was out of the spring but her head and between her legs were spots that still required attention. She tried to hurry, to match Lina’s pace, “Miss. Lina, slow down. The kitchen doesn’t close for at least a few more hours.” Her words did slow Lina slightly, but not as much as she would have liked.

        Lucky for Amelia her outfit had already been folded up nicely when she went to the spring and also her clothes had been laid out for her to wear already which gave her just enough of an edge to tie with Lina in terms of getting ready to leave. Lina gave her a long look before speaking, “Amelia… I don’t know how all of that happened but… well… let’s get some food!”

        Lina’s smile returned full force as she slid open the door to the changing room and stepped out. Amelia’s smile blooming just as rapidly as she hopped in place behind Lina as they walked out. “I have to admit though…” Lina started, “That was the longest time I’ve spent in the water in a while, my feet are all pruney…” She trailed off, wiggling her toes in her sandals.

        Amelia stifled a giggle, “Have you seen your hands?”

        Experimentally Lina wiggled her fingers and brought them up to get a better look a them “Gah! You’re right!” Amelia brought up her own hands for Lina to see, flailing her fingers out by her face, “Yours are even worse!”

        The two of them broke out into a fit of giggles, “So… Miss. Lina…” Amelia trailed off as she waited for Lina to stop laughing.

        “Yeah?” Lina asked, still a little bubbly.

        “Do you think we could do that again… you know… with the sponge…” Amelia cast her gaze downward shyly.

        Lina turned beet red, her breath caught in her throat for a moment. “Uhh… maybe some day…”

        The smile that Amelia beamed in return though made Lina doubt that Amelia caught the undertone of her words, the little unsaid bit that insinuated that ‘someday’ was actually code for ‘I’m a little uncomfortable talking about that right now…’

        Lina’s fake smile doubled in response as Amelia shouted out jubilantly, “Yay!”

        Lina on the other hand only had one thought on her mind, Oh Crap… “Ready to get some food, Amelia?”

        “Always,” Amelia replied with a wink and smile. Lina returned the smile and decided that if she and Amelia ever bathed again, she would leave the sponge behind. The two headed for dinner.

        As everyone ate, Zel couldn’t keep his eyes off the two girls. “What’s wrong?” Lina asked, struggling to keep from choking on a chicken bone.

        The chimera gave her a crooked smirk. “What took you two so long in the baths?” The sorceress spat out the bone as Gourry and Amelia watched them with interest.

        Making sure not to let her eye catch Amelia’s, Lina shrugged and replied. “Nothing. Why? Were you watching? I knew it, you are a pervert!"

        Zelgadiss sputtered. “Of course not. It’s just…I heard noises.” He looked away, embarrassed.

        Lina twitched and had to refrain from jumping across the table and rearranging the rocks on her friend’s body. “I heard noises from your side too. What were you doing?” Lina eyed him suspiciously. “Now that I think about it, I heard some kind of weird grating. What-“

        The waitress interrupted her by bringing a heaping plate of food to the table. As the red-haired girl jumped in, Amelia stared at her thoughtfully. They hadn’t done anything wrong, had they? Before, Amelia wouldn’t have thought so, but since Zelgadiss was acting weird…She shrugged and tried to rescue some of the food from Lina. Later on, the princess would discuss the matter with her friend and get the truth. And maybe find out what grating noise Lina had been talking about


Authors Notes:

        The two authors sat together at a large table addressing an audience.  Lit from behind, their features were occluded from any prying eyes, keeping them safe from rabid Zel x Lina fans should any be spying on the rare meeting of two Lina x Amelia mega-minds.  A hush fell over the audience and the cheers of "Lina and Amelia, together forever!" died down the authors started recording their special edition DVD behind the scenes featurette.

Phizzy-chan: "How did this story start off you might ask? Well, let's see..."

RVincent: "It all started on fateful night when I was taking to Phizz via IM and we got to talking about, of all things, the hot springs episode of Slayers."

Phizzy-chan: "Yeah, and then we began throwing out different ideas involving that hot spring scene and about screen caps and then you suggested collaborating on a story."

RVincent: "Well, from there it kind of ballooned out and we decided that there should be a fanfic written about that scene. Personally I had too many works in progress to devote myself to yet another fanfic so..."

Phizzy-chan: "So we decided to each do a paragraph and send it to each other back and forth. We did that many times?"

RVincent: "Like 26 times. But at first I sent a paragraph, but I got 3 in response so I sent out four, and eventually we were exchanging pages of material, the actual writing process went pretty quick."

Phizzy-chan: "Yeah, it only took about a week or so. Then, after about another week, we finally managed to edit the story."

RVincent: "And that was the part that took forever, like 8 hours straight, it was like a marathon! But now... it's done!"

Phizzy-chan: "Finally! Thank L-sama! And now it's here for your viewing pleasure."

RVincent: "Yup. We hope you enjoyed this work of fanfiction. Maybe it will inspire a few of you to take the Lina x Amelia coupling more seriously..."

Phizzy-chan:  "There's actually a bit of evidence supporting them, but we won't get into that rant today."

RVincent:  "But thanks again for reading. You know, if you want to discuss some of the more adult aspects of Slayers fandom you can hop on over to my forum at or you can head on over to my webpage at to check out some more of my stuff, oh, and my Slayers lemon fanfiction archive, "

Phizzy-chan: "Definitely check both out. My little site's located at and also check out along with

RVincent: "Yup, yup, anyway, you can contact me at with any questions, praise, or flames, I take it all in stride, and be sure to drop Phizzy a line too at

Phizzy-chan: "Although if we get some good reviews, we'll make sure to continue the story. Yes, there's might be a sequel. And, Amelia might be pregnant!"

RVincent: "Wait... what!?!"

        RVincent took a moment to process Phizzy's statement before continuing, a little nervous and ready to wrap things up.

RVincent:  "But, that's about it for now, thanks a lot for reading."

        And just as quickly as it had begun, it was over.  And it was bedlam... A rush of bodyguards from the right side of the stage swarmed in just as a rain of bullets sailed at the two authors.  Several of the body guards doubling over as they suffered fatal injuries.  Cries sounding out all around from women and men dressed in Amelia costumes, "In the name of canon!"  Rang out as the stage was stormed and the lights were explosively shot out, sending shards of hot glass raining down upon the crowd.  Still, such an emergency was well prepared for and the authors were spirited away off to their waiting helicopter, lifting off just as the building below them came tumbling down...

RVincent:  "Well, that went about how I thought it would...."

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