Ukyo Gets What She Deserves

aka Ukyo Has Her Way with Ranma


This is one of my oldest completed fanfics.  It was written in 1998 so it's very much on the shoddy side but I am still including it for completeness.  Most of my old author's rant is at the bottom so I'll keep it brief up here. This fanfic like most of mine is a lemon. Do not read it if your age falls into the category minor e.g.. if you are under 18 years old. Copyrights remain with their respective copyright holders and I am making no profit off this work.  My e-mail address is above and at the bottom along with my web page address where you can read other fanfics from different series or more from Ranma 1/2, thank you and enjoy.

<> = sounds or emotions

* = thoughts (not always enclosed but usually)


        The scene is late at night, the sky is clear and the moon hangs full above, it is a beautiful midsummer night and the weather is warm. Stars shine brightly in the darkened sky bringing a sense of life to the night world. The camera pans down to the Ucchan, it's obvious that the place is closed, there are no lights visible inside, the door is shut, and it looks like the place is deserted for the night. Suddenly a light turns on in the apartment above the Ucchan. The camera focuses on it for a time then comes in for a closer look. From the window ledge sounds can be heard, ranging from the indiscernible to the sounds of chain and things being moved, from time to time a sob would punctuate a sound, causing the sound to seem all the more intense. At last the camera moves effortlessly through the window and past the shade blocking our view. We see Ukyo looking feverishly for something, her back is turned to us and she has her head in the closet. To her immediate left we see a sports bag, inside are various implements but we cannot make them out due to our distance. Finally she turns around, we see that her eyes are red and puffy, she's crying.

Ukyo: Tonight Ranma... <sob>tonight you'll pay the price.

        She flings the sports bag over her left shoulder, the camera stays where it is but turns to follows her as she exits. Once she leaves the room it pans to the right, on the nightstand by her bed the clock reads 12:32. The camera backtracks out the window and descends toward the door of Ucchan's, the door opens, and out jogs Ukyo. She begins to head in the general direction of the Tendo Dojo, doing a little roof hopping along the way. The camera tracks in on Ukyo's face, it's contorted, the only dominating emotion though is sadness. Suddenly we hear a voice out of nowhere; it sounds like Ukyo's but has an echo effect.

Ukyo: * After what I saw today, Akane and Ranma kissing behind that building I really don't have many options. I can't restore my honor through completing the engagement now, it's obvious that he's chosen Akane over <sob> me. But there is one thing he can give me, I can take it from him and that way Akane can't have it <sob> it's gonna be tough, and I don't wanna do it but I have ta, after this I <sob> I'll....have to <sniffle> leave forever.... *

        Once again Ukyo breaks down crying, her vision is blurred but she and and the camera angle see the Tendo Dojo up ahead. Letting out one last anguished sob she steps up the pace and continues running toward the dojo. She makes it to the edge of the nearest roof and leaps off and amazingly lands atop the roof without making a sound. She stays still long enough to make sure the coast is clear, the camera catches up with her, she looks from side to side, a worried expression on her face.

Ukyo:<in a low voice> Damn it, I thought that since it was such a nice night Ranma would sleep out on the roof, this sucks!

        She walks over to the edge of the roof with deliberate cautiousness. She removes the sports bag with a grunt and sits it down by her side, she grabs the edge of the roof, and in one controlled motion allows herself to drop. The camera spins around so it's facing her back. She's hanging from the edge starring into the window directly in front of her. The window was open, just a little, but enough, she reaches out with her right hand and opens the window to several times its original size. She jumps inside and lands quietly on the floor. She looks toward the floor, on it lay the sleeping forms of two things. One, a giant panda, Ranma's father, and the other a teenage boy, Ranma Saotome. She reaches down and scoops up the boy in her arms with little effort. She walks once again toward the window and takes a glance back.

Ukyo: * Good, the sleeping herbs I cooked into the Okonomoyaki Ranma ate for dinner kicked in fine, although he usually sleeps like a log. At least there aren't any worries about waking Genma up.*

        Genma's form suddenly rises from where it's laying. A startled Ukyo eeps and jumps out the window. The form of Genma then rolls over as thought nothing happened. The camera leaves the room and heads toward Ukyo who is lying on the ground she seems unhurt and Ranma still seems to be sleeping. She lays Ranma down on the ground and jumps onto the roof out of sight. A few seconds later Ukyo jumps back down, her sports bag once again slung over her shoulder. She retrieves Ranma and with a sudden burst of energy jumps up in the air and clears the wall of the Tendo Dojo. She starts to roof hop toward the west, she hazards a peek at her watch, the camera zooms in revealing the time to be 12:52. The moon provides Ukyo with light on her trip to destinations unknown. She leaps one final time landing on the ground, she has left the city, sights flash before our eyes, of forests, lakes, and mountains. Finally our view centers on a cabin, in the background there is no trace of the city.

Ukyo: <winded> Finally I made it.

        She looks at her watch, the time now 2:23 am, she looks down at Ranma in her arms, although she cannot get mad at him her conviction is no less, her plan is going to work out. She sits him down and the sports bag, searching though the bag she pulls out a set of keys, quickly moving to the door she opens it. She takes a moment to look inside, the place is well lit and it looks like its made entirely out of wood, there's a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom area, a living room, and more doors to the back, possibly a utility room. She puts the keys on a rack by the door, turns around, scoops up Ranma and the sports bag, and heads back inside, closing the door behind her.

        She hauls Ranma over to the bed and lays him down on it, she is obviously tired from the tip but doesn't look like she's going to take a break soon. She sits the bag on the side of the bed and opens the zipper. The only thing visible on the inside is chain, and lots of it, the amount of chain Mousse uses in most of his fights. She glances at Ranma one more time, and uses the memory of the kiss that she seen in the alley behind the building to renew her anger. Newly motivated she removes a long length of chain from the bag.  She takes one end and anchors it to the end of one post of the bed, the bed is constructed out of thick wood and appears very sturdy. She takes the other end of the chain and pulls it taught, she then locks it onto Ranma's ankle and pulls it with all her might to test that it's firmly in place. She copies this act and ties down both of his arms and his legs. She turns to the side of the bed again and pulls a small pouch out of her bag.

Ukyo: * Shampoo probably thinks that this was destroyed. She comes into my work bragging about this new potion that her great-grandmother made her out of secret Chinese herbs. How she was going to use it to get Ranchan. She expected me to just sit there and listen to it!   I fought and fought, and fought till I couldn't fight anymore, and I managed to drive her off. But she left behind this, and I'll use it to get Ranchan just for one night. She said all of Ranchan's emotions would be magnified by ten and that base emotions such as lust would rule over other more logical emotions. I just hope this works, I only have twenty-four hours anyway before it wears off. * Bottoms up Ranchan.


        Ukyo lifted the package to his lips, clamped his nostrils shut, and tipped the package vertical, spilling its contents in his mouth. Even in his near unconscious state his face managed a grimace as the liquid slid down. She expediently grabs a pair of scissors out of her bag now, she went to one of his pant legs and began cutting upward, removing his pants, then his shirt, but leaving him in his boxers. Ukyo watched intently, every now and then he would twitch or something but nothing really happened. After a few minuets she once again reached for her bag, she pulled a vial out, and held it to his nose. His eyes shot open and he pulled at his restraints his eyes darted around but he could see no one in his field of vision.

Ranma: Who are you , what do you want, you better let me go or you'll be sorry!

Ukyo: * Wow he seems really angry I wonder if the potion is doing this * "Sorry Ranchan, your the only one that's gonna be sorry <voice picking up a little> tonight I settle the score once and for all!"

        Ukyo walked into view of Ranma, and Ukyo saw something in Ranma's face she had never saw before. Complete absolute fear, not the crazed fear he got during the cat fist, but the look a man get when he knows that he's going to die. Because of this Ukyo decided to quickly go to plan B. She reached behind her and in two quick pulls she was standing there in nothing but her underwear. Ranma went from frightened to indecisive to lustful in a fraction of a second, the potion was working well. Ranma leered at her with lemony desire. She sat on the edge of the bed and Ranma once again began pulling at his chains.

Ukyo: Now Ranma, here is where I get what you owe me....... You took something that can never be replaced and your father made a promise that can never be fulfilled. Now I'm going to take something from you that can never be replaced.  ...... Your.....Your...<pause> your virginity. * Now lets see what he has to say .......... he's just sitting there?  This is the part where he's supposed to get all defensive and argue with me, and I tell him that it doesn't matter and I'll take it anyway. But he's just sitting th.......wait a second the potion, all he wants is my body?  I think... *

        She stood up from her corner and walked over to the side of the bed. Ranma was frantically pulling at the chains and grunting, trying to get release. Ukyo was didn't know how to begin, sure she knew how to 'do it' but she didn't know how to start with Ranma all excited like this. Her hands were shaking, her palms were clammy, and she wasn't really sure if she wanted to go through with it, again she reflected on her course of action and decided she was doing the only thing that she could. She reached up and put her hand on his chin and pulled him into a kiss. He was like a vacuum cleaner, he practically sucked her lips off before she used both of her hands and feet to get enough leverage to pull away.

Ukyo: Well, I guess you're ready Ranma, here I come!

        She Jumped up on the bed and straddled his midsection and thrust her hips forward. Even through the cotton of his boxers and her panties the sensation was great. She moved back and fourth with her hips while sliding her hands along his chest, leaving little red streaks as she went. After only a few strokes back and fourth she decided that she was ready. She backed up off the bed and looked at Ranma, just looking at his pathetic face could have made almost anyone cry, but Ukyo, in one quick motion, ripped off his boxers leaving him naked as the day he was born. She removed her underwear as well and jumped back on the bed making it bounce Once again Ranma had a almost insatiable look of lust in his eyes and he fought against his bonds but they held tight. She straddled him for a second time and slowly began her decent down his sizeable erection. Suddenly though Ranma bucked his hips up.

Ukyo: Owwww... Damn! I can't believe you did that you Jackass!

        She looked into his face, all she could see was concern for her.

Ukyo: * Damn you Ranma, I wanted to do this my way, I wanted to be in control, but you took that away, you decided when YOU wanted ME to lose my virginity. But now your virginity is mine too, I finally have my revenge, but.... I'm not going to stop here.... *

        Ukyo looked down at Ranma's face and noticed for the first time the level of concern that he was displaying, for a moment she appears a little sad but soon she starts moving.

Ukyo: Maybe you do care for me after all Ranchan but with my luck it's just you wanting me to get you off.

        Ukyo was completely determined, not to say she wasn't enjoying it, far from it, it was just that she was a little more focused then Ranma, who let out a grunt or yowl at every movement. Ukyo's hands moved up to her breasts and she started to massage them with a circular motion, uttering little squeals of delight along the way. She sped up the rhythm, soon she began to wish that she hadn't tied Ranma down so he could do more. In a couple of moments though all thoughts of this were forgotten, she was about to climax. Ranma went just a little before her, without warning he stiffened up and loaded her with his seed. A few seconds latter Ukyo came too. She let her body roll to the side and fall off the bed, she was breathing heavily but she could still move, if she wanted to. Seconds later she heard a sound, it was low at first, barely audible. It grew in volume though, it took her a while to realize that it was Ranma who was making the noise, she pushed her face up with shaky arms and hazarded a look at Ranma. He had the most god-awful look of despair etched on his face Ukyo couldn't figure out what was causing it but as she looked down his body she found the culprit.

Ukyo: * With this potion it's sort of like he's under the cat fist, because his instincts control him. <Long Whistle> .... He's still hard, that hard on must be killing him. He'll have to live with it, I'm exhausted. *

        She got up and went to lie down on the couch. As she was lying there the whimpering grew louder until Ranma was crying full out. Ukyo got up off the couch and stormed over to where Ranma was.

Ukyo: <angry> Okay Ranma, one more time, just one more and I'm going to sleep!

        Ukyo straddled Ranma and started the act once again, but one time turned into two and two to three and so on until they had just completed their seventh session of love making. Ukyo collapsed on Ranma and he tried to get her moving by bucking his hips, but that failed, so he started whimpering again. Ukyo seemed to stir for a moment, then stopped, then she slowly pushed herself up and to her feet on the side of the bed. She heard Ranma whimpering and turned to him.

Ukyo: * Well he's still horney as hell, him and his damn martial arts endurance. There is one thing that works to calm me down whenever I'm horney, a cold shower. * <evil grin> *And this should work doubly good for Ranma."

        She left the room for a second and when we next see her she has a large bucket of water, she sits it down next to the bed and looks to the only thing on her body, her watch, it's 6:15 am. She once again lifted the bucket, this time to eye level.

Ukyo: Let's see how you like this you horney beast!

        She throws the water all over Ranma but the results didn't click in her mind until the action was complete. Now where Ranma was once laying there was a wet, naked, and very female Ranma, who now thanks to her smaller size had her hands free.  Ukyo stiffened up and stood waiting for something, anything to happen. Female Ranma crouched up in a manner similar to that when she was a cat and pounced toward Ukyo. It didn't hurt as much as Ukyo expected, as a matter of fact she thought it felt pretty good. She opened her eyes and looked down, Ranma was holding tightly to her chest glopeing her. Ukyo simply stood there shocked, she dropped to her knees and then fell forward. All that lovemaking and then this shock had made her faint.

        Ukyo awoke to one of the best things that she could think of, her head was propped in the lap of the person she loved most in the world and on top of that this person was showing concern for her.

Ukyo: Ranma?

        Ranma looked so happy, she grabbed Ukyo up in a hug and swung her around.

Ranma: Oh Ukyo, I was so worried, I didn't know what to do, I'm sorry, this must be my fault, please forgive me!

        Ukyo's poor brain had gone though a lot, all the intensive love making, the kidnapping, and finally the fainting, so it took her a few moments to regain her berings.

Ukyo: * The potion, of course! I better be careful with what I say or do, or else things might not turn out too nicely.

        Ukyo stood there thinking to herself while Ranma rattled on. For once Ukyo was paying less attention to Ranma then thinking to herself.

Ranma: I'll do anything to make it up to you! Please, I love you Ucchan, after what we did tonight I recommend that we get married immediately. Please, oh pretty please!

Ukyo: * Is it me or is Ranchan acting more girlish then usual, yet another affect of the potion I guess....wait a second did she say that she wanted to marry me, I think she did. I could make this the happiest day of my life, but the potion what about when it wears off? *

Ukyo: <serious> Ranma I need to know for sure, do you really love me?

Ranma: With all my heart my dear Ucchan.

Ukyo: And do you promise that you will marry me, not Akane, not Shampoo, not anyone else but me.

Ranma: You're the only one for me, I love you now and forever.

Ukyo: * Things are too perfect. I love her so much and now she loves me back, I'm so happy that I could die.*

        Meanwhile while Ukyo was lost in thought Ranma noticed something else about Ukyo. Something that seemed to be standing out in Ranma's mind and the potion true to form kicked in. Ukyo did not seem to notice it at first but when she did notice she was shocked. She looked down to see Ranma suckling one her right nipple while playing with one of her own. She was so shocked by the sudden change in Ranma's interest that her mind blanked out for a moment. It was not until Ranma decided to go further and reach towards Ukyo's neither regions that her eyes grew as wide as saucer plates and Ukyo decided to take action.

Ukyo: And just what do you think your doing Ranma?

Ranma: I'm showing how much I love you my darling Ucchan.

Ukyo: But you've already shown me how much you love me several times tonight.

Ranma: But not as a girl we never made love with me as a girl.

Ukyo: <yelling> But I don't want to make love to you as a girl!

        Ranma reeled back as if she was struck by some invisible force. The hurt look on her radiated pure depression.

Ranma: You hate me don't you? You <choke> hate me! I know that I'm worthless, I know that you couldn't love someone cursed like I am. (her voice was breaking) I hate myself! Please <sob> please, I know that you hate me <cough> but would you do me a favor. Kill me! I'm a <sob> mistake, everybody hates me.....I'm no man among men......<sniffle>.....I'm nothing!

        Once again Ukyo was shocked into unresponsiveness, she never knew Ranma was this depressed about his curse. Ukyo was getting sick to her stomach, she caused this, the red head that was curled up in a ball on the floor racked with sobs and screaming out about people hating her.

Ukyo: * How could I deny Ranchan this, it's a small price to pay to make her feel better. * Ranma come here, you can love me anyway that you want, just be careful, I'm not used to this. Please Ranchan, I would do anything for you, you are a man among men and you are not a mistake, now come over here and make love to me.

Ranma: Really ..... you don't care that I'm like this you still love me! I'm so happy Ucchan, I love you so much it hurts.

        Ranma walked over to the bed where Ukyo was sitting and sat down next to her.

Ukyo: * Ranma is waiting for me to make the first move, but what am I supposed to do, I've never done anything like this before. Maybe I'll do what Ranma was doing earlier, just maneuver my face down her <grunt> move the arm, and start licking her nipples, piece of cake, actually its kind of nice. *

        Ranma's face shifted to a subtle happy smile. Her hands moved to the back of Ukyo's head and Ranma fell onto her back to give Ukyo more access to her body.

Ukyo: * The curse must affect Ranma more then she lets on, in male form Ranma is the aggressor but right now more then anything Ranma seems submissive. Ranma might not be complaining about this but on the inside I know that she wants more and I know just how to give it to her. I haven't really masturbated before so I'm afraid I'm going to be a little bit out of practice but you'll just have to make due Ranma. Just take my hand and move it down here and move this finger here and in and out.......*

        Ranma's hips were bucking wildly, suddenly her face screwed up and her body tensed.

Ranma: Uccchannnn!!!!

Ukyo: * Wellll.... that was quick, not bad for being ten years out of practice, I hope that this girl Ranma doesn't have the sex drive of the boy Ranma otherwise I might really be in for some trouble. Is ..... is she sleeping, I think that she fell asleep. Now that's a relief, I'm pretty pooped myself, looks like its time for both of us to get some shut eye.* Good night my love......


        Hour's later Ukyo awoke to someone whispering in her ear.

Ranma: Ucchan.......Ucchan......wake up.......its almost one in the afternoon. You don't want to waste the day away do you?

        Ukyo laid there pretending to be sleeping. Enjoying her Finance's attention. She was so happy that she could cry.

Ukyo: * Ranma's still here, what do I do? Look at the clock, see how much time I have before the potion wears off.......where is that stupid clock......ahhhhh its 12:48 still have plenty of time. What should I do......what do people do in the mornings......I know I can make breakfast, that's it, breakfast......* Hey Ranchan, you up for some breakfast?

Ranma: You betcha Ucchan, you know how much I love your cooking!

        Breakfast was going off without a problem. As usual Ukyo fixed Okonomoyaki and as usual Ranma ate more then her share. The only thing that seemed out of place was the constant loving looks given by Ranma to Ukyo along with the loving words, as a matter of fact Ranma's whole demeanor reflected the love she was feeling on the inside for Ukyo. With every loving word Ukyo flinched.

Ukyo: * I should be reveling in this, Ranchan is finally expressing her love for me but the only reason she's doing it is that potion. Damn this, how do I know what emotions are real and what are induced. It's not fair, its just not fair, I'm so close to having his love but when this potion wears off I might lose any chance I had. Damn, damn, damn, the only reason I did this is because I thought that I didn't have any chance, but I did...........and now its gone............*

        Visually Ukyo seemed to get more and more depressed by the minute. Ranma noticed this and her demeanor changed from loving to concerned.

Ranma: I did something wrong didn't I?  It's all my fault, it must be my fault please tell me what I did wro..

        Ranma was suddenly silenced as Ukyo planted a kiss right on her lips.

Ukyo: You didn't do anything wrong, not everything is your fault, it actually mine..... * What am I going to say now, should I tell him the truth? What if he gets mad he won't be able to restrain himself, what should I do? *

Ranma: I know since its such a nice day we could go for a hike. How did we get in a forest anyway, is this cabin yours Ucchan? It seems so peaceful here.

Ukyo: Yeah (Ukyo nervously puts a hand to the back of her head on continues), a hike does sound like a good idea, and there is a lake near here, we could go swimming if you want. This cabin is mine, it's sort of a summer retreat, it took a while to save for it but I'm glad I got it.

Ranma: Well lets get going, we've already wasted part of the day, and I'm not about to let the rest slip away.


        We see scenes of Ukyo and Ranma walking all over the woods. Ranma is acing like a small child. She is running and laughing and jumping up in trees, in some scenes Ukyo looks happy but in others she is looking at her watch in fear. One, two, a total of five hours pass before they arrive at the lake. The camera comes out of the woods from behind Ranma and Ukyo who are standing on the shore staring at the lake and scenery. The sun hangs low on the horizon across the lake there are pine trees and even further away there are mountains making for a beautiful natural collage topped off by the bluest of blue sky's.

Ukyo: It really is beautiful isn't it Ranma, look how the sun just hangs there, you don't see anything like that back in Nermia.

Ranma: It really is beautiful Ukyo, but not as beautiful as you.

Ukyo: * I wish that you would tell me things like that without the potion. * Thank you Ranchan, you don't know how happy that makes me. * Oh no, I'm starting to get depressed again, I'm getting as bad as Ryoga. I'm so sorry Ranma for using that potion. *

        Suddenly there is a rusting in the bushes behind Ranma and Ukyo. Immediately the camera makes a 180-degree spin, it was now over the lake and pointing at Ranma and Ukyo from the other side. Ukyo steps foreword a step or two cautiously. Suddenly the bushes erupt and a huge bear comes into view bearing rows of nasty teeth, it pulls back its paw and takes a swipe at Ukyo. Ukyo takes a glancing blow to the arm resulting in a set of parallel marks, nothing serious but enough to make her bleed. Ranma whirls around to look at Ukyo's falling form, she sees the bloody slashes on the arm and suddenly takes a demeanor reflecting insane madness. Ranma straightens her stance and faces the twelve-foot monster of a bear.

Ranma: You hurt Ucchan.

        The words came out as cold as dry ice and without any other warning Ranma attacks. She leaps up in the air and hits the beast with a flying jump kick to the throat. The kick is strong enough to knock it over. She pulls her fist back and made her hand like she is going to do a karate chop of sorts.  Instead she drives it foreword into the abdomen of the great beast, the flesh tears easily and her entire arm becomes embedded in the creature. With a grunt of rage she tears her hand out and takes a large section of the chest with it. She follows this up with a chestnut fist that leaves the mammoth chest as nothing more then a bloody crater. By all accounts the animal should be dead but all the attacks had taken place in split second. We see Ukyo prop herself up on her elbows from her laying position, she can see everything. Ranma walks up to the creatures' head and looks down into its face.

Ranma: For hurting Ucchan the penalty is death.

        We see Ukyo's face showing her inner terror, she's mouthing no over and over again. Once again the camera focuses on what Ranma is doing. It looks like she is going to use a basi tenketsu to finish the bear off. She puts her index finger to the creatures' head, and slowly pushes foreword. The look of madness has left Ranma's eyes replaced by utter evil. The finger slowly pushes forward cracking the bears skull. The sickening scene and sounds are too much for Ukyo and she turns to the side and vomits. Finally Ranma jumps into the air releasing a chi blast at the remains of the creature leaving nothing more then a charred crater. Ranma then slowly walks up to Ukyo.

Ranma: Are you Ok Ucchan?

Ukyo: * Oh my god I cant believe he could do such a thing, better play it cool. * Yeah, I guess.

Ranma: That's good, I'm gonna take a swim, join me when you're ready.

        Ranma quickly strips down and jumps into the lake leaving a severely shaken Ukyo to sit and wonder if she would face the same punishment as the bear for lying to Ranma. She looks toward the set of four claw marks on her arm, maybe she deserved it, in her own mind she was no better then Genma.

Ukyo: Ok Ranma-honey I'll be there in a second.

        Ukyo quickly undresses and soon joins Ranma in the lake. Ukyo had never been skinny-dipping before and found the new sensation exhilarating. She and Ranma spent over an hour swimming and both came out of the lake looking like prunes. When they finally left the surreal comforts of the lake almost all of Ukyo's tension about the potion and Ranma was forgotten. She and Ranma were getting dressed when Ukyo noticed something Ranma had stopped putting on clothes and was now touching herself in a very in appropriate manner.

Ukyo: * Wow Ranma-honey is really going at it, I thought that she would be more then satisfied from last night. We made love ten, twelve, I lost count of all the times we did it. And now she's going at it again, incredible. It must be a combination of that martial arts endurance of his along with the effects of that potion. Wha..... I'm starting to get a little... uh...moist too, the idea of being with a girl never really appealed to me, I guess.....I guess....last night affected me more then I thought. Should something? Maybe I should just watch, I've never seen someone just break down and start masturbating before. * Uhhhh..... Ranchan could you use a little help there?

Ranma: Ukyo could you, <gasp> down there......

        Ukyo understood what Ranma meant and immediately got down on her knees. After briefly wondering if there was such a thing as martial arts muff diving she went in for the kill. The red head wrapped her legs around Ukyo's head in a manner that could have been mistaken as some type of choke hold but form the look on Ranma's face martial arts were the last thing on her mind. The writhing intertwined duo somehow ended up in the shallows of the lake, which resulted in Ukyo nearly drowning. However before she came up for air, with the aid of her fingers, she achieved her goal of getting herself and Ranma off. They laid there in the shallows of the lake for what seemed like hours, both seemingly content just to be in each other's company.

Ukyo: * I would just love to lay here holding Ranchan all day but we've got to get home, its getting dark and I don't know exactly where we are. I hope we can find our way back to the cabin. * Ranchan get up, we have to get going, it's almost dark.

Ranma: Why do we have to leave, we could lay out here at least a little longer.

Ukyo: Ranma it's almost dark and if we don't leave now we might not find out way back. Do you remember the way back to the cabin exactly?

Ranma: Of course.

        Ukyo glared at Ranma.

Ranma: I'm sorry Ucchan, it's all my fault that were lost. It's all my fault, if I paid attention to where we were going better we wouldn't be like this. Its all my fault......all my fault.....can you ever forgive me Ucchan.

Ukyo: * There he goes again, stupid potion, stupid, stupid potion. * No, its not your fault it's never your fault, now come on we should leave now I'm confident with your help we can find our way back.

Ranma: Okay Ucchan we'll leave, just let me get dressed.


        Ranma and Ukyo got dressed expediently and soon they were on their way back to the cabin. Once again we see Ukyo starring at her watch the camera zooms in for a close up it's a little past nine and Ukyo seems to be getting more and more nervous by the minute. Ranma doesn't seem to notice this at all and surprisingly within a half an hour they had made their way back to the cabin. By now it was totally black outside and the only light was from the cabin, not even the moon penetrated the thick canopy of trees. They enter the cabin and the camera follows close behind, they close the door behind them but the camera shifts to the side and goes through the window as though it was not there.

Ukyo: Ranma-honey how about you and I have dinner, its been a long day and I'm sure you're as hungry as me if not more hungry considering how you usually eat.

Ranma: Yeah Ucchan, I'm starved could you make me a pork Okonomoyaki.

Ukyo: One pork Okonomoyaki coming up. I'll also heat you up some water so that you can change back.

Ranma: I don't know if that's such a good idea.......

Ukyo: Why not?

Ranma: Well, remember last night? I might get like that again, or even worse, for some reason I have an uncontrollable urge to fuck you and its even worse when I'm a guy. So I don't really want to change back right now.

Ukyo: Oh

        For the umpteenth time in the last 19 hours Ukyo was stunned beyond coherent speech. In her opinion it was all her fault that Ranma was this way and it pained her. However, even though she was distracted the Okonomoyaki turned out flawless as always. Ranma ate two, three, five, seven Okonomoyaki before he was full. Ukyo only ate a single Okonomoyaki with shrimp, even though she was feeling hungry the whole thing with Ranma had made her lose her appetite already. Ukyo, who was thoroughly exhausted walked over to the couch and flopped down on it creating a significant cloud of dust. Ranma watched her for a couple seconds then followed suit.

Ranma: So what are we going to do now Ucchan?

Ukyo: Now......were going some TV. (she finished the last part quickly)

        With that Ukyo clicked the changer in her hand and the TV turned on. Ranma appeared a little upset at first but ended up cuddling up against Ukyo snuggling her head in the crook of Ukyo's neck where she spent the next hour or so. All the while Ukyo had a happy look on her face, no matter how the night turned out she would always have the memories, and what memories they were. In the course of less then twenty-four hours she had lost her virginity, and lived parts of the perfect life with little doubt in her mind that she was loved every step of the least for a day. 

        They had been watching TV for well over an hour when some of the late night programs started coming on. Suffice it to say these programs were not targeted at children. For some reason however Ukyo could not find the will to change the channel so there they sat in silence watching well.....they were watching porn..... They continued watching for some time before Ranma turned to Ukyo and said one of the most unexpected things....

Ranma: Ucchan, will you fuck me like a man would?

        The only thing that shocked Ukyo more then the question was the sincerity that Ranma had asked it with. She was so stunned that the only thing she could do was start to form sentences for a couple minuets as her eyes grew round like saucers.

Ukyo: Uh.....umm...uh...uhh....umm.....

Ranma: Ucchan?

        Slowly Ukyo was coming back to herself and she began to focus in on the red head sitting before her.

Ukyo: * First I'm on top in bed, next she wont do anything as a girl and wants me to take the initiative. Now she wants me to 'fuck her like a man would, I'm not a guy damn it, I'm a girl. * (Ukyo gave out an exasperated sigh) And how do you expect me to do that Ranchan?

Ranma: With this!

        With that said Ranma walked over to the table in the far corner of the cabin close to the door. She returned with a fairly thick, long candle. Ukyo would have face-faulted if it were not for the fact that this was her fiancée asking this of her. She couldn't even fathom doing such a thing but Ranma was all ready to go. Going so far as to remove her boxers and start to stick the candle in her dripping cunt. Ranma stopped putting it in when she seemed to come to some obstruction. The usual ever-present look of determination on Ranma's face returned as she prepared to shove it in her to the hilt. This snapped Ukyo out of her lull.

Ukyo: Ranchan stop! * She cant do that, if she does she'll take her own virginity, well, does it carry over...?. *

        Ranma abruptly stopped what she was doing, she gave Ukyo a questioning stare wondering what the hell was going on. Ukyo got up and gently pulled the candle from Ranma's own vagina and looked closely at the maroon candle. It had never been burned and tapered off at one end and almost completely tapered off at the opposite end, it definitely was an oddly shaped candle and for a moment she just had to wonder what on earth possessed her to buy such a thing. Her thoughts however were once again brought back to Ranma as the emotionally charged girl tried to wrestle the candle from Ukyo's clutches.

Ukyo: Ranchan you cant take your own virginity I will not allow it!

Ranma: I'll take it if I want to and no one can stop me!

        Ukyo smacked her hand to her head as she realized how absurd their current conversation was, what a thing to argue over. She looked at the smug look on Ranma's face, and wondered what the hell was going through her mind, obviously the potion was wearing off, but she thought it would wear off all at once, not slowly over time like this. On one side of Ukyo's mind she wanted ever so badly to take Ranma's virginity as a girl. Hours earlier Ranma had savagely torn though hers, she could look at it as payback. And was she not seeking Ranma's virginity hours earlier for herself?  Didn't she deserve it? And here was Ranma giving herself to Ukyo.........but on the other side of her mind she kept hearing....this is wrong.....this is a broken record she was so confused.

Ranma: That's it I'm ending this now. I'm going to force it in and there is nothing you can do about it.

Ukyo: If anyone if going to do that I am! * Didn't mean for it to come out that loud, oh well *

Ranma: Ucchan?

Ukyo: Ranchan I think that it is my duty, scratch that, my responsibility to take your virginity.

Ranma: Ucchan.....

        Ranma's eyes began to gather tears as she shot foreword and enveloped her oldest friend in a hug. Ukyo separated herself from Ranma and began to mentally prepare herself for the coming task. Surprisingly as she began to strip off her clothes she found herself more then a little excited. After carefully probing her womanhood with a finger she began to insert the candle. She was a little sore from the previous night but she knew from her previous experience the pain would soon be gone. She grimaced as the final inch or two went in before it was as deep as it would go. A full eight inches still protruded from Ukyo's love tunnel that ended with a flat nub which was the base of the candle around three quarters of an inch in diameter. Ukyo approached Ranma walking seductively as she could with a candle nearly a foot in her. Ranma just laid on the round carpet in the middle of the floor, her boxers had long since been tossed away but she was still wearing a t-shirt that was at least one size too small.

Ukyo: Ranchan, are you sure that you want this? * I also want to know why you want this, oh Ranma honey you were never like this before. Its all that potion's fault, I'm sorry Ranchan.....please forgive me if you regret this later. *

Ranma: Yes....yes I do want this Ukyo. I've wanted something like this for a long time I have just been.....I've been......I've been afraid damn it, there, I said it.

Ukyo: * Could she have really wanted this before the potion? * Okay, Ranma honey, here I come.

        She entered Ranma slowly creating so much pleasure for Ranma that she squealed in delight only the slightest grimace showing what might have been her virginity. When fully buried within Ranma, Ukyo simply laid atop the redhead for a moment, enjoying the feeling of them being connected in such a way. Finally Ukyo resumed her movement, pistoning in and out slowly at first, but picking up pace. As Ukyo fucked Ranma the redhead's jiggling orbs on her chest began to swirl in circles and bounce up and down with each thrust. Finally the temptation was to much for Ukyo and she moved her hands from their stationary position on the floor to squeeze them. Ranma cried out once more in delight before moving her own hands up to return the favor. Sweat began to amass upon her brow as the strains of love making began to exact their tolls, but Ukyo could not feel her muscles aching, her lungs screaming for oxygen, the only thing that she could feel was the intense pleasure filling her body and it was getting more and more intense.

        None of her other orgasms were like this, none even close to this intensity. It was as if she was riding a crimson hot wave of lava and all she could feel was the beautiful heat, as if she had entered another world, a world of pleasure. It's safe to say she didn't last long, soon after her eyes began to glaze over the pleasure doubled, tripled, then in a massive culmination all the feelings she had were pushed though her with such intensity that she felt she might have died from the sheer power of it. Ranma too was coming to climax due in part to Ukyo's chaotic writhing as she achieved her all to awe inspiring goal. In one voice the two of them screamed out to the world in pure pleasure, an earth shattering cry so primal its force could not be denied. They both promptly collapsed from the force of it. Ukyo falling atop Ranma, the candle still between their legs testimony to what they had just done.


        The light of dawn came as a pleasant surprise for Ukyo. She half expected to be emotionally or physically shattered by now. Apparently Ranma was still asleep so she had some time before all she had done was revealed. Even though it might cost her life she decided to spend any remaining time she had doing what she loved to do in Ranma's company. She snuggled up to her sleeping form, draping her arm over her firm breasts in the process. Truth be told it didn't bother Ukyo that Ranma was in girl from at all anymore if it did to begin with. Attempting to position herself in a better position gave her the revelation that the improvised dildo was still within her. Shrugging her shoulders she backed up her rear and removed herself from Ranma. She looked at the long, dark red, protruding member.

Ukyo: * Wow.....that's sort of a turn on. I wonder what it feels like to touch it......Ohhhh .......doesn't feel half bad......better take it out any way......*

She started pulling out the lengthy tool, slowly, savoring the pleasure it brought her, and the strange empty feeling it left from being in for so long. Nearly a foot of the massive candle was within her and when it was completely out she felt oddly cold inside. She laid the candle down on the ground away from her and mashed herself up against Ranma once again, inadvertently grinding their pussies and chests together. She relished in the sensation but refused to continue, she had taken advantage of Ranma enough times. Realizing that she might not get another chance and despite her previous thoughts she took the opportunity to kiss Ranma, possibly for their last time. She kissed her on the lips and gradually deepened it. Her tongue slowly parting them and entering into her hot mouth, going over every inch of her gum line......slowly......pushing apart her clenched teeth and going under her tongue and over it......going so far as to touch the end of Ranma's if she was molesting her mouth. Eventually and ever so reluctantly she pulled away, a thin string of saliva connecting the two until Ukyo was out of reach and it snapped, and was pulled by gravity to splash thickly on Ranma's oversized bosom.

Her expression changed to sadness as she realized what must be done. With a courage she didn't even know that she had, she reached out and shook Ranma's sleeping form. It took a moment but one heavy shake seemed to be enough and Ranma was already grudgingly stretching the sleep from her body. Ukyo waited apprehensively as she watched Ranma. But it was all for not, the smile and loving look in Ranma's eyes made her worries melt away. Her face stayed serious for one moment more before asking of Ranma just one question.

Ukyo: Ranma.....I know that this may sound like a strange you love me? .....Please just tell me the truth.....

Utter conviction was the driving force in Ukyo's voice her seriousness not dulled one drop by the undertones of sadness it displayed. She bit into her lip lightly as she stared at Ranma awaiting an answer. The normal look of worry and uncertainty that plagued Ranma's features was strangely absent, instead, replaced by a look of acceptance and happiness that even caused Ukyo to smile a little. He took a long look at Ukyo.

Ranma: With all of my heart....

Ukyo: You have no idea how long I've waited for you to say that.....

Ukyo allowed her heart to rest for the first time in what felt like months. Everything had been so hectic in her life, nothing going her way. But now she had the only thing she wanted more then anything else in the world......the love of her fiancée. She hugged Ranma tightly, now she could finally let go of her past, and get on with the future. A future that she thought impossible till now, a future of love.

The End!


Wow! My longest fanfic till now! This one was one of the first fanfics that I started ever and its finally done. I must have been working on this one at least three years, and its finally done! Not one of my best works but my longest. If you want to read something hilarious you can read a MSTing of it at it is insanely hillarious!  You can e-mail me at  with questions, comments, and criticism. As for the fanfic itself, the potion did wear off but it left Ranma in love with Ukyo. It probably wasn't fair to make Ukyo give Ranma a potion to make him love her, but oh well. She just wanted to get one night with him and the potion turned it to love. He could have loved her in his heart of hearts anyway, at least I think so. Or if you totally don't agree with that imagine Ukyo got it wrong and the potion wears off in one week, imagine the mess she would be in then.  Once again thank you for reading, you can find other fanfics by me at that's it for now.


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