Butterflies, Dominoes, and Causality

Chapter 5 of 12

A Hentai Slayers Fanfic by RVincent


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Chapter 5

Hearing something, Lina sat up slightly in her bed, wondering how long she had been sleeping. She was quick to realize that the source of the disturbance was the princess she had left only a moment earlier. Lina tried to compose herself before getting up for the window. There was something about the way Amelia looked however with her cape flapping in the wind. The moonlight silhouetted her from behind, but also reflected off the window pane and illumined her features from the front as well. And there was also a familiar sparkle to Amelia’s eyes that Lina was no longer used to seeing.

Quickly, Lina moved foreword and unhooked the window clasp. Amelia immediately took up the offer and pushed open the window pane, expertly landing inside. Lina looked over Amelia’s highlighted features, particularly her nearly-glowing hair. “Amelia… I...” Lina could feel something pulling at her vocal cords so tried again, “What are you doing here…” Lina finally got out breathlessly, finding herself for the first time taken with Amelia’s appearance.

Gathering her courage, and feeling justified, Amelia decided on the direct approach, “I just can’t sleep without you nearby…” Amelia looked at Lina hopefully. Lina in turn let her eyes wander to the bed, the pillow she had been holding so tightly lay next to her depression in the mattress, she too had been having trouble sleeping alone.

“It’s just… I--” Lina tried again, but each time she couldn’t muster the feelings she needed to kick Amelia out. She wanted Amelia to stay, but the way she was feeling, her nipples hardening against her shirt. Rather than face it, she really just wanted her to leave. Lina took another deep breath of the intoxicating night air, fresh and woodsy from the surrounding countryside, she tried to calm her mind and block out the heavy aroma of lamp oil and soot in the air.

Sensing Lina’s indecision, Amelia brazenly flipped her head to the side, parting her hair and walked past Lina to the bed. Without pause she crawled beneath the covers and gave Lina a somewhat daring look. “Just- let’s not worry about it. Let’s just pretend it’s like it was before.” Amelia trailed off, as Lina sat heavily near the vanity eyeing Amelia. She was still trying to find some excuse she could use to kick the princess out for the night and let herself seethe in the meantime.

Amelia though had managed to coax a slight smile to her lips as she laid back fully into the bed, lifting her midsection. It took Lina a moment in the moon light before she was able to figure out that Amelia was fumbling with her pants. Then, she saw them get pushed out from beneath the covers to the foot of the bed. Then, Lina’s heart nearly skipped a beat as Amelia started taking off her shirt. This was a first, before the two of them had always slept together modestly, it was enough to force Lina to some action.

“Why do you need to take off your shirt?” Lina asked, masking her panic with a calm exterior.

“So I don’t overheat next to you.” Amelia answered fluidly, lifting her shirt up and over her head.

“Are you sure you need to do that?” Lina asked, her voice raising in pitch.

“Why?” She asked so innocently, but Lina knew better. That just a short time ago she was nearly seduced by the girl in her bed. As soon as the word came to her head she knew it was exactly what had happened. She’d been seduced by power, and by money, but this was a whole new kind of seduction. And in some ways that made it easier to deny, not knowing exactly what it was she was fighting against. Not knowing what giving into that temptation might feel like.

But it also made it all the more difficult.

Amelia absently lifted her arm from beneath the covers, putting it behind her head. In the process she tossed up the edge of the blanket, which exposed her naked chest. “Eh!” Lina squeaked out, immediately trying to cover for the unexpected noise. Valiantly, Lina made another attempt at conversation, feeling a slight trembling in her unsteady feet as she began tapping one of them against the leg of the chair. “So, I guess we’ll be heading out tomorrow night, or the day after then. That is if these shops finally get some supplies.” Lina laughed, but it was completely superficial.

“Yeah, hopefully.” Amelia responded, sounding tired before rolling more towards Lina, drawing her chest into an even sharper contrast.

Lina’s thoughts drifted further away from the conversation she was fighting to keep going. She forced herself to concentrate, “Yeah… okay.” Then berated herself for such a nonsensical response. The sheet had shifted down even further, the faintest of details now coming to Lina’s eyes. All at once, her brain started to scramble. She thought of guys, penetration, she didn’t know much about sex, but she had basics that most everyone knew. What could she do? In Lina’s mind, unless it was rape, sex was something two people who loved each other did.

She didn’t love Amelia. Granted she felt closer to the princess as of late, but what she was feeling now, it wasn’t. Couldn’t be love. She was in such a fit she felt like she could spring on almost any attractive person in front of her. Such thoughts were not helpful at the moment. It was her frustration and visible embarrassment that caught Amelia’s attention and caused her to follow Lina’s line of sight.

“What are you looking at?” Amelia asked in a chiding voice, Lina couldn’t tell if the innocence was an act or honest ignorance of what she was doing.

“Nothing!” Lina covered quickly with the first thing that came to her mind, but the absurdity of it caused Amelia to giggle. Suddenly Lina struggled anew, wondering how her mind had ever fallen so low, convincing herself that she had never even found another girl attractive before and that something must be amiss for her to be thinking of such things. And just like that, Amelia made her move. Pushing up from the bed, her sheet falling away entirely she got to her feet. In the back of Lina’s mind she noticed that Amelia was still wearing her panties, but that wasn’t where she was paying the most attention. Lina‘s attempts at speaking were useless, she could only mange the faintest sounds that proved she was trying. Finally Amelia closed the gap between herself and Lina, the two of them meeting lips in the middle.

The kiss was a bit too dainty for the situation but Amelia pulled away breathing heavily, “Don’t you still like my boobies?” Amelia blushed, trying to push Lina further with an attempt at a deeper voice.

Embarrassed, Lina turned away for a moment to hide the bulk of her blush, “Who ever said that…?” She hardly whispered out realizing the truth to it but alarmed at Amelia’s uncharacteristic forwardness. Amelia giggled and took a few steps back to sit back down on the bed.

The first few words were lost on Lina before she forced herself back into the conversation, “… and you’re always looking at them.”

Perking back up, Lina retaliated, “I was always looking at your boobs because I was jealous…” Lina seethed, happy to force her mind to the comfort of irritation.

Amelia continued pushing her, “Oh, but why would you be jealous of these?” Amelia gave them a slight push together causing Lina to gulp. But as Lina tried to keep up with the conversation she found herself loosing interest. Her eyes continually taken back to Amelia‘s ample chest. She cursed herself, wondering how, in all of her life she had never heard of an instance where two girls had gotten together and… just the thought made her blush, and for a moment she had to wonder if there some magical element to the whole situation that would be lacking between two females. Something that would make the act itself impossible, aside from the obvious.

Lina struggled. She tried to fight it like any other mind control, through sheer force of will. She reasoned that the kind of thoughts she was having wouldn’t have even entered her mind otherwise. That she wouldn’t be struggling to come up with some ploy to let herself get naked and meet Amelia in the bed either. She wouldn’t be going over the possible consequences and damning each one in turn otherwise. Lina breathed heavily, shakily and reached down to the bottom of her shirt, pulling it off and over her head in one fluid movement. She could tell from the look on the princess’ face that she was shocked. She should have known better.

“Lina… what are you?” Amelia trailed off, loosing the dominant aura she had amassed.

“What do you want me to do?” Lina asked, her own voice husky, though from no intentional effort of her own. She’d wanted to give in so badly, and now she just wanted Amelia to tell her it was okay to let go. And to let Amelia do whatever she wanted to her. In that spirit, Lina stood from the chair and unceremoniously dropped her pants to around her ankles, walking out of them. But with no response forthcoming from Amelia, Lina took the lead, “Maybe you should finish getting naked.” Lina swallowed hard, but if she thought she felt anticipation before, it was nothing compared to the encompassing, powerful feeling she got when Amelia wordlessly pushed her panties down.

Lina pressed on further. Moving in she dropped to her knees, putting herself between Amelia’s legs. She took a moment to look up to Amelia, but either through embarrassment or some other emotion she couldn’t meet Lina’s eyes and looked away. The anticipation was too much, shakily Lina took her thumb and index finger and reached out, pushing apart the flesh there, opening Amelia up. She looked over the slick folds, faint details visible in the slight reflectance of the fluid there. Open before her, Lina found herself at a loss over what to do. Trembling with unfirmilar excitement Lina forced a laugh. Amelia, who had been looking away, her eyes closed and trembling slightly, tilted her head to see what the sorceress found funny, “You wouldn’t happen to know what to do, would you?”

Amelia swallowed hard, “I- I’m a little scared…” She said shakily.

Lina nodded, “Yeah-- me too.” Lina felt her heart pounding in her chest, and the heat from the room felt almost unbearable on her naked skin. Trembling and breathing in shallow pulses she pushed herself to her feet, leaning in and kissing Amelia on the lips, running her tongue along them slightly before shuddering and pulling away.

“Maybe… we should t-try this on the bed.” Amelia got out in uneven tones. Lina nodded and pushed Amelia against the mattress. “What.. what are we going to do…?” Amelia managed, her voice just above a whisper. There was an innocence there that Lina hadn’t expected from her previous advances. Still, she was just as innocent as the girl beneath her. Before she could form a reply Amelia expounded on her question, “I-I mean, with a guy and a girl… but.. two girls...”

“Amelia…,” Lina started, she wanted to say something inspiring, something romantic, something that would convince Amelia everything was all right and spur her into action. But she didn’t feel up to the lie, , “.. with the way I feel right now, there has to be something we can do. Otherwise I’m going to go crazy.”

Nodding with a bit of worry Amelia tried to get herself situated on the bed as Lina moved to unclasp her own bra. Lina looked down over her body. Letting herself be guided by lust, Lina reached around her back and unclasped her bra, pushing the straps over her shoulders and letting it drop to the ground before reaching back up to cover herself with her hands.

Things moved fast from there. So as to keep Amelia’s eyes from lingering on her too long Lina made a move for the bed. Picking up one of the corners of the blanket and getting underneath it. The room itself was lit by the streaming moonlight but where the two of them were at the far edge of the room, it was nearly dark.

Lina preferred it that way. Her hands soon found their mark over Amelia’s breasts. She gave in completely to impulses she had denied for years, something she had wanted to do before even without perverted connotations. Gently pinching Amelia’s nipples, squeezing them. Soon she had moved in, kissing the princess hard on the lips. Lina’s hands were trembling, she moved one of her hands behind Amelia’s back and pulled her closer, mashing their chests and naked flesh together, feeling her heat penetrate her being. “Oh..” Amelia gasped in her ear after a particularly passionate kiss. Lina wanted to say something but she couldn’t think of the words, instead she just pulled herself tighter against Amelia.

Since there wasn’t much light to see by, Amelia didn’t keep her eyes open. Instead she just focused on the sensations. It was like suffocating - but in a good way, being completely in another’s power. Lina started moving the kisses further down her face and along her jaw line causing her to shudder. Amelia pressed herself into Lina harder, hoping she would realize she wanted more of everything. To push things along, Amelia put her hands behind Lina’s back, pressing them against her shoulders and moving them down her body, settling on her butt. She gave it a tight squeeze causing Lina to grunt deeply and intensify her kiss. The feeling of skin against skin, Amelia continued to rub her hands all over Lina’s back, heady from the feeling of it.

Lina responded in kind to the attention, grabbing Amelia’s butt and pulling herself against the princess. Still, as much as she liked what Amelia was doing, it wasn‘t enough. The initial satisfaction Lina had felt for throwing herself naked into a bed with Amelia was satisfied, but now she burned more deeply.

She started moving herself downward. After a moment Amelia realized Lina’s intentions and slackened her grip but didn’t move her hands away, instead settling them in Lina’s hair as Lina brought her head up against Amelia’s breast. A moment later Lina took one of Amelia’s nipples in her mouth. It was a whole new experience; Lina felt the small bumps and details of Amelia’s nipple with her tongue. She wasn’t exactly sure what to do and timidly she closed her teeth on Amelia’s nipple, seeing if that would illicit a response. Amelia tensed up and Lina continued with soft nibbling, alternating between taking the whole of the nipple into her mouth and licking it. Slowly the nipple in her mouth began to harden under her attention, as did the one she was rolling between her fingers. Lina pulled back, licking her lips, hearing her heart pounding in her head before moving back in. Finally Amelia’s response moved past the automatic response of her body. Lina could feel the change in Amelia’s breathing as she submitted to the attention.

“La-Lina… that feels good…” Amelia brought her leg up, pinning Lina’s leg in-between her own. Then, she started to move her hips tight against it. The movement was natural, and without realizing it Lina started to pick up on it too. Each of them with the other’s leg held tightly between their legs, tightly pressed against their sex. Lina kept up her ministrations of Amelia’s nipples, but it was difficult, the movement of her hips, and the movement of her lips and hands, it was taking all of her concentration, her mouth would stop moving, or her fingers, or her hips, and she would suddenly realize and have to put her mind back into things, keeping everything in motion.

It was destined to fail. Amelia rolled over more, causing Lina to roll with her onto her back, Amelia now on top. Suddenly pulled back to reality, Lina was shocked at how far things had gone. Amelia bucking against her leg, she could feel Amelia’s wetness against her as a distinct spot of warmth that slid back and forth tightly. As she took in Amelia’s form in the moonlight, a slight sheen of sweat over her body, her nipples poking out in front of her as her chest heaved and her breasts swung, she suddenly realized she too was likewise bucking her own hips against her lover. She felt the fabric she was still wearing, her skimpy panties as the last barrier between her and Amelia. They were wet with her arousal, but the cloth there gave a unique sensation as she rocked her hips.

Building, Lina didn’t know what the feeling was at first. It started off as a numbness spreading from inside of her. But to compliment it, there was a heat consuming her from the outside. Warring hot and cold, her breath forced in and out as she screwed her eyes shut. She felt Amelia tighten her grip with her legs, her longer movements suddenly reduced to quick little pivots against Lina’s leg, then… “Lina… Lina…. Ohhh…. Ohhhh!” She croaked out something more, 19 years of sexual repression coming to a head as the tightness around Lina’s leg passed the uncomfortable zone, going to downright painful. Both of them held still for a moment before Amelia dropped down off her hands and fully onto the bed, their legs still tangled together.

“What happened?” Lina got out winded. Amelia stirred, not fully incapacitated yet.

“I.. I just…” Amelia dropped down off Lina and into the bed more, if it was possible, “It was incredible…” She muttered out, her face covered by the pillow. Amelia rolled a little to the side, lifting her leg from between Lina’s now loosened legs. A wet stickiness suddenly made itself apparent as they separated. All down Lina’s leg she felt the dampness in the cool night air, and there was something else, numbness there from the repetitive motion of Amelia on her leg. Lina reached down, she was hot, unnaturally hot between her legs, and her panties were soaked through.

“Hey, what about me!” Lina cried, realizing her chance at the feelings Amelia had experienced was rapidly passing. Amelia batted her hand at Lina and mumbled something unintelligible. “You can’t just roll over and go to sleep!” Lina sat upright and turned toward Amelia, putting her hands on the princess’ shoulders and shaking her into the bed.

Amelia lazily rolled over, “I wasn’t sleeping… suppose” She managed out blearily.

“My dead ass! You were just going to pass out on the bed!”

Amelia smiled at having been found out, “But it was just soooo goooood…” Amelia giggled out, spurring Lina on.

“Yeah, yeah… it was good, until you stopped!”

There was playfulness to her tone though, Amelia caught on quickly that she wasn’t honestly angry. “It was better than that… it was-- magical…” Amelia trailed off, still feeling a bit of the glow, and rolled over, putting her arm over Lina. She opened her eyes, and ran her hand delicately over Lina’s chest. Inside her already, that strange mixture of arousal and wanting started to bring itself to the forefront again, something she had never felt before this night. It was something new. Something… Amelia put her hand over one of Lina’s breasts and gave it a squeeze. Then, thinking back to what Lina did earlier, Amelia moved her head up to Lina’s breast, licking it around the base, causing Lina’s anticipation to boil before Amelia took the nipple in her mouth. Unlike Amelia, who didn’t respond much to the attention initially, Lina immediately greeted the suckling with an unthinking moan. Instead of bringing her hand up to Lina’s other breast though, Amelia brought it down between Lina’s legs.

Amelia pulled away for a moment, feeling the need to explain herself, “There’s something down here…” Amelia weaseled her fingers beneath the sting holding up Lina’s panties where her fingers promptly encountered Lina’s wetness. “Tell me when you feel it…” Amelia ran her finger through Lina’s sparse hair and followed her lower lips bottom to top. Putting more force on her finger, it pressed into the lips slightly.

Pulled through the slickness Lina shivered, “When I feel what?” She asked, slightly breathy. Amelia didn’t respond, continuing her motion. Finger moving end to end between Lina‘s folds. There was anticipation there, and it started to grow and caught Lina’s breath in her throat. She wanted Amelia to press deeper, but couldn‘t bring herself to ask. “Oh!” Lina made the sound from deep within her throat, not at all intentional. Amelia smiled with her teeth lightly holding Lina’s nipple and repeated the movement. Pulling her finger to the upper edge of Lina’s slickness and rubbing it there. She felt it, a difference in the velvetiness, a small little bump beneath the skin.

“L-sama!” Lina cried out, gripping the sheets. Amelia immediately stopped, not quite sure about that reaction. It was definitely not a name she usually heard from Lina. “Don’t stop…” Lina hissed out. The command quickly prompted Amelia to continue her actions. She again took the nipple into her mouth, turning her head slightly so she could try to make out Lina’s face in the light. The details though were hidden, she couldn’t even tell if Lina was enjoying it, but she knew she was going to keep up if it brought Lina the kind of pleasure she’d felt earlier. When she had shifted positions earlier atop Lina, something had just.. it had rubbed just right… and it was something she was hoping to be rubbing on Lina right now.

Lina managed to get her death grip off the bed and moved one of her hands into Amelia’s hair, kneading her head as she continued to suck on her nipple. “Oh!” Lina drew in a breath, but she didn’t let it back out. Amelia picked up the pace, driving her finger further down Lina’s slit, coating it with her juices before bringing it back, rubbing tightly over the whole sensitive area. She felt Lina tense, arching her back. “Oh gods!” Lina cried out, starting to force the air from her lungs. As she did, her body started to gradually fall back toward the bed, Lina suddenly grabbing Amelia’s hand, breathing out, “It-it’s too much…” Pulling Amelia’s hand away from her delicate regions.

Closing her eyes, Lina felt her muscles go slack. Just like that she felt the heat that had been accumulating drain from her body. She took a deep breath, incredibly relaxed, a hair’s berth from sleep. Amelia had been right, it was magical. Then she realized she was moving. Or… more accurately, something was moving next to her. Letting out a angry groan Lina forced one of her eyes open. She managed, after some time, to turn her head to the side ever so slightly. The new vantage point allowing her to take in Amelia’s expression.

To Lina it looked as if Amelia might have been trying to extract herself from the bed. So in response she starred her down with all of her might, threatening violence should the princess actually succeed and break free of the comfort (and disturb Lina’s own in the process). All thoughts of leaving disappeared and Amelia laid back down. Finally seeing Amelia give up on her treasonous thought Lina let herself relax back into the mattress and drift off to sleep for the night.

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