Can Lina Handle the power of the Lord of Nightmares?

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        The second half of this warning is because this work is adult in nature. It is a lemon and as such no one under 18 years of age is permitted to read any further, please hit the back button on your browser. This fanfic contains Yuri, Rape, Blood, Futanari, Impregnation, Mind Control, Violence, Ultra Violence, OOCness, Clichés, Bad Similes, Bad Metaphors, Foul Language, Strangulation, and maybe some other little things. Please read no further if these things offend you. Other than that please enjoy. Although I doubt you will as I consider this my worst completed fanfic, it’s been a work in progress for 7 years or so and the only reason I am still working on it is that I made the mistake of releasing some of it before it was completed and I don’t want a half completed fanfic out there.

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Part 1

        Sprawled out in the grass and enjoying the sun, our heroin Lina Inverse was deservedly savoring some alone time. Sadly though this was becoming an increasingly infrequent occurrence. Zelgadiss and Martina had gone to town for supplies leaving her and Amelia on their own for the day. And what a day it was, the place they had picked to set up camp was like heaven. It perched on a slope overlooking a beautifully forested area, the grass was a dazzling green, and birds chirped pleasingly all around. Nearby there was a stream that fed into a lake which was itself only a short walk away. Finally, with the weather was warm as it was, the day was as perfect as any Lina had previously lived. Despite the beauty around her though... her mind couldn’t move past recent tragic events...


        Luckily though she diverted herself from a trip into self pity as she looked around. Her “Where’s Amelia, she was here just a second ago?” Lina spouted, thinking aloud. Sitting up she looked around as far as she could without standing. The search for Amelia was just a fleeting distraction though and she quickly lost interest in it. Instead she laid back down and put it out of her mind, Amelia could take care of herself. She figured that maybe in a little bit she would get up, then again the temptation to lie there until nightfall was there too, her usual pro-activeness completely lacking. She forced herself to relax more, today was her day away from bandits, Mazoku, and all the other little troubles in life. Today she could just let her guard down for awhile and relax.

        As much as she rallied against it, her thoughts drifted back to her recent battle with Gaav and the terrible price of victory. She’d lost Gourry, a tear came unbidden to her eye as she remembered how Gourry was taken from her, from everyone. She choked back a sob, the feeling of utter helplessness coming back in force. She couldn’t do anything, forced to watch as her Gourry was spirited away by that damned Hellmaster Fabrizo.

        There was another aspect of the fight though. The amount of unrefined, primal power contained within her that lay dormant for so long had poured out of her. There was no doubt that the perfected Ragna Blade ranked among her most powerful attacks. To call forth the most powerful of all dark lords, the Lord of Nightmares.... Of course there were side effects, she had expected side effects... It was slightly humbling that she had the only set of functional spells that called upon the Lord of Nightmares.... Still that made finding out side effects more difficult than simply looking them up at the Sorcerer Guild. She was quickly finding out the cost of power. By her estimates she was shaving nearly a year out of her life every time she called the Dark Lord forth. That incredible influx of dark energy into her body, it tore at her life force, and had other unexpected dark consequences......

        When she had used the perfected Ragna Blade for the first time to defeat Sagrum, the drain she felt wasn’t just physical, it was emotional, mental, every facet of her being was taxed by her body acting effectively as a lightning rod for godly power. She knew there was no way she would be able to pull it off again for some time... With her body pumped with dark emotions and energy she slumped over coughing up blood as a sliver of her life faded away. But just as the energy was about to consume her into unconsciousness, the gold dragon healed her body. With her body healed she could now force herself to pull it off again.

        The subsequent Ragna Blade against Gaav was far more potent then the first. Normally the dark energy would have worked itself out of her body with little noticeable side effects before she would have been able to attempt the spell again. This however was not the normal set of circumstances. Her body was still pumped full of this energy and with the completion of the spell she added to a reserve that was already maxed out. The magic ran rabid through her, darkening her eyes, deepening her voice, most of it going unnoticed to the casual observer...

        She had to choke back another sob of self pity. “Damn it, if only I had known....if only I....” She curled into a fetal position as she remembered the violent flow of emotions that washed thought her, they were so foreign and overwhelming at the time. Her body took the brunt of it though. With her stomach feeling like it was going to drop from her body she felt queasy, then excited, frustrated, and just as suddenly bursting with energy, all at once on her feet chasing after Gourry before her body refused to obey her any more, causing her to crash into the ground.

        Groggily, she pulled out of her unbidden flash back and found herself tightly wound in the blanket she was laying on for warmth. That nauseating feeling was back putting her on the verge of passing out. She started to recover shortly, light headed, and feeling a bit giddy from it. Unknown to her the dark energies still present in her body had used her weakened mental state to penetrate the mental checks that all people set up over their violent impulses. The giddiness quickly passed and was replaced by confusion as her mind was flooded with violent thoughts. She clenched her hands into tight fists, her arms shaking from the tension. She tried to regain her calm but unwillingly focused her anger on Phibrizzo. Through clenched teeth, tiny drops of saliva were forced out as her breathing picked up. Sudden impulses popped unbidden into her head, the want and need to cast the Dragon Slave. She fought against it as she turned between looking at the nearby town and a beautiful forest. She would have given in though had she known her next impulse would be to cast the Giga Slave.

        With such a dramatic situation playing out, it was only appropriate that Amelia make her big entrance completely ignorant as to the happenings around her. Dressed in her usual garb, Amelia stumbled out of some bushes at the edge of the camp site, tripping on a particularly thick cluster of roots, and landing flat on her face as a result. Lina was standing now although she did not remember getting up. Looking at Amelia she regained her mental footing for a moment. Her mind was in flux, she tried to think of something, research she had done on overloading ones magical capacity, fits of madness, none of it was really helpful but by keeping her mind occupied she managed to maintain control, but she knew it wouldn’t last. “Not now!” Lina screamed to herself, incapable of internal dialogue. “Amelia, get away from here!”

        Amelia turned toward Lina as quick as she could, panicked by Lina’s reaction her first thought was that Phibrizzo had shown up or Gaav had come back. Amelia got to her feet and sprinted toward Lina. Frustrated, Lina tried to get out another warning but her body was unresponsive, she couldn’t call out, her throat was closed up like in a bad dream. Suddenly more afraid then ever, her panic doubled when she realized she couldn’t do anything under her own power, her feet were rooted to the ground, even her fingers were beyond her control. It was then, at that height of helplessness and fear that she felt something pull in her skull followed by a searing pain and heat. Mercifully she was unable to stand it anymore and her vision began to darken as she slumped to the ground unconscious. Horrified Amelia dropped to her knees, grabbing Lina’s form and holding her in her arms. She took in Lina’s shaking form, her pale skin, from the look of things Lina had gone into shock. On instinct, Amelia held her tight while looking around for a sign of danger, leaving her completely open to the person in her arms.

        Lina was fighting in her divided mind for control. Her indomitable personality, the real Lina Inverse uncorrupted by magical influence, struggling against another darker force. The demonic energies implanted into her by the Lord of Nightmares. In actuality though, the power of the Lord of Nightmares was not the source of her evil thoughts, simply the fuel for the emotions and repressed desires that Lina had, that all people have, but this insurgence of power had given those desires the fuel to carry themselves from the hidden depths of her mind and into Lina’s waking consciousness. And as these emotions and desires came into power over her psyche, they warped her in an instant assaulting Lina‘s rational mind with almost physical force. As Lina laid there in Amelia’s arms, her head against her breast, all of her hard won control went down the toilet.

        Struggling back into consciousness, Lina’s eyes began to focus on Amelia’s face. Lina gave a mournful stare, her eyes watering, “Sorry” she said almost to low to hear, but Amelia heard it. There was something about the pitch though that unnerved Amelia, forcing her to take stock of the situation anew, a bit too late. It took all of Lina’s remaining mental focus to get that out, there would be nothing more till the emotions had run their course, but worst of all she couldn’t close her eyes to the terrible things she knew she was about to do. She struggled to visualize something else, absolving her from being a participant in what was soon to be. She couldn’t help but watch though, these were her perversions, and on some level these were things she had always dreamed of, even if they had been nightmares. Without thinking she intoned herself to lick her lips and was slightly surprised when her body followed suit. Despite the third person feeling, Lina was disgusted anew as she realized that maybe, to an extent, she was still in control. Just the thought of it wrenched her from her more comfortable position of just being a spectator to being the active force of what was going to be happening.

        Before Amelia could react Lina had rolled out of her arms and onto her feet. Amelia turned to catch her eyes but found that the soul she usually felt there was no longer kind. Amelia started to back up, scooting on her butt, pushing with her hands as Lina promptly took a step towards her. With a speed Amelia didn’t know Lina possessed she was slapped directly across the face. It stung, terribly bad, Amelia already felt tears in her eyes and was about to say something when Lina abruptly slapped her again this time drawing some blood from her nose. Lina casually bent down and attempted a seductive look as she nimbly took her tongue to the drops of blood beneath Amelia’s nose, causing her to abruptly jerk her head backwards to stay away from the defiling object.

        Amelia’s tears intensified and she tried to further back away from Lina while sniffling. Lina didn’t follow, she just stood there. Amelia’s actions had rekindled the fight within her mind. She knew there was no chance of her regaining total control, so she was bargaining with her hidden self. With great effort Lina tried to speak again, “Please don’t make this harder than it has to be, I......I can’t help myself.” The compassion completely drained away as well as Amelia’s hope once the last word was uttered. This time as Lina approached Amelia, she didn’t try to back away. Amelia’s fight of flight mechanism shorted out which forced her to sit there in shock as she stared at the approaching sorceress.

        When Lina was nearly there she dived foreword unexpectedly, throwing Amelia to the ground and pinning her arms to her sides before beginning to viciously kiss her on the lips and anywhere else she could reach. Startled, Amelia tried to free herself, but there wasn’t enough leverage. The attack continued, Lina becoming more brazen and using her tongue to a greater degree. As it went on, Lina began to grind into Amelia more, using her legs to grab one of Amelia’s. Against all logic, Amelia was actually becoming subdued from this lustful attack.

        But just as Amelia started to calm down Lina changed tactics to prevent Amelia’s acceptance. Dislodging herself, Lina straddled Amelia’s chest and began to claw and slap Amelia, intent on hurting her. Amelia cried out, “Please stop!!! Please Lina!!!” Most of the damage was blunt trauma as Lina didn’t have much in the way of nails, but shortly, blood started to collect all around Lina’s hands and face.

        At the apex of this beating Lina grunted out, “I really wanna kill you Amelia...would you forgive me...” And right on cue, Amelia’s screams intensified to a deafening level. In complete contrast to the look of fear and pain on Amelia’s face, Lina’s face was contorted with near orgasmic strain. Then, just as suddenly as it began, Lina screamed out, going limp before falling backward off Amelia’s beaten body.

        For a few brief moments Lina laid still on the ground, then slowly she moved her hands to the crotch of her outfit. Moaning out, she massaged her privates through the darkening material. Although her upper body was mostly covered in blood her lower half was somewhat sanitary. ‘Was’ being the key word here, the spot forming at her crotch was most distinctly blood and it was starting to pool. She began to rub herself through her clothing, her pace quickening. Faster, faster, she was almost there....... “Yes!!!” She moaned as she reached orgasm for the second time that day. With her body spent she laid there unmoving for some time. The ragged rise and fall of her chest showing to the world that she was indeed still alive.

        Amelia was the first to come to her senses. Although most of her wounds were only skin deep and would heal in no time there was an awful lot of bruising around her face. She probed the area around her face with her fingers and came to.....a bite mark? Amelia felt she was lucky to have survived. She propped herself up on her elbow, still bleeding but not as heavy as she had imagined she would be. Things had happened so fast, whatever had happened. Although what happened may have been apparent to an outside observer, Amelia couldn’t figure out anything she could do. Everything was suddenly so strange and wrong. The thought flashed through her head to kill Lina. Maybe if she didn’t Lina would surely kill her. Any plans she could have formulated though crumbled as a gurgling sound trailed into her ears. Shakily Amelia looked over to where Lina was laying, she was just coming to.

        Lina’s head hurt bad, really bad. Much worse than the time she got drunk enough to pass out. Everything was blurry around her and worse yet, she could remember everything that she did in excruciating detail. Although back in control, her mental victory was tainted as she had to wonder just how long she would remain that way. The emotions were too strong, there was blood in her mouth, covered in it, she threw up the contents of her lunch, some of the vomit making its way up her nose and causing her to choke. The putrid concoction of blood and vomit trailed down her face and eventually pooled around the base of her skull on the ground. Laying there a minute and casually spitting the rest of the puke out of her mouth and snorting it out of her nose she finally worked up the courage to check on Amelia. She timidly turned her head and looked over toward the Princess to see if she was okay. She found Amelia looking back at her, their eyes locked. Lina could see the betrayal and confusion in her friends eyes. She decided to slowly make her way toward Amelia to see what she could do, if anything.

        Amelia saw Lina coming toward her, standing uneasily on her legs and barely making it to her before collapsing to the ground. Despite her own injuries she still felt more pity for Lina, she actually looked to be in worse shape than Amelia was in despite not taking one blow. She looked over Lina’s blood soaked and vomit covered body and couldn’t help but smile, but for the life of her she could not figure out why. Her eyes focused on Lina’s hands, they were covered in flakey blood and nearly all of her fingernails had been pulled back or were missing causing her to cringe. She stifled a gasp as she realized Lina’s ring finger on her right hand was bent at an odd angle. Signaling to her that it was likely broken or badly dislocated. The human hand was not meant for such beastly instincts.

        Tilting her head up, Lina could hardly recognize the defender of justice and love in front of her. Amelia was battered and bruised, her left eye was bloodied and her cheeks were swollen. Blood streamed out of the corner of her mouth and her hair was matted down with her own blood. The front of her shirt was tore to the base of her breasts with claw marks criss-crossing all the way down, her torso may have been covered in the liquid, but her lower body had been shielded from the carnage by Lina’s body during her free-for-all. The Jewel that adorned the costume at the base of Amelia’s neck for so long was flung far away in one of the opening swipes never to be found again. Lina seen the smile that her friend was trying to give her, despite what she had done. Forgiveness.... that thought drove Lina even deeper into her despair, and all at once Lina broke down crying at the thought.

        “I’m sorry, imsorry, imsorry” Lina muttered over and over to Amelia as she reached ahead, draping herself over the princess’ battered form and grasping her in a hug. “I didn’t mean to do this you gotta believe me...” more tears streamed down Lina’s face, “Please believe me Amelia” Lina’s voice got even tighter as she continued, “I lost Gourry please don’t tell me I lost you too.”

        Amelia’s facade broke down and with it came the tears she was holding back. “Please.... tell m... why....” Amelia sobbed out

        The explanation for the situation was something that she should have warned the princess about anyway, so, unable to think of a lie or reason to postpone the truth, Lina told her the whole story. About the true power of the Lord of Nightmares and its consequences. How she felt so helpless and alone. How her love and compassion could never be normal again because of what the power did to her. Lina tried her best to explain what she knew but there was so much she didn’t know, was becoming frantic. Talking so fast that Amelia could hardly keep pace. Without thinking about it though, she started to realize even more of the abstract matters involved, and Amelia’s occasional questions also helped to broaden her aspects.

        “So aside from the mental effects what else did the excess magic do to you?” Amelia was feeling better now that some time had passed and she let Lina cast some healing spells on her. Still though, she was afraid that some of the scars would never fade and whenever Lina moved quickly she couldn‘t help but get a little skittish.

        Lina looked into Amelia’s face, “Promise not to tell?”

        After a moments consideration Amelia answered, “I will take your secret to my grave” and started giggling from the somberness of the mood. Lina was not amused.

        “I...” Lina tried to go on but felt her throat tightening. After what she had done to Amelia, she felt she owed her an explanation no matter how embarrassing. There was just something about... Lina stood upright while Amelia stayed seated. Lina hooked her thumbs in the bands on her pants nodded toward Amelia. It took her a moment to gather her courage, “Watch..” Lina bit her lip and slowly lowered her pants. Standing there in just her underwear Lina felt even more embarrassed, especially with the blood coating them, some from her and some from Amelia. Finally Lina swallowed hard and pulled down her panties to join the pile at her feet.

        Amelia looked straight at Lina’s mound surrounded by patches of red hair. Although the blood around it made the area look gruesome in patches, overall there was nothing overtly abnormal about it. “What is it, what’s wrong” Amelia asked looking, a slight blush spreading to her cheeks but still curious enough not to avert her eyes. Sure she had seen her own pussy and this one wasn’t much different except there was a lot more compared to the two that she had seen before. Then something caught Amelia’s attention. Lina’s face went rigid and her hips moved forward slightly. Amelia was transfixed on Lina’s pussy lips, they were moving apart.

        Slowly something was coming out and within a couple seconds it stood in all of its glory. From Lina’s body now stood a medium extension of about six inches colored the most moist pink imaginable, mentally Amelia compared it to a dog cock, not that she ever looked at things like that she quickly added to herself, she simply noticed them. Lina also looked down in wonder, she had felt it grow, she knew that it would be there, but she had never seen the thing, it was alien and it belonged at the same time, strangely enough Lina’s first thought was that it was kind of cute.

        Lina started saying something about how it was a curse but Amelia could not, would not hear. There was some kind of hypnotic property to Lina’s new appendage. She was being taken by emotions that she did not know, and before she could even fight against it, she had her lips wrapped around Lina’s pink member. Not only was there instant physical gratification to giving in, but to Amelia it tasted like the most delicious of fruit, or even better with a flavor all its own. She paid no heed to Lina as she tried to use her hands to push her off her member. Her only reaction was to use her own hands to hold onto Lina from behind, grabbing her butt tightly. Fighting to the end, the both of them.

        The clarity Lina had previously dropped away. It was hazy again, and just as before it was just like watching someone else, she just couldn’t believe what was happening. Her best friend, a girl was..... She tried not to enjoy it, to think of something else, to keep fighting against it. It was beyond primal though, there were both getting caught up in the magically influenced act. The hands that Lina was using to push Amelia away soon went to the other side of her head and started to give her a rhythm while she was sucking on her.

        Lina’s breathing intensified as Amelia’s nose would brush against her clitoris for the briefest of moments before she pulled away. The pleasure just kept building too, skin and flesh, all of the human vices pulled together in one act. She applied more pressure to Amelia’s head and moved it back and forth in rhythm. Her breath caught in her throat as she started to cum. From deep within her she felt the newly developed vesicles pulse and move, shooting warm liquid through her and into Amelia’s mouth, nearly forcing it through her nose. Incredibly, this lasted nearly a minute. By the time she was done, loads of the milky white residue leaked all down Amelia’s chin and onto the ground.

        Slowly Lina started to come back to herself yet again as the glow started to leave her. Quickly she grabbed up the blanket she was lying on earlier and wrapped it around Amelia who was starring off into the distance with a glazed-over look. She didn’t seem to be coming back to reality any time soon though. “I was starting to tell you how the magic created it...” Lina said while looking at the spaced out Amelia. “The black emotions have kind of combined with mine and when you uh...” Lina tried to clear her throat, “And... I know I wanted it... but not this way... I... you... we have to”

Part 2

        Lina looked down at her friend, crouched down on her knees unmoving. “I hope that you’re as forgiving about what I’m going to do now as what I did earlier...” Lina dropped the blanket that she was bundling around her waist to reveal her engorged member. Its’ pink color and spear-like head giving it a definite non-human appearance. Lina took a step toward Amelia and stopped again. “Lay on your back Amelia” Amelia obeyed the command giving no hint of emotion, the siren effect of Lina’s appendage an insidious side effect of the Lord of Nightmare’s powers and the magic of seduction it now broadcasted, a rapists dream.

        “Before I do this there is one more thing...” Lina took a deep cleansing breath trying to find the words to tell her friend that she may well end up carrying a demon seed from their encounter. The words though wouldn’t form, she justified it to herself that she doubted Amelia could even hear her, and that it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. Lina forced herself to believe that things had to happen the way they were going. Anxiously Lina waited, trying to draw out the encounter in case Amelia did wrestle control. Eventually though she had to give up. “Amelia spread your legs please.” Lina was getting a little choked up over the whole affair, her eyes were watering with inevitable tears. Lina got on her knees and positioned herself in such a way that her member was at the entrance to Amelia’s womanhood.

        Amelia was not wet by any stretch of the imagination. Besides the fact that she was in a trace like state leaving her with no stimuli it was highly doubtable that she would be turned on by this type of situation. Lina had to shove herself into Amelia hard to get in at all, the only slight lubrication provided by the remnants of Amelia’s saliva on the tip. Lina looked down to see blood between Amelia’s legs, Lina pulled back sharply. “Oh my god I hurt her!” Lina yelped. She looked down at her member standing at its full height and half covered in blood and started to feel ill again. The sight before her was hard to stomach, looking back to Amelia she was laying there, legs spread for all the world to see, with a noticeable dribble of blood making its way between her legs and to the ground.
        Her mind was set though. Lina took a few moments to bring herself back to a relatively calm mental state. Parts of her mind on the edge of panic while other fringes were on the verge of celebration and ecstasy. Again, the rational part tried to bring things into focus, recalling what little knowledge Lina had about sex, trying to prove that maybe a little blood was normal for such an encounter. Trying to justify that Amelia was indeed fine she bent down and looked at Amelia’s pussy and probed it with her fingers. In a short time she came to the conclusion that everything seemed alright, though her own recollection of herself was fuzzy and her current anatomy would not allow for a direct comparison. Steadying herself, she went to her knees again. “Please let me do the right thing...” She prayed and entered Amelia again. This time however Amelia was slick with blood and Lina had a rhythm going in no time.

        Lina found herself enjoying the sensation. The friction reduced even further as she continued to work Amelia’s body. However, as the pleasure began to build, Lina’s darker impulses again found an avenue to surface. Words she didn’t even know that were in her vocabulary filled her head. She applied these new labels to herself and Amelia. Again, her mind was quickly becoming twisted and confused.

        “Amelia you slut! Say it! Let the world know you lost your virginity to Lina Inverse!”

        Amelia obeyed Lina’s command, “Oh Miss Lina, Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

        Lina liked this, and started giving commands, “Rub my breast’s Amelia.... hard...!” Lina grunted the last bit out which prompted Amelia to start running her fingers in circles around the rose colored nipples through the fabric, giving them an occasional twist of pull. Soon Amelia was screaming out in pleasure along with Lina and in a miasma of magical energy they finally reached their limits. Amelia’s cervix was filling quickly to its maximum, bulging like a balloon from the amount of fluid being pumped into it. It dripped from between her legs and pooled on the ground. More than just white, it radiated light, dimly but still unearthly. Finally spent, the duo collapsed upon one another.

        Hours later the sun was dropping from the sky. It loomed low on the horizon crating a beautiful collage of amber and gold that lit the entire sky with an preternatural glow. Zelgadiss and Martina had yet to return but there were other movements, Lina and Amelia were finally awake. The looked at each other, neither fully comprehending what just happened. “Amelia I’m sorry, I.....I know what I did was wrong but.....but....” Lina trailed off not able to continue. Amelia stood up and started to walk jerkily out of the field and toward her tent. “Amelia please, don’t go! Hear me out!” Amelia kept walking and entered the tent without a word. “Well that’s probably the best that I could have hoped for.” Lina deadpanned, her gaze directed downward. She watched as her magically induced phallus slid back into her womanhood home with a sucking sound. “How could Gourry love a freak like me.”

Part 3

        Lina ended up in her own tent not far from Ameila’s, it took her a bit of time to get clean and she had decided to incinerate her previous clothing over the spot where she had attacked Amelia in a kind of memorial effort. Zelgadiss and Martina had come back but they seemed to be as beat as her and with the way Lina had been acting since Gourry had left they were not inclined to question anything. The campsite was quiet and the tent insulated her from the noise further. She could not sleep, nearly as worried about Gourry as she was about Amelia. The urge was too great to check up on Amelia to fight off. So after a quick change into some new clothes Lina snuck out of her tent, careful not to make noise enough to wake any of her traveling companions.

        Lina wished that the walk to Amelia’s tend were further, if only to give her a more time to think about what she was going to say. Lina carefully prodded the flap, as usual Amelia had booby trapped it with some carefully placed paper to make noise if someone opened it. Lina negated this and snuck in without a sound. Some noise must have issued forth from some source though because Lina was caught off guard when she heard, “... Lina, what are you doing in my tent...?”

        Lina blushed, “I wanted to talk with you about what happened.” With this she laid down behind Amelia who was facing the opposite wall, she put an arm over her like she always did when she was trying to talk to her and comfort her. She wasn’t surprised though when Amelia pulled away a little. “Amelia... you know that I didn’t want to hurt you...”

        Amelia tried to retain her indifference, “..I know..”

        In response Lina pulled her tight for a second causing Amelia to squirm before continuing, “You’ve always been like a little sister of my own... no excuse could be good enough...” Lina trailed off and an awkward silence began, broken occasionally by Amelia’s slight shuddering. The time between continued to stretch into uncomfortableness and Lina started to get up after giving Amelia a last squeeze. “Tomorrow we continue on toward Siragg, when this is all over with Gourry, I hope we can talk for real.”

        Amelia rolled over and Lina looked down at her face, it was obscured by the darkness but the tracks of the tears could still be seen in the eerie moon light that filtered through the tent. “Lina... I love you...”

        Just those three words were enough to make Lina’s stomach drop, “I thought you might...” Lina turned toward the flap of the tent again and put her foot into the opening.

        Suddenly though Amelia grabbed her by the hand. She pulled Lina back in a bit and Lina turned toward her. “I need it inside me again...” Lina gasped, renewed fear at what she had done earlier started to rekindle. Her dread dissipated just as fast as it had come on to be replaced by a heady feeling of arousal. Inside Lina’s body she could feel the unique new feelings of something stirring. Amelia started again “I need you, with you wanting to do this...” Her crying picked up again, “I need it Lina, give it to me!” Amelia tossed off her blankets to the side showing that she wasn’t wearing any pants or panties, just a shirt. Amelia sniffled a bit “I’ve.... always loved you...please, make love to me...” That was one of the last things on Lina’s mind. For the briefest of moments Lina wondered if the ‘love’ Amelia felt was magically induced or if it was something that she had somehow missed over the years. Lina wasn’t sure what to think, and with her mind blurred her baser instincts began to take over again.

        There wasn’t much to see in the darkness but with her lust beginning to overwhelm her, there wasn’t much that needed to be seen. She reached down with her quivering hand to Amelia’s sex. It was still crusty from the bloodshed of earlier, but when she probed it with a finger Lina found she was soaking wet. Lina took the slightly bloody digit and put it in her mouth while forcing her pants down with the other hand. Once they were off Lina’s new organ slid from her vagina fully engorged. Things moved rapidly from there. Lina rolled Amelia to her side and onto her back. With that done Lina sat up and got on her knees, putting her member against Amelia’s puffy labia. Self control was slipping away quickly for Lina but she managed a warning, “I hope you’re ready Amelia!” There was no foreplay, one thrust and Lina was inside. The stokes were not as fast as earlier but in the dark the phenomenon of fluorescence became evident, wherever the penis touched it left a residue that glowed and it was already filling Amelia’s body, making her glow from within.

        Amelia had cared about Lina, had wanted to be with her, but with this thing going in and out of her she wasn’t sure what she wanted or what emotions she had truly felt before and what were induced. She hardly even noticed when she began crying out from the sensations. Lina though had no choice but to notice and she did not want to attract the attention of the remaining party members. So she did what came naturally, took the hands she was using to prop herself up and put them around Amelia’s throat. Her instincts told her that Amelia wouldn’t last long being strangled like she was. Lina’s thrusts sped up as Amelia’s face started to flush. Amelia began trying harder to scream and Lina didn’t know weather it was from pleasure or pain but she did not care, she just squeezed all the harder.

        Just as Amelia’s eyes rolled back into her head Lina began to flood her cunt with her seed. It was a surge just as before, her stomach swelled and Lina drove herself all the way in watching Amelia’s cavity light up even more than before. She moved her hands from Amelia’s neck and pulled out. She sat more up on her knees and jerked out the last of the cum over Amelia’s newly exposed belly and grunted as she dropped on her side. It took a few minutes to realize where she was. Unlike the last time she was at least a little grateful that it wasn’t as bad this time for the two of them. Grunting, Lina rolled over some and scooted up next to Amelia to check if she was still breathing.

        There was nothing more needed, Amelia was actually awake, a bit incoherent but able to turn toward Lina. In response, Lina grabbed her up in a hug that Amelia attempted to return but was unable to. Lina put Amelia back into her spot, “It’ll be okay Amelia, we’ll get this Gourry business settled and then, we’ll worry about this... I need some more time to think...” Amelia got out a nod of affirmative and Lina gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. She looked around noting that the glow was already starting to fade a bit before pulling her pants back up, her phallus already retracted into her cunny. Giving Amelia one last look, Lina departed from the tent. There was still a lot of night left to go.

Part 4

        Throughout the night Amelia had laid awake in her tent. Methodically she’d cast healing spell after healing spell on herself to the point that there was hardly a mark on her the next day. Lacking sleep, she stumbled out of her tent and was a little shocked to see Zelgadiss and Martina sitting on a nearby log dragged in specifically for that purpose. She tried to manage a smile but failed, her usual vigor just wasn’t with her and she hoped that no one would take note of it.

        Trying to act casual Amelia looked around for a sign of Lina but failed to find any. Not dissuaded she made her way over to Lina’s tent just to have Zelgadiss call out, “She’s not in there, I checked an hour ago!” Amelia turned around to face him, “Do you have any clue where she went?” In response Zelgadiss shook his head, Martina went to say something but uncharacteristically stopped herself short, simply settling to have a contemplative look on her face and turning back to the fire.
        With no real plan of action Amelia started to wander the camp site for a trace of Lina, but the search was short lived. Within minutes Lina jogged out of a nearby forest, just as Amelia began her search in earnest. “Did I miss anything?” She called out jokingly as she cleared the edge of the forest. Before anyone had a chance to ask any questions though Lina continued eagerly, “If we just head out through these woods we’ll make it to Siragg in half the time!”

        Zelgadiss didn’t look persuaded, “What makes you think it will be faster?”

        Lina sprinted over to Zelgadiss and pulled out a piece of parchment, “If we keep going like we were going to...” She trailed off, running her finger along a path on the map, “It would take at least another week to get there.” She finished by tapping Siragg on the map. “But.... if we go through these woods... it’ll be a lot shorter.” By simply moving her finger through the blank space on the map she had obviously chosen the more direct approach.

        “Then why aren’t the woods on the map Lina?” Zelgadiss tried to counter again eliciting a shrug from Lina.

        “Maybe they’re just not mapped yet, besides, we could just ray-wing over them.” Zelgadiss sighed, defeated. Amelia stood back, taking in the situation, Lina seemed, almost, normal. “Come on everyone, you too Martina, we don’t have time to lie around!” Lina called out rallying her group.

        And as simply as that the four of them packed up and headed off into the woods to continue their journey. Luckily the woods must have been mapped or at the very least heavily traveled by some people and it wasn’t long before the four of them had found a trail leading through the thick of it. Well-worn it was most certainly in use and just as certainly lead to Sairaag. In short order the group had attained a traveling mentality, silently making their way through the forest. Breaks were few and far between but eventually just as day started to darken to night the four of them finally came to a welcome sight.

        A town, the relief felt across the four of them was great and Amelia’s placid mood that she’d held all day gave a slight collapse as a smile broke onto her face. Still... she looked towards Lina. She’d been ignored all day, Lina had been avoiding her... Amelia sighed thinking about how messed up things had gotten. She had to believe though that they were both still in shock over the whole situation of what had happened. Images filtered into her mind, she got the general impression of what happened but there was a haziness there. She hadn’t pressed Lina for any details.... how’d she get so beat up again?

        Shaking her head to clear it they made their way into the Inn and approached the counter, Lina’s demeanor suddenly changing. “Amelia...” Lina started out innocuously, gently reaching out and gripping the Princess’ arm with a strength in contrast to her apparent temperament. “Could you come with me for a minute?” Though it came across as a question, the sudden tug on her arm would allow for not bargaining and as such Amelia obediently followed.

        Amelia was lead out the doors of the Inn and into the alleyway next to it before Lina spoke. “Amelia, I... I don’t wanna be alone tonight, can I sleep with you?” Lina asked, her confident air dropping away as fast as a gusting wind.

        Amelia hardly hesitated, “Of course you can...” Amelia trailed off, a little unsure of herself. Lina’s smile perked up at the edges but refused to consume her features. Instead she nodded and pulled for Amelia to follow her again, this time back inside.

        Zelgadiss for his part was maintaining his composure, if just for the fact that he realized Lina must be going through a lot. Martina though was another story, fidgeting and looking about as if an attack could come any minute. Her eyes darted to the door as she sensed movement, and she followed Lina and Amelia entering the Inn. “Three rooms please...” Lina started, handing over some money to the Inn keeper, “And make one of them a nice one.” She finished with one of her signature smiles and a wink showing that she was treating herself.

        The Inn keeper obviously wasn’t much on small talk and just managed a wheeze of approval as he fished out some keys from beneath the counter. “Here you go...” He droned on as he handed them over to Lina. One key stuck out from the rest and Lina figured that it must have been the room that was different from the rest, her’s and Amelias’. She turned around and handed Zelgadiss and Martina their respective keys and turned to Amelia, handing her their room key.

        Without warning Lina lashed out. “Jeeze Martina, you haven’t said anything all day! Not one quip about traveling by foot, nothing about my figure, what’s wrong with you!” Amelia took a step back stunned while Zelgadiss raised his eyebrow.

        Martina though turned her gaze downward, avoiding Lina’s piercing eyes. “I just... I know how much Gourry means to you...” Martina was clearly sympathetic with the situation, dropping her usual bravado and instead exposing her feelings for what they were.

        Instead of appreciation though, she got a quick synthetic chuckle. “You’re wasting your time...” Lina turned abruptly on her heel, continuing as she walked toward the stairway, “Whatever you think you know about me and Gourry... it’s a lie.” Martina swallowed hard, trying to make sense of Lina.

        Zelgadiss though went into motion, taking a few quick steps toward the stairs before calling up just loud enough to stop Lina, “Hey, try to relax a little tonight, we need you fresh for tomorrow.” Lina nearly scoffed but realized that Zel must have been more worried then she figured in order for him to say anything to her, even something so cliché.

        “I will...” And with that Lina turned the corner and out of his sight. The three travelers looked between one another.

        “You think she will be okay?” Martina voiced her concern first.

        Zelgadiss shook his head ‘no’ but the connotations of the action were opposite his words, “She’s Lina, she’ll be all right.” Amelia tried to say something but the words were caught in her tightening throat amid flashes of strange images in her brain and a growing foreboding feeling of the night ahead.


        Admittedly though after Lina left a bit of pressure was taken off their shoulders and the three of them took the time to eat and settle in for the night. As time wore on Martina was the first to depart. But still, over an hour later both Zelgadiss and Amelia were still occupying the same table, despite neither of them being in a talkative mood. The silence between them. Whenever either spoke up, it felt wrong to disturb it. Zelgadiss cracked before Amelia, “Why don’t you get some sleep?” It wasn’t merely intended as a suggestion but a request.

        Amelia blinked a little, focusing on things again, “But...” There wasn’t enough time in the world for her to come up with a reasonable excuse so she just kind of faded off with her retort and went back to starring off into space.

        Zelgadiss tried to be patient but hardly held back the temptation to smack her in the head, “Just get some sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.” Again Amelia tried to stir herself, shocked at Zelgadiss’ tone before finally giving a nod and wearily conceding her seat.

        Shaking his head, Zelgadiss had to wonder what was going on with everyone. Gourry being kidnapped was certainly an unexpected and disheartening turn of events. But there was something else going on, and although his curiosity was great, it was getting a little too late to do any sleuthing. Tired from holding out longer than Amelia, Zelgadiss got up just as Amelia finished ascending the stairs, intent on finding his own room and laying his head down until nights end.


        Just as she expected the lights were already out as Amelia entered the room. Pausing for a moment in the doorway Amelia was forced to let her eyes adjust to the limited light before proceeding. Still, she never got to the point where she could find her way around with ease and as such she proceeded into the foreign room step by step, all the while cautiously feeling out her way with tentative foot steps.

        “Amelia..?” Amelia glanced around with a start trying to locate Lina’s form in the darkness, but not even a silhouette was visible in the dismal blackness.

        “Yeah...” She managed back timidly.

        “Over here Amelia.” Lina patted the bed in response giving Amelia something to focus on which was nearly on the opposite side of the room from where Amelia had anticipated. Changing her direction to head for the audible beacon Amelia soon found herself at the edge of a large soft bed. She took off her over shirt as she reached the bed, her presence in the mean time must have somehow been conveyed to Lina through her senses as she desisted with the patting of the mattress.

        The weight of the night was pressing heavily on Amelia forcing a powerful sleep mentality upon her that caused her to craw onto the bed without delay. Grasping Lina’s ankle she used her body as a guide to put herself further up into the bed and nearly eye level with her object of interest. “Hey Amelia...” Lina greeted unsettling her, reaching out and stroking her hair causing goose bumps to raise up on the back of her neck.

        “I thought you’d be asleep by now.” Amelia managed out a little unsteady but Lina didn’t seem to notice.

        “I wish...” Lina whispered out, letting a heavy breath out with it while relaxing noticeably into the bed. Amelia didn’t move or react visibly, letting things play out to see where the night was heading. It wasn’t long before she felt Lina’s movement then, warm hands embracing her from behind, pulling her towards her friend. It was strange though, a very penetrating warmth, spreading through Amelia’s back and into her head. Comfort. The worry that had been filtering into her perception from the moment she entered the room was disbanded as Amelia settled into the closeness of Lina’s chest and with it the bad visions from the night pervious faded away.

        Laying there in Lina’s arms Amelia’s consciousness started to depart and Lina too started to settle in for the night. But, something else in Amelia started to come to the forefront as she allowed her hands to drift down and over Lina’s hips, eventually dropping into the space between their legs. That nearly innocent move served as a catalyst to begin a change in their temperaments that would result in a repeat of what had occurred on the night pervious.

        Slowly one of Lina’s hands went down to join Amelia’s and eventually moved forward a bit in order to bypass the waistband of Amelia’s own pants. Lina trailed her hand down past Amelia’s belly button and followed her smooth skin to a patch of hair. After a moment of exploring, Lina’s fingers began to play with a raised area of flesh, the peaks began to moisten. Amelia started to stiffen up at Lina’s touch and arched her back more into it, her breathing becoming more erratic, if not from the erotic situation then from a slight fear, her rational quickly becoming swamped with an instinctual response that caused her to panic as she lost her logical self.

        The situation continued to progress as Lina’s fingers found purchase within Amelia. Slipping into her moistened opening and finding their mark inside. Amelia licked her lips and Lina took that as a cue to move in and kiss her friend full on. Amelia felt the resolve she was holding tightly hidden inside disintegrate as thoughts from the night before were repressed even further by the lust of the now.

        As Lina pulled away from the kiss she moved back in, this time aiming to the side of Amelia’s features and towards the smaller girls neck. She locked her lips at the nerve cluster just beneath her ear and suckled roughly as Amelia faded even further from her proactive self. The final straw came as Lina started to pump her fingers into and out of Amelia causing her to quiver.

        In the heat of the moment Lina’s own arousal was growing to new heights as she tried to deny the impulse to just take Amelia without any foreplay. She felt that desire continue to grow and as she fondled Amelia and finally brought her other hand up and under Amelia’s shirt and started to play with her chest. Amelia squeaked something out and Lina, realizing that maybe she was going a little too fast took her hand from Amelia’s chest and brought it down between her own legs.

        Moving inside her. Lina gave herself a moment as she felt her magical appendage try to assert itself. She managed to fight it down though, keeping it at bay for the moment. Satisfied, Lina touched her own lower lips, thinking back to her more innocent times. Touching herself was something that she would have never thought of before, something foreign. But after the Hellmaster/Gaav incident. There was something inside her, and the presence had nearly brought her hand between her legs by force. Apparently though it was working its away out of her system as she took stock of the fact that she was still very much in control. That thought though brought mixed reactions from the sorceress. There wasn’t time though to think it over. The feeling of need between her legs though brought her mind back to the present as she reached down and for the first time explored her fully female body.

        Immediately she regretted not doing it before. There was something about it. Running her hand over her folds, through her hair, something feminine that she had never really felt before, something that she had looked for, for a long time. She brought her fingers up more to work on the upper part of her self and felt it, a tiny nub there that she had exploited on Amelia, nearly out of instinct. She gently used her own fingers to pinch it land was shocked to the point where her breath caught in her throat. “Oh...” She mouthed out slightly as she was taken hostage by the feeling.

        The teasing she was doing to her self was becoming too much as she felt the appendage within her shift and again try to work its way out. Without even realizing it she had picked up the pace of Amelia’s fondling and decided that it was time to give in. Keeping her own hand in place between her legs she felt the unique sensation of wetness, her own inner phallus working its way out and pressing into her hand. She couldn’t help herself. She took a moment., running her own hand over its slippery length. Its warm bulbous head, and following it into herself. Probing with her fingers around its base and into her cunt, she could feel that the base of it was well within her cervix.

        Gripping the head she gave it a few jerks and was quickly rewarded with a hint of glow from below. Leaking from the tip was the same phosphorescent fluid that had filled Amelia previously. Knowing that it was already time she hiked down her pants, pulling her other hand from Amelia’s warmth to complete the task before pulling down Amelia’s pants as well. Amelia was quite eager as she realized what Lina was doing, any resemblance of cautiousness now gone.

        Lina grabbed Amelia’s hip and pushed her onto her back then set up on her own knees, grabbing Amelia’s pants around her ankles and pulling them off completely. Amelia cooed and brought her own hands between her legs. Lina though would have none of that and pulled her hand away, it was her duty to do this. Sitting up on her haunches, Lina got into place and grabbed her cock head with her right hand, again stroking it a little before moving forward and putting it against the entrance to Amelia’s womanhood.

        Lina searched the darkness in vain for a hint of Amelia’s features before finally giving into the temptation of being so close to her. She moved forward in a controlled movement and brought herself fully within her friend before pausing. Both of them held their breath and Lina fought to overpower the animal feelings that were screaming for her to finish the job. To use her friend without care. But thoughts of the night before. Amelia’s neck in her hands and the fragility of it, the malicious glee that crossed her mind at the thought of pressing with just a little more weight at the back base of the neck and popping out a vertebra or two, the want to push into her trachea and collapse her vocal cords.

        She knew that if she let herself get into that state of mind again she couldn’t guarantee Amelia’s safety, or even her own. So she fought it down. Lina moved in and out of her friend with short movements, trying not to get carried away for both of their sakes. In response though she could feel herself physically softening within the Princess despite the situation. It was more than just lust that had to be at work So Lina let out just the tiniest fraction more of her desire. The strokes started to speed up as Amelia started to writhe beneath her and Lina started to get into it more. Lina reaching down and pulling Amelia’s shirt up to expose her breasts for Lina to hold onto roughly as she pounded into her.

        Amelia started to get more vocal around this time and Lina barely had the sense to not strangle her. Instead she tried to tell her to be quiet but failed. She wasn’t even sure she said anything at all as she too was already at her limit. With no care for Amelia, Lina started cumming inside of her. Filling her with the slightly luminescent goop. Amelia gurgled something out as her insides were forced to expand again from the pressure. Lina cried out from the sensations and drove herself in to the hilt as the illumination from the ejaculate finally allowed her to get a look at Amelia’s tear streaked face.

        They both held their positions for some time and even after that there was a very nervous time of silence as the both of them started to come back to themselves. “Lina, did we just...” Amelia trailed off with some tears starting to come back to her eyes. Lina sniffled, things had hardly gotten out of control with respect to earlier attempts but still there was guilt there. Amelia was more confused each time and Lina wasn’t sure what if anything Amelia remembered after each encounter, she seemed to be seeing less and less of the Princess she was growing to love and more of the vacant eyed stranger as a result. Still, she tried to reach out comfortingly.

        Amelia shied away from the touch in the darkness, now fully aware again. “Why does this keep happening?” Lina swallowed hard, tempted to try and explain things to Amelia yet again but afraid that either she would not remember any of it later on or maybe that she wouldn’t be able to get it out as before.

        Instead Lina tried to give a light chuckle despite how she felt. “Don’t worry Amelia, things will work out...” Lina tried to sound convincing but even she wasn’t convinced.

        Lina felt Amelia move and heard her feet drop onto the floor, “Lina... I’m going to find Martina’s hotel room and spend that night with her... this is just too much...” Lina nodded even though she knew Amelia wouldn’t catch the visual confirmation. The bed groaned as Amelia shifter her weight entirely off it and started walking away, Amelia turned slightly and stopped, “See you tomorrow morning Lina...” Then she stiffened her facade and left through the door without another word.

        After Amelia left though there was no reason for Lina to hold it in any more. She started sobbing outright at what she was putting Amelia through. Feeling depression overtake her; for not being woman enough for Gourry and for even being too weak to prevent Gourry form being kidnapped in the first place. She riled against herself, pulling at her hair and digging her nails into her shoulders where no one would see them. Before finally working herself so full of grief that her body refused to work any longer and she passed out in the bed


        “Burst Rondo!”

        About midday Lina stumbled upon a bandit gang and after some quick footwork through the forest they managed to track down their base of operations. It was after all a welcome diversion from their intended quest. Zelgadiss stood idly back as the sounds of carnage filtered into his hearing, he figured that after a bit of destruction maybe Lina might be back to her normal self. The sounds though kept up longer than he would have liked, he could tell she was drawing it out longer than necessary. Still, he had other things to keep his attention, Amelia for one was acting quite strange and he would lay money on it that other things were on her mind aside from Gourry’s kidnapping. Then there was Martina, the usual pain in the butt was being uncharacteristically quite, maybe for once realizing the gravity of their combined situations.

        Still, it was more than Zelgadiss wanted to consider. Taking a deep breath he held it for a moment before a concussion wave from the fortress rattled the breath in his chest and he let it loose more out of worry than anything else. He eyed the fortress more critically, suddenly doubting the wisdom of letting Lina go it alone. But he forced those thoughts away, he’d seen what Lina was capable of, and over the course of the last several months he’d grown more confident in her abilities than he was of his own.

        He couldn’t shake the feeling though that something was really really wrong. Ironically, he hoped that he was wrong on the subject though. If things really were as bad as the vibes he was getting, it could very well be the end of the world coming up. He had to crack a smile at the thought though, it always seemed to come down to something major and with Hellmaster in the scene he could see a ‘End of the World’ type scenario play itself out quite readily in the near future.

        For a moment he was tempted to drop to the ground and let himself rest until Lina came back but just as he was about to let loose with the slightest indecorum of self control he spotted Lina off in the distance heading toward the group, a large amount of glittering metal somehow being held in place on her back. She waved wildly to the group from a distance, giving her usual impression that everything was right. Zelgadiss knew she could turn it on and off at will and didn‘t buy it for an instant. And the more he thought about it the more wrong things lately seemed. He hated not knowing all the details but the quicker he could get things rolling toward Sairaag, toward a conclusion... the better he would feel.

        Just as Lina re-joined the group and things were looking like they were going to get moving again, Lina turned abruptly to a sound behind her, “Woah, looks like there’s someone who wasn’t punished yet...” Without another warning she let loose with a Burst Rondo, sending the bushes nearby into flames but forcing her comrades to move out of the way of the impromptu blast. Out of the flames though, through the singed bushes a white flag emerged, frankly it just served to irate her further and she hurled another attack at it. The explosion this time disintegrated the bushes and blasted rubble and debris skyward.

        With a solid thud that shook the ground Lina was stunned speechless, “Y-You!” There before her on the ground sat the Shrine Maiden Sylphiel, newly singed and looking quite worse for wear. She managed to hold onto consciousness admirably and even managed a few words before the damage she took from Lina’s attacks manifested in full and she fainted, dropping down onto her side.

Part 5

        “Unless you do something he's about to die!”

        Phibrizzo’s voice rang out in the chamber. Frantically Lina looked side to side but she already knew that all of her friends were encased in crystal behind the madman. Grimacing her mind struggled to come up with a solution. The Giga Slave was out of the question, the spell could destroy the world. Destroy all of existence…. She gritted her teeth wondering what his next move would be, hoping against all hope that Phibrizzo was bluffing.

        Then it happened, from his outstretched finger a single shot of light was fired, striking soundly into the flawless crystal surface. Instantly a shimmering crack marred the perfection, spreading out and spawning other facets on its surface. Lina’s heart skipped a beat.


        She cried out, shrieking. Then all at once her demeanor changed. She balled up her fists, hands to her side and damned the world.

        “Darkness beyond the blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night..."

        Steeling herself she clenched her eyes shut. Dimly she could make out that Phibrizzo talking but she didn’t have time to focus on the outside world. Steadily in the back of her mind a sound built, starting off as a constant whining but eventually building.

        “King of Darkness, who shines like gold upon the Sea of Chaos!”

        Lina gritted her teeth. It was all she could do to ground herself and steady her vibrating brainpan as the wind rushing by coupled with the strain on her body assaulted her senses from all sides. Unnaturally she felt something different this time, deep within her she felt something stir, almost physically within her brain.

        “I call upon thee! Swear myself to thee!”

        It was nothing. There was the distinct and unpleasant feeling of nothingness being called into existence. For a moment she fought for breath as the air itself was drawn away from her. That instant nearly breaking her conscious connection to the spell. Luckily for her she managed to pull through but there were other distractions, rocks whipping around with gale force pelting her face and arms and an unnatural warmth gathering in her hands.

        “Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed…”

        Fighting against her instincts Lina forced her eyes open to stare down Phibrizzo, hoping to at least catch a terrified look from the Mazoku lord. But she just ended up more pissed at his almost happy expression. It was time to end it.

        “ the power you and I possess!”

        It was there with the sound of a hurricane battering her ear drums, the power of chaos, creation and non-existence swirling between Lina’s outstretched palms. The feeling spread out in all directions, assaulting her body and senses causing her to scream out in pain. She forced herself through it and brought her hands in the air ready for the culmination of the spell. There though, she caught movement with her eyes that were previously unseeing. Phibrizzo was motioning, saying something. The chaos in the air took that moment to cancel itself, the sudden stillness in the action and noise itself an embodiment of chaos.

        Her eyes widened as she heard Phibrizzo call out, “Let your body be pierced by the souls of the dead!” And that was the trap. It all became clear as the crystals holding her compatriots. Then there was pain like she had never experienced before. White hot pain stabbing into her essence. She could feel it flowing from her, not just her blood but her existence. She felt the Giga Slave above her, as if the whole of the oceans of the world were swirling in existence right above her head, full of the deepest blackest places, swimming sharks and sea monsters, the true fear of what she had brought into existence beat down on her just as her consciousness failed, her last sight being Phibrizzo overcome with glee, laughing as she felt her heart explode in her chest and felt the Giga Slave crash over her.


        “Where am I…?”

        Though there was no true ‘I’ in this case. Lina tried to look down but there was no down, there was no her. She could see, but there was nothing to see from. Just a forever extending expanse of blue and white. There was no ‘her’ just as there was no ‘here’. Still, she knew who she was, and she had spoken, and heard her voice travel through the fathomless expanse all around her.

        Then just as unexpected as her ability to speak she heard a voice in reply to her own. “You are in the Sea of Chaos…” Lina took in her surroundings, surprised by the voice but not surprised by the fact that it had no discernable origin, coming from all around her at once.

        The implications though were not missed by Lina, “So… that would make you…” She couldn’t bring herself to say it, or hardly think it.

        “Yes, I am the creator of all things, The Lord of Nightmares….”

        Lina was silent, then worry seized her, “Am I dead?” She croaked out as if she still had a physical body that could be overcome with fear.


        “Then what happened!?” She tried for an answer, hoping to alleviate the worry forming in the proverbial pit of her stomach.

        “It was impossible for two conscious entities to exist within your body. Therefore I found it necessary to eject your consciousness to a different realm entirely. If I had not done so your mind would have most definitely been shattered.” The matter of fact manner in which the statement was delivered left Lina with no doubt that whatever happened it was necessary. But…

        “I am almost through with your body child… however there is one matter left that needs my attention.”

        If Lina could have gulped she would have, instead she dared to venture. “And… what is that?”

        “I have been living within since you called upon me for the defeat of Shabranigdo. I left within you a piece of myself so that I might, in some way, live in the world that I created. However as you called upon me more frequently thorough your Magic you caused my essence to grow within your body more rapidly. This coupled with your preference for the darker arts changed your body and mind in ways that remove you from the human race.”

        Finally it was laid out for Lina. How her body had been so altered by the Nightmare magic. Her mind went back to Amelia, how she had raped her. How the modifications to her body had been used. Then, her mind went to Gourry. “Please, if you can put me back to the way I was, please do it!”

        She called out to the nothingness but was met with silence. Then, off in the distance there was a shimmer of light. She watched without speaking as it moved closer, its movement punctuated by a sudden black blot on the horizon. Glowing golden she couldn’t take her eyes off its progress toward her position. Trailing behind it was another object, this one blue. As she focused off in the distance it continued to close in on her and she suddenly recognized her own back. Her own body, glowing golden with Gourry following not too far behind. Her consciousness stayed fixed in its position in the ether.

        The golden vision of herself transcending the nothingness abruptly came to a stop some distance away. Gourry rushed forward, covering the distance between the two of them, crying out, “Lina!!! Don't leave me!” The pure emotion was something Lina wasn’t used to Gourry displaying. Somehow she was moving herself before she even realized how, propelling herself as Gourry breached the sphere of power surrounding her corporal form. Then, shocked, she watched herself dematerialize in Gourry’s hands. There was something to be said about watching ones own body dissolve into nothingness, especially from a third person point of view.

        It was the look on Gourry’s face though that drove her on more than ever. She put herself directly in front of him. But it was useless, he couldn’t see her. “Gourry…” She muttered out watching his emotions tear him up inside, for once unable to deny the depth of his feelings. He couldn’t hear her, she hadn’t expected him to.


        His words tore at her heart. She was right there and there was nothing she could do. Suddenly she knew what it was to be nothing again. The same feeling she had when she was just a short time earlier consumed by the Giga Slave. The world went dark and she struggled to hold on to herself, to some train of thought that made her Lina as she felt her consciousness pulled in every direction at once. Then, there was a booming voice. The Lord of Nightmares.

        “Your body has been restored to its previous form. Now all that remains is to restore your mind.”

        Again from deep inside she felt something move. Unpleasant and, if she had to describe it, cold and slimy. Deep inside her mind was where she was choosing to feel it. Slowly she felt it drawn out as if through an ear. Leaving behind a strange coldness within.

        “The next time you call me fourth I may not be so merciful.”

        Lina would have breathed a sigh of relief if she could have. But again she felt herself fading away. Except this time it was different, warmer. She heard the Lord of Nightmares call out to her once again but she couldn’t focus on the words. Instead she felt heavier than she had in her life. Alive. She knew she was full of blood, she could feel it circulating. Every last bit of it in her veins. She could feel the thrumming of her heart in her ears, pulsing behind her eyes. Delicate undergarments brushing against her skin. Hands on her wrists. Experimentally she forced her eyes open, her mind was sharp but her body felt completely new to her again. It was Gourry, she tried to say ‘hello’ but it came out garbled.

        Wait! She thought, then it fully dawned on her, Gourry! Her eyes flew open, a smile coming to her face. “Gourry…” She mumbled out happily.

        “Lina…” Relief flooded over Gourry’s features. It was perfect and there was no way he could help it. He reached around her and pulled her reflexively into a hug, a warm protective hug that couldn’t hide the love he was feeling inside. Lina could feel the perfection of the moment as well and couldn’t hide her feelings. She pulled away from him ever so slightly, and tamely closed her eyes before moving in for a loving kiss. They held each other like that locked, and through her slitted eyes Lina could make out dancing twinkles of light, pink and yellow all around the two of them as if the Lord of Nightmares was celebrating their uniting.


        The struggle was on again. Amelia laid on her side, starring at her sleeping friend in the moonlight. And fought to collect the courage for confrontation. It had been two weeks since the happenings in Sairaag and somewhere along the way they have lost Sylphiel. Zelgadiss had also departed from the group, again on one of his own adventures. But still Amelia hung around, wanting to leave but unable to with so much left unresolved.

        She watched Lina swallow heavily in her sleep before rolling onto her side away from the Princess and toward the window. The largest part of the problem though was that Amelia had no clue what to say. It was as if someone had scrubbed away the memories of the nights prior to the Sairaag incident, leaving blotted remnants not sufficient to gain the full picture of what had transpired. But Amelia knew that something had happened, every night just as she was falling asleep she would see flashes of violent images, Lina atop her, strangling her, hurting her, and until recently she had the bruises to prove it.

        There was something else too, love? Amelia knew she always had a crush on the Sorceress but something between them was so different, had she said it, was it mutual? Frustrated Amelia huffed, trying to gain her courage that way, dwelling on the fact that Lina had not once broached the subject though Amelia had been waiting for it each waking moment. The memory of Lina’s promise of a talk one of her few memories intact from that time. Riding atop her emotional rollercoaster she ventured an attempt at contact, “Lina…?” She muttered softly, half afraid to wake her.

        Her worry was for naught though as Lina failed to stir in the slightest. Still irritated Amelia reached out, tapping the older girl on the shoulder, “Lina…?” In response Lina rolled a bit more forward out of Amelia’s reach and continued with her slumber. “Lina, we need to talk.” Her voice picked up a few octaves but still remained below conversational level. It was sufficient however to rouse Lina to some extent though.

        “Huh…. Yeah?” Lina muttered out without so much as opening an eye, hoping for a quick answer followed by an equally fast return to sleep.

        “Umm… Lina…” Amelia started out flustered anew, unconsciously rubbing her bare feet together beneath the covers as she continued, “I was just thinking, before Sairaag you promised that there was some things wanted to talk about..” Amelia trailed off for a moment, hoping to let Lina remember on her own before cementing the point, “I thought that maybe now would be a good time?” Once the words left her mouth Amelia cursed herself for the stupidity of the statement, waking her friend up in the middle of the night did not seem like a proper time for anything save perhaps an evacuation on the chance of immediate danger.

        For seemingly minutes Lina was silent, leaving Amelia to wonder if she had in fact fallen back asleep. But the fact that she was thinking became clear as Amelia noted Lina twisting her fingers together, something she’d noticed the Sorceress do before on occasions where she was lost in thought. “I… I’m not ready to talk about it…” Lina trailed off, her voice wavering a bit, unsteady as her mindset.

        If this was a response to mollify Amelia though, the actual effect was to the opposite extreme. “Lina, I need to know what happened, I’ve been so confused since then, I keep having nightmares and…” Amelia suddenly stopped as she realized that she was taking the conversation toward something that she did not want to be open about with Lina yet. Quickly though she regained her bearings, “I just… talk to me Lina…”

        It was the pleading tone of Amelia’s voice that proved to be the key to eliciting the answers she wanted from Lina. “What do you remember?” Delivered with pinpoint accuracy, the question was purposely neutral, leaving Amelia to wonder what kind of response Lina expected.

        “I don’t remember anything specific, just kind of feelings…” Amelia trailed off, worried that Lina might roll over and notice her rosy cheeks even in the darkness. Lina though was patient as Amelia finally worked up the courage to continue, “I kind or remember being close to you, or maybe.. I might have been holding you…” She again trailed off to gauge Lina’s response but got no indicators as to how she was taking the information, “And… I think you told me that you love me…”

        It was a gamble on Amelia’s part as there was nothing of the sort in her memories. But it would be easier for Lina to deny it happening than having her try and explain why she would have proclaimed love to Lina if either had not been the case. “Is that all you remember?” Amelia was a little taken aback that Lina did not dwell on the love aspect. She tried though to think of anything else from the time. There was more, just as before there was scattered images of pain, Lina hurting her, screaming at her…..

        “Yeah, that’s all I can remember.” Amelia lied, afraid of confessing more to her friend for both of their sakes.

        “You’re a good friend Amelia… no… you’re more…. You’re my best friend…” Lina squeaked the last part out, verbally on the verge of tears. “ As selfish as it sounds I hope you never remember what went on between us before Sairaag…”

        “Between us…” Amelia muttered, wondering if Lina had meant to word it with such implications. Implications that something important had happened… “Lina… I have to know…” Again her courage was fading, faster than before she tired to pull herself together to ask the question that had been on her mind ever since…

        “I love you Amelia…” It was a preemptive strike on Lina’s part to divert the Princess from delving deeper into what had happened and was followed up with coup de grâce
to finish the conversation, Lina blocking out Amelia’s reaction to her previous words, “But, I’m also in love with Gourry…” Thinking about him as merely a quick ‘out’ in the situation made saying the words easier but still did nothing to reduce their truthfulness to her.

        “I thought so…” Amelia forced out before her throat began to close up from the emotion. She didn’t want to steal Lina away from Gourry and to be honest with herself she realized that she likely had almost no charms with which to accomplish it anyways. Amelia took several deep breaths to calm herself, Lina staying silent throughout. “Lina… I think that tomorrow I’m going to head back to Sailune…” Then after a moment she added, “You and Gourry can come along too if you’d like…”

        Lina’s eyes were watering from the emotion in Amelia’s voice but her voice did not betray her emotion. “Actually we were going to start heading west tomorrow, but maybe you wouldn’t mind if we stopped in to check on you again someday.” Although heading west was never in the plan it would put them going in the exact opposite direction of Sailune. But Lina did not want to crush Amelia’s hopes entirely, just get some breathing room between the two of them, see what Amelia remembered in a few months or a year or so, and see where things went from there providing she didn’t end up carrying a demon seed, thankfully though Lina reasoned that within the magical protection of Sailune such a spawn would be unable to form from the intense concentration of white magic in the city.

        Amelia sniffled but the relief she was feeling gave her a slight giddiness, “You know you’re welcome anytime you’d like Lina… and Gourry too.” Amelia wiped her eyes as she finished, then tentatively reached out, putting her arm over Lina’s midsection before pulling herself in, nestling up against her back. For a moment both of them were tense before at last Lina relaxed into Amelia’s grip. “I love you too Lina…”

        “I know…” And still despite the tension still in the air. In spite of unresolved issues, regardless of these things, in Amelia’s arms Lina had the most restful sleep she had in years, free from the usual nasties of the night. The Princess a warm comforting figure on her back the whole night through. And though they departed the next day, Lina knew they would see each other soon and that their relationship would continue to grow and evolve, for worse or better.


Authors Notes:

        Okay, that's it, my mistake of posting the first chapter of this on the Sakura Lemon Fanfiction Archive all of those years ago has been corrected, the series is complete.  If you read to this point I hope you at least liked what you read and you didn't struggle through it in hopes of some overwhelmingly wonderful ending.  This fanfic took way too long and took way too much effort considering it is mindless porn without plot for the most part with very gratuitous sex.  I have other fanfics based off this same concept so this is in my opinion over used material.  However some of it was interesting to write and there are some unique little bits in here neglecting the parts where I based them almost verbatim off the anime.  Still if you liked this fanfic, hated it, or anything else feel free to e-mail me.  My address is in my writing profile and at the top of this fanfic.  Then there is also my web page if you would like to read something better that I have written, it is at: 

        Anyway, thank you very much for reading this.  And hopefully it didn't make you loose faith in Slayers as my goal was to instead sway my readers to the opposite view point and love the series even more.  Thanks again and have a great day!  [Oh, and about the ending.  For reasons that I did not explain Amelia continued to suffer bouts of amnesia after Lina and hers sexual encounters, these are pretty much permanent and as such this settles right on into the normal Slayers continuity from here on out with Amelia feeling like she is missing something around Lina from this time out, will they have a great reconciliation sometime down the road?  Likely not, Lina x Gourry all the way in this one, they're such a sweet couple!]

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