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Lina x Amelia Forever!

I would like to start by listing my Slayers fanfiction. If you haven't seen Slayers you don't know what your missing. This is definitely one of my favorite series and the amount of fanfiction that I write about it shows that.  Please go to TokyoPop and buy a copy of a Slayers novel, not a graphic novel, but the true novel series that started out Slayers, they are a very good read, however they stopped translating them, please search the internet to find what you can do to keep them bringing them out!

Theory of the Slayers Love Pentagram: Weird page I recently made graphically displaying Slayers couples that is made all the more logical by the inclusion of a pentagram, kind of interesting....

Why Lina and Amelia?:  A little rambling page giving some of the reasons I support this pairing with my fanfiction.

Just a quickie un-named fanfic: Shortest fanfic here, describes Lina somewhere down the road, a bit WAFFy if you ask me... Added 12/01/03. (6.7 Kb)

The Last Stand an Inevitable Fight:  A dramatic little violent fanfic that I wrote. Aside from the violence though, no adult content, so suitable for teenagers for the most part.  Added 2/10/06  (21.0 Kb)

Final Battle:  Violent, character death.  Very short one-shot.  An end to the Slayers series set far off in the future.  Added 11/08/08 (14.0 Kb)

Ranma 1/2

Ranma Girl-Type

Another great series and a must see for anyone even if you don't like anime. I can't explain it here if you don't know about this series but believe me there are enough site's on the web to do that. Now I have five fanfics here, check em' out!

A note on MY Ranmaverse:  Just a general opinion thingy so you know where I'm coming from in most of these fanfics.

1) The truth is beheld by all: Wow, surprisingly this one is not a lemon! Also it is not a rough draft, its done. Ranma and Ukyo come together though a strange set of circumstances. Some of it seems rushed and a little OOC but it is a decent read.  Revised 11/29/03. (27.8 Kb)

2) To decide who is worthy....: Kind of funny fic but I don't want to give too much away, it contains violence, some language, and a sexual situation, not meant for people under 16 or so I guess it would be a lime. Posted 12/24/04 (9.06 Kb)

3) Watch Out, The Croissants are Coming!: Not Hentai, suitable for most readers! Just a funny little fanfic I wrote following Ranma though a strange day, just meant to be fun.(14.9 Kb) Posted 01/07/04

Misc Fics

Fanfiction put here is just for sake of completeness of this page, currently one, enjoy!

1) I Hate Yuffie: She stole my materia! It's not like I could beat her down in real life so I bashed her in a fic. I did this a long time ago but found it again. Kinda funny, short, and not nice to that back stabbing punk. Please, not for minors, lime!

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