Just an un-named Quickie fic...

By Rob.Vincent@gmail.com 

        We see Lina walking down a narrow dirt path. Her cape flaps erratically in the slightly abundant autumn wind. Her face is set foreword, starring at the quickly sitting sun overall creating a highly dramatic atmosphere. Her pace fails to waver as she walks in silence and begins to think.............


        She rushes down the stairs and straight into her seat next to Gourry. She sighs pleasantly, a fact that somehow does not go unnoticed on one as dense as Gourry. He lovingly wraps an arm around her and she sinks into his embrace.


        Just her and Gourry again, it seemed to be happening more and more lately. The two of them sat in silence, it wasn’t an awkward silence, they were, after all, more then a little comfortable with each other. Gourry, for once, was dressed formally in a tuxedo and his sword was strangely absent. However she was the real shocker, just as decked out as Gourry, she was wearing a full length scarlet dress, and looked absolutely stunning. The whole reason for them dressing up to such high standards was the quality of the Restaurant Gourry and herself chose to dine at. They simply sat and stared lovingly into each others eyes, and when the food came, the normal savage barbarity that was often associated with the two of them eating was altogether absent. It was, to herself and Gourry, a perfect night.


        They had just defeated hell master and following the wedding of Martina and Zangoliss the two were in for some major celebrating. The wine was flowing freely and as the night wore on she seemed to be feeling a little tipsy. She worked her way up the stairs and was shocked to see Gourry just standing there. He turned to her and their eyes locked and she realized tonight was the night. All she could feel was love........


        Lina turns to the side and looks toward her traveling companion. "So how did I end up with you anyway?" Amelia just gives a little smile, then Lina returns a smile as they travel down the winding road and off toward the sun.


    Was it short enough?  Did it live up to its name?