To decide who is worthy....

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Anything within ** astrics indicates thought.


    The impact against the clothes, the progression of the shock-wave to and though the flesh, the propagation within the muscle followed by the ultimate absorption by the skeletal structure. Were this a weaker man such an application of blunt force would have undoubtedly severed and broken many of these obstacles in its way. Being that it’s Ryoga, he hardly felt it. Actually he used its force to spin his body like a top and strike out with a kick that nearly caught Ranma full on in the face.

    As soon as Ranma saw this he kicked out as well and altered his center of gravity, his face dipped as the kick came riffling in, Ryoga’s foot grazing the top of his nose. In comparison Ranma’s newly launched kick was far more successful, it struck Ryoga in the shin, this was immediately followed up by bringing his other foot up to catch Ryoga in his unguarded skull. He stumbled back and nearly lost his footing, it took all of his will power not to reach down and rub his shin but he re-focused his thoughts and resumed a fighting stance.

    Ranma fell to the ground from using both of his legs but came back up fast with an attempted kick to the solar plexus, but Ryoga rolled out of the way, triggering a small explosion in his wake via the basi tenketsu. Ranma jumped high to avoid the ruble and saw over the debris at the apex of his jump. He zeroed in on Ryoga and went into a diving kick. Meanwhile Ryoga was expecting the attack to come from directly ahead and never expected it to come from above. When it connected it was a sight to be seen, energy was released in the form of heat, light, and sound. Ryoga’s head followed the same trajectory as Ranma’s foot straight into the ground until the differences in momentum between Ryoga’s head and Ranma’s foot caught up to each other. Ryoga’s head flung out from under Ranma’s foot and Ryoga’s whole body spun effortlessly in the air for a moment then tumbled across the lawn where he laid motionless on his back.

    On the other side of the yard Ranma seemed to have dug him self in pretty deep. He dug a trench, starting out shallow where he connected with the land then progressively widening and deepening till he came to a stop, and now he was up to his neck in earth. The next one to rise would be the winner, and while Ryoga is tough he was pretty much out cold, so even though an exhausted Ranma had to shovel away for thirty minutes with his tongue to get his arms free, he still managed to beat Ryoga in this battle.

    The whole of the battle had only lasted about ten minutes start to finish but after being forced to be immobile for so long Ranma was definitely feeling it and cramping up. He half walked, half staggered toward Ryoga “ Hey, Ryoga, get up!” Ryoga opened his eyes “I wasn’t sleeping, I’ve been waiting for you to dig yourself out of your hole” Ranma was getting irate, “Then why didn’t you help me out, I mean, what are pals for” Ryoga sat up and shook his fist at Ranma “Pals, who are you calling pal Ranma? We’re sworn enemies!?” Ranma was definitely upset now “You’re just pissed because I beat you and that means I get to have sex with Akane tonight!” Ryoga went silent and cast his eyes downward for a moment.

    They both just stood there in silence, then the window opened above. Akane looked out though the window at the two of them and yelled “It’s getting dark, hurry up and get in here.... I’m needy!” and pulled the window shut. Ranma reached a hand down to Ryoga and Ryoga accepted and was pulled to his feet. They both walked into the house together, Ranma leading Ryoga hand in hand and went straight to Akane’s room. Ranma walked in first followed by Ryoga. Akane looked judgmentally between the two, “So who won?” Ranma and Ryoga looked at each other before Ranma responded “I won” Akane dropped her robe revealing that she was naked underneath and fell back onto the bed. “Well come on big boy, we’ve only got all night” then she winked at Ranma.

    Meanwhile Ryoga went to the bath room. He reached up and found the guide wire marked furo and held on as he walked, it was attached to a track in the ceiling and if he paid attention and didn’t rip it out of the track it would lead him there with no problem. It was boring, but it was also reliable so it did happen to be one of those three out of four times that the rail let him reach his target in the house. He quickly splashed some cold water on himself and used a similar system on the floor to get back to Akane’s room and lay in his little bed that Akane had made him.

    Ryoga noted with a bit of satisfaction that Ranma was still in the foreplay stages. Ryoga thought to himself, *I must have beat him up better then I thought for him to not be pounding into her by now* P-chan settled into his bed more now *It’s strange that we’ve all been married together for three years now and she still pretends that she doesn’t know I’m P-chan, at least I think she’s pretending...*

    Ranma was just getting to the actual deed and was going at it with abandonment. First it was the bed that was shaking, then the walls, then pretty much the whole room was shaking free of the whole house. Akane was screaming at the top of her lungs and P-chan buried his head in his blankets *I can’t believe I’ve lost for almost a week straight now* “Bweee....” Then just as suddenly as it had started everything stopped moving and it was over. P-Chan looked up to see what damage had been done, a little cracked plaster and a few holes in the drywall, that’s about normal. Akane just laid there glowing but Ranma was already getting dressed. She reached up and pulled on his newly donned shirt “You know Ranma, next time maybe I could take you and Ryoga, at the same time” she smiled innocently. Ranma tapped her on the head and gave a little chuckle, “You’re such a whore.” she giggled and sat up to pat him on the head “I know..”

    Ryoga was off like a shot, into the bath room to change back to a man then following the track to Akane’s room screaming a battle cry of “Ranma!!!! You’re dead, no one talks to Akane like that!!” He kicked Ranma off the bed and out the window. The only person left in the room was Akane, she smiles and sticks out her tongue cute like, “Oh those two” Akane smiled again then looks to the window longingly, “I really hope Ryoga wins this time!” Out side the sounds of battle we’re just beginning...   


    Authors Rant: See, it was just a short fanfic, I just needed to get something out there, you know, I was looking at all the old fanfiction authors who I used to read stuff from since I’m just getting back into fanfiction and almost every last one of them have given up. I feel like some kind of dinosaur, like one day I’ll go walking outside and Harrison Ford dressed as Indiana Jones is going to run me down with a whip while Steven Spielberg follows along on top of some vehicle with a camera mounted on it shouting that he needs more action. Yes, a dying breed am I, I may not write good fanfics but I feel like I owe the fanfiction community for all the fanfiction they turn out. Thank about it, I am a consumer to the max, I take in what, probably about 100 megs of fanfiction for every 100 kilobytes that I turn out, I mean, what the heck! Anyway, my e-mail is or you can go to my web site  for more fanfiction, it should be up for awhile, anyways, thank you for reading and have a great day!


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