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Updated January 3, 2015

New Stuff:

The last update was just over five years ago now.  In the meantime I have drifted far away from my fanfiction roots.  It is not as if I would not like to sit down and write a fanfic, but that I am now devoted to writing origional fiction.  That being the case, for the foreseeable future I will not be writing any fanfiction and updates to this site will remain miniscule.  I do not have any plans on closing this site, and I gladly shell out the $20/year it takes to keep it up and running.  However, do not expect any updates. 

As for this update, I finally made a page explaining why the Slayers Forum is closed.  I also added a link at the top of the fanfiction area to an archive of Sailor Moon hentai fanfiction that I archived back in 2006 (from moonromance.net).  If you are a fan of Sailor Moon adult fanfiction I would highly reccomend it.  As long-time Sailor Moon fans know,  MoonRomance was at one time  THE place to go online for all Sailor Moon fanfiction (in the days before fanfiction.net).  However, in 2008 the server crashed and those with the ability to recover the files did not act on it.  Hence many of the fanfics in this archive that I made are no longer available anywhere, hence its inclusion in this site.

Thank you and hopefully you enjoy what you find here!

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Check out the fanfics that I wrote, stuff from Slayers, Ranma 1/2 for the most part.  E-mail me for questions, after all I wrote it!  A lot of it is adult in nature, some of it is violent but it's just my way of repaying the fanfiction community for all the free entertainment that it provides!

Here are the Japanese adult fan comics that I own, 18+ please!  I only collect hard copy doujinshi, it you want to trade contact me.  Note that most of my doujinshi is Slayers doujinshi!

  Slayers Hentai Fanfiction Archive  

This is a work in progress.  Because of some downtime with adultfanfiction.net and because there are Slayers hentai fanfics far and wide I am attempting to consolidate them.  Submissions are accepted.


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