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Updated December 19th  2009!!!

New Stuff:

Updated the look of the website and updated the doujinshi section of the website.  Removed my hentai pictures section since I haven't added to it in years and all of those pictures end up posted somewhere else regardless.  Removed my non-hentai pictures since they haven't been updated in years either.  I figure my wife can put them up somewhere if she wants since she was the artist.

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Check out the fanfics that I wrote, stuff from Slayers, Ranma 1/2 for the most part.  E-mail me for questions, after all I wrote it!  A lot of it is adult in nature, some of it is violent but it's just my way of repaying the fanfiction community for all the free entertainment that it provides!

Here are the Japanese adult fan comics that I own, 18+ please!  I only collect hard copy doujinshi, it you want to trade contact me.  Note that most of my doujinshi is Slayers doujinshi!

See my doujinshi for sale here

I tried to be happy with the yahoo groups for my discussion of all things Slayers and hentai, but I decided that they failed me and I needed a forum created to discuss everything adult orientated about Slayers, doujinshi, fanfiction, sexual promiscuity, it should all be here some day.

  Slayers Hentai Fanfiction Archive  

This is a work in progress.  Because of some downtime with adultfanfiction.net and because there are Slayers hentai fanfics far and wide I am attempting to consolidate them.  Submissions are accepted.


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