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Martina looking Submissive

This page is strictly about my doujinshi collection. Don't know what doujinshi are? Well.... do you know what manga is? Manga is official Japanese comic books with original characters. Doujinshi is like manga, with the exception that it is not official and the characters depicted don't have to be the artist's original characters, as a matter of fact they take the characters from other series and put them into situations that you wouldn't normally see, specifically sexual situations. (There are non-hentai doujinshi but they are not what I collect)  I buy them from eBay and from assorted Japanese web sites and from comic book conventions, they are out there. This site is dedicated to the doujinshi that I own, the doujinshi that I want, and everything doujinshi in between. Take a look around, and please, ADULTS ONLY here, not sure about the pictures but there may be some graphic descriptions!

I am making no profit off the images depicted within, I mean no character deformation, all characters copyright their respective copyright holders.


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