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Lina getting ready to take Gourry's Hot Lov'in

And here is my somewhat massive page of doujinshi that I own, these are all hard copy doujinshi.  I do not do internal scans (well, more then one or two) because it has a tendency to ruin the binding.  However if you want a better higher resolution scan of a cover or something I can see what I can do about it.  Please look below and enjoy!

Sorry, I'm behind in updating this, I've gotten a few new doujinshi and they still are not up, I will get to it soon.  If you're interested in purchasing doujinshi please check out:

Ultimate Anime Hentai And Yaoi Doujinshi

Also, a number of the doujinshi on this page are up for sale, please check out the link below:

Click on a doujinshi image to be taken to it's page for a detailed description and at least one internal scan, along with circle information.



Sailor Moon


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