Publication Date:  December 30, 1998
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Sylphiel / Gourry
Amelia / Zelgadiss
Filia / Xelloss
Page Count: 70
Cover:  Glossy
Art Quality:  Okay - Bad


        First off the art quality of this book is tolerable at best.  It is not really the kind of spectacle you show off, although the bright colors of the cover detract from any initial disdain.  There are a few pages in the beginning depicting Amelia, Sylphiel, and Filia but then straight to the story.  Sylphiel is in a hot spring and is relaxing a bit, but she can't keep her hands off herself, by the second page she's already all over herself (above picture.  But then Gourry shows up, after a second or so of shock she rises up out of the water and gives Gourry a good inviting view.  An offer that causes Gourry to cease movement she moves up to him and takes her breasts and puts them around his manhood and gives him oral.  He quickly ejaculates across her face and they continue past the foreplay.  He enters her and the two of them quickly work to climax ending in a cream pie.  They both sit around and joke happily afterward.

        There is a blank page, a pinup of Sylphiel and then the next story starts between Zelgadiss and Amelia.  They're already naked, the sex moves quickly and the art moves badly but it's soon over.  In the end Amelia chokes on Zelgadiss' cum.  Another story follows but I am unable to tell who it involves or even if it is from Slayers.  There is a pinup of Lina at the end then the final story beings.

        Xelloss and Filia do not seem to be getting along.  Filia is really angry and Xelloss is indifferent.  But that doesn't last long.  Xelloss strips her nude instantly in one panel and the action begins.  Xelloss violates Filia with his staff, with duel peni, and then finishes her off with a facial.  He later humiliates her by reminding her about it and she beats him up.  There are a few author rant pages that follow but this is the end of the doujinshi.

Approximated Worth:  $ 12

       Although there is some bulk page length here the art is bad and the pages are un-centered in parts and the rarity does not justify a high price.