BTB 21

Circle:  Himawali Endan
Publication Date:  October 19, 1997
Rarity: ***
Series:  Slayers
Lina / Filia
Lina / Gourry & Amelia / Zelgadiss & Filia / Xelloss
Page Count:
Glossy with foiled glittering letters
Art Quality:  
Although not identical to the series it is pretty good


        A few funny pictures prelude the first story but then it's straight into Lina's friends (Gourry and Zelgadiss) being captured and their captures trying to force her into doing something for their release (They've been shrunk to the size and shape of little UFO catcher creatures).  They force Lina to strip naked and then without her knowing what they are doing, they put a collar around her neck that will kill her if they set it off somehow.  (The people doing all this are mushrooms and I can't help but think of Mario).  They spot Amelia who is on one of her justice kicks and the mushroom people tell Lina to rape Amelia, it's hard to tell what Lina really is supposed to be feeling because they change her expression drastically in each frame, however she comes in from the air swiftly and tears off Amelia's top, then puts her down on her back taking off her panties.  But just when the action is about to start in comes Filia's mace, tearing up the street and knocking Lina and Amelia away from one another.  Without prompting after introducing herself to the Mushroom people Filia strips naked and moves in close to Lina, kissing her softly on the lips.  It's like Lina's consciousness gets taken away in that moment and her eyes glass over.  The action is very intense, Filia starts sucking Lina's nipples and fingering her, but Lina eventually moves into a 69 position with Filia and inserts one, then the other large earring that she has into Filia, who cries out with pleasure each time.  But this drives Filia to do more to Lina, she takes one of the large balls on her head and shoves it into Lina half way, then takes some of the things that hold her hair in place out and shove them in Lina's butt.  Resulting in the incredible picture above.  Filia uses this to her advantage, the Mushroom people thoroughly distracted she grabs her mace and throws it at the closest of the two Mushroom people, Lina jumps up and uses this opportunity to dragon slave the remaining one.  Gourry and Zelgadiss fall from the sky and Lina turns around and grabs them in a big hug, happy their okay and completely oblivious to the massive shockwave coming up from behind her.  They all collect themselves later on a boat and head off for more adventure.  There are a couple pinups between this story and the next.

        The other story in this doujinshi involves the group together in a forest for the night but when they wake up the men are covered in slugs.  Filia knows exactly what they are, too bad I cannot read Japanese but it seems like they are poisonous and they have to have sex otherwise something will happen.  Lina takes to this idea quickly, stripping down and laying naked on her back against a tree, spreading herself and enticing Gourry to act.  She starts sucking him off and it's not long before Amelia and Zelgadiss jump into the sexual fray.  Filia is standing by watching when Xelloss shows up to keep her company.  He doesn't have much difficulty seducing her with the action going on all around them but at first she is still reluctant.  Xelloss quickly comes on her fact to humiliate her but keeps up the assault giving her a rim job then sticking himself in her bottom.  He pulls her tail around and makes her bit the body of it while he grabs the mace and jams it in her front.  But then she really starts to like the feeling and cries out in pleasure over and over.  The mace falls out as she spreads herself open to finger deeper and harder and Xelloss grabs the tip of her tail and bites it then puts it in Filia's mouth (Left) as she fucks her.  Together, all three of the girls come together.  There is a final dialogue page which would make everything fit into place, but again, I am unable to understand.  There are some pinups and other neat pictures then it's over.  This is a great doujinshi, I mean, especially the tail play with Filia and the picture where she is masturbating with it.  

Approximated Worth:  $35

        This doujinshi is awesome, and hardcore.  Definitely worth $35, the cover is neat, it has a good length, the art is good, it is somewhat rare, how could you ask for anything more?